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Tonight t battle to clean

up Queensland's vast oil

spill. They originally told

us 20 to 30 tons, it is now

apparent it was about 230

tons. The Opposition chops

down the carbon emissions

trading scheme We will

oppose it in its preform and current timetable. A huge

turn out for bushfire and

flood relief con sertsd.

Today is the only day in the

world we can play to the Australians. Two thrillers to start the league season. Good evening. Deborah Rice

with ABC news - The

clean-up has begun but the

size of Queensland's oil

clear. Authorities now spill is only just becoming

believe it is 10 times bigger

than they first thought

because two fuel tanks not

'Pacific Adventurer'. The one were ruptured on the

ship has been impounded and

the state Government says its

owner will pay for the cost

of the clean up. As the oil

continues to wash ashore the

environmental, political and

economic costs are adding up.

Shane McLeod is on Moreton

Island. Along more than the

island's beaches a makeshift

army arm would protective

gear and gum-boots, rakes,

scooping the toxic sludge It

is like cleaning fine china

or steel wool this is hat

they are doing. Three days

after the oil started to wash

ashore the clean-up has moved into 'Top Gear'. Authorities

now believe the amount of oil

that has been spilled is more

than they first thought, more

than 200,000 leaders. More

than the island's traditional

owner say the consequence are

shocking All the people who

come here to experience the

joy we have been enjoying for centuries is lost to them and

how they are going to deal

with it is beyond me. More

than 300 people have joined

did clean up effort. The goal

that is the clean-up itself should have as little

environmental impact as

possible. I will that is why

rakes and shovel are being

used to clean up the sludge

rather than the heavy

earth-moving equipment. Up on

the Sunshine Coast weekend

fun was on hold. Many beaches

are closed while the slick is

cleaned up A tourism campaign

is being planned to lure

visitors back when the job is

done Look I think it is

reeling after being battered

by a cyclone then having an

oil spill landing on its

doorstep. However, the main

point that we need to note at

the moment that is we open

for business. The State

Government is promising the

beaches will be cleaned by

the east her break but in the

middle of an election campaign the Government is

under pressure There are 300

workers on Moreton Island

today, they should have been

there earlier. Mr

Springborg's constant

criticism do him no credit A

week out from polling day

this muddying of the waters

is the last thing the

Queensland Premier needs.

The Federal Government's current plan for an carbon

emissions trading scheme

looks set the fail with the

Coalition deciding today that

it will vote against it.

Malcolm Turnbull used a

meeting of the Liberal

Federal council to toughen

his stance against the scheme

saying it was badly designed

and rushed that. Is what the

party faithful wanted to hear but Malcolm Turnbull is

gambling the public support

for action on global warming

has been owner taken by their

worries about the economy. A

strong voice for the future

or one with a caver? Peter

Costello was not at the 53rd Liberal Party conference in

person but he as there in

spirit Has he secured his

leadership against Peter

Costello? His leadership is

secure. The NSW leader sent a message about the dangers of

a fractured Opposition Put

on serving the your house in order and get

public. Malcolm Turnbull is

keen to get on with talking

about himself to distance his

business career from the business that brought the

world undone. Our business

success has not come from

complex financial derivatives

or mountains of debt. That

is the Liberal spirit. The

spirit of enterprise. His aim

is to turn the imported

recession against Kevin Rudd

He is making a difficult

situation worse. The

Government is not responsible

for the financial crisis but

its political pit false were

on display in London where

the Treasurer was thrown off

script I have lost all my

money for the rest of my live

in the failed Queensland unit

trust MFS, you take Government you take responsibility and I would

like to snow what you going

to do about that There is

nothing the Australian

Government can do At the

least election Kevin Rudd won

the argument for the future.

If Malcolm Turnbull is to win

it at the next he struggles

as much with his party as

with the electorate. His

party wanted a harder line on

emissions trading and got it

We will oppose it in its preform and timetable. Malcolm Turnbull's

day ended on a lift glitch on

exit. There is a long climb

ahead. Switzerland has

agreed the relax the secrecy

laws in its banking system the avoid being put on a

black list of uncooperative

tax havens. The president

comply with rules requiring announced Swiss Bankless now

information to be shared with

international agencies. He said banks will not automatically hand over

details of their client's

finances but they will

respond to justified requests

for information. With

global financial crisis bites deficits growing as the

Governments are increasing

the pressure on countries

like Switzerland to help

reduce tax evasion. Thousands

of sailors marched through the streets of Sydney today

in what was billed as the the

biggest naval parade since

the the end of the WWII. The

Governor General's inspection

marked the start of the

'Freedom of Entry' parade.

Observing a Medieval

tradition the Police Commissioner challenged the

Navy's right to enter. Halt.

Who goes there? Identify

yourself. The parade then

made its way up George Street

to the cheers of onlookers.

The last time so many sailors

were in the city was for the

'Victory in the Pacific' in

1945. Hundreds of thousands

lined the route then. Today

the crowds were much smaller

and a few were apprehensive.

I wonder the wisdom of giving

4000 sailors the freedom of

Sydney, that's dangerous!

The sailors have the rest of

the weekend off. I will they

are required back on deck on

Monday. One in fur people who

are admitted to hospital with

serious injuries will also

end up with emotional

problems such as post

traumatic stress disorder.

Until now knowing which patients were at risk has been difficult so the problem

has remained largely

undiagnosed and undetected

but a new screening test has

been devised which can

identify those who will need

extra help. After the

devastation of the Victorian

bushfires trauma councillors

were on hand to help people

get through the emotional

pain. Be of those people

affect by the fires will go

onto suffer post traumatic stress and depression but knowing whether might get

those conditions has been

difficult to assess The

majority of people who do

develop especially post

traumatic stress disorder and depression do not actually

seek mental Health Services

to try to treat the

problems. Researchers from

the centre for post traumatic

mental health stepped in the

find those people What we

did is develop a screening

instrument that is a simple 10-item questionnaire that

doctors and nurses can give

to injury patients and that

can identify who is at risk

for developing mental health

problems. They found the test

was accurate in picking up

post traumatic stress

patients like Clive. It took

two years for his body to

recover from a car accident

but he is still being treated

for the emotional

consequences. I will If

Clive had been involved in

screening while he was in

hospital it could have meant

he had access to mental

Health Services much

earlier. When you float for

about a year and a half not

knowing what is going on your

system, mind, emotions it

gets very difficult and it

would have been bloody good

if someone had said to me "We

can do this, we can help you

outright now" not in a year

and a half. After treatment

with a sigh colt gist his condition has improved.

Australians have opened

their hearts and their

wallets for the victims of

the Victorian bushfires and

the Queensland floods. I will

today they decided to have

good time for a good cause.

More than 100,000 people have

turned out for simultaneous

charity concerts in Melbourne

and Sydney. Music-lovers

poured into the MCG and the

rain poured down on them. I

know it is raining out there

but who cares! That set the

tone for the day as local

band Jet kicked off one of

the biggest music event in

Australia's history. Per form

offers travel from far and

wide including the home of

the Kins of Leon hash here

comes the sun... We honoured

and thrilled to be here. As

fans rock odd the sound from

closer to home the rain kept

bucketing down. Good

afternoon! Beautiful rainy

day! But the weather was

mere ladies stration today.

Was all about Australians

helping each other with a big

hand from abroad. For all us

foreign banth is the only way

we can play to honey

Australians and thank you for

letting us be part of this

very special event. In Sydney

the biggest act opened the

show. In the audience children of the band members

got down the act. Chris

Martin was more adventurous

in his moves putting security

into a tail spin. Back on

stage he teamed up with John

Farnham who may be retired

but proved he still thanks

voice. Organisers hope to

raise $5 million out of

today's two concerts. I will

all money from Melbourne will

go directly to the official

bushfire appeal. Fundraised

in Sydney will be split between fire victim and

people affected by the floods

in Queensland. It has been

five weeks since the tragedy

in Victoria. This would

normally take about 10 months

the put together. Five weeks,

no sleep. It is a break-neck

pace. Tonight more big names

will take to the stage with

Kylie Minogue in Melbourne

and Barry Gibb and Olivia

Newton John in Sydney. After

more than month with the

state on tenter hook the

bushfire threat in Victoria

is finally over. Today's

steady rain helped

firefighters bring the last

major blaze still burning

under control. Moorehead way

was made in Marysville today

with work beginning on a

temporary village. Today a

protective suit and a hose

were good signs. Before the

fire on 7 February this was a

church camp, what is left is

being cleared to make way for

a new temporary village for

the people of Marysville I

is a significant occasion. A

sad thing the see something

demolished but lit allow

people to come back together

as community to think about

their future then to work

with us and be able to plan

the way that they would like

to go back the reconstruct

their community. Construction

of 40 homes will start next

week. Many locals are eager to see the progress for

direct. We have the start

with akin der t school. We

have to get families back.

This is our future. We want

people here, people want to

be here, this is the beginning of the new

Marysville. More than 100

soldiers will leave the old

Marysville tomorrow. Dozens

have spent the past fortnight

searching for human remains

while some others have been

working with the community. I

will Particularly my

caterers, I have four or five

soldiers there who have assumed legendary status with

the local community. They

will be the group missed

most. A team American fire specialists also leave

Victoria tomorrow. In

England Prince William has

given a rare public insight

into how he was affected by

his mother's death when he

was just 15. He made comments

as he became pay trn of the

British child bereavement

charity. He said he

understood that losing a

close family member was one

of the hardest experiences

anyone could endure. For the

world at large show was a

royal Princess but to William

and Harry she was a parent, a

sudden and premature loss of

whom was the most devastating

blow the their childhood. In

the 12 years since her death

William has not spoken of her

mother but he has chose wren

the reveal something of the

affinity he feels with children who loss at parent.

He said it was a loss which

was felt particularly keenly

around Mothers Day What I understand now that is losing

a close family member is one

of the hardest experiences

any on can endure. I will

never being able to say the

word "Mummy" again in your

life sound small but for many including me it is now a

word, hollow and evokeing

only memories. I will I can therefore wholeheartedly

relate to the Mothers Day campaign as I too have felt

and still feel the emptiness

on such a day. William met bereaved parents and

children, among them Sam

whose younger sister died a

year ago. His mother said William's loss had helped

them to understand theirs He

obviously really mattered to

him, it obviously was something he felt very

connect with other children strongly about and could

who have lost parents but

also parents who have lost children, it is something

that is very close to his

heart. William has made a

point of keeping his memories

of his mother as private as

possible but he has now given

a rare glimpse of the

emptiness he has known and

that countless children feel

at the loss of a beloved

parents. The oil spinl

southern Queensland is 10 times bigger than originally

thought. Still to come the

art collection of Gianni Versace, an auction of open

pew lens. After a week

dominated by scandal off the field Rugby League fans are finally talking about the

football. Last tonight's

opening games were hard

fought and close with both go

being decided with field

goals. The Warriors lead and

the Broncos made a winning

start after new coach Ivan

Henjak. Last year's beaten

grand finalists part would

key players in the off season

but the Storm still has a

look of star quality. Melbourne's early advantage

was short-lived and Anthony

Quinn gifted the half-time

lead to the Dragons. The

winger's night went from bad

the worse. He has played it

the wrong way! But at least

the Storm were heading in the

right direction on the

scoreboard. Tries to Slater

and Cronk moved them 6 points

clear in the second half. But the visitors were not

done with. New coach Wayne

Bennett would have liked what

he saw when Sailor turned

back the field to deep

Dragons hopes alive. Cooper

snore the line he goes into

score. The conversion set the

match into extra time but

three minutes later Inglis

finished it. The Broncos had

to wait for five minutes on a

return on their investments.

Cowboys own star sign sing

found his way to the try line

but a barnstorming run from

Taylor lifted the Broncos to

a four-point lead at

half-time. After the break

Jonathan Thursday stone and

Bowen combined to put the

visitors in front. Brisbane

Bowen combined to put the levelled the scores.ton and

visitors in front. Brisbane

levelled the scores. The Warriors scored three

first-half tries to take an

18-6 lead over the Eels. The

final score in that game in

Auckland t Warriors beat the

eels 26-18. The Waratahs are

ruining lost opportunities

after their first loss of the

Super 14 season to the

Brumbies in Canberra last

night. This afternoon the

Crusaders and Western Force

shared the competition points

while last night the Brumbies

scored two tries to one in

their 10-point win. There was

plenty of passion flow fringe

the fans and the players to

reignite the rifly between

these two teams. Gerrard got

the Brumbies in front early

while Beale's bad luck set

the tone for the Waratahs's

bad evening. I will Palu's

fractured hand did not limit

him. He was obviously in a

charitable mood. He gifted

the Brumbies an extra man

advantage and a 6-3 lead at

half-time. Yellow

card. Stirling Mortlock

relished his Hoff the outside

centre as he sent Adam

Ashley-Cooper over. The

Waratahs revotered to

desperation and it only ended

in frustration. The home

side what 12-point lead

Turner managed a late try but

it was all too late as the

Brumbies proved tremendous

the new Australian team to

beat. We just had to take

them on physically and enjoy

the scrap because against the

Waratahs you can find the game is in a scrap and you

have to enjoy it and we did.

In New Zealand the

Crusaders were heading toward

a win against the Western as

they crossed for thee first

half tries but the Force hit

back in the second half to

make it 23-all with 10

minutes left This will be a

tie behind the post. Both teams tied to manufacture

something in the final

minutes but they had the

settle for the draw. The

second day of the Sheffield

Shield final between Victoria

and Queensland in Melbourne

has been washed out by heavy

rain. At stumps on day one

Victoria was 6/28.

Australia's hopes of winning

the women's World Cup have

been badly dented after a

16-run loss to India today.

India made 5/234 after its 50 overs then restricted

Australia to 7/218. Told to

bat first the Indians started

slowly but with wickets in

hands made a powerful finish

This will split them. The

Indians plundered 87 off the

final 10 overs of their

inningses to leave Australia

chasing 235 for victory. The

early start of the Australian

reply was hampered by the

loss of 3/12 in the space of

4 overs including the captain

for just 8. The fingers up.

I will Jodie Fields strobed

an impressive 43 in a 61-run partnership that lifted the

Australians back into

contention but Fields could

not carry on the good work

and while Blackwell reached a

composed half century she too

failed to go the distance.

What a catch! The

Australians needed 78 off the

final 60 deliveries of the

match but with only four

wickets in hand it became a

futile exercise. They did

have a powerplay to use in

the last five overs but it

simply was not enough I did

not think we bowled very well

and we probably let ourselves

down with the bat as well but

full credit to the Indian

team, they played a good

match today. Australia now

needs some extraordinary upsets in other games if it

is to make the final. The South Dragons have defeated

Tigers in the deciding game

of the all-Melbourne grand

final series to win the NBL

championship. The Dragons

took the Game 1 02-81 to

claim the last championship

before the competition is

revamped. It was appropriate

the last grand final series

of the current NBL provided a

victory to the competition's

most successful coach who has

now won six championships

with three different teams.

The Dragons were wooden

Spooners last year before his

arrival In Sydney there was

a lot coming out of the Tigers camp that the Dragons

were not competition, we did

not have a rivalry. There was

certainly rivalry last night. Enjoying home court

advantage for the decider the Dragons made their move in

the second quarter and had an

11-point lead by half-time

He gets the finish . American

import Darden scored a

game-high 31 point and 21 of

those came during the third

quarter. Put his mark on the

game. An extraordinary Luke

Kendall three-pointer at the

end of the third period had

little impact as the final

margin was a comprehensive

21-point win for the Dragons

This has been a beautiful

run. I thank my team. I thank

Victoria. Thank you! In just

their third season it was the

Dragons first championship. Basketball Australia is

expected to announce more

details about the revamped

NBL in the next week was 8 to

10 teams likely to be in the

new competition. Champion

mare Makybe Diva achieved

immortality by Galloping to

three straight Melbourne Cup victories. I will tonight

Australia's most successful

pacer Black's a Fake will try

to go one better when harness

racing's Interdominion series

begins on the Gold Coast but

8-year-old's bid for a fourth

crown is under threat from a

younger rival across the

Tasman. A celebrity in New

Zealand after winning its

first 17 race the horse is so

Val iebl it travels with its

own bodyguard. None is rate

than the 4-year-old stallion

He has run some sensational

times and his record is

phenomenal. 20 wins from 21

starts. I will he is as short

as even money in some markets

to take out the most

prestigious series Maybe the

first night he will not be as

good as he has been but if we

can get through that without

too much stress he will get better. Black's a Fake has

done it all before but the

Australian has enormous

respect for the new kid on

the block No horse does not

win as many straight that is

not a great horse. He is very special. No horse has won

four Interdominion series but

after some indifferent

formulast year it is believed

the horse can lift one more

time In his track work and

his manner he thinks he is a

young fellow. Black's a Fake

has drawn awkwardly in barrier 8 in tonight's

opening heat. Fans of the

late fashion designer Gianni

Versace will have a chance to

look at some of his favourite

things this week when part of

his massive art collection is

sold off in London. More than

decade after he was shot dead

in Miami the entire contents

of his mansion at Lake Como

in Italy are going under the

hammer. There are more than

550 pieces including works of

arts and rare antiques

expected to fetch more than

$7 million. Gianni Versace's

fashion collections were

often inspired by ancient

Roman and Greek art. At his

home on Lake Como he married

the two Every time he was in

London he browsed the

galleries. He had a very good

eye, very under state man, on

the sigh side. 560 piece from

the designer's home will be

auctioned to the public,

items with estimated price

tags ranging from $250,000 to

$200 million. The gallery's

curator has put a lot of

thought into how these pieces

are displayed This is Gianni

Versace's bedroom. Exactly as

it was, the bed, the view of

the lake. A pair of

wrestlers, copies of those by

Canova were among Gianni Versace's favourite

works. Gianni Versace did not

realise the significance of

some of the works in his own

collection like this oil

painting. It is one of only four portraits paint by the

artist during a period he

spent in India in 1783. It

was previously thought to

have been lost or destroyed

until it turned up here. It

could be yours for around $1

50,000. Last year a Russian

olygarch paid millions for

the mansion. The contents

will be auctioned off on

Wednesdays day. They are

expected to fetch another $7

million. If you have small

change! Time for look at the

weather. In Sydney it reached 27 degrees. The

rain tomorrow spread over the

east of NSW. In the capital

cities tomorrow showers

possible for Sydney,

Melbourne, Hobart and add

la.d storms for Perth and

Darwin. Around NSW isolated

showers and thunderstorms over the north-east

Before we go, the

Queensland oil spill is much

worse than previously

thought. I will Federal Coalition will vote against

the carbon emissions trading

scheme meaning it is almost

certain defeat A massive

turn-out for sound relief concerts in Sydney and

Melbourne. Before we go a

look at the news and current

affairs line- up tomorrow

morning on ABC1. At 9 o'clock

Insiders with Barrie Cassidy,

his guest is the Federal

Treasurer Wayne Swan in

London at a meeting much G20

ministers. At 10 o'clock on 'Inside Business' Alan

Kohler's guest is the new CEO

of the NAB Cameron Clyne. Barrie Cassidy returns at

10.30 with 'Offsiders' a look

at the week in sport. At 11

o'clock Jim Middleton hosts 'Asia-Pacific Focus' that.

Is the news for now. I will

be back with an update in

about an hour. For the latest

24 hours a day do not forget

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online. Goodnight.

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