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(generated from captions) Day of wrath in Egypt as

scores of protesters continue to riot on the streets of major cities.

cities. This is a corrupt regime!

Three cyclones menace the Three cyclones menace

North Queensland

North Queensland coast Nelson Mandela discharged Mandela discharged from

hospital. And Andy Murray to

play Novak Djokovic in Sunday's

Australian Open final after the

Scot saw off Spain's David

Ferrer. Good morning. You're

watching ABC News 24 this Saturday. I'm Jane Hutcheon. A quick check of the weather.

Troops are on the streets of

Egypt's capital Cairo as the

government struggles to quell widespread rioting. Thousands

of people are taking part in the biggest anti-government


Soldiers are enforcing a curfew

in the country as in the country as President

Hosni Mubarak faces the biggest

ever challenge to his

authority. A prayer for Egypt

perhaps. This country surely

needs it today. Amongst these worshippers, Nobel Peace Prize winner Mohamed El Baradei come

to support the protests. The lines are drawn of the then as

Friday prayers end, it erupts.

President Mubarak's poster President Mubarak's

is the first target. Then they confront

They try water cannon but

these crowds have lost their

fear. Then out comes the tear gas. gas and they've been firing

that all day. The last hour or

two. The water cannon two. The water cannon they've

give en up on doesn't drive

protesters away. The people are

pushed back but they're against their government and giving up. They're furious

against President Mubarak. A tear gas canister people who've been driven by people who've been driven crazy being run. Egyptians who talk

to each other on Facebook Twitter. Educated English speakers. Not the speakers. Not the supporters of

Brotherhood. People in Egypt we supporters of the Muslim

need freedom. It's so bad. police are not giving up. In have other confrontations the police

The casualties mount. You can mount. You can see the police

tactics. Hold the line. Same as they've been doing for 30

years. They're not giving an inch

and neither is the government. Not a hint of compromise, hardly a word from anyone in

and coming. Years of anger against corruption, poverty, the government they believe

treats them with contempt and

that government with arms. It's all spilling out. Tonight the military have

declared a curfew in Cairo,

Alexandria and Suez. But protests are continuing and the Alexandria and Suez. But the

fires are burning. With the army on the streets, you wonder now to extend President if

power. And I spoke power. And I spoke to our

Middle East Knight a short time ago, are continuing well into night. There are continuing well into the out on the night. There are still people

they will be there out on the streets. I think

some time. The situation at the moment is that there is no-one there to tell them otherwise. You've obviously seen and heard

the serious clashes that were taking place very, very and the police. But that confrontations between people

a couple of hours ago. And since then, the streets protesters. Now, things have calmed down a bit. But not

much. We're getting reports

looting, things are happening like buildings are being set fire, like buildings are being set on

something to do with the ruling national Democratic Party . But

for now this is a that is? Have they been told any kind of law enforcement on

withdraw? What happened was the army came on the streets this was a hugely army came on the streets and

this was a hugely significant

moment. Once the first army vehicles came in, some hands here noted that vehicles came in, some old

the first happened since 1985, that the army had had streets army had had to come onto the

streets of Cairo to bring calm.

Now, they were welcomed and

cheered by the protesters. The

army holds a very special place in the

They do genuinely love and They do genuinely love

respect the army. It's the

binding force that binding force that holds the

whole country together in their whole country together in their

view. Very, very different from the way that the way that they feel about

the police, the riot police,

the Secret Police. And also very, very different from the way that they feel about Hosni

Mubarak. You would imagine

President Hosni Mubarak who is

the Commander in Chief of the

army, that the people would

reject the army, but no, they

see it as being completely

different and they still want

the army there, they still influence that it is on the army to be the solid

Egyptian life, but they don't

want Hosni Mubarak to head it.

So that was what happened. The

army day on the street, the riot police withdrew. As I look

still roaming around, chanting out my win toe now, people are

and cheering and owning the

streets of Cairo. So has the

army withdrawn and is there any

siding with the protesters? I sign that the army seems to be

don't know if they're sideing

with the protesters yet. They're certainly not sideing

with the police and no-one

knows whether they're sideing Mubarak at the moment, because

as you've been hearing in that

White House press briefing, no-one knows

no-one knows where the

President is, and no-one President is, and no-one knows

what he will have to say. So

this is the army

role in Egyptian society, I think you would hear most Egyptians saying when chaos

like this hits it's like this hits it's the army that steps in, asserts control

and just calms things down,

until the mess can be until the mess can be sorted out. Now, this is a massive mess and it's not going away. And come the

And come the morning, either

the government is going to have to reassert control over the

streets, in the same fashion that we saw today but perhaps even harder or it goes even harder or it goes the other way. The question then becomes what happens becomes what happens next. But

my feeling is that the army is

going to be there in the same role that it was before. I'm

just wondering, if this does

continue until the morning, is

it going to be the

it going to be the police it going to be the police that try to reinstate some sort of

control? Well, they will be

able to do that if they're

directed by the directed by the government and if the government's directed Hosni Mubarak, but does Hosni

Mubarak have control himself? I

heard one observer remark a

short time ago that this is now a country without a government. a country without a government.

There has been no statement

from the government today. There has been - the President

has been unseen and unheard for

four days. He certainly doesn't

have control of the streets.

Bear in mind, this is not just Cairo either. This is Alexandria, Suez, it's across

the country. There does appear to be any governing

force in Egypt at the moment other than the military. An

incredible situation there. There are reports that the Internet has been down, that mobile phone communications

have been disrupted. What is the situation in terms of communications? Well, it's

enormously difficult. We're

coming up to almost 24 hours

since Internet and mobile since Internet and mobile phone

services were knocked out. So obviously that's made things

very difficult. And it was

done, we assume, in an attempt to try to limit the ability of

people to organise and people to organise and to

converge using the social networking sites, using networking sites, using SMS

messaging. Clearly that didn't work. communications been restored as

yet. There's no idea about when

they will be. It's made it enormously difficult enormously difficult and

dangerous to walk around under

those circumstances. But as I

say, things have calmed say, things have calmed down. In the past, Egypt has

been a very difficult mace for

foreign reporters to cover.

permission, go about with a

minder. Is it safe for foreign reporters to be out on the

street at the moment? I don't

think it is at all , no. As you would well know, you're

absolutely right, it's been a

difficult place to report but for different

for different reasons. I mean, previously, it was the security

authorities and the see yet

police that you had to watch

out for. That's still the out for. That's still the case.

But they're not on the streets.

I think the situation now is

more of personal safety. We're

having reports of looting.

People here are fired up. Some of them are still walking around still walking around carrying

sticks. Just outside our window

here we were looking down on street and we saw people being

dragged out of their cars. It is

is a dangerous situation out

there. It's to all intents and purposes lawless. The US administration has administration has urged Egypt's government to act with restraint. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs held a

news conference earlier this morning. We are concerned about the images and

the events that we see in Egypt today. We monitor those events

closely. The security personnel in Egypt need to refrain from violence. Protesters should refrain from violence as well.

We think the government as many

of us have said throughout the

day need to turn the Internet

and social networking sites

back on. The legitimate

grievances that have fester ared for quite some time in

Egypt have to be addressed by the Egyptian government

immediately. And violence is

not the response. Space has to

be created for a meaningful

dialogue that addresses those

very legitimate grievances. Our

belief and their right on the freedom of association and of assembly. We

have - and I outlined have - and I outlined some yelled, some very specific things, that the government

must begin to do immediately. I'm wondering what can I'm wondering what can the President do if President do if these matters

are not attended to? First

are not attended to? First and

foremost, this is a situation

that will be solved by the

people in Egypt. I will people in Egypt. I will say this, that we - sorry. We are mon monitoring closely the situation. We will be reviewing

events a take place in events a take place in the coming days. So that's certainly certainly part of it. But this is - will be re solved by the

Egyptian people. It's

important, and there is a very important opportunity for the Egyptian government to address, again grievances that have been

in place for a number of

years. From the White House

perspective, can you put what's happening happening today and the last happening today and the last

couple of days into context? Do

you see this as a crisis that is teetering on something potentially much broader and East? We saw what happened East? We saw what

Tunisia. As I Tunisia. As I said yesterday, I think you have different countries in the region, different stages of political development. I don't want generalise it countries. What does the United States United States think of the

Egyptian military and what do you think the military's you think the military's role should be? Again, I think as we for many days, we urge a strong

restraint. This is not a addressed with military should be restrained. In anything that they do. White

Gibbs there. Eight people including have been killed in a have been killed in a suicide attack in the Afghan capital Kabul. The bomber blew himself

up in a supermarket opening fire at staff opening fire at staff and customers. The Taliban customers. The Taliban has claimed responsibility for attack. The bomber struck attack. The bomber struck a supermarket frequented supermarket frequented by foreigners. Police blowing himself up. Staff and customers were hit by the blast. A child and several foreign women were among the victims. protected by armed checkpoint. The explosion so powerful, it shattered the windows of nearby windows of nearby buildings. Part of the ground floor of Part of the ground floor of the supermarket was burnt out. The

attack happened only a few hundred metres from the British Embassy. We were care of the suddenly a big place with smoke coming out. The Taliban have claimed

responsibility for the blast and say they and say they were targeting members of a foreign company. Police sealed company. Police sealed off the site from inside the

from inside the building. The supermarkets like this one supermarkets like this one are very popular who are living here in Afghan capital. This area, this

part of the city is home to

the first major attack in the city in two weeks since city in two weeks since a

motorbike suicide bomber blew motorbike suicide bomber blew himself

the city. Security forces been on alert in the capital in

the past week during the

openths of the new Afghan

Parliament. But this attack foreigners in such a heavily guarded neighbourhood has

pressure to improve security in

the city. Former South African President Nelson Mandela is said to be in hospital. There were fear force

the 92-year-old's health after

he was admitted earlier this

week with an acute respiratory in hospital but doctors say he

responded well to treatment. Mr

Mandela arrived home in Johannesburg, escorted by several police vehicles. Back home now - northern Queensland

is on high alert for the second

time in just over a month, as a tropical cyclone sweeps closer to the coast. Earlier this morning, Category 1 cyclone

Anthony was about 9 00

kilometres east north east of Townsville. Queensland Police

say it's moving very it's gaining strength. It's

predicted to cross the coast

early on Monday morning. There

are also concerns about a

second cyclone which second cyclone which could cross the coast late next

Authorities say a tropical low near Fiji is likely to become a cyclone. In a worst case

scenario Queensland could see both two both two tropical cyclones

cross the coast in a matter of

two or - three or four days

next week. Now we know if you

have lived in Queensland for a long long time, that tropical

cyclones are notoriously

temperamental. It's possible

both of them could de intensify

and go in another direction but

right now, all of right now, all of the Bureau of Meteorology's models indicate

there is likely, very high

likelihood of two likelihood of two tropical cyclones crossing the coast of

Queensland Monday and Thursday

or Friday of next week. We

certainly don't want to panic people. That is not the people. That is not the purpose

of this. It is simply to make

sure that Queensland is as well

prepared as possible for any likely impact of the storms

that are ahead of us. I'd be asking people to think

about stocking up on about stocking up on essential

items, but there is no need for panic buying. Make sure that

they have fuel in their

vehicles. Items in their yards

around their houses that could

become missiles are put away become missiles are put away or

tied down. The Prime Minister

is being warned against rushing

the flood levy legislation through Parliament. through Parliament. The

government will introduce the Bill in February, and Julia Gillard says she wants it dealt

with urgently. But with urgently. But key independents Rob Oakeshott and

Tony Windsor say they will take as much time as they need to consider the details. Windsor says there shouldn't be any undue haste. New South

Wales Labor Premier Kristina Keneally

Keneally is also yet to be

convinced she wants an increase in the income

threshold. $100,000 or $80,000

income in Sydney particularly in Western Sydney is quite a

different thing to $80,000 in Adelaide or Perth. And with the

different cost of living in Sydney, I

Sydney, I would encourage the

Commonwealth to have a think in

their calibrations. We're

going to go live now to the BBC world service. President Hosni

Mubarak of Egypt is addressing

the public for the first

time. The legality and respect

to the law. A thin line divides

liberty and chaos. I stress to

protect Egypt's security and

stability and not to throw it

into the abyss. Serious abyss

that would threaten security and nobody knows its consequences. As well as its

future and present. Egypt is

the biggest country in its region. Even region. Even its role, weight and influence, it is a state reigned by the constitution and

we should be aware of the dangers and the example that

sounded us that have actually led other people to led other people to chaos. Be a citizen.

These protests happened that

should people express a kind of democracy and to compare us - prepare are for law reform and

to improve the standard of

living, so fight poverty and

face up to corruption. I ambitions of the people and I am fully aware

am fully aware the people suffering and not completely detached from the people. the people. However, the

problems we are facing and goals we try to achieve, it

would not happen because would not happen because of chaos, it would happen through

national dialogue and through your work and action. The young

generation of Egypt occupied to

forward to its future - to build its future, not to cause chaos, I I am continue the political reform and economic reform

social reform. And to build a

free and democratic society. Open to the

supported the poor and will remain

remain doing so. I am convince dangerous if it's only left to the economy. I economic reforms as soon as

possible. So that we can alleviate the suffering of the people. Our program to overcome social care, housing, for social care, housing, for young citizens is there to protect

stable and safe Egypt, a stable and safe Egypt, a nation for a modern and great

whose achievements would not be squandered in vain. What has

happened during happened during these demonstrations, including destruction, chaos and burning

goes beyond just protests. It's

aimed to stabilise young people and all young Egyptians, win and men, to the interests of the country achievements and property. Not to burn a public building and private

private building. The ambitions

of Egypt will be achieved

works for the sake of our nation. I speak to you not only as the public but an Egyptian whose

whose fate has he whose fate has dictateed that he should responsibility to lead the

country through war and We have

circumstances. We did this through one united nation and people. We chose our path through one united nation and

achieved our goals together. The reform path we have chosen

is not - I will carry will respect just the tradition

systems and its law. We will fight for more democracy and

people's liberties. Our new

steps will overcome

unemployment and a standard of living and to provide all the

services, we will initiate new

measures to stand by the people

and those with low earnings.

Our mission and goal Our mission and goal will determine our future and faith.

We have no other way of achieving them, awareness, struggle and work.

Protect what we have achieve

and build upon it, and and build upon it, and we should keep in mind the future

of the nation. What happened

today and the past few days

created fear in the hearts of

the people over the future of

Egypt. And opened a path for

more destruction and chaos. And

I bear my responsibility to

protect the security of the

people and its citizens. I will

not allow that to happen. I will not the people. And for this

uncertainty to overshadow our future. I

government to tender its

resignation today and I resignation today and I will

entrust a new government as from tomorrow with new and revised restrictions to deal with

with the priorities of the

current situation. I would current situation. I would like to say once again that I will not to say once again that I will not stop or refrain from not stop or refrain from taking

any measures that will protect

people's security and safety. I

will defend Egypt's security

and stability. This is the

responsibility and the pledge

that I have sworn before God

and the nation to

people and my God God protects Egypt and people and my God leads us

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