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(generated from captions) to see what he has to say. This should be fun (CHILDREN ALL SING) # This is what I say # Let them fight for me

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The governor was true to his word. adopted in Akwa Ibom. The Child Rights Act has now been still takes up to 10 children a week But the rescue centre who've been condemned as witches. Mary has finally settled in. (LAUGHS AND SQUEALS) with her mother. But Utitofong still can't go home

has been convicted of any offence. And not a single pastor (CRIES)

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Getting swine flu is ex-as

perrating enough without

underlying conditions making

things worse or exacerbating

the situation. Welcome to Media

Watch, I'm John Holmes. Some

viewers continue to be

exasperated by the way websites

place related stories on the

same page. Sometimes with the

most unfortunate results. Last

Tuesday this story appeared in

the Melbourne Herald Sun. the Melbourne Herald Sun.

It was no laughing matter.

The three young victims were

sexually assaulted at knife

point. But when that story

appeared on the Sydney Daily

Telegraph web site it was accompanied by this.

The lingerie designed

competition wasn't new, it competition wasn't new, it was

held in Sydney two weeks

earlier. I'm sure the

contestants, award winners and

sponsors were delighted to find sponsors were delighted to

themselves in savoury company.

That video has now disappeared

from the webpage that carried

the rape story. Next another

demonstration that when a

journalist starts quoting

statistics, you need to be

very, very wary. According to

the Sydney Morning Herald

medical reporter Kate Benson, medical reporter Kate

we are a nation of dope addicts.

Boy, no wonder we need a

helping hand. And it gets


One in five older Australians

toking on a joint every day.

Well, actually no, they are

not. If anyone has had a joint

too many, it's Ms Benson, she

got one figure right. According got one figure right.

to the surveys chapter on marijuana-cannabis: to the surveys chapter on

All those other figures had

been plucked from:

The age groups and

percentages are there alright,

but either Kate Benson didn't

read the full heading of the

table or forgot to put it into

the story. Because it goes on:

The all-important words are

"recent users' the survey

making it clear that is people

who have used cannabis once in

the past year, the table isn't showing percentages of anything

like the whole population, just

sentence: above the table is this

Ah, that's where Kate's alarming figure:

Must have come from. If you

assume that everyone who smokes

dope every day is an addict,

that's one in six recent users.

So Kate should have written:

Let's rewrite the rest with accurate figures:

A lot less alarming than Kate

Benson's figures. Saturday

morning the Sydney Morning

Herald published a:

new word for correction. Clarification is a fashionable

Of course, it wasn't cannabis

that fuelled the infamous

Melbourne gangland war, but the

the war itself proved profits from amphetamines, but

the war itself proved a money

spinner for Channel Nine. When spinner for Channel Nine.

Des Moran was murdered last

week, and more titillating

still his sister-in-law still his sister-in-law Judy

charged with being an

accessory, everyone jumped on

the TV drama bandwagon.

Underbelly murder a member of

the Moran family shot dead in Melbourne.

Crime matriarch Judy Moran

faces court as her house is

firebombed. Gangland special -

tale of two cities. While some

editors in the rest of the

country reached instinctively

for the Underbelly brand name,

journos in Melbourne where

they'd been living with this

stuff picked up the fine to the

usual rent-a-crims, goodness

knows why if they knew anything

they'd hardly shout it to the

media. Herald Sun found Mick

Gatto overseas and got a

headline. In fact, Mick Gatto

unusual bate up. told the ABC the story was the told the ABC the story was

- As we saw often enough last year Mick Gatto isn't

always the shy, wilting flower

when it comes to the media.

He's a recluse compared He's a recluse compared with

Mark 'Chopper' Read. Before Des

Moran's body was cold Chopper

was all over the Melbourne

media like a rash.

That is your opinion,

Chopper. Most people we have

talked to reckon this is

purist drivel. talked to reckon this is the

Compare that with this

assessment of Tuppence Moran by

crime journalist Adam

Shand. Well, in criminal

circles here in Melbourne he

wasn't regarded as a serious

player, more of a scallywag

than a villain. That view than a villain. That view was

supported by a seasoned former

detective. Was he a villain in

the same way that the rest of

the family was. No, I believe

deswasn't a bad kind of deswasn't a bad kind of

guy. No-one cares what Chopper

says, he's a vaudeville actor

hired to fill empty space with

sinister sounding noises, and

he knows it. Look at this

performance on Seven's Today

turned crime Tonight. Retired standover man

turned crime author Mark

'Chopper' Read. Is this a

resurgence of the underworld.

No, there's not going to be a

to resurgence, there's no-one left

to kill. You don't get shot

dead in Melbourne for shooting

your mouth off, if that was

true I'd be dead years ago. How

true. Who was that absurd

figure decked outed in full

godfather regalia behind you.

Surely you don't need a bodyguard. According bodyguard. According to Mark

'Chopper' Read, it was:

Just a silly charade. Just a silly charade. And

Today Tonight happily played

along. And the gig was a nice

earner, I hope he shared the

loot with his good mate Frank. We Frank. We asked Chief Commissioner Simon Overland

what he thought of the media's

fascination with the Gattos,

and Reads, he responded:

Dream on, Chief Dream on, Chief Commissioner.

Over the weekend Chopper was

back in the Herald Sun, in

print and online video.

It's just another insane

chapter from an insane story. I mean,

mean, the Morans, if you told mean, the Morans, if you told a

donkey this, he'd kick you in

the head for telling lies. Instead, courtesy of

Instead, courtesy of the

Herald Sun, we have the donkey

telling us. Here is a little

scoop on a celeb ratty story

bought to us by Nine

News. Popstar Madonna is free

to adopt a second child from

Malawi, she's expected to take 4-year-old Mercy 4-year-old Mercy Jane home to

the US within weeks. Madonna's

barrister? Malawi is one of the

few people with a line to the

superstar, she picked up

immediately from New York when

he called her from Malawi High

Court. Congratulations, it's

been granted. Funny thing is

other networks had that

footage, when you look at their

stories, it's clear it wasn't

Madonna at the other

Madonna at the other end of the

call. The legal team spoke to colleagues in New

York. Philip, congratulations,

it's been granted. Full

adoption has been granted. That

"ah Philip" was inaudible on

nine's version of the phone

call. According to Associated

Press Philip isn't a lawyer but Press Philip isn't a lawyer but

the person who runs Madonna's

charity. Nine was either

associated with the chinchanery. The Leader of the

Opposition has his Opposition has his fingerprints

over the fake email. Meanwhile

huge exitments in the

Parliament over utes, car

dealers and so forth continues.

At the heart an email allegedly

sent by Andrew Charlton of sent by Andrew Charlton of the

Prime Minister's office Prime Minister's office to Goodwin Grech of Goodwin Grech of the Treasury,

on February 19th, this year.

The first journalist to have

known of the email is The Daily

Telegraph's political reporter

Steve Lewis. Early editions of Saturday's telecarried this Saturday's telecarried this

mock up graphic. Unfortunately

the telegot the name of the

recipient wrong. That should

have read Goodwin Grech. The

mock up disappeared from the

tele's later editions. Who told

Steve Lewis about the email.

The day before he'd hinted of its existence on Page 1.

And he seemed to know a lot

about what the Opposition was

planning that day.

Sure enough, in Senate estimates, Senator estimates, Senator Eric Abetz

appeared to quote from the

email which he suggested came

from a journalist A person has,

extraordinary, a journalist, in

fact, has suggested to me that

there may be - that there may

be Don't scare at me, it

doesn't work. Senator Abetz is

asking a question. That there may be a communication may be a communication from

may be a communication from the

Prime Minister's office. Extraordinary. The Prime

Minister has asked if the car

dealer financing the vehicle is

available to assist a

Queensland dealer ship John

Grant motors. This Grant motors. This morning

Malcolm Turnbull told Alan


The Prime

The Prime Minister was equally insistent that the

Opposition was behind it all.

So who

So who should have the

reddest face right now? News

Limited, the Opposition, or is

it all as Malcolm Turnbull will

no doubt claim, a red herring.

It has all the makings of a

fascinating media story which

we'll try to shed more light on

next week. Join me again then.

Closed Captions by CSI

This Program is Captioned Live.

Good evening. The Prime Minister,

Kevin Rudd, says he is demanding the

Opposition Leader resign because of

the way Malcolm Turnbull has handled

the OzCar affair. The Federal Police

say the email at the centre of the

political misconduct allegations is

political misconduct allegations is a fake. Mr Turnbull says the email has

not been created or composed by

anyone in the federal opposition and

he won't step aside. But the

Government says his credibility has

been destoyed by relying on the

been destoyed by relying on the email to call for the resignation of the

Prime Minister and Treasurer. Iran's

opposition leader is urging his

followers to keep protesting against

the country's disputed the country's disputed election

result. But many of them have stayed

off the streets after Saturday's

clashes between security forces and

demonstrators, condemning the vote

that returned Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to

power. State media reports say 450

people have been arrested over the

violence. And lawyers for the

disgraced former NRL star Greg Bird

are appealing against his prison

sentence. Bird has been jailed for

sentence. Bird has been jailed for at least eight months, for glassing his

girlfriend during a drunken argument.

The presiding magistrate described

the attack as despicable, and

un-Australian. To the weather now -

Tomorrow's national forecast -

Tomorrow's national forecast - Sydney finally due for some drier weather

but the southern capitals moving

but the southern capitals moving into a wetter period. More news later.

When you sent Lucas to Moscow, he paid an appalling price. He said I could come home if I spoiled it. What did you say? Yes. Nothing matters. Everyone matters or no-one matters. The car is just one colossal bomb. Katchimov. He knew this attack was coming and did nothing to stop it. Adam. Ditch the car. If I do that, people die. Adam! He'll make it. It's not far.

No, in some ways, this is a preferable outcome. They will be unbalanced by shock. Arkardy Katchimov was behind the attack. Then I think Mr Katchimov should be made to feel some of our pain.

We will have revenge.

TV: In the wake of yesterday's aborted terror plot, the opposition have been swift to question the Government on the impact of its anti-terror legislation. Other than a brief statement in which it gave thanks to the police and emergency services for their part in averting "an unthinkable catastrophe", the Government has yet to officially comment. No details have been released about the identities of the suspected terrorists involved. KNOCK ON DOOR It is believed one of the would-be bombers died in the attack. There were no other casualties.

So you're not going home? They sold my house, given that I was inconveniently dead. It's a house! I know that you and Adam... Adam and I were never going to be, Harry. That's why I stayed dead in the first place, to let him move on. And you? Me, too. To let me move on. Adam was gonna die, Harry. To know him at all, was to know that. He knew it. It didn't frighten him. It exhilarated him. It gave him purpose. Yes.