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Bush maintains Iraq-Al Qaeda link -

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Bush maintains Iraq-Al Qaeda link

Broadcast: 25/07/2007

Reporter: Tony Jones

George W Bush has intensified his effort to link the American-led fight in Iraq to the wider fight
against Al Qaeda.


TONY JONES: Well, the US President George W Bush has once again defended his strategy in Iraq.
Speaking at an air force base in Charleston, Mr Bush restated his view that the war in Iraq and the
attacks of September 11 are linked.

GEORGE W. BUSH, US PRESIDENT: There's a good reason they are called Al Qaeda in Iraq, they are Al
Qaeda in Iraq.

TONY JONES: He also warned any early pullout of troops from the war-torn country would be a

GEORGE W. BUSH: Those who justify withdrawing our troops from Iraq by denying the threat of Al
Qaeda in Iraq and its ties to Osama bin Laden, ignore the clear consequences of such a retreat. If
we were to follow their advice, it would be dangerous for the world and disastrous for America.

TONY JONES: And in Baghdad at least six Iraqis have been killed in a joint US-Iraq air strike on
suspected militant positions in the densely populated slums of Sadr City.