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(generated from captions) Good evening. I'm Scott

what's to become of Julian Bevan. On tonight's program -

Assange? Whether you consider him a wrecker or a fearless truth-seeker, his truth-seeker, his website

WikiLeaks has made a huge

impact on global diplomacy.

Tonight he await s cell over Swedish sexual

assault allegations. You're

watching The World. This Program is Captioned


Any journalist who feels

anything about what we do

should be supporting him 100%. This is unjust. The truth at what cost? Tonight we consider

the fallout from the WikiLeaks revelations. Also in the news,

Middle East peace talks in

disarray. The United States

fails to persuade Israel to continue a freeze on settlements in the West conclusion that that is not the best basis to move world's environment best basis to move forward. The

world's environment ministers

the latest rounds of climate converge on Mexico, but will

talks achieve more than hot air? I at of them are and they're weeping and they're air? I at of them are in tears

either stunned or they're hysterical. (Sings) imagine

all the people... #

And three decades later, John

Lennon's enduring legacy.

Well, first tonight, after

days in hiding, the founder of

the WikiLeaks website is tonight himself into tonight in jail after handing Julian Assange was arrested overal gayses of sexual assault in Sweden. He appeared His lawyer says the case

politically motivated and that the and challenge his extradition intends to fight the charges

to Sweden. correspondent Philip Williams. This was the town - hundreds

and journalists in a town - hundreds of cameramen and journalists in a frenzy over one over one man. Julian Assange

court arrived at the rear of the

courtroom, details read out. The nature and strength read out. The judge said the

nature and strength of the

evidence is not known, but despite promises of from people, including Jemima despite promises of bail surety Khan

John Pilger, it was refused on

the grounds he posed believe this is about the principle of the universal and our right to be told the right of freedom of information

concerned truth. John Pilger says he is truth. John Pilger says he

made concerned an injustice may be Australian Government for its criticism of the WikiLeaks chief. And this intimidation and chief. And this is a form of

Australians to is meant to be a sophisticated Australians to stand up. This

lawyer, Mark Stephens, says Swedish justice system is failing his client and suspects

him down. I think there is an attempt to Assange and I think that's what attempt to criminalise Julian

we're seeing here, and it is traditional method of the black we're seeing here, and it is a

arts and the dark criminalise somebody, and arts and the dark operatives to

obviously when they're fighting

it, it distracts them from lawyers for the two Swedish women behind the women behind the allegations say accusations the extradition

motivated are wrong. My attempt was politically

clients have nothing motivated are wrong. My two

CIA or the United States, to do with the WikiLeaks or the

anything like anything like that. Julian

Assange will spend the next week in prison and be back here

this whole process could take weeks, if not months. Despite

having their leader locked up, WikiLeaks supporters WikiLeaks supporters have vowed to continue releasing documents. Julian Assange for the moment been silenced. The Phillip is The organisation has not. And

studio. Good start of a new day there. What

does the day hold bars at Wandsworth Assange? Well, Le be behind

lawyers be no doubt consulting his

for the next 7 days he will remain in that prison until next court appearance on

14th. After that the extradition process begins. 14th. After that the whole There will be believe, between There will be many hearings, I believe, between now and the

eventual outcome and the

are desperately doing - his legal team desperately trying to avoid is justice will not be Sweden where they believe

they believe it will be easier

for the United States who have

been particularly virulent

about the WikiLeaks situation

United States where they to have him extradited to the

believe he would be even in

greater legal peril. So, it is going to be an epic struggle. Australian Geoffrey Robertson, the joining that fight. An

Australian trying to look after Australian trying to look

another Australian there, another Australian there, and we certainly can't predict the

result at this point. Phil, we

saw in your package,

heard a few high-profile figures there in support of

Julian Assange. What's been the

broader reaction to this case in Britain? And to the argument

posed by his lawyers that this

is politically motivated? Well,

very mixed, and it depends

whether you buy into a

conspiracy theory that the two charges are related. Some people believe there is a

conspiracy. Others believe

there isn't. Some there isn't. Some people are

supportive of his role

WikiLeaks, and some people

think it's treachery, think it's treachery, some

people think it's doing the

world a disservice by undermining diplomacy. So, undermining diplomacy. So, it's

very much on where you sit on

those fences, but either way,

Julian Assange does illicit Julian Assange does illicit a

strong response from everyone. No-one has got a work. In the meantime, the

leaks just keep on coming, and

one seems to throw new one seems to throw new light on

the release of the Lockerbie al-Megrahi was released by the Scottish Government. He had been imprisoned over the

Lockerbie bombing and had been

released early, August of 2009,

on the grounds that he on the grounds that he was dying. Prostate cancer - he was

predicted three months left to

live and of course now he is

still alive. Now these cables

from the US ambassador to

Tripoli has said that Tripoli has said that the British Government was in British Government was in great fear of him dying in a fear of him dying in a Scottish prison because they had information that Government would take revenge on British assets, on British

companies, even on British companies, even on British

diplomats, so they were very

fearful. There has always been

the suspicion that there was a

back room deal done that if you

release Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi, things would go

well for British interests here

and then of course the signing

of a BP oil contract very after that and that was linked in many in many people's minds,

especially some of the victims'

families in the United States, absolutely furious at his

release. That will fuel suspicions here that the

was done, always denied by the

British Government and the

Scottish Government. Now there

comes a very curious little side bar to this, that - and

this again comes from another

cable from the US ambassador in

Tripoli, that possibly Qatar

was involved in sort of as a middleman, possibly inducement of soft loans to the

Scottish Government, so very

curious stuff indeed, and every day brings a new revelation,

and tomorrow there will be more

and the day after, and the way

WikiLeaks has now structured

impossible to stamp it out because they have themselves on so many different sites that can pop up - as sites that can pop up sites are closed, others open up. This cat is out of the bag

and it's just a matter of time

before all those out. Europe correspondent Philip Williams, thanks so Philip Williams, thanks so much for your

the WikiLeaks today. In official today. In official cables written Minister, Kevin Rudd is attacked as an impulsive

control freak. He says he couldn't care less comments and comments and the current US ambassador ambassador is talking up their diplomatic bromance. Chief political correspondent Mark

Simkin reports. Diplomats are expected to dig up expected to dig up dirt on their countries' their countries' enemies and allies. But what does Kevin Rudd think about what Americans have thrown at He says he doesn't He says he doesn't give a

damn. For me, this is all just water off a duck's back. water off a duck's back. I could not care less.

I couldn't care less. water off a duck's

For For me it's waur water off a duck's back. The cables Prime Minister. They refer to

him as: Foreign Minister, the former prime minister's style is problem. You problem. You didn't need the release of release of confidential information to know that. I make no apology being attentive to the detail

of my work. The party of my work. The party that rolled him defended him. Kevin Rudd is doing Rudd is doing a fantastic job as Foreign Minister. Mr Rudd is a first-class Foreign Minister. REPORTER: Do you

think Kevin Rudd is an abrasive control freak? Well, on control freak? Well, on that basis, that question be noted but no

more than that. I have no comment comment to make about those matters at all. Hillary released a statement praising Kevin by her ambassador We're good mates. You've probably seen walking around the lake together, having a little bromance. The cables could almost have been written by

Kevin Rudd's Caucus critics and in a separate in a separate irony, the

Foreign Minister responsible for ensuring

Julian Assange gets assistance, something that will studio to discuss this be provided. Joining me in the studio to studio to discuss this further is Dr is School of Humanities and Languages. David, good to see you has been released here. What do you think of what has overall and just how revelatory

has it been? Well, I think we

know a lot of things that we

thought we knew already and we

now know some things that we may have suspected. I may have suspected. I doubt there are too many things that

people had no clue at all. I

think the revelations about Mr

Rudd are probably not even

shocking even to him. That was

his reputation already, for

better and for worse. I think

the revelations perhaps most striking are probably to do with the politics of with the politics of the Middle East

about China that people may

have suspected but perhaps a

little more shocking in reality

than in people's imaginations

in terms of some of the curious

ways the Chinese Government does its business. On the issue of China and Australia being

named in a few of these

named in a few of these

involving China, in terms of

what the leaked cables have said about Australian and

American leaders and about the

leaders' thoughts of each other and other nations, notably

China for our region, just how

damaging are these leaks in reality to Australia's

China? I think there is one

thing here that's worth remembering, that if there

really are 250,000 cables and

some tiny proportion of those are everyone in the world will be

embarrassed before too long, so

I don't think Australia has to feel particularly precious

about this. Definitely a few of

the things that Mr Rudd is

supposed to have said about the

Chinese could be construed Chinese could be construed in

such a way to make them such a way to make them feel

upset, but they will have a few

things to be upset and a few things to

for example, the way they

handled their business with Google which

Google which probably outweighs

what Mr Rudd may have said to

Hillary Clinton about being very cautious about the

Chinese. Beyond the revelations contained in the cables, contained in the cables, more broadly, how much do you think

they've helped expose what many

have thought and suspected of

governments and the argument

that Julian Assange that Julian Assange himself uses, the governments keep

vital information and the truth

from the public? How much does all of this feed that? Well, of

course one thing Mr Rudd definitely right about definitely right about is that the business of diplomacy the business of diplomacy is usually carried on in secret,

usually carried on in secret, so by definition there are

things held from the public and

I guess it depends on where you stand.

stand. I must admit the academic enjoys academic enjoys pensly reading

these things, but as a diplomat

I guess I wouldn't. They have been useful in clarifying been useful in clarifying what we may have thoughts about

parts of world, such as for instance, Government is even more

unpopular in their own region

than we thought and people are

quite cautious about engaging with the Iranian Government in the region before

thought they were. I think

that's a useful piece of

information to have out in the

puck blik. Julian Assange's

vision of liberation is so

global and totalising that it's

hard to know exactly what he

was after, I think. How much is

this damaging or further

damaging, though, the damaging, though, the public

government relationship the countries mentioned? Well,

certainly - I mean, there is the question about governments in the Middle East and in the Middle East and how candid

populations, for instance. It has been known for

that they're not very candid that they're the sense that they that they're not very candid in

the sense that they say one thing to Western governments in

private and another thing to

the street, as it were, and that has become more obvious,

although how many people on the

street are aware of that right

now, I'm not sure, and again I

suppose in China as well, there

would be people there who now be wondering about what other censorship operations

have been conducted there and electronic es and,000 they get to find electronic es pi on nadge

and,000 they get to find out. It's most of us in the

West who get to know what our diplomats have been up to. On the whole I don't think it's very

don't recommend it as diplomatic practice, but on the

whole, so far at least, it's

not obvious to me not obvious to me that diplomacy around the world diplomacy around the world has been

useful things. In a newspaper today, Julian Assange says democratic societies need a strong media part of that media Mmm Other

major media outlets rely on and publish publish leaks. It's what a lot of outlets do and they're of outlets do and they're often applauded for their work, even awarded for it, and why do think WikiLeaks then has been

so deeply condemned by so many governments? Well, to put the

matter as frankly as I can, matter as frankly as I can, the information has been stolen, obviously. It's It's private, confidential, secret secret information that has

been stolen and if you or I accessed account information we would expect to go to jail, so it is a very, very large amount of

stolen information and normally ak credited

people's private information, so to describe it as journalism in the conventional sense think Mr Assange knows what he is talking about if the other hand, it is great stuff for journalists. journalism at all, but given that journalists have not had

to do it for themselves, it is very enjoyable for them and other people watching to experience that. both those things are true both those things are true at

once. What Mr Assange has done

is clearly wrong, but some of the outcome is very the outcome is very interesting and may have possible effects . Multiple confusing. In the same piece, Mr Assange says the the messenger. From the messenger. From your perspective, how do

the Gillard Government handled all of this? They haven't had much to do W the

thing is they will to do, particularly to do, particularly if Mr Assange is convicted. At moment he is facing charges

that will take him back to Sweden. If that take him back to the United States, Sweden. If he faces charges United States, I guess that

becomes a significant issue for the

United States, I guess that becomes a significant issue for that they're of a different nature and about something

quite different, I'm not sure

that makes a big issue for the certainly if Mr Assange was convicted by American courts and actually taken to the United States, then that will become a major problem for

them. In what respect, in what

ways? Well, in the sense he

will become a corpse celebra, an Australian citizen an Australian citizen convicted on grounds that at least some

Australians will think improper

and it may be that in Australia he may not have been convicted in

in the same way, not that in the same way, not that every jurisdiction is the same, of

course. The Swedish course r a different kettle of

fish altogether and of course supporters of Mr Assange are

likely to believe that even if

he is convicted, but I think that's probably problem for the Australian

Government because it's not

directly related to WikiLeaks

on the face of it at all. Many

interesting days and weeks ahead Yes. For the government

and the public For all of us,

as well as Mr Assange. Thanks

so much Dr David Burchell from the University of Sydney Thank you. The Prime

Minister David Cameron has met

Karzai during a trip to Kabul. The two leaders played down leaked cable which quoted President Karzai referring to British troops as incompetent. Mr Cameron met the President after addressing some of Britain's troops in Helmand Province. He said the UK could

start pulling out by next year

ahead of a full withdrawal by

2015. It is these days almost a

tradition for tradition for the Prime

Minister of the day to visit

Afghanistan before Christmas. Your second tour? No, No, sir. To drink tea with servicemen So how many people

in the tent altogether? Nine

of us. Inspect their quarters. 600 yards that way, that's where that's where the trouble would

start. And sits in machine-gun

positions, thanking them for

the job they're doing and

telling the world that they're making a difference Where I'm

standing now was somewhere that

was Taliban hell just 16 months

ago and now there is progress

made. The Prime Minister said unmanned drones and armoured vehicles like this

would step up the pressure on the Taliban and he said the Taliban and he said the training of Afghan police and

forces was finally

dividends. Everything that

David Cameron wants to achieve

here in Afghanistan depends on here in Afghanistan depends on circumstances like this,

getting enough Afghan getting enough Afghan troops

trained up so they can take care of their own security and British troops can come British troops can come home.

Mr Cameron has promised that

all British combat troops

be out by 2015 but says that process could begin least next year. This morning the Prime Minister met the Prime Minister met the Governor of Helmand who complained to the Americans

last year that British forces were not

security in Sangin, complaints

that were echoed by his boss, President Karzai. President

Karzai, just going back to the

issue of wick leek, why did you

express your concerns about the

effectiveness of British forces

Government to the Americans, behind the backs of the British

and did you Pi can certainly tell you, gentlemen, that there ever between gentlemen, that there was no any other country about ever between Afghanistan and

Britain's tactical operations operated in Helmand. I'm not

going to let WikiLeaks between the relationship, a very to reassure those who fear Britain's commitment to

conflict is open-ended, but 2015 is a

is looking for progress in the

short term to

deadline can be achieved. The United States abandoned efforts to persuade The United States has

Israel to stop the construction of West Bank. The decision is seen

as a significant setback for the Obama Administration which has been trying to restart direct talks between the Palestinians for months. It

also leaves the peace also leaves the peace talks in disarray with the Palestinians having demanded settlements as a prerequisite for further talks. negotiators are Israeli and Palestinian

meet in Washington but it's policy will

for a period of time that the

moratorium and resumption of the moratorium moratorium and then a

might be the advance might be the best mechanism to parties. We've come to the will have further conversations best basis to move forward. We

on the substance parties and we'll

try to find ways to create try to find ways to create the

kind of confidence that will eventually, we hope, allow them is in Jerusalem and he joins now on the phone. Ben, good evening. What's

Scott, the reaction has been very interesting. Actually out the reaction is a little the West Bank at the moment and

the reaction is a is not non-plused. I have to

news at is not being treated as big news at here, at least not as

big as it might be in the rest of the world of the world and particularly big as it might be in the rest

in the Arab world. The feeling here is that not realisation that big here is that not necessarily a

big win. This is just realisation that as far as the

people who live here are concerned, land is not the United States woke up and issue. And it's about time that

stopped speaking about it that

way and the same with the rest of

of the world. The Israeli

a statement and what they have Minister's office has released Government, the Prime

said is that really nothing has

changed, that Israel is

committed to peace committed to peace negotiations without pre-conditions, and

that's always been the case. Now, the reaction obviously

from the Palestinian side is quite different and I think you

are going to see very reactions developing throughout

the night, Australian-time. This issue is the most

important for them - the issue

of land and the issue of

Israeli settlements being

in the West Bank which is the

land they want for their state

and for them it is a

deal-breaker. The reason that

the talks have stalled, the the talks have

reason that the Palestinians

have not re-entered the talks

is because the United States

was not able to get

was not able to get this

agreement on a furthermore tore

yum on building settlements. So

I think you would have to say

that the current round of peace

talks, as it stands at the

moment, is finished, over. The

statement and it has

significantly done it without really saying what Plan B is.

Now, on Friday night we're

expecting to hear a speech from

the Secretary of State Hillary

Clinton, and suggested that she

may outline some kind of American plan or American

framework for getting things

going again, but in the current

form, Barack Obama's big-ticket

item of peace within the Middle

East within a year is looking extremely sick. Middle East correspondent Ben Knight,

thanks so much for that

update. Thank you. Well, there are signs of progress at the

climate summit being held in

the Mexican resort of Cancun. A

major sticking point deal in the past has been deal in the past has been the

US and China's unwillingness to make targets binding. Both

appear to be softening their approach, making more likely. The Copenhagen year ago and many people

considered them a failure, so countries came countries came into these talks

here in Cancun

was the elephant in the room.

But if anything, the

the first few days

conference has been one the first few days of this

cooperation. People conference has been one of

decided to come here and perhaps moderate their Certainly the done that. The expectations were to be a legally agreement at the end of talks, but as we get into agreement at the end of these

second week with second week with the environment ministers there is certainly a optimism that some of those tough issues can be such as the split between developing and developed countries, whats with for developing well as the emissions from emissions from developing countries and the transparency

of that. Australia represented here by Environment

Minister Greg Combet who

that, of course it is a complex issue and that he also has

lowered expectations and said

that there won't be a legally

binding agreement at the end of

it. But the main do is to get the momentum for global action back on track. Already they're talking about the South year's time in Durban, but certainly there is a sense here in Cancun, some progress at the end of this session,

will have been made and they can call these Millar reporting there from America correspondent Lisa

Cancun. Well, China Cancun. Well, China has continued to voice continued to voice its disappointment Peace Prize Committee and its choice Xiaobo. Its Foreign now claims Xiaobo. Its Foreign Ministry now claims more than 100

nations will boycott Friday's ceremony in Norway, but the committee claims

otherwise. China says its sent

letters to Foreign letters to Foreign Ministries

and embassies throughout the world, world, encouraging diplomats to

stay away from Friday's

ceremony, awording this Nobel Peace Prize to Liu ceremony, awording this year's

Xiaobo. The democracy activist was

sentenced last year to 11 years

in jail Avco authoring the

charter 08 petition, charter 08 petition, calling for sweeping Chinese political for sweeping Chinese

reforms and freedoms. Chinese

authorities consider at ward as

meddling in its domestic


TRANSLATION: In fact, I want to tell the Nobel Prize Committee

and performing an anti-China that they are self directing

farce. We are against anyone who makes an issue out of the Liu Xiaobo matter with China 's domestic affairs and judicial supremacy. In a

quick fire response, quick fire response, the Nobel Peace Prize Committee has

released the names of just 19 countries unable to attend and

its statement says "for various

reasons". The freedom in the

World survey has been published

annually since 1972 and its

results are available on

democracy web's map of freedom.

The 19 countries not attending the ceremony

some of the lag guards in red

on this map.

This is the wife of another jailed Chinese jailed Chinese activist.

TRANSLATION: She says many countries

countries now consider economic

interests and trade as their

priorities. However, many Chinese require that everyone prioritises human has put trade talks with Norway on hold and has warned of

consequences for those who

support the pro

support the pro democracy

activist. A symbolic empty

chair and a portrait of Liu Xiaobo will be used to represent him on the Nobel

Prize podium on Friday. Well, let's get the latest world

weather now with weather now with Graham Creed.

Thursday will still see some severe weather warnings issued through parts through parts of eastern Australia. A band of rain will

produce heavy falls through the inland of Queensland, inland through New South Wales as well and the far eastern

parts of Victoria, although it

will clear from Victoria as the

day progresses and along that

band we could also see severe thunderstorms. For Adelaide, Melbourne Melbourne and Hobart, some drier air moving in drier air moving in behind that trough will trigger showers,

but at this stage we're not

looking at anything looking at anything nah the way

of significant falls but thunderstorms will begin thunderstorms will begin to develop in Sydney and also

Canberra. Showers fairly widespread through the

remainder of Queensland away

from that rain band. from that rain band. Thorps

across much of the Territory relatively dry conditions are

expected. A high sitting to the north-west of New north-west of New Zealand and that will keep most of the country dry , although to the

north of it, particularly north of it, particularly that

high, the vigorous easterly

wind flow will maintain firly wiet wiet spread showers and possible thunderstorms across

the Pacific islands. Also a

band of very heavy rainfall set

to develop across the central

Philippines. Now that will be

with afternoon and evening

thunderstorms and showers, and models are suggesting some

torrential falls and

torrential falls and possible

flash flooding with those, but we should see generally light

areas of South-East Asia. Into

the western countries and the Thai Peninsula and far north of

the country can expect

the country can expect moderate falls but through the remainder

of western Asia, a dry and

generally stable day. A little

bit of light rain about the far southern inland of China but

that won't extend elsewhere in

the country due to a the country due to a high pressure ridge influencing the rest of the weather China. Widespread showers

particularly over the districts and even moderate falls

districts and even moderate

falls there. A disturbance in the Bay of Bengal some moderate falls, mostly along the eastern coastal districts some moderate falls, mostly far districts and also about the far southern parts of

districts and also about the far

far southern parts of the

peninsula, but a high pressure system at this stage is dry and sunny. Now, models are forecasting the area of over the far north-east of France, across into Germany and also

also Poland. Now we've also got a association with, that but elsewhere it will also Poland. Now we've also got a band of

elsewhere it will be mostly cold with isolated cold with isolated light snowfalls expected a trough

will trigger a band of and thunderstorms that will stretch from stretch from northern Mozambique all the way through Zambia and into central of Angola but of Angola but any showers in the neighbouring countries at this stage are expected to

remain relatively light. A remain relatively light. A high over the eastern states of the US is US is drawing cold air south from Canada up eastern corner, but cold temperatures reaching south as Georgia in the East and cold air across the

northern border and snow about western states. If you follow the southern border all the way across northern Argentina and then over into northern parts of anywhere north of that line widespread showers. We've

drier conditions south of that

line though. Apart from the

southern parts of Chile and the

Andes where we're looking at widespread widespread rainfall. Washington seeks to sue Australia after sharp criticism of Kevin Rudd in leaked diplomatic cables. And imagine if John Lennon were still

alive, what sort of music would

You're watching The World on ABC News

The Australian founder of WikiLeaks, Julian remains in allegations of sexual assault. Prosecutors want him extradited to Sweden he coerced them into unprotected unprotected sex. Despite Assange's arrest, WikiLeaks is continuing to diplomatic cables. The United States has abandoned States has abandoned its efforts to persuade Work to resuscitate peace talks between Israel and negotiate while Jewish negotiate while Jewish settlers

build on land they want for a future Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon Cancun. Ban 190 countries meeting in deeply concerned that many

years of negotiations have proven largely fruitless. Well, the international storm over WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has taken turn with the 39-year-old Australian surrendering to police in London. Mr Assange is

facing sexual charges in Sweden, which he denies, and

says he will fight an

extradition request by Swedish authorities. A British judge

has refused to grant bail. US authorities reeling from authorities reeling from a series of deeply series of deeply embarrass being leaked cables have

welcomed his arrest as good news, but his supporters news, but his supporters claim the charges are politically

motivated and a travesty Peacock. More than four months after sexual allegations were first

made against the WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange has

been refused bail and is now been refused bail and is now in a British lock-up, fisting extradition.

extradition. - dcial fighting

extradition Many people believe Mr Assange to be innocent,

myself included, and many

people believe this prosecution is

is politically motivated. He is accused under accused under Swedish law of

having consensual sex with two separate women which at some

point during the acts became non-consensual, charges which

he has adamantly denied. There

is some irregularity in the

fact that a European arrest

warrant was issued without warrant was issued without the prosecutor even having an initial conversation with

Assange or parently his legal

team just to verify some of the contested facts in this matter. He has matter. He has been offering to meet with the

prosecutor for some two months

now, and he waited for 40 days

and 40 nights in Sweden,

attempting to meet the prosecutor, to answer these

allegations. I think the man is a high-tech terrorist. But

if some American politicians had their way, Julian Assange

would be facing far worse than

jail for the latest release of

classified US documents through the WikiLeaks website. I think

anything less than execution is too Information terrorism which

leads to people getsing killed is terrorism, and Julian

Assange is engaged in terrorism. He should be as an enemy combatant.

WikiLeaks should be closed perm naently and

decisively. Australia's Prime Minister Julia Gillard hasn't

gone that far, but last week she seemed sure that Julian

Assange had broken the law. I absolutely condemn the

placement of this information

on the WikiLeaks website. It is

a grossly irresponsible thing

to do, and an illegal thing to do.

do. I'm not aware of any evidence at the moment

any Australian law. There is nothing to suggest, for example, that he has directly

obtained these materials from Australian Government officials or Australian or Australian Government

departments or that even he has

recently been in Australia gathering these materials for release on his WikiLeaks

website. They have called for

his effective arrest. They haven't seen charges that haven't seen charges that have been laid or intended to be laid. They haven't consulted

with any official in Australia or any legal here. Julian Assange has already retained the already retained the prominent Melbourne defence lawyer Robert st. Stary The extradition looks shaky. The question is what's the motive for

extradition? Is it to enable Mr

Assange to go back to Sweden?

And then will be he And then will be he been deported or extradited to US? That's the real US? That's the real question.

There is nothing to There is nothing to suggest

that Assange took these documents from US governmental

agencies. Secondly there is nothing to suggest that has been in the United States recently working with persons

who may have provided him with

this material. Assange is not a US sit den, and finally of US sit den, and finally of

course he is not someone who is currently located within

United States, so there would

be significant legal difficulties in terms of

bringing a prosecution against

Assange. Many of his critics are saying nothing about media organisations that

published this material and precisely the same cables up on their own websites, and yet all their attention is their attention is focused on WikiLeaks. It strikes me guy and make an exhibit of them, but they don't want them, but they don't want to

take on the established take on the established media who are doing exactly the who are doing exactly the same thing. Today, more classified US WikiLeaks detailed frank assessments of the Rudd, describing him as a control freak with a to make without consulting other countries. I

a damn about this sort

Dorling reebtly met Assange in

Britain and he says there soon be many more documents published. This is published. This is very intimate about how the Australian political scene confidential conversations between American diplomats a wide ranging range our

political figures. While its

WikiLeaks supporters say payments. I am payments. I am advised that

WikiLeaks can continue

exist, that a number of operatives - they have many thousands of journalists thousands of journalists in a virtual journalic around the world around the world and they will continue. We are only at cable

301 today. We will see the rest

of those 250,000 cables coming out so that full conclude that there are some

very powerful established interests, extends highest level, that have a deep

not being eggs posed to the

public and they don't

scrutiny and no surprise that they want to shoot the mess

jenger. Matt Peacock reporting

there. Well, one there. Well, one of the world's

top counter-terrorism experts is former Australian Army officer David Kilcullen. Tonight he spoke with the '7:30

Report''s Kerry O'Brien Report''s Kerry O'Brien about the WikiLeaks revelations, whether they've had an impact on the NATO campaign in Afghanistan. David Afghanistan. David Kilcullen,

the WikiLeaks saga continues. You said more than a that the that the Taliban in Afghanistan had claimed to have compiled had claimed to have compiled a

list of people from WikiLeaks that they were going

ground to that effect, or is the Taliban playing with people's people's heads. That's right,

one of the elders came out and said they 1,200 people based on the There has certainly been a lot

of violence in that part of of violence in that part of the country, but it's very hard to tell has happened to

in the air at the moment, I would suggest. Any obvious

repercussions of any kind in

Afghanistan or Pakistan out of the WikiLeaks Well, a lot of anger and concern coming out of key partners in government and also Pakistani military have been fairly upset about some of the revelations, particularly this last lot of revelations and the about Afghanistan. So political more than military I would say at that would disturb you because you might understand that at another level people see it as a a refreshing expose of what's

going on and what's going on and what's really being said behind the scenes? I'm quite sympathetic to that point of point of view. A lot of the value of free speech discussion is enabled by access to what when I was speaking about this about a month ago was for local and if named in a secret document and that document is then targeted. They're living in a village where the Taliban can come around at come around at night and they do Google people and they do

check on the Internet. WikiLeaks have subsequently

on the list and I think

For Beatles fans, today is

a day of remembrance. It's 30

years since John Lennon was

shot and killed outside his New

York home. Tom Brook was one of

the first journalists to report live from the scene of the murder for this report. George, John, Paul and ring go... John Lennon

first set foot in New York as a men of the Beatles in 1964.

Beatlemania was at its highest.

In 1980, shortly before he

died, he walked Central died, he walked Central Park, commenting on the freedom commenting on the freedom he

enjoyed in his adoptive

city. Occasionally people will

ask for autographs or just want

to shake hands which is the

coolest thing that happens. I'm

known enough to keep the

get around, which is nice. But his peace was about to his peace was about to be shattered. Outside his New shattered. Outside his New York

home at 10:50pm, Mark David

Chapman fired five shots, effectively snuffing out John

Lennon's life. Badly wounded he

was take tone the nearby

hospital I actually held his

heart in my hand as the nurses

rapidly trieded to transfuse blood.

blood. I tried to massage

blood. I tried to massage his

heart. We knew there was no heart. We knew there was no way we could restore the news of his death was broken on the BBC's Today

program Our reporter Tom Brook. A very weird feeling indeed because they're playing

Lennon music. A lot of them are in tears and they're weeping

and they're either stunned or they're they're hysterical.

SONG: # Imagine all the people # Livin' life in peace

# You... # On

of the biggest names in the

music industry are paying

tribute to Lennon I just know I

wouldn't be standing without

him and my whole life as an

artist was kind of shaped by him. John Lennon probably

wouldn't like all this

retrospective praise N one of his last major his last major print

interviews, he said, "I don't

believe in yesterday. I'm only

interested in what I'm doing

now." While his past may not have years after he died, both he

and his music are still of great interest to many of us. Tom Brook reporting. Well,

Bernard Zuel is the chief music critic for the 'Sydney Morning

Herald' and I spoke to him a

little earlier about the

significance of John Lennon and

his music 30 years after his

death. Bernard Zuel, welcome to The World and thanks for your

time. Thank you. Can you recall

where you were and what you

felt when you heard that John

Len Nan had died? I was at

school. I had to come home from

school to hear the news and I was thinking that this was what

was like for my uncle who a few years the night he years earlier I had the night he heard that Elvis Presley

perplex ed by that at the time, but when Lennon died, I had some idea of what he had felt because Lennon, even though he was essentially a generation before me, was still the

central figure for me in music.

I was a Beatles fan and a

Lennon fan. What was it that

made him the central figure?

with as a What was it that you connected

attitude that I thought was the right one for a rock star. As a

teenager at the time I thought someone who was smart someone who a-Serbic, even

though I probably wasn't using

the word then, was what you wanted, someone who said things

else, and also he had some of

the best songs from the best

pop group in the world. And that worldwide grieving, that was after the assassination, that

was something extraordinary,

even if you do compare it to something like Presley? Yes, and then

the death of Kurt Cobain - quite extravagant and really how we attach how we attach ourselves to

popular culture figures, to musical figures in particular,

and figures who for us years of our teens early 20s when and many judgments about who we are people wanted to Lennon was someone a lot of they could emulate or should emulate. 30 years on from his death, what is the significance

of John Lennon and his now? Well, two elements to John

Lennon - one, the music, that songs still affect those songs still work, those

and younger and songs still affect teenagers

16-year-old daughter who became a Beatles fan when she was

about 5 or 6 because she also for a start. His attitude is

also important, but the other

element of John Lennon is that he is now seen as in a way is the complete culture figure. He is a flawed

man, a very flawed man, a

contradictory man and now we

have a popular culture popular culture figures. We

don't expect them don't expect them to be perfect and to

and to have the right things say all and to have the right things to

that, wasn't perfect, he made outrageous wrong statements. He did things outrageous statements, he made

that in retrospect and the great thing about that

is that he wasn't manufactured is that he wasn't a

perfection and airbrushed quotes for magazines and pictures and carefully scripted

television shows. You, of course, listen to so much music

in your role as critic. How much in your role as chief music words, how is his musical is his musical influence? Well, probably the best way to put it probably the best way

is that anybody who says is that anybody who says they

are not influenced by the

Beatles is lying. Anybody who is making popular music now

is making popular music now is

influenced in some way by the

the attitude of Beatles. You can hear Lennon in

pop singers, In the attitude of rappers, and

rappers. Well, the scary thing

about rap music is about how

many of them are influenced

about the music you would

expect. Phil Collins is

significant figure in rap. God

knows why, but he is. Lennon - that attitude of saying what you want to say, saying things

that may cause trouble but you feel it passionately, that comes through in popular culture all the way from 1964

on. So, Lennon you can hear in

member lodic music n (melodiy music, in attitude n

the smart alec approach to press that a lot of particularly British acts have.

But you can hear it in

Australian music. It's

everywhere. It's all pervasive.

You can't escape the Beatles matter what you try to do. An

if-only question - if Lennon

were still alive, judges by his career path up until 1980, particularly list solo career

path, judging the career path

of his peers, particularly that you think he may have done musically and what do you

imagine his reputation to be today? Lennon like every 6 #0s figure would have

a in the '80s. He would have had

a period where his music would have sounded poor, sonicly

poor, but also just imaginatively poor. So many figures, his contemporaries hit

the wall in the early '80s the wall in the early '80s and

I suspect Lennon would have as well. His last album was a

great success, in part there was some good songs on t in large part because it was

influenced by the emotional

response to his death. It was

an album where he

himself to be a domestic man, a

soft er man, and now we can

look back at that and think, "Yes, that's an "Yes, that's an interesting

facet of his life," but it

wouldn't have sustained him

through the '80s with the through the '80s with the same

kind of fervour that had

attached to him through the

been '60s and '70s. He would have

been seep as a soft older man

who making choices that didn't

fit in, but because he died at

the right time, unfortunately, he was retained in that

mouthy attitude of the smart alec, the

mouthy pop musician. And how

should we remember him on this day, 30 years-on-his death? As a flawed and fascinating who made great music. Bernard a flawed and fascinating man

Zuel, thanks for your

time Thank you. To sport fou

with Amanda Shalala and the

serious? Yes, and a bit of a surprise result, too, Scott. Tottenham's dream Champions League debut has continued the English Premier League club

finishing on top of Group A.

The Italians lost to Werder Bremen. FC Copenhagen become the first Danish side to Bremen. FC Copenhagen has

make it to the last 16 while Manchester United topped Group C after its draw with Valencia.

Pap blow her Nan Des gave Spaniards the lead in the 32nd

minute but the Brazilian star

scored his first goal to secure the goal for Mann u. New Zealand has down ed Even a 10-man

outfit proved better than the Andy Flower says there is danger of Andy Flower says there is no his Australia's problems. The his team despite all of

tourists are aiming to continue their winning form when they play Victoria in a three-day tour match starting on Friday. England arriveded in Anderson who has flown home for the birth of his second the birth of his second child,

but will be back but will be back before the third Test. We've got to and balance what's important to our cricket team and lives. While Australia appears

to be in disarray with players facing a nervous announced, England is the hosts How can we be

complacent? complacent? We're ranked No. 4

in the row. We've got a long way to go. Nathan Hauritz has sent

selectors but not the sort they

beyond the call in his nightwatchman

Wales in its Sheffield game against South Australia, making been a happy hunting ground Robert Allenby. I've played well here. I've won it here and I feel

confident with coming confident with coming back to

this golf course. Victory this week would make Allenby week would make Allenby only

the second play Australian PGA tief times. The tournament starts criticism from countries that

failed to win the right to the World Cup. Whatever people are saying winners - Russia and Qatar. In sport, and to lose. The Australian bid

team is among those pushing for change to the voting process. Under the current rules it is a secret ballot. We organised a voting system which was very transparent. Football is not all about politics. Hekari United, a professional team from Papua New Guinea, is representing Oceania at the Club World Cup in the United Arab Emirates. Two upset wins semifinal against Italian beautiful thing regardless of what status team Al Wahda in a knockout game tonight. New York yank keys captain Derek keys captain Derek has resigned

with the club. He agreed to a $51 million contract over frustrated by the public negotiations but planned on leaving the yankees. In public negotiations In domestic cricket, Queensland has beaten Western Australia by 78 runs in their national

one-day Cup match at one-day Cup match at the Gabba, Scott My heart goes out to

Derek Gita, how can one guy

survive on 51 million a year. I

know! To keep up to date know! To keep up to date with all the stories we're

following, you can log onto our

website - website - That

is The World for this is The World for this Wednesday evening. I will be

the news headlines in just a

moment. I'm Scott Bevan. Thanks

for your company. Closed Captions by CSI. This Program is Captioned Live.

Good evening, I'm Scott

Bevan. Kevin Rudd says it's

water off a buck's back -- won't go away. The Prime Minister is attacked as abrasive, compulsive and a

control freak. The current US

ambassador has come to his defence saying their bro-mance

is alive and well. Diplomats

are expected to dig up dirt on their country's enemies and

allies. But what does Kevin

Rudd think about what the

Americans have thrown at him?

He says he doesn't give a

damn. For me it's just kind of,

you know, water off a duck's when Kevin Rudd was Prime Minister.