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CHANTING CONTINUES tonight's Interservice Championship The winner of is Dan "The Man" Casper. Don't take a genius to work out Ukrainian. Croatian. they're being trafficked for sex. on a MISPER case? You're sending us to Romania to be out here with. I can't think of anyone better who'll put up with you. I'm the only one Look out!


This program is not subtitled CC the students who disappeared. Tonight - The Philippines's state of denial. home to the hip and famous. And New York's Chelsea Hotel - to Foreign Correspondent. Hello and welcome I'm Karen Percy in the Philippines. and optimism in this country Two decades ago, there was great hope of Ferdinand Marcos came to an end. when the military dictatorship democracy has taken hold Since then, there are greater freedoms here. and in the main

under President Gloria Arroyo, But in recent years, a return to those dark Marcos days, some Filipinos believe there's been

is waging a secret war. but they say this time the government JEEP RATTLES in a small town north of Manila. It's 2:00 in the morning into the home of a local farmer, A group of men force their way are also staying. where two university students the sworn statement This reenactment is based on of 14-year-old Wilfred Ramos. (Cries)

with a baby on the way. Sherlyn Cadapan was 29 years old She was an accomplished athlete the University of the Philippines. and a former phys. ed. student from she was with Karen Empeno, On that night, from the university. a sociology student into the plight of peasant farmers They were conducting research could complete her thesis. so that 22-year-old Karen of her childhood This is Karen's compilation

up to her 18th birthday. she excelled in all subject areas, I'm really proud of her because there is a medal. so, every subject area Concepcion Empeno's five children - Karen Empeno is the third of by all accounts, a clever girl, to her friends and family. loving and dedicated and Karen with mumma. And this is her pappa in the province of Zambales From their modest home to the north-west of Manila, struggled to come to terms Concepcion and Oscar Empeno have to their daughter. with what's happened Almost a year ago, to a visit from Karen. Mrs Empeno was looking forward and my birthday is July 23rd. Her birthday is July 22 to come home And she was not able because June 26th was her abduction. with...with the family. She was supposed to be BELL DINGS OF THE PHILIPPINES PLAYS THE NATIONAL ANTHEM BELL CHIMES about her daughter's disappearance, On the day she found out at the local primary school, Mrs Empeno was where she is principal NATIONAL ANTHEM CONTINUES (Speaks Filipino) It was just an ordinary day,

from one of Karen's friends. until she got a text message I want to see her...(Sobs)... I wanted Karen to be with us, she would be alive. ..because probably alive, not dead. I want to see her I miss Karen. very, very much. The family miss her caught up in an undeclared war The families say the women have been on the wrong side of politics. against those of farmers organisations, Since 2001, hundreds of members and leftist activists trade unionists, or have disappeared. have been killed the military took their daughters The Empenos and the Cadapans believe to prove it. and they say there's evidence the women were abducted - On 27 June - the night after held captive at a military base. Oscar Leuterio says he was being with several soldiers. He says he saw the women

Oscar Leuterio says were brought here Sherlyn Cadapan and Karen Empeno in the neighbouring province. to the Fort Magsaysay military camp in a house on the base Mr Leuterio says he was held Accused of being a communist rebel,

with at least eight others. in charge of Fort Magsaysay This is the man who was and Sherlyn Cadapan at the time Karen Empeno are said to have been there - Major General Jovito Palparan. at Fort Magsaysay JOURNALIST: Were they ever as has been alleged? where you were commanding, I don't think so.

Why don't you know? You don't think so? no information about that. There's none, there's GUNFIRE ECHOES given access to Fort Magsaysay, Foreign Correspondent was their first taste of life where new recruits get of the Philippines - the AFP. with the armed forces Like any military trainees, the young men are taught of discipline and team work. the importance in other parts of the world But while recruits in history books or foreign lands, look for their enemies the enemy is here and now in the Philippines, of its 90 million citizens. among some

across the country, In the barangays, or villages, in a prolonged campaign the military is engaged and their armed wing - against the communists or the NPA. the New People's Army, the one waging the armed struggle, The New People's Army, which is do two things - the other one is propaganda. first one is agitation - So, agitation and propaganda. of about 5,000 in a barangay? How do they terrorise a populace in the basketball court They get one, kill that in front of so many people already terrorised. and the entire barangay is of American sovereignty, NEWSREEL: After 48 years assume the status the people of the Philippines of an independent nation. the Philippine government on and off Communist rebels have been fighting ever since independence. of Ferdinand Marcos in the mid-'80s, Several years after the fall was finally legalised the Communist Party

the legitimate political process. and absorbed into But the New People's Army has continued the guerilla war and is classed as a terrorist organisation by the United States and the European Union. They would like to change our democratic system

into a socialist oriented form of government. The armed forces of the Philippines says that many legal left-wing organisations, including the League of Filipino Students - to which Karen Empeno belonged - are recruitment agencies for the guerrillas. Basically, their strategy is to pursue the concept of converting our democratic system

into Maoist, Leninist and Mao Zedong thought. DOG BARKS While communism has all but disappeared in most parts of the world, it is alive and well in the Philippines partly because of the millions of desperately poor people here.

Successive governments have promised to redistribute land to the poor, but have failed to deliver. Peasant farmers are routinely intimidated by rich land owners who pay off the politicians. Since the current government came to power,

hundreds of people working to mobilise the poor have been murdered or suddenly disappear. The deaths and disappearances have brought the families and friends of the victims together, seeking solace and justice. Mrs Empeno meets regularly with Erlina Cadapan, Sherlyn's mother. The victims' campaign has gained momentum since the release of a United Nations's investigation implicating members of the military in the extra-judicial killings. The report also criticises the government of President Gloria Arroyo for failing to act.

(Sings) # How can we cry out for justice... #

(Both sob) The international attention only provides so much comfort

for the Empeno and Cadapan families. They blame Major General Jovito Palparan. He's been dubbed 'The Butcher' because of the high incidence of unexplained killings in the last three of his command posts. He denies all knowledge of Karen and Sherlyn, but he says there was military intelligence about two female NPA guerillas operating in the area at the time. They're the ones taxing people, they're the ones intimidating people, and they have firearms, and the people are saying they are the ones who are involved in the killings of a number of people in that area. And you think that could have been Karen Empeno or Sherlyn Cadapan? Perhaps, perhaps they are the ones they are looking for.

The military spends a lot of its time and resources looking for the communists and trying to root out the New People's Army from rural areas. What have we here? This is Lady Amazon -

we'll call it the NPA, who was killed by her own comrades. She was a former student of Central Luzon State University. Lt Colonel Joey Kakilala is leading the fight against the NPA in Central Luzon province. The armed forces of the Philippines says it's being blamed for killings that are part of an internal purge by the communists. Our conscience is clear There is no such thing as extra-judicial killings in so far as military operations is concerned. It is only done by the communist terrorists. Across the country, the military is trying to win the 'hearts and minds' of the people. Colonel Kakilala says the program is working in this village, which was once home to more than 1,000 supporters of the NPA. Going to school? Spell cat. C-A-T. Good boy.

Colonel Kakilala was under the command of General Palparan

until the general's retirement last year. Have you ever been involved in extra-judicial killings or any of these abductions or disappearances of leftist activist?? Did you ever... Did you ever order your subordinates to engage in extra-judicial killings? Or disappearances or abductions? And, then, this extraordinary admission

that he could have inspired civilians to kill. He was not able to control his men in some areas in the country where they were assigned. And I would say in one of his testimonies, he said that

"I did not really order my men to kill - I only inspired them." (Laughs) Jovencito Zuno is the top prosecutor in the Philippines. He served with the Melo Commission - a government inquiry into the extra-judicial killings. The superior officer cannot escape responsibility or liability for any acts committed by his men within his supervision. The President is the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces of the Philippines. Surely she has to take some responsibility. When these extra-judicial killings reached that alarming point, she created the task force that would investigate these extra-judicial killings and this Melo Commission. ANNOUNCER: Her Excellency, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, the President of the Republic of the Philippines. While the President has finally taken steps to investigate the deaths that have escalated since she's been in power...

In the harshest possible terms, I condemn political killings. ..she has also twice promoted the man militant groups call 'The Butcher', and publicly praised him.

Do you think the Communist Party should be illegal? Yes, because they are doing a lot of illegal things. They're actually destroying communities, families, people, individuals, organisations, institutions. They have to be out. They have to disappear. But do you accept that there is a difference between the people who are waging the armed battle and those who are unarmed, who may just be students who are trying to advise farmers of their rights,

they're trade unionists, trying to advise workers of their rights? There is a difference somehow in the approach, but, eventually, it's the same because they are talking to people,

assisting them for the purpose of inviting them to revolution. The constant threat of a military coup means Mrs Arroyo can't take too strong a line against her military leaders. And just last year the President declared

an all-out war against the communists, saying the insurgency had to be crushed within two years.

I hate the military as I hate the government, because they are not really giving us security. They are a threat.

That was the last time we were together. The Empeno family is doing its best to continue their lives, but where once music filled their home, there is now a heaviness and a sadness here. Karen's parents refuse to believe what a government minister told them - that their daughter was a senior cadre with the New People's Army. During our visit, Oscar Empeno revealed his own past as a member of the underground resistance movement fighting the Marcos regime. Karen Empeno was heavily influenced by her father's radical background. About what?

The Empenos have held meetings with politicians and written letters to public officials, including the President.

They're pursuing a court case against the military. Still they don't know where their daughter is or if anyone with any authority is trying to find out what happened to her, but they hope and pray that they'll see her again. What would you like to say to her? Hello. I'm Michael Maher in New York. This city is in the midst of a development boom the likes of which hasn't been seen since landmarks such as the Empire State Building went up in the 1920s and '30s. But despite all the money pouring in and the rapid rate of gentrification, the district of Chelsea has managed to retain some of its raffishly bohemian edge. This is a story about an old hotel, its quirky residents and a couple of bloggers, who fear they may be reporting on the last days of bohemia on Manhattan. GUITAR STRINGS TWANG MELODIOUSLY (Yells) Bitch! Don't get sarcastic! Hey, don't call me a bitch! Bitch! That's what I just said. Bitch! Bitch! Bitch! I'm getting the fuck outta here. That's part of everyday life, man. At least once a day. PHONE RINGS Front desk. Well, I don't have. I want to give you the same floor, so, that's why... Just show him 517. He wants to see what a room is like. Yeah, I can understand.

You know the Chelsea Hotel, don't you? It's world-famous this hotel. The Chelsea - like the people who live here, they're just all kind of whacky, you know? they're just all originals. There's no normal people living here. (Laughs) You know, I mean, Debbie and I are about the most normal.

And like everybody says we can't believe you live at the Chelsea Hotel. (Laughs) Ed Hamilton and Debbie Martin are bloggers. Oh, you got me. Finally scored from your back man. Natives of Kentucky, for 12 years they've lived in a small room at the Chelsea Hotel, with a foosball table. My chief complaint with the room is Ed's foosball table. You know, if we didn't have a foosball table, we could have a couch if we didn't But we have a foosball table. But it was such a dream, you can't let go of it that easily.

Despite tensions over Ed's table, the dream they shared was to live among the legends

of this faded Victorian pile on Manhattan's 23rd Street. LEONARD COHEN'S 'CHELSEA HOTEL' PLAYS SONG: # I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel

# You were talking so brave and so sweet # Giving me head on the unmade bed # While the limousines wait in the street # Those were the reasons and that was New York # We were running for the money and the flesh # And that was called love... #

Apart from Leonard Cohen, a procession of writers, painters and performers has walked, stumbled and sometimes crawled along these corridors. # ...Ah, but you got away, didn't you babe?

Mark Twain, Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller, Arthur C. Clark, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Brett Whitely - the list goes on and on. Dylan Thomas drank himself into an early grave here. Nancy, the girlfriend of Sex Pistol Sid Vicious, was murdered here. And, on a cheerier note,

Bill and Hilary Clinton named their daughter after a song Joni Mitchell wrote about staying here. JONI MITCHELL'S 'CHELSEA MORNING' PLAYS SONG # I woke up, it was a Chelsea morning # And the first thing that I heard was a song outside my window... #

As well as celebrating the Chelsea's legends, Ed and Debbie started their blog to campaign against gentrification of their neighbourhood and to urge the hotel's manager of more than 40 years not to sell out. No discussion of the Chelsea would be complete without mentioning Stanley Bard. The dapper, genial older gentleman, who stands behind the hotel's front desk, warmly greeting guests as he has seemingly forever. (Laughs) There's my man! He looks like he's all set to go! Good morning. Could you put this in? One day $250 plus tax. If you could say you could actually love a building - that's the closest thing I could say. I do love this building

and, more importantly, I love the people that live here and have been associated with the hotel. What is it about the Chelsea that, over so many years, over decades, has attracted artists? Well, artists need a certain kind of environment to work, to create, and I guess the Chelsea has those things. It has the environment. It has the feeling. It has a tranquility. It has everything that an artist would want. (Plays piano) Over the years, Stanley Bard has taken hundreds of artists into his hotel - artists like composer Gerald Busby.

I was penniless for a while and Stanley, the manager, moved me from a 4.5-room apartment into a studio and said, "Now, if you behave yourself and pay the rent,

"you can stay here for the rest of your life." This place is very addictive. It's very hard to leave once you're there and, fortunately, I've been able to stay. Gerald has composed music for the renowned American director Robert Altman and a concert was given at Carnegie Hall to mark his 70th birthday.

He came to live at the Chelsea more than 30 years ago at the behest of another acclaimed composer - Virgil Thompson. But after only one month, a fire nearly brought a quick end to his stay. And we all ran to the window on the 10th floor and people on the roof of the building behind us were saying "Jump!"

They wanted some spectacle. Well, anyway, we went down to see Virgil and Virgil was dressed in his finest silk shirt and black pants and nice shiny shoes. I said, "Virgil, why are you so dressed up?" He says, "Well, I was hoping maybe some of those firemen might come up here and I wanted to look my best." (Laughs)

RYAN ADAMS'S 'HOTEL CHELSEA NIGHTS' PLAYS The Chelsea may have been saved from fire, but, according to Gerald and Ed, there are other forces now at work that could destroy the neighbourhood. I think about it all the time 'cause I see buildings gettin' torn down. Oh that. Well, this monstrosity replaced some 19th century houses. Right! Ahhhh! The very thought of it !! You don't see those kind of places too much these days. Ed Hamilton may seem mild-mannered, but he relishes using the words on his blog as bullets.

And right now he's aiming them at people like Cindy Gallop - an advertising executive who lives directly across the road from the Chelsea in a multimillion-dollar condominium which was once home to the YMCA. (Reads) "The place looks as dark as a cave and completely unlivable. "Cindy claims to have had a vision of this place "while relaxing at her favourite watering hole in Shanghai. "Too bad the Chinese didn't Shanghai her ass!

"Perhaps the most annoying feature of the apartment

"is the display of stilettos running along the living room wall - "part storage, part installation, Cindy says - "and, I may add, a fairly shameless display of wealth!" When I see something that speaks to me, then I buy it and that really is the case with everything in this apartment. Which do you identify with? The mongoose or the cobra? (Laughs) Really, I probably identify with the situation.

That's not answering the question. Both. When I read Ed's rant about me on his blog, I could completely understand and empathise with it. And that may sound rather bizarre,

but I could totally understand that if you were someone that had lived in Chelsea a long time and loved the neighbourhood, then, you would be enormously sad that the 'Y' had vacated such a fantastic landmark building

and, 'B', you'd be pretty unhappy about the perceived set of yuppies who had moved into it instead, and, yep, you'd absolutely hate my guts! Because he was pretty splenetic, wasn't he? I mean, he said in his blog, "Cindy, doesn't care what I say

"or what anybody concerned about gentrification has to say. "'Kiss my rich ass!' she is telling us all."

I love that bit. Yep, he was pretty majorly venting!

Ed has eased off on Cindy since she invited him and a few other Chelsea residents around to discuss the changes to the neighbourhood. But he's still worried the hotel might suffer the same fate as the old 'Y'. Well, yeah, I mean, there is that fear. I mean, we live in a special place, you know, where we have Stanley Bard who is looking after us to some extent and trying to keep the rents low on people. But he's got a lot of pressure from his board of directors to raise the rents, because, you know, they are saying, "Well, you know, we could be selling these condos, you know,

"for $10 million like they did across the street at the 'Y'." You must be under pressure from the shareholders? I'm constantly under pressure. You can't believe how much pressure.

But, so far, as long as I'm strong and healthy,

I will continue to fight for my belief system and for the hotel. Well, what do the shareholders want to do? Do they want to turn it into condos? They always want. Shareholders are shareholders. They always want to sell. Back at Cindy's loft, there's pressure of a different kind.

Well, well, well, I mean, I've seen it already through the plastic, you know, so... Last year, she commissioned an artist to paint a portrait of her and her boyfriend. Trouble is the man astride the Ducati is no longer her boyfriend, and she's now not sure she wants to keep the painting. So, this was intended to be ironically self-referential

and, now, I'm wondering if the irony comes through or not. (Laughs) Why does it have to be ironic? Well, because, otherwise, it's rather lurid I think... (Laughs)..rather bodice ripper! (Sings) # Say loove is vain # Say love is cruel # Yeah, what's going down?

# Going back to law school... # When you live on 23rd Street, you live on the gritty frontline. And I can promise you that there is nothing particularly gentrified or prettified or safe about living on 23rd Street in Chelsea. Nevertheless, what longer-term residents here are saying is that they are being kicked out of the neighbourhood. They are being forced to move because rents are just soaring. And that is a universal problem within Manhattan. Full stop. And it's really hard to know how to answer that because they are absolutely right. I mean, the level of affordable housing is, you know, virtually non-existent in a lot of neighbourhoods. It's been a good run, but we're on the tail end of a comet here

and, in all probability, this is the last generation of bohemians who will be able to call the Chelsea their home. Who knows what they will do. The Plaza Hotel is now a condominium, whatever, with apartments for $25 billion! (Laughs) What would you do if they did something like that? Well, I haven't the faintest idea. I have no idea where I would go.

And that's our program for tonight. I'm Eric Campbell in Kenya. Next week, I'll be reporting on a project that's changing lives in Nairobi's slums. The retaking of Iraq... block at a time. Matt Brown joins Iraqi and American soldiers on the mean streets of Ramadi. Really, the only way you do it

is by going out and hunting those bad guys like dogs and killing them. And Geoff Thompson meets the punks of Yogyakarta... ..where parody's a risky business. That's next Tuesday at 9:20. And, in the meantime, please visit our website at: ..where you can leave comments about tonight's program or watch some of out past stories on broadband. See you next week. Goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI

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