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(generated from captions) CC Tonight, krun much

time. Home own ers in melt

down over their mortgages. We believe there are a number of

people who are very much at a

tipping point. A life line

for John Howard but safe

ground is some way off. Photo

ID. 'Pumpkin''s parents

identified but where are

they? Don's holding another

party, an election must be

large. Jodie is a self

confessed right winger.

Come on, I've never met

anyone who voted Liberal in

my life! Good evening. It

used to be mainly the

battlers that felt it but now it seems mortgage stress has

spread to middle Australia. A

new report claims that around

half a million households

could be struggling with

their home loans by the end

of the year and more than

100,000 could be forced to

sell up. It is a bleak

forecast brought on partly by global credit crunch and

while the Reserve Bank cannot

rule out more credit pain it says the says the squeeze could help

the country. Customers

desperate to withdraw their

money in Britain at Northern

Rock, one of the country's

bigger banks caught in the

credit crunch. I do not

think I will ever trust the

banking system in the country

again. Analysts believe that

cannot happen here because

the Australian banking system

is too strong. If I look at

the Australian banks their funding is funding is well

the Reserve Bank bank having balanced. That did not stop

to deny rumours it had been

approached by one or more

regional banks for emergency

funding. It's Governor Glenn

Stevens was justifying the

recent rate hikes talking of

a strong economy and

suggesting the credit crunch

could be a blessing in

disguise Given the

macroeconomic of the

Australian economy at least

to date some additional restraint would perhaps not to date some additional

be unwelcome. But the longer

banks have to pay more for

their money the greater the

chances that these costs will

be passed to home borrowers.

While the Reserve Bank

Governor stressed the strong

Australian economy was well

placed to weather this storm

a new report suggests

Australian households are

under more pressure than they

appear because of higher

interest rates. interest rates. The JP Morgan

Fujitsu report says if the

credit crunch continues more

than 480,000 people may face

some form of mortgage stress

in a few months and over

100,000 could be forced to

refinance or sell their

homes. The news is not good

because we believe that there

are a number of people who

are very much at a tipping

are point. In other words, they

are just about keeping their

heads above water. Worse

still, the report says they are turning to credit cards

the stay afloat. John

Howard's given what could be

his final pep talk before the election urging Coalition MPs

not to doubt their ability to win. The Prime Minister has

got a spring in his step

after a new opinion poll

back some of showed the Government clawing

back some of Labor's lead but

with a lot of ground if

make-up Mr Howard has hinted

he may wait weeks before

calling the election. He has

closed the gap on lay box,

tight end his grip on the

leadership but still left a

big question unanswered Are

you going to put on the

election, Mr Howard? When?

Sometime between now and

early December. After last

week's public leadership

clawed back turmoil the Coalition has

clawed back to within 10

points of Labor. The relief

is palpable. The way in which

these things were handled

last week worked out positively. But there are

scores to settle. Tony Abbott

is out for revenge against

former Howard doubter Malcolm

Turnbull. He does not rate

with the Prime Minister t

Treasurer, the Foreign Minister. Still inland slide material Kevin Rudd may be willing the Government into

willing the Government into

decay. Oven what I do... He

has warned his caucus against

complacency. I have said

this will a be tight

election. Polls are up,

down. The Labor leader has

inject add new policy into

debate promising up to $290

million for the 650,000

people waiting for public

dental treatment. For up to

one million dental services one million dental services

across the country. Shows

just what a fake and stoney this Leader of the Opposition

is. Kevin Rudd would fund his scream by scrapping the Government's dental subsidies

worth $100 million more than

Labor's. Why is the Leader of

the Opposition stealing $100

million? In a two and a

half hour Coalition party

room meeting 50 Government back-benchers peppered the room meeting 50 Government

Prime Minister and Peter

Costello with a policy wish

list. Housing affordability

was at the top. John Howard

implored his MPs not to doubt

themselves and not to succumb

to the idea they have been in

Government for too long. Some

in the Coalition now believe

the remaining gap can be made

up in the campaign but the

Prime Minister won't be

rushed teasing the Coalition

with the suggestion they may

yet meet again before he calls the calls the election. But he

wished retiring members all

the best just in case. The

fabric retailer Spotlight has

given up on Australian

hundreds failed the workplace agreements after

Government's fairness test. Spotlight says it is going

back to a collective union

deal because AWAs have become

too confusing and too costly. Spotlight Spotlight attracted

widespread attention last

year when it tried to use the

Government's WorkChoices

legislation to cut an employ

e's penalty rates for an

extra 2 cents an hour. Now

the company has decided to

aban done the agreements

after almost 500 breached the Government's new fairness

test It has been

extraordinarily frustrating

for the organisation. We have

been employing people against

yesterday an AWA which only until

yesterday we were not aware whether that was sufficient

or not. The workplace

authority has sent letters to

about 500 of the company's employees informing them of

their rights. The authority

says agreements are usually

declared unfair when workers

are not compensated for the

cancellation of their penalty

rates. In the past month Spotlight has met several times with the times with the

representatives from the shop

assistant union and has since

decided to push ahead for

plansz for a collective

agreement. The union says it

is confident a deal can be

reached by Christmas. I

think this is an enormous

embarrassment to the

Government because Spotlight

was one of the very few

retailers of any size that

did not have agreements with

the union. It is time to

get on with this and bring

this back to a this back to a simple employ

e-focused set of arrangements

and that is what we will try

the achieve. But the Federal

Government has defended its

WorkChoices legislation. When

a company has 469AWAs

rejected because they are

paying less than the award entitlement, I think it says

more about what the company

is up to than what the

authority is doing. Spotlight

has a fortnight to address

the breaches or the matter

will be referred to the

workplace Ombudsman. They

know who she is, they know

where she is from but police

still can't find the parents

of Melbourne's little girl

lost. The father who left her

at a CityRail way station is

believed to be somewhere in

the United States. As for the

mother, she is missing in New Zealand and there are now grave fears for her safety. Police late today

cordoned off the family home

in suburban Auckland and are

treating it as a crime

scene. At this stage we are

treating this Annie Liu as a

missing person. We have grave concerns for her

safety. Abandoned toys still

in the yard and little Qian

Xun Xue's gumboots are the

telltale signs of a normal

home life but police say

there were signs of trouble. There has been a

There has been a history of

family violence that we have

dealt with over the last 12

months. The last reported

sighting of the 27-year-old

mother was Monday of last

week. She spoke good

English, she was friendly, she always made a point of

saying hello which was good.

He wasn't. He was very

rude. On Thursday her

3-year-old daughter was taken

to Australia by her father Michael Xue,

Michael Xue, last night his

wife's car was found at

Auckland international

airport and is now being

forensically examined. As long as her whereabouts are

unknown the worse it

is. Chinese radio was buzzing

about the disappearance.

Michael Xue enjoyed a high

profile among the city's

Chinese communities Enter community

community he published and

edits a newspaper and is

known as martial arts master.

He spoke of the anguish of

his eldest daughter's

disappearance five years ago

and the joy his second child

known to the world now as

'Pumpkin' had brought him.

But money worries and a

breakdown of a relationship

with his young partner had

taken its toll. He talked

about life is meaningless.

Hard going, money problems, marriage not going

well. While police here,

across the Tasman and in the

United States work to unravel

the mystery the little girl the mystery the little girl

at the centre of this family

tragedy remains in foster

care simply hoping like

everyone involved with this

case she can still be reunited with her

mum. Officials in Thailand

say the pay lot of a plane

that crashed in puck muck was

warned of dangerous wind

conditions but decided to

land anyway. The pilot and

co-pilot were among co-pilot were among 89 people

killed. Families have begun

arriving to identify the dead

or to be reunited with

survivors. Perth expatriate

Robert Borland was among

those who escaped the crash.

His had there touched down as

her son was having surgery.

He has been incredibly lucky.

I have told him not to buy a

lottery ticket, he has used

up his good luck. Brian

Mullery was the only Australian to die in the Mullery was the only

crash. Police will not be

punished for taking off their

name badges at APEC summit in

Sydney. An inquiry said

officers had real concerns

badge pins could be used

against them. The

commissioner had rejected suggestions police were

trying to hide identities.

New South Wales police

officers are required to wear

identification badges at all

times but during the APEC summit protests some did summit protests some did

not. I can assure you it was

not part of any standing

order or an attempt to avoid

identification. An internal

investigation found

legitimate reasons for the

breach. The Commissioner says

there were concerns that

badges with pins could be

used by protestors as weapons

as could plastic Velcro tags.

He said they ran ute of the safer cloth badges after

extra officers were called

into replace mounted police.

There will be a change in

some equipment and that is

offered to police, issued to

police. In is a sense of

continuus improvement. More

riot un forms and cloth

Velcro badges have been

ordered. The commission has

a sensible su, I am happy to

support him. I thought the

police did a great job during

APEC summit. Police reviewed

images taken during the images taken during the

protests but will not reveal

how many officers failed to

wear ID. We are not

surprised because this is police investigating police

which is foot satisfactory. Human rights

monitors say they will

publish images of 200

officers not wearing tags and

seven formal complaints have

been lodged that cover claims

ranging to police rudeness to

use of excessive use of excessive force. A

private security firm is

being kicked out of Iraq

after a shootout in the heart

of Baghdad. The Americans

were protecting a convoy but

according to Iraqi officials

it was innocent buy standers

who took the brunt of the

fire. Now the Blackwater

security community has been

stripped of its licence to

operate in Iraq. The shootout

wounded 13 killed 8 civilians and

wounded 13 more when a car

bomb went off near a United

States convoy the private

security guard started to

fire. They shot us randomly.

The guns were American. The Iraq Government describe the

shooting as a crime and

blames Blackwater. It has cancelled the company's

licence, ordered to it leave

the country and is

threatening criminal prosecutions. I caution everybody, let's not lead everybody, let's not lead to

conclusions. There was a loss

of life here, there was a

firefight. We believe some innocent life was lost.

Nobody want to see that but I

cannot tell you who was responsible for

that. Blackwater was founded

by a former Navy Seal who

runs a private army trained

to protect the and kill.

There are 1000 Blackwater

employees in Iraq. Many Iraqis Iraqis recent the company's

tough tactics and that it

operates in the shadows How

can you have them operating

without prosecution, they

kill civilians and no charges

are ever brought against

them. In Iraqi law, United

States law, military law. The

sus stus Government is

believed to have been paying

Blackwater hundreds of

millions of dollars in Iraq

but the firm has paid a heavy

price. In 2004 four Blackwater

Blackwater employees were

ambushed killed and hung from

a bridge. Today the Iraqi

Secretary of State promised an investigation. Condoleezza

Rice knows if Blackwater are

expelled in Iraq United

States diplomats and

contractors will lose their


protection. Pakistan's Government says Presdident Pervez Musharraf will give up

his powerful role as Armed

Forces chief after Forces chief after his

re-election as president next

month. The announcement was

made to pacify Pakistan's

Supreme Court which is

considering blocking the

President from running for

office again. Presdident

Pervez Musharraf the general

who seized power in 1999 has

been under pressure to take

off the uniform and become a

civilian politician. New an

explicit commitment on when

from his Prime Minister. The from his Prime Minister. The

President's position assamy

kiev will stay only until the

period is allowed to under

the law. You are saying

of this year Presdident unequivocally that by the end

Pervez Musharraf will not be

the head of the Armed Forces?

I think that is what it

means, yes. The general has

made similar promises about

shedding his uniform before

and changed his mind but this

time he may have no choice.

Another of his rivals for power, the

power, the popular exile ed former Prime Minister is

coming back on October 18 but

she has legal problems. From

outstanding corruption cases

to a conditions tutional limit as serving as Prime

Minister a third time. Talk

of a deal is scoffed at by

the Prime Minister. I think

the cases are still there.

There is no question of

renewing them. They still

exist. But she still has a

case to answer? She has case to answer? She has

many cases, yes. Two-term

limit on Prime Minister, she

can't run again? Correct. You are not going to

give her that? No. There is

no deal, Harv the laws are

will stay. She will be

allowed back into Pakistan

but her political effectiveness might be

hampered by the Government's

refusal to negotiate W the

other former president Presdident Pervez Musharraf back

back in exile it points to a

political end game which sees

Presdident Pervez Musharraf

as an all-powerful president

with or without the uniform.

Peter Lloyd reports on the

aborted return the Pakistan

on 'Foreign Corrrespondent'

at 9.20 tonight. Tonight's

top story - mortgage stress

spreads from the battler belt

to middle Australia. Still to to middle Australia. Still to come, Australian rugby's

linchpin on the mend. The

Federal Government is backing

up its intervention in

Northern Territory Aboriginal

communities with hard cash.

It has almost doubled its spending taking the total

outlay to more than $1.3

billion. It is communities billion. It is communities

like Wadeye 2000 kilometres

south-west of Darwin which

will benefit A word away in

Canberra Mal Brough and Tony

Abbott promised millions over

the money allocated $1.33

billion to the Northern

Territory to try to normalise circumstances on the ground and most and most importantly protect

the children! Protect the

them first of all from

avoidable diseases. 80 Wadeye

children have been given

check-ups in the past few

weeks A lot of children with

pus in their ears and chronic

skin sores. Now $100 million

will go to forming a team of doctors to treat the infections identified in infections identified in the

concerns there was going to checks. There were some

be yet another flash in the

pan. 514 million will be

spent on repairing existing

homes and build in new once.

It is estimated Wadeye alone

needs about 200 new houses.

Doctors say they are fighting

a losing battle to help the

children unless there is less

overcrowding at home 34

people to a two-bedroom house so there is so there is not enough

food. $78 million is being

offered to get people off

CDFP programs into jobs. It

is in line with what the

Chief Minister called for

when she visited Canberra a

year ago. There is more money

for 60 extra AFP officers.

The community is glad this is

happening but want the help happening but want the help

well in the the future. Four

years is nothing. The first

of the new fund link start

flowing this year. You only

have to read the latest crop

figures to realise why

farmers across the country

are shaking their heads. The

Federal Government 's

economic forecasting agency

Abare has slashed

expectations for this year's

winter crop by a winter crop by a third. Total

grain production is expected

to be a little over 25.5

million tons, down by more

than 11 million tons on

Abare's forecast Thee months

ago but farming bodies

believe the harvest will be

smaller. The sector as a

whole without wanting the be

alarmist is on the edge of a

crisis. With water supplies

at critically low levels

there is a pessimistic there is a pessimistic

outlook for fruit production

and supper crops. Bank shares

were sold off heavily today

after rumours that Adelaide

Bank had asked for emergency

funding. Alan Kohler has the

details. You now how it is

when the market is jumpy, you

can deny it until you are

blue in the face but the

share price drops anyway. Like Northern Rock

Like Northern Rock in the UK,

it did not help the other banks, especially Bendigo

Bank Wise in the possible

receives buying Adelaide

Bank. The All Ordinaries

dropped 1.2 per cent as a

result of the sell off among

the banks which left it in

the trading range of the past

two weeks, and back to where

it settled briefly a week

after it started at the

correction on July 24. correction on July 24. Telstra fell 1.6 per cent,

ASX shares fell 3.3, BHP

Billiton down 0.4 while take

over talk proceed poled AWB

and few crest. The Dow Jones

fella third of 1 per cent. On

commodity markets wheat

jumped 3.4, silver 4 per

cent, gold a bit less than 1

per cent while most of the per cent while most of the

base metals fell led by zinc

down 3 per cent but the oil

price surged the a new record

high in both New York last

night and in Malaysia this afternoon. Although the

average petrol price across

Australia has been falling

lately it is heading higher

again soon because of the

recent action in crude oil.

Here is a graph of both Tapis

crude and the Singapore

unleaded petrol price which

sets our petrol price. sets our petrol price. They

have bone been grinding

higher. Finally the

Australian dollar was crunch

would the bank stocks today

falling more than 1US cent to

83 as well as to below 60

euro cents and 96yen. Manly

says it is prepare in for

Saturday's final against North Queensland on the

assumption that Jonathan

Thurston will play. The Cowboys playmaker Cowboys playmaker faces

suspension at a Jew dishy

hearing tomorrow night. The

Sea Eagles have trouble was

their own with three unable

to train. After finishing

second and earning a week off for knocking out the

Rabbitohs Manly is in full

swing for hot it hopes are

three more games but Steve Menzies is isolate would a

virus, second-rower Glen

Stewart and Hicks have ankle

injuries and have not trained

the suts final Hicks and

Stewart will be a work in progress but we hope they

will be right. The Sea Eagles

say the want to play and beat

North Queensland's best but

realise they cannot nuns the hearing into Jonathan

Thurston's dangerous throw

charge. If he is there or not

they will not give up that

easy. We will prepare as if

he is

he is playing. Parramatta is

unchanged for Sunday's game.

The Eels had concerns they

would not be playing on a

full-sized field. Melbourne

was accused of making the

ground at Docklands small

like the won it place on at

Olympic Park. We have played

one game on the smaller field

this year but we should not

be playing any more. This

issue has given the Eels at least one victory least one victory for the

week. Stephen Larkham says

he will be back in World Cup

action sooner rather than

later after successful knee

surgery. The flyhalf will

miss the remaininging pool

games against Fiji and Canada

but should be okay for

England. The removal of a

rogue piece of bone in Stephen Larkham's knee has

the Wallaby flyhalf

rejoicing. Good

mate. Looking for a return in

a problem quarterfinal

against England Larkham does

not feel pressure given the

form of his replacement I

don't think there is a need

to push new thatber anybodies

is playing well. The decision

to bowl first in the

Twenty/20 cup looked a goat

one for Sri Lanka when one for Sri Lanka when three Pakistani wickets disappeared

important 00 runs leaving the

Australian coach ashen faced

but this partnership would

have restored the colour.

Shoab Malik and Younis Han

opened and rotated the

shoulders in a quick-fire

century partnership to swing

the balance. Sanath

Jayasuriya was savaged to a

record 64 off his four overs

in a 189 total. When Sanath

Jayasuriya completed his

miserable day the Sri Lankans

were 2/5 and despite the odd frenzied moment were always

struggling. Pakistan won by

33 runs and can move into the

last four if they beat

Australia tonight. Geelong

players have dominated the

AFL All-Australian team

announced in Melbourne last

night. The premiership

favourites had nine players chosen including chosen including leading

Brownlow Medal contender Gary

Ablett. Jonathan Brown was

picked for the first time

while the Western Bulldogs

forward Brad Johnson earned

his sixth All-Australian selection. There were no

Swans in the 22-man team. A

new sponsor, some momentum

generated by the Beijing

Olympics and a highly

competitive lead from corner

stones for this year's

National Basketball League. This

This is the most competitive League we have seen ever and

I think any number of 6 or 7

teams could win the

championship. The season

opens with three matches

tomorrow night in Sydney t

Gold Coast and Singapore. When David Williamson wrote

Leon McDonald back in the 7

30s theatres thought it was a

dud and refused to put it on.

Now the play is a classic.

With another election not too With another election not too

far away it is making a

timely return. Jodie is a

self confessed right winger.

Come on, I have never met anyone who voted Liberal in

my life. I can't think why

they keep winning. For

Heaven's sake! It is

election eve 1969 and a group

of 30-something friends have gathered gathered for 'Don's Party'.

It was unlike anything on our

stages at that time. It was

groundbreaking in that it brought suburban Australians

warts and all onto stage. David reflected the

moods and morals of Australia

rejecting conservative values

and embracing the sexual

revolution of the American

flower power era Men are always trying to pick

something up, it is ire their something up, it is ire their

make-up. It is in our

make-up too. Yes, but we

can control it better. The

play tackled the battle l of

the sexes but audiences have

switched. When I was

performed the women side

would the men and thought the

whip were bitches but it is whip were bitches but it is different this time

round. With the long-time

Coalition Government fighting

off a more popular Labor

party. When 'Don's Party'

opens tomorrow night at the Sydney Opera House politicians from both major

parties will be in the

audience. But the ending

remains the same. It is a

Coalition win. Let's collect

the weather now and see if any

any rain fell where it was

needed. No rain yet to talk

about but there is some on

the way new the south of New

South Wales as a cool change

enters the state. More on

that in a moment but first

Sydney. Started off cloudy

and cool but cleared up the a sunny afternoon with

temperatures of 20 do 22

degrees. With clear skies

overnight and relatively

light winds we expect light winds we expect to see

cold conditions tomorrow, in

fact most suburbs will be

down into single didgeest.

The cloud sitting through

South Australia is the trough

and front moving towards New

South Wales. As it moves into

the state north-westerly

winds will freshen winds will freshen ahead of a

wind change across the area

tomorrow which will introduce

showers and possible

thunderstorms. We could see

up to 10 millimetres of rain

with those showers but those

totals are more likely down

around the border areas of


The cool change will roll

through Sydney on Thursday

dropping temperatures back A

low will form keeping Friday

and Saturday windy. Sunday at

this stage looks the best day

of the weekend. That is ABC

News for this Tuesday. We will leave you will leave you with the

special Olympics torch relay in in Sydney. Goodnight.

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