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(generated from captions) Live. An inquiry hears This Program is Captioned

victims of Britain's phone hacking scandal. I rang her

phone and it clicked through on

to her voice mail so I heard

her voice and I was - it was

just like I jumped just like I jumped "She's

picked up her voice mails, Bob,

she's alive." A between Qantas and the unions she's alive." A dispute

heads into arbitration. We're

not scared of going to

arbitration. I don't think at

any stage did Qantas want to

come up with any sort of negotiations or an outcome. Egypt's political

crisis, the cabinet resigns but the military refuses to accept

it. And Australia beats South

Africa with just 2 wickets to


Good morning, you're watching

ABC News, I'm Virginia Trioli. The parents of murdered

schoolgirl Milly Dowler have

spoken about the anguish of

learning their daughter's telephone messages had been

hacked by the 'News of the

World'. They were speaking at the Leveson inquiry into press

ethics in London where actor

Hugh Grant also gave damning

testimony about his treatment

at the hands of the British

tabloids. Bob and Sally Dowler became targets of became targets of the tabloids

daughter went missing. The after their 13-year-old

evidence I shall give... A desperate mother told the

judicial kin choir - inquiry

into press ethic s about the

day she was led to believe that

her little girl may be OK.

Messages on her voice mail had

been deleted. Rang her phone

and it clicked through on to

her voice mail so I heard her

voice and it was just like I

jumped "She's picked up her voice mails, Bob, she's alive"

and I was just - it was then

really. When we were told about

the hacking that is the first thing I thought. It thing I thought. It wasn't voice mail, it was Milly Dowler accessing her

voice mail, it was the 'News of

the World'. They'd also

secretly photographed the

couple as they retraced their

daughter's steps. Something

they'd organised by leaving

their probably messages for each other on

their probably phones. One

would sincere ly hope that News

International and other media

organisations would sincerely

look very carefully at how they

procure, how they obtain

because information about stories

because obviously because obviously the

ramifications are far greater

than just an obvious story in

the press. And I think as our

daughter Gemma said to Mr Murdoch when we met him, Murdoch when we met him, use

this as an opportunity to put

things right in future and have

some decent standards and adhere to them. Actor Hugh

Grant brought a little of his Hollywood humour to the court. Mr Grand, your full meez. Hugh, John Mungo Grant. His grievances went wellong phone hacking. This flathood been broken into it,

the front door had the front door had basically

been shoved off its hin dges been shoved off its hin dges -

which was weird. The police hinges. Nothing was stolen

next day to talk about it nevertheless came around the

next day to talk about it and the day after that a detailed

account of what the interior of

my flat looked like appeared in

one of the British tabloid

papers. Hugh Grant told the

court that the biggest myth being pedalled by the tabloid

press was that the viewing

public cared u just as much about a celebrity's reputation

as they did about their acting

skills. He reminded Lord

Justice Leveson that he was

arrested and photographed with

a prostitute and yet his

subsequent film was still a

smash hit. To Canberra now where the Prime Minister meets Greens leader Bob Brown to

discuss the controversial

mining tax today. Securing his support might be a little difficult now. For more Melissa Clarke joins frus Canberra.

Good morning. Bob Brown's not saying he won't support the mining tax, is he? What mining tax, is he? What he's

saying is that he wants to revenue from the mining saying is that he wants to find

companies to pay for the companies to pay for

concessions that the Government

has made to the cross-benchers in order to get their support.

So what we've had is the

million from Government put aside $20

million from the revenue

raised, some of it being spent on - sorry, some of it being

spent on giving extra funding

to help look at environmental

assessments when it comes to

coal-seam gas and other coal-seam gas and other mining

projects on the effect and

impact that has on water and

also some money to put on the

table when it comes to

agree to this and also some incentives to get the States to

foregone revenue in agreeing in getting Andrew Wilkie's

agreement in changing the

threshold from $50 million to

$75 million and phasing in the

start of it for the smaller

companies that earn between $7

million - $75 million and $125

million. The Greens although

they've always said to this

point they will always support

the legislation to the end,

what they're saying is they may well not support it unless the

Government finds a way to get some of that revenue that's been foregone from the miners

rather from general revenue. They say that would be taking

money out of other important

spending areas. According to

some reports around this

has managed to shave about morning the Gillard Government

has managed to shave about $300

million from its mining tax. So

given they've made the savings will that be enough to alay the

concerns of Bob Brown? Does he

have the right to it insistet comes from somewhere else? It's

the opposite of what Bob Brown

is concerned about. He's the Government should be taking is concerned about. He's saying

more from the miners so he doesn't want anything shaved

from that budget. He said Government may well be shaving $100 million when it comes to

that concession from Andrew

Wilkie and only taking it from

miners that earn $75 million or

more. The Greens are saying

actually the Government should

be taking more revenue from

them and he's Government to take more them and he's urging the

revenue. So it's the reverse

problem which makes the

negotiations so difficult for

the Government. They've had to

give on one hand and now the

Greens are sinist - insisting

they take with another. Thanks

so much. We'll head to the

United States now where Hillary

Clinton is outlining new measures to increase pressure

on Iran. Today the United

States is taking a series of steps to sharpen this choice.

First, President Obama signed

an executive order that for the first time specifically targets

Iran's petro chemical industry,

a significant source of export

revenues and a cover for

imports for sanctioned

activities. This will allow activities. This will allow us

to sanction the provision of goods, services and technology

to the petro chemical sector. To accompany this new measure

we will launch a worldwide diplomatic campaign to encourage other countries to shift any purchases of Iranian

petro chemical products to

other suppliers. Second, in the

same executive order we are expand ing sanctions on expand ing sanctions on Iran's

oil and gas business. US law already already sanctions large-scale investments in investments in upstream

exploration and development m

of oil and gas and now it will

also be sanctionable to provide goods, service and technology

for those activities as well. This will make it more

difficult for Iran difficult for Iran to work around the sanctions and will further

further impede efforts to

maintain and modernise its

and gas sector. Third, under and gas sector. Third, under an

existing executive order we are

designating a number of individuals and entities for their roles in assisting Iran's prohibited nuclear programs including its enrichment and

heavy waut - water programs.

Their assets, subject to US

jurisdiction will be frozen and American individuals and

entities will be prohibited

from engaging in from engaging in any

transactions with them. And

finally, as Secretary Geithner

will discuss in more detail, the Treasury Department is

formally identified Iran as a

jurisdiction of primary money

laundering concern. This is the

strongest official warning we

can give that any transaction

with Iran poses serious risks

of deception or diversion.

These steps were accompanied

today by complimentary measures

by the UK and Canada and by the UK and Canada and we expect additional sanctions by

other international partners in

the days ahead. Together the days ahead. Together these measures represent a

significant ratcheting up of

pressure on Iran, its sources of income and its illegal activities. They build on an

extensive existing sanctions

regime put into place by the UN Security Council and a large

number of countries including

our own acting nationally and

multilateral ly to implement

the council's measures. These

sanctions are already having dramatic effect. They have

almost completely isolated Iran from the international

financial sector and have made

it very risky and costly a place to do place to do business. Most of

the world's major the world's major energy companies have left,

undermining Iran's efforts to

boost its declining oil

production, its main source of

revenues. Iran has found it

much more difficult to operate

its national airline and

shipping companies and to

procure equipment and technology technology for its prohibited weapons programs. And those individuals and organisations responsible for terrorism and

human rights abuses human rights abuses including

the revolutionary guard core

and its Kudz force has and its Kudz force has been specifically targeted. The

iment - impact will only grow

if Iran's leaders decide to

change course and meet their international obligations. And

let me be clear, today's

actions do not exhaust actions do not exhaust our opportunities to sanction Iran.

We continue actively to consider a range of increasingly

increasingly aggressive measures. We have measures. We have worked closely with Congress and have

put to effective use put to effective use the legislative tools they have

provided. We are committed to continuing our collaboration to develop develop additional develop additional sanctions

that will have the effect we

all want, putting strong pressure on Iran. Now the administration's dual track

strategy is not only about pressure, it's also about

engage ing Iran. Engagement

that would be aimed at resolving resolving the international community's serious and growing

concerns about Iran's nuclear

program and the United States

is committed to engagement is committed to engagement but

only, and I say only if Iran is

prepared to engage

and concretely without preconditions. So far we have seen seen little indication that

Iran is serious about

negotiations on its nuclear

program and until we do, and

until Iran's leaders live up to

their international obligations they they will face they will face increasing consequences. Now I would like

to invite Secretary Geithner to

explain in more depth how some of these sanctions will be

working. Thank you, Secretary

Clinton and my compliments also

to your colleagues and to ours,

to mine for doing such a great

job today on these very significant financial actions.

Since the President came into office this administration has executed a very aggressive strategy to stop Iran's illicit

activities. A key part of the

strategy has been to impose overwhelming financial pressure

on Iran and because of this strategy Iran has been

subjected to new and damaging

levels of financial and commercial levels of financial and

commercial isolation. First we have dramatically reduced

Iran's access to the

international financial system.

Iranian banks are losing the

ability to do business around

the world, which in turn has reduced the ability of the

Government to finance

activities opposed by the

international community. Second, community. Second, Iran's

national shipping line, which

has transported material in

support of Iran's missile

program is now shut up from

many of the world's major ports

and uteenly finds its ships

seized or turned away. And seized or turned away. And third, Iran's primary source of

revenue, its oil sector, is in decline because it cannot attract the foreign investment that it desperately needs that it desperately needs to maintain levels of production.

Together the intensification of

sanctions by this

administration alongside our

partners around the world, has inflicted substantial damage inflicted substantial damage to the Iranian economy. To

continue these efforts the Treasury Department today is designating designating additional entities

for their support of Iran's nuclear and

proliferation-related activities. Today we activities. Today we are activities. Today we are taking the very significant step of acting under section 311 of the

Patriate Act for the first time

we are identifying the entire Iranian banking sector,

including the Central Bank including the Central Bank of Iran, as a threat to

governments or financial

institutions that do business

with Iranian banks. If you with Iranian banks. If you are a financial institution

anywhere in the world and anywhere in the world and you engage in any transaction

involving Iran's central bank

or any other Iranian bank

operating inside or outside

Iran, then you are at risk of support ing Iran's illicit activities. Its pursuit of nuclear weapons, its support

for terrorism and its efforts to to deceive responsible financial institutions financial institutions and to

evade sanctions. Any and every

financial transaction with Iran

poses grave risk of supporting

those activities. So financial

institutions around the world

should think hard about the risks of doing business with

Iran. We are taking this Iran. We are taking this action

as the Secretary said,

alongside our partners in the

United Kingdom and Canada United Kingdom and Canada who announced earlier today announced earlier today they're implementing similar measures

to insulate their banks from

Iran and as a result of this

coordinated effort Iran is

coordinated effort Iran is now

cut off from three of the

world's largest financial

sectors. We encourage other

leaders around the world to

take forceful steps like these

actions to prevent Iran from

simply shifting financial activity to banks within activity to banks within their

nations. As we put these new

measures in place and as we

continue to work to expand their reach around the world we

will continue to explore will continue to explore other measures. No option is off the

table including the possibility of imposing of imposing additional sanctions on the Central sanctions on the Central Bank

of Iran. The policies Iran are

pursuing are unacceptable and until Iran's leadership agrees to abandon this to abandon this dangerous

course we will continue to use

tough and innovative means to

impose severe economic and financial consequences on

Iran's leadership, thank you. Hillary Clinton and Timothy Geithner there announcing a

sweeping new series of sanctions against Iran, sanctions against Iran, a country that's been country that's been described

by the US as a rogue State for

many years to come but this

time they're taking a financial

attack. So this time the entire

Iranian banking sector has Iranian banking sector has been considered and is now being marked by the US Government as a threat to governments a threat to governments or businesses that do business

with them and any individual

businesses or governments that

choose to do business with

Iran, the Iranian banking

system including the Iranian

central bank will be considered

to be part of or at least

having dealings with having dealings with a regime that supports terrorism, that is pursuing nuclear ambitions and that also evaids

responsibility. So the money

laundering aspect of that is

also a key one that also a key one that Hillary Clinton announced there. The

Secretary of State Hillary

Clinton that Iran is now

considered to be central to international international money laundering

so any organisation or business

or individual that does

business with the Iranian

financial sector is then party

to that illegal activity too.

So a pretty strong statement there from the US administration. We'll move on and look at other and look at other stories making news and that's Qantas boss Alan Joyce has denied

union claims that he used stone

walling tactics to ensure the dispute was sent dispute was sent to Fair Work Australia eventually. Australia eventually. The long-running industrial action

is now going to arbitration

after the parties failed to

reach an agreement during three

weeks of negotiations. Now it

could take the industrial

umpire up to 6 months to reach

a decision but that ruling will

be binding on both parties. be binding on both parties. The union doesn't believe Qantas

ever negotiated in ever negotiated in good

faith. We're not scared of

arbitration. I think what we've

put on the table is a fair outcome for

outcome for the workers and the company. We've put a lot company. We've put a lot of scenarios to Qantas, including

a wage freeze, to help them

through what they believe they

may need. They're not

interested. They want to change

the way the whole process and

EBA is set up and I think that

will come out through

arbitration and that will be good for our members. Egypt's ruling military council is

refusing to accept the

resignation of the country's cabinet. The entire cabinet resigned in response to the

violence that's been going on

in Cairo's Tahrir Square. The clashes between security forces

and protestors have continued

for a fourth day. More than 20

people have died and hundreds have

have been injured since the

clashes began at clashes began at the weekend.

The death toll from last Friday's nursing home fire in

Sydney has now risen to 8. The latest victim is a 96-year-old

woman who died overnight.

Around 90 residents from the

home are being cared for in emergency accommodation around

Sydney. Roger Dean, a nurse who

worked at the home, has been

charged with murder. Victoria's

nurses are going to ask the Federal Court

Federal Court today to set aside Fair Work aside Fair Work Australia's

order that suspends their

industrial action. The industrial action. The nurses

voted yesterday to continue

unprotected industrial action

which has so far closed hundreds of public hospital

beds in that state. The nurses

could now be fined or have

their pay docked. The Victorian Government is threatening to

take its own legal action to

end those work bans. And these

are the top stories on ABC News

this morning - a this morning - a British inquiry has begun hearing evidence from the victims of

phone hacking. The mother of murdered murdered British schoolgirl

Milly Dowler told the inquiry

she didn't sleep for three days

after she discovered her

daughter's phone had been

hacked. Actor Hugh hacked. Actor Hugh Grant accused the newspaper of

hacking his phone. Qantas boss

Alan Joyce denies union claims that he used stone walling

tactics to thwart negotiations to end their dispute. to end their dispute. That

dispute is now going to

arbitration, after three weeks

of negotiations failed to get of negotiations failed to get a resolution. Fair Work resolution. Fair Work Australia will now settle the matter will now settle the matter and

the decision will be binding on

all parties. And Egypt's ruling

military council is reportedly refusing to accept the resignation of the country's

cabinet and delegates agreement

on a new prime minister. The

entire cabinet resigned in

response to the violence being

used against protestors in

Tahrir Square. Clashes between

police and protestors have

continued for a fourth day. To

finance now and Greece's new

Prime Minister Lucas pap Dee

months has been meet ing

officials in bruss - Brussels.

The immediate task is to The immediate task is to take

the necessary step s for it the necessary step s for it to

be released as soon as

possible. It's also crucial

that new governments sends a

clear signal that it will not

waver from setting its debt on

a stead Ji - steady down ward

path. It's important that the

party leader s respond

positively to the request made

by the euro Group, the European

Union and the IMF because this

relates to a commitment that

concerns a longer term

horizon. Greece's Prime

Minister Lucas Papademos there. The Dow of course has closed trading for the day in America: Paul Kennedy joins us now for a chat about sport. Very good news out of South Africa because the Aussies did well. They did and it was history-making run chase. It went like this. Let's take a look at the highlights because the Australian team needed 168 on the last day, didn't look good when Michael Clarke was

cleaned up, looked worse when Ricky Ponting went for 62. Hussey hung in there for a while and put on a while and put on a good partnership with Haddin before he went and then it didn't look good for Australia until Mitchell John season - Johnson and Brad Haddin started carving chunks off the total. They got the score up to close to 300, the second new ball caused the downfall of Brad Haddin and then Peter Siddle went so the stage was set, 8 wickets down, 292, they needed another 18 runs Pat Cummins, the 18-year-old, strode to 18-year-old, strode to the

crease and he and crease and he and Mitchell

Johnson did the business from

there but not before a few

nervous moments. Let's watch the last few dramatic turns in this

this match. COMMENTATOR: In the air, oh,

he's put him down, he's put him

down. Look at that, that's the

chance. Oh, big shout, no is the

the call from the

the call from the umpire. It's

hitting the wickets so what

does that mean? Making a

decision. He's on a knife edge.

He was thinking oh, don't give

him out, please. A big shot and he's got it away. He's got it

away. How about that. How about

away. How about that. How about

that? Superb stuff. Just

fantastic. They finally get

over the line. A fantastic Test

match between two titanic sides

and that's exactly what it

means to them. Just a second,

I'm picking myself up from the

floor. Allan Border was called

into the commentary box to

watch the winning runs who was

in a similar situation

in a similar situation many

years ago with Geoff Thomson.

Let's hear from the reaction. Just to get a Test

match is unbelievable and

obviously a great win like

today, you know, we came from

behind and just topping it

off. We both through a lot of

punches and we've ended up

level again. I must give credit

to Australia today. To chase

310, a few of their guys

stepped up and performed really

well because I thought we

bowled well today. All credit

bowled well today. All credit to them. What an amazing

series. I think from all the

supporters back home and South Africa

Africa I think they've seen a

great indication of where Test

cricket is at. I know both

teams had some ups and downs

throughout this series but

look, it's been that look, it's been that exciting. As you've seen all the boys sitting there counting every

single run today but I couldn't

be happier with the result. We

know we've got a lot of work to

do to continue to get better.

As you've seen throughout this series

series there's plenty of ups

and Downs. We're working out

backsides off and we're trying

our best. What a fight today,

that shows courage that shows courage and I couldn't be more proud of the

boys. A brief update on the

tennis, in London the local

heaps have been dashed. Andy

Murray lost to David Ferrer

6-4, 7-5 and has a groin strain.

strain. He's he may even pull

out of the Australian Open not

having great hope of the semifinals from there. Alberto Contador is in court

and his appeal is being heard

after being testing positive

after being testing positive to

a banned substance. He was cleared in February but now the world officials of cycling world officials of cycling have taken that to another

taken that to another appeal

and so that will last few a few

days. We'll keep you up to

with that as things go along.

If you want to read and know

more about the cricket you can

go to our online site including Jim Maxwell's review of the

Test. He would have been very happy with that outcome. Wasn't looking likelike for a while there. No, right out of the blue but good stuff. A star is

born, we have a wonderful

born, we have a wonderful new star. Pat Cummins, they will be

waiting for him at the airport

when he comes home. We can pin our hopes to him. Vanessa is

here for a look at the

weather. So far rain across the Northern Territory has been breaking November records. 61

mm was recorded mm was recorded at Uluru yesterday. The heaviest 24-hour

November rainfall in 28 years

and today Groote Eylandt has

had over 57 mm, 38 and Tennant Creek and

Creek and 15 for Alice Springs.

The rain is widespread under a

plo - low pressure trough from the Territory. Down in the south cloud over Tasmania is

associated with the passing

cold front. Tomorrow the trough

will push rain into the Top End across most of Queensland and

we'll see it over the north and eastern districts of NSW.

Clearer tomorrow in the south

as a high also directs warm, dry and

dry and gusty winds into WA. Around the States Around the States for

Queensland - thundery rain will

in crease through the western

districts. NSW, fine in the far

north-east and southern inland

region. Showers or rain across

the rest of the State mainly

coming across the north-west and central districts.

Victoria, scattered showers

over the north-west. Tasmania, cool

cool enough for snow about the

cool enough for snow about the higher peaks, showers in the west and north will west and north will extend

across the State during the

morning and in South Australia

at times heavy rain about the

north-west and east pastoral districts districts north of about Coober

Pedy and Leigh Creek. The

rainfall since 9am at Moomba rainfall since 9am at Moomba is

up to 40. Double the monthly

average. WA, drizzle on the

south coast east of Windy Harbour. By the afternoon showers redeveloping over

showers redeveloping over the

east Kimberley. A wet east Kimberley. A wet day

across the Northern Territory,

especially south of Bar o


Thanks very uch very much. That's a round up of the morning

morning news. Next

morning news. Next is 'Business Today'. We return tomorrow at

6am on ABC 1 and ABC news 24.

See you then. Have a great

day. Closed Captions by CSI

This Program is Captioned Live.

Good morning, welcome to

Business Today for Australia

Network, I'm Whitney

program - stock sell off, steep

falls on European and US

markets as investors remain

nervous. Dispute resolution,

Qantas' fight with unions to be

decided by arbitration. And on

target, the new place all the right networking target, the new place to make

all the right networking moves. Those stories coming

Those stories coming up

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quick look at the markets and we'll have more on what will

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