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(generated from captions) immigration. It will require replace the Leader of the Opposition to

the Leader of the Opposition to Secretary. But in the

of banish ing that ugly Opposition must what the Leader of the

Opposition must do this

week. We have a clear path

forward and bipartisanship about multiculturalism, bipartisanship about the rights and responsibilities and responsibilities of

citizenship and bipartisanship

about a non-discrim that tri that is how we end the week, I

fear that's not how it started. Order! Without outlining them, the Manager of Opposition Business, will

withdraw three interjections that were beyond the pale. The Manager of Opposition Business will withdraw. And I thank the

and I suggest to him that, given my warnings earlier

today, that he desist. And I

simply say to others that sometimes airing and getting awfully upset about proceedings of this House that awfully upset about the

there are some occasions when it is better to allow an answer to be

to be done in to be done in completely without interrupt. And I

believe that this was the appropriate on this occasion. The Leader of the Speaker. My question is to the Opposition. Thank v, Mr

Prime Minister. I ask the Prime

Minister - will she inform 2

House - the House why she

claimed in her year of decision

and dliry speech the

Commonwealth share of hospital

and the GST will taken from the fund willing increase to 60%

States but dump these changes

within three months? How can what was right then be wrong

now? And hasn't the year of decision and decision and delivery become

the year of backflips and broken promises? The Prime Minister. The member for Moreton! The Prime Minister

has the call. Thank you very

much. Of course we know that

the Opposition's strong point.

So let me explain to him the

reforms that I have entered into and why I have entered

into them. They provide to the

States and Territories the same amount of money as would have

been provided u under earlier re forms. That means, we will be an equal partner in growth, 50/50 for the future. That means of course it will be in the interests of the Commonwealth to properly fund primary care, to keep people out of acute hospital beds,. strike a national health out of acute hospital beds,. To

agreement with profound reform consequences, and I can

Opposition's naivete about all understand the Leader of the understand the

Opposition's naivete about all

of this. I can understand his

naivete because he never did,

as Health Minister, over five

national health reform long year, but to strike a

agreement with agreement agreement with reform consequences require s that we did not have from WA, and following election in Victoria it from WA, and following the

clear we were unlikely to hold election in Victoria it became

wanted I to benefit from more money in from more nurses, . Presumably Opposition Presumably the Leader of the Five years as Minister, what do we see Five years as Minister, and

of the Opposition? what do we see from this Leader

carping and no plans. We are make ing a difference for

people around the country and you get on you get on with your hinging

because you're anything else. The member for

Chifley. The member

Chifley has call. My question is to the Minister for

the houts what the Government doing to support multicultural

nix Australia and show this strategy being receive and are

Xstrata ji? The Minister for there any risks to this stat

Immigration and thank the member for Chifley for his question. Last week announced the Government's new for his question. Last week I

multiculturalism strategy. Our response to the Committee's report, the people for the Government and for of Australia, is an opportunity

House to say clearly and ly Australian invites new members principle renewed. Australia

- Australia in new members of our community

our society fully, our community to participate in our community to participate

our society fully, a

celebration of all cultures takes place in freedom apt rnd.

between And whenever there a conflict

between those traditional

Australian values, also win out. Not only has the economy benefitted immigration of those from economy benefitted from the

diverse background sustained they brought with them and they brought with them and sustained in this their homelands. People come here not to change our values, Mr Speaker, but because of place you can practice your a place of tolerance. Because Australia is

a place of freedom and democracy. They come not democracy. They come not to

change that but because of

that. Now, Mr Speaker, we on

this side of the House are

proud of what multiculturalism

has meant and continues to mean to Australian life. In

last week, I noted that launching this new strategy

multiculturalism was not the

exclusive child of the Labor Partitor Liberal Party and I pay particular tribute to Prime

Minister Fraser who first made multiculturalism explicitly the

national policy as the Prime

Minister also paid tribute to

her predecessor a few ago. Now, it is the her predecessor a few minutes

responsibility of elected officials to ensure the debate on immigration and

multiculturalism is handed sensitively, maturely and, incumbent on all political

leaders to uphold the value of

freedom of religion and respect

and any pandering to or encouragement of any prij dis in the community has no

in the Australian political

discourse. And, Mr Speaker, let

me say very clearly this Government condemns in the

strongest possible terms the

statement like those of the

statement like those of the Parliamentary Secretary to the Leader of the Opposition last

Friday, Senator Bernardi who

said, 'Islam itself is the

problem.' As I said earlier,

multiculturalism is based on values of democracy and freedom, include ing this

expression. And a attack on any religion s' tradition is religion s' tradition is the attack on the freedom of

religion of every single Australian. It is important Australian. It is important that not only this side of the House condems the roorks ra House condems the roorks ra s

but that the all in the House

condemn the remarks and the

Leader of the Opposition should

conkem the remarks of his own

Parliamentary harmony depends on the promotion of mutual understanding, not understanding, not the perpetuation of perpetuation of intolerance.

Comments like those from

Senator Bernardi do a great disservice to the disservice to the traditions of his party. More importantly, they do a great dis service to

the nation. The member for McPherson. Thank you. My question is to the Assistant Treasurer. What will the Commonwealth's share of the funding of any new hospital

building be during the period of the Government's plaitst latest health latest health reform proposal?

The Assistant Treasurer.

I would like to - I am just

trying to recall the seat the member represent. Congratulations for winning the

preselection for McPherson too. In nerms of the Commonwealth arrangements on

hospital funding, this we have since being electeded

to reform hospital funding in Australia. What we've done

nected most recently at COAG,

is 50% of fund ing of the COAG

arrangement s will be done by the Federal Government. From 2000 134 to 2000 2000 134 to 2000 20, - 2014 to

2020, there will be $6 billion spent extra by the Commonwealth

in this COAG in this COAG arrangement. But when we have a look at what's being done in terms of health

reform and the efforts of reform and the efforts of the Opposition, all - The Assistant

Treasurer will resume his seat. Order! Purchase We're supposed to have direct answers

given, these

new so-called paradigm. This is the same old paradigm, not

answering the question in the

particular. He was asked

the member for the member for McPherson. By

now he mite have the answer

from his colleagues. I thank the member for

mining us of the question. Assistant Treasurer has the call. I always love it when the Leader of the

Leader of the Opposition gets his spiritual mother up to help him out. Order! The him out. Order! The Minister. Minister! Order! St Minister has the call. I didn't ask the order. But I listened very carefully. In terms of the infrastructure expenditure, just to assist the member for

hospitals fund is $1.8 billion of which bids of which bids are currently

open for now. And we will open for now. And we will be

allocated up Todd 5 billion

going forward. Of course the member for McPherson is always welcome to go to the government

website to find the answers to

these questions as well as question time. for Oxley. Thank you. My question is to Minister. Will the Prime

Minister update the House on the Government's recovery and reconstruction following the recent natural disasters? The Prime Minister. Thank you very Minister. Thank you very much,

Mr Speaker. I thank the member for ofrmly for his question and as members of the House could

know, not only does it affect a region but indeed his

electorate office was flooded.

Mr Speaker, I did want to draw the attention of number of announcements that

have been made about further

assistance for those affected by natural disasters since

House last sat. When the last sat of course we last sat of course we did in

part talk through arrangements

that had been made for natural disaster assistance, they included the Government disaster relief payment, the emergency money, they in inclued the subsidy arrangement which helps people who either as work people or small business owners or primary producers to go about their normal income earning activity because of

natural disas. They included

concessional loans, they

included clean-up money, and

the like, to support people

whether they had been in small

businesses or households they included some relief for householders

householders who need to purchase new household purchase new household effects

and deal with the consequences of natural disasters in their

home. But since the Parliament has last sat, the Government has made two important announcements. I do directed people's attention particularly

those from Queensland to the

announcement that we've made in

Queensland. I know that in the

member for Oxley's area just as

one subset but it was true

right across Queensland

community groups have come to the fore and many community groups themselves have actually

been impacted by the natural disaster. So under category C of

of the natural disaster relief and recovery arrangement, we're providing to $25,000 for not-for-profit

organisations in 36 local areas

affected by recent disasters

and of course under our standing arrangements for natural disasters that is

funding 75% by the Commonwealth

and 25% by the State. I also

had the opportunity in the week

the Parliament Di didn't sit to

tour cyclone affected areas. I

did that with the member for Kennedy. It was all n his

electorate and I thank accompanying me during that

visit. The member for

It also enabled me to meet

with local banana grower, with representatives of the Cardwell community, if mission Beach

community, dunk Island, and

local down about local needs. I

the fact that we have announced

a specific cyclone recovery package. It is modelled on package. It is modelled on what

was done in Cyclone Larry but

is actually an improvement in

significant areas. It provides

for consectional loan s - concessional loan s to concessional loan s to enable

communes to do what they need to to recover and come through.

So I would direct the

of members in affected areas to

these announce ments I they

will no doubt be called on to

provide information to their

local scnltsd and I believed it was very - constituents and I believes it was believes it was very important

to bring that attention House

so the right information can get to local community

members. The member

dictionon. Thank you very much.

My question is to Minister. Will the Prime Minister confirm to all

Australians that the 50/50 growth funding growth funding proposal for

public hospitals won't commence

until 2017, 10 years after

Labor first promised Labor first promised to fix public hospitalings? As the Government's promise not to

last 10 weeks why would believe a promise from this Mr Speaker. What I can say to the Mr Speaker.

the member and what I can absolutely confirm is the record of the Howard when it came to a%age hospital We apologise for this break in caption transmission. in caption transmission. ... available to upgrade One of them is a man named Col Col Beale and Col heads up the Black Hawk maintenance team at

Oakey. Black Hawks have this year and for every hour in the the sky, there's a lot more hours of repair and maintenance on the ground. That has meant that Col's team have gone that Col's team have gone a lot

of work early in the morning and late at night. team came back from team came back from Christmas holidays, others had

homes flooded. Col himself had his own head under a Black Hawk the day his car was washed down the street the street into Toowoomba when

that inland tsunami hit that

town. Mr Speaker, it's

of people like Col and his team

that we were able to deliver so

many supplies to communities, and winch so many people to many supplies to isolated communities, and communities, and winch so many people to safety. One people to safety. people was an old lady who lives people to safety. One of those people was an lives neefr the town of Hill in the Lockyer Valley On shock of her life when she shock of her life when found a sergeant in a full flight suit and a helmet standing in her lounge room. It was 7:30 at night. And he had been winched into her backyard into water waist deep. He waded

around to the front steps into her house and told her that it was time to go. She said, 'Don't worry, my daughter's

coming around to pick me

up.' Unfortunately that wasn't going to happen because her

house had been isolated and all

the roads had been then went and got her purse.

And had a look for some

change. And she told the change. And she told the pilot, sorry, love, I don't have enough money for a helicopter!

He told her, don't worry,

this one's a freebie. She then went

went into the kitchen where she

went to put the kettle on. And

she said, would you like a cup

of tea. But he he would one but

they didn't have time. He had

now been in the house for 20

minutes. It was pitch helicopter was still hovering overhead with three other

people that had been rescued

that afternoon. And the

helicopter was running low on

fuel. He finally got her to the

front door step and on to her

steps where he put a harness around her and with live elect

ry cables only 2m away was able

to winch her to safety in the

safety of the Black Hawk. This

was only able to happen because

of a patient - patient and

brave sergeant because of the and because of the men and

women back at Oakey that had

been working through the night

to get that Black Hawk to the start line. It's a nice start line. It's a nice story, Mr Mr Speaker. It's a nice story from a terrible day in a

terrible month, and it's timely

reminder for all of us that saving lives just like that saving lives just like re

building Queensland requires us all to

all to work together. all to work together. That's

where we will leave question time for this afternoon. Another would call energetic

performance from both sides.

The order of the day from the

Opposition was broken promise s

from the Government was meant oi of of need for adjudication from

adjudication from the Speker from today's session. The

Opposition's been developing

the same theme it started in

the first week which is broken promises Julia Gillard said this would

be the year of delivery and the

Opposition is saying,, no it's

the year of backflips. They kept pointing to a string of

has had to change tact,

including on the flood including on the flood levy where they have backed down over cutting the solar flagship

scheme. On the health deal it made the dominant funder the health system, it would fund 60% of the health they're not doing that anymore. Where it said the youth allowance bill Opposition had put up was moves to apiece on that. So the Opposition is trying to build trying to build a picture of a government who is dominated by the greevens, the greevens, who was forced to - Greens, who negotiate on every piece of any bills of its own making. all sorted when the Opposition decided it would savings plan foreign aid. of the books of One Nation it's decided to go fairly levy on the attack today. This on the attack today. This also follows the Shadow Immigration Minister, Scott Minister, Scott Morrison, a leak from Shadow Cabinet saying that he supported attacking

muds limb immigration, that that - that should be a strategy for the was strident in saying we

thought we got rid of One

Nation. What we need in

Parliament and the key focus Parliament and the key focus of

what we should be doing here is

to have a bipartisan strategy on multiculturalism. Served us

well for many decades and the last thing we want to see last thing we want to see is the re-emergence House. She's again call on Mr Abbott to sack Mr Morrison and his Parliamentary Secretary, Corey Bernardi over Corey Bernardi over comments he had equally made saying there were problems with has been a problem for the Opposition but it's

ing the Government has decided to pick up and run to pick up and run with this

because it has never ended well

for Labor. When ever they

this subject it has never ended well in Labor heartland. it is clear that the Government Will be extending the youth allowance to so-called inner regional areas where students for the el jiment allowance. So allowance. So Chris Evans who is the Minister made is the Minister made this clear this this morning. Ms Gillard in Parliament was being Parliament was being less clear about it. But effectively

because they don't want because they don't want this bill having issue they have committed that they are going to review the

youth allowance and the Minister said this morning it is is likely it will end with the

Government having to

another $300 million and, yes,

it's going to have to find that money from somewhere and thus

far it hasn't sort of offered a

suggestion or a way forward on how it's actually going to do that. But those students I imagine imagine today who have been

fighting this for over 12 months, those regional

studentings, will be seeing