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Tonight, hype or helping

hand? Budget sweeteners for

working women I think a

substantial proportion will

miss out. Anzac drinks turn

deathly, a man shot and

killed. China's olive branch

as Olympic torch troubles hit

Japan. Two swims, two world

records. Australia powering

to Beijing. Good evening. Felicity Davey with ABC

News.. Super mums and unsung

heros, the Treasurer has all

the superlatives down pat but

there is concern his hyped-up

budget will not deliver the

all women in the work force

who have children. While

Wayne Swan says they will be

thousands of dollars a year

better off the critics argue

the benefits will only know

to families who can afford

childcare. With its first

budget weeks away the Rudd

Government is once again

talking up its commitment to

lower income earners, especially working mothers

If you are working two days a

week with two children in

care there could be relief up

to $7 1 a week, if you have

five days work relief up to

$136 per week. That can add

up to $700 a year to put

towards the rising cost of petrol, food and mortgages.

It is good news for film list

with both parents working and

earning in the right tax bracket but only a small part of the benefit will come if

the promised tax break T bulk

will be from an increase in

the childcare rebate to0 per

cent I think there will be a

substantial proportion that

will miss out because they

are so flingly stretched

childcare is a luxury It is

important the budget look at

all families and tips and

Australian families already circumstances. The number of

in financial stress is rising

National Australia Bank has along with interest rates T

come under fire for lifting

its variable home loan or

Anzac Day A lousy thing to

do. Wayne Swan has really

created this latest rise of

interest rate rises by

talking up inflation at a

time when the economy was at

risk. Those comments have

drawn their own criticism

But nobody in the leading

political party has ever

deposed the continuing

has got us in this deregulation of finance that

situation. The Government

will hand down its budget on

May 13. There has been a

constituent's South Coast. dramatic surf rescue on the

Five people were pulled out

when they got caught in a

rip. It happened at Browley

Beach near Batemans Bay. One

has died, another is in a serious condition. Nine

children have been treated

for hyperthermia. A man has

been shot dead during an

all-in brawl at an Eastern

Suburbs pub this morning.

Police say the bar was

sprayed with bullets T gunman

is still on the run. At 4

o'clock this morning the

Churchill Sports Bar in Kingsford's Eastern Suburbs

were still packed with

revellers. Pay tons went from playing two-up to witnessing

a murder The guy pushed

another guy, pointed the

begun to him and just shot

him. At first police thought

it was a hold-up but have now

ruled out robbery as a

motive It appears it is an

argument oral her case

between a number of patrons

inside the premises which has

escalated in one patron

producing a firearm and

firing a number of

shots. Police say up to 20

people were involved in the

fight. The gunman sprayed

bullets inside the bar using

a handgun Anything up the

three shots have been fifrd

and the deceased has suffered

gunshot wounds to the upper

part of the body. The into a

never four was a local resident. Police are

searching for a man described

as 180 centimetres tall with

a solid build. He was last

seen running from the hotel

across Anzac Parade shortly

after the shooting. It is

believed the incident was

recorded on a surveillance

camera and with the help of

fingerprint police are hoping

to identify the killer in the

near future. The Dalai Lama

says the talks must be

serious but he is cautiously

openty mystic about China's

offer. While Beijing hopes

the heat will be taken out of

the protests the Olympic

torch relay continues to be

dogged by demonstrators T

latest clashes have come on

the streets of Japan.

Security had been

dramatically increased with

Japanese riot squad officers

following the bear bears on

their 18 kilometre relay

through the streets. There

was violence though between

the large contingent of

Chinese supporters and a

vocal group of Japanese

nationalists. Among those

reported injured a Chinese

student who suffered minor

injuries. Pro-Tibet ian

demonstrators were dominant.

Beijing has said it is

prepared to meet one of its

key demands. In view of the

repeated requests for the

Dalai Lama's side for

resuming talks. This news reader on state television

says The Government will

have contact and consultation

with the Dalai Lama's private

representative in the coming

days. Arriving back in India

from a trip to the US to try

bettian spiritual leader was

cautious but welcoming Of

course talk. It depends what

kind of talk. If serious

talk, most welcome. Just face-to-face. China's

announcement was not all

conciliation. It again

accused the Dalai Lama of

trying to split China of

inciting violence and

sabotageing the Olympics,

accusations he has repeatedly

denied We would urge there

be some immediate follow-up

to these statements of intent. These statements certainly are encouraging. The Olympic

flame continues its journey

towards Beijing. It is being

flown out of Tokyo tonight

and is on the the Seoul and

North Korea and Pyongyang. It

is one location organisers

can be confident there will

bl little chance of

controversy. President

Robert Mugabe is stepping up

his brutal crackdown in

Zimbabwe. Armed riot police

have stormed the Opposition's

headquarters in the capital. Police arrested scores of

people during the raid which

they said was aimed at

finding the perpetrators of

recent arson attacks Over

500 heavily armed policemen

raided our head office in

Nelson Mandela Avenue where

they arrested everybody in

the building. Officers of

independent election

observers were also targeted.

International cricket is new

reeling over the issue of

Zimbabwe T chief executive of

the ICC Malcolm Speed has

been forced to step down

after falling out with board

members. The Australian's

early departure is believed

to be linked with

disagreements over Zimbabwe's

cricket falsified accounts

and his unhappiness over the board's failure to take any

action. He has been put on

paid leave until his contract

expires in July. There have

been angry scenes outside a courthouse in New York after

three police officers were

cleared of shooting dead an

unarmed black man on his

wedding day T familiar lift

dead man say he was the

victim of police brutality

and racism The verdict

caused an out pouring of

rage This city is going to pay. Police feared a full-scale riot would

recorrupt but the angry crowd

eventually dispersed.

Tensions continue to simpler

about this racially-charged

case. In November 2006,

23-year-old Sean Bell was

shot dead by police as he

left a New York nightclub. He

had been on his buck's night

with friends. His wedding was

just hours later. An

investigation found three

police officers involved

fired 50 becomest and the

victim was unarmed. The detectives say they began

shooting when Sean Bell's car

nearly ran them over T judge

ruled the charges of

manslaughter could not be

profrd beyond a reasonable

document. This was a tragedy

with a death. It is a tragedy

for all police officers that

have to live with the

difficult job we do when

nonetheless we are grateful

for this outcome. This

court unfortunately is bankrupt when it comes to

people of colour. The man

hoping to become America's

first black president is

appealing for calm The judge

has made his ruling so we

respect the verdict that came

down. As Sean Bell's family

gathered at his grave, authorities were considering

whether to pursue civil

rights charges against the

officers. A man has been

killed by a shark in Southern

California. The victim was a

66-year-old retired vet who

had been swimming with a

group triathletes. It is

believed the shark was a

great white. The victim was

pushed up out of the water in

a violent attack and that is

just typical of the white

shark feeding behalfor.

Huge lacerations, I mean

almost veefrd leg. The victim

was drag from the water by other swimmers but died

before he could get to

hospital. It is the first

death by shark in 50 years.

There is growing concern over

a global shortage of rice,

nowhere more so than

Thailand. Although it is one

of the few countries able to

produce more rice than it

needs persistent drought has

crippled production. Farmers

are hoping to squeeze in a

third rice crop this year

keen to take in strong demand

but in key parts of the

country water levels are not

what they should be and there

are other un unexpected

problems This man says his

seeds were stolen before they

were planted. Now the farmers

are having to keep an close

eye on their fields. This

man's family has been in the

rice business for more than

five decades and has never

seen such a rapid rise in

prices. His mill specialises.

He tells us that while demand

has grown production levels

have dropped by half because

of drought. As a result of

the cost of a 100 kilogram

bag has more than doubled to

$40. In the Philippines the

Army has been called I am to

protect rice supplies. They

are also keeping watch over storehouses as the Government

gets tough on anyone hoarding

rice. It is a shortage that

is bad and now getting worse

T markets are tightening,

prices are going up

dramatically and in cases

where people are able to

access the food they are

having to pay a lot more for

it. Experts say high rice price rest here to stay

unless there is a caning in

global trade and agricultural

policies. Demand will remain

high as well as long as other

food crops are being used in

to biofood industry rice will

become more of a staple on

people's dinner tables. Even

on Anzac Day when most people

took Time Out to reflect

there has been no rest for

Australian forces on patrol

in Iraq. Their diligence has

been reward would no roadside

bombs found in the area for

six weeks. From Dhi Qar in

southern Iraq, Middle East

correspondent Ben Knight. It

might have been Anzac Day but

it did not get these soldiers

out of doing their regular

patrol. The first of the

day's tasks is to head to the

firing range the test a new

gun for their armoured

vehicles. The place appears

utterly deserted but at the sound of the guns locals

quickly gather to collect the

shell casings for scrap.

Then it is off to visit a

checkpoint being run by the

Iraqi police. It is a

surprise visit. They always R

it is not so much to keep

this police on their toes as

the make insurgents know that

the Army is around. This

roadblock is well-known for

attacks by IEDs or improvised

explosive devices. But

Australian forces say there

has not been an IED in this

region for six weeks. It used

to average around five a

month. The troops do not stay

long T commanding officer has

decided to make a goodwill

visit to a local vim average

and in his armoured vehicle

is a bag of toys to hand up.

We are in Dhi Qar regarded as

one of the safest provinces

here in Iraq but we are required to wear body armor

out of the vehicles. It makes

it difficult to have a

rapport with the locals but

makes it almost impossible

when you are getting out with

a gun. The Australian

officers are getting good at

it. The troops decide to

return and bring more toys

next time T It is basically

engaging to the people

talking to them, finding out

their concerns. It is also about getting information

about what is going on in the

region and keeping the locals

happy about having Australian

troops here only if they have

a few months to go I think

Iraq will be okay after they

leave. They have done a lot

of good here. But in villages like this there is still a

lot more to be done. Ben

Knight, ABC News, southern Iraq. Australians have capped

off Anzac Day commemorations

on the Western Front with a

parade through the streets of

Villers-Bretonneux. The

village was liberated by

diggers 90 years ago and has

been at the centre of Anzac

services this year. From

France the ABC's Stephanie

Kennedy reports. It was the

day the Anzac slouch what

returned to the some some of

the hundreds of Australians

marched through the streets

of Villers-Bretonneux. For

the locals the sight of all

these Australians in

formation is a reminder of

the debt they owe the ANZACs

for liberating them. I think

it was great the remember the

sacrifice the soldiers made

in the years of the Great

War. In the town square the

Anzac spirit was evident with

another tradition well under

way, an early morning beer

and a game of two-up. 20 on

the tail! Post mortem

Thousands of Australians

made the pilgrimage to the western front, also making

the journey a wooden cross

from Western Australia that

was front and centre at the

Dawn Service. In 1918 after

the battle for Villers-Bretonneux surviving

soldiers made the cross and

placed it where 389 men fell.

They had all served with the

51st battalion and they were

all from Western Australia

It is a symbol of the

sacrifices paid by so many

West Australians in

particular at that battle. A

sign of unity I think between

the troops, a bonding

experience. While the cross

will return to Perth t legacy of the West Australian

diggers heroism will remain.

In the tonne's church a stone

replica will stand as a

sombre remembrance and tribute the all those who

fell at the Somme. The cross

has a powerful meaning ton

90th anniversary, a new

symbol of the long-standing

friendship between Australia and this little corner of

France. It may be a bit late

but everything is set for a

new tribute to the ANZACs.

There has been a lone statue

of a digger on Sydney's Anzac

Bridge since 2000. However,

last year the New Zealand

Government gave funding for a

Kiwi counterpart. Thus

morning it was lowered into

position opposite the Australian soldier and had a

vial of sand placed inside.

It was a place in the sand

from Gallipoli on the Kiwi

digger once again reinforcing

that bond between Anzac Cove

and the New Zealand

digger. The new statue will

be officially unveiled by the New Zealand Prime Minister

tomorrow. The Treasurer wan Swan says working mothers

The The Treasurer Wayne

Swan says workers mothers

will be better off after next

month's budget and a triple

for jockey Glen Boss.

Australian captain Darren

Lockyer is set the play in

the centry Test in two weeks

after successful return T Broncos extended the

Rabbitohs's losing run to 7

games and tonight the Sea

Eagles are headed for a

victory against the Bulldogs.

While some 5 stroke 8s have

been impressive Darren

Lockyer was all but

guaranteed the Test spot if

he proved his fitness and

last night his right knee was

given a authorise oh work out

in Darren Lockyer's 80th game

in the season but the news

was not as good for Steve

Michaels who is expected the

miss the rest of the season

after injuring his knee in

the opening minutes. His

replacement Joel Moon shone

with his first touch of the

ball. When the 19-year-old

Moon stepped inside

33-year-old Vungenar the

Rabbitohs trailed 2-nil.

After this long run South

hopes were revived. But the

Broncos regained ascendancy

through Hodges. They take a

share of the competition lead

with the Titans who play

tomorrow. Two second half

tries to Nathan Merit did

little to improve the mood of

the south coach after two

losses in a row The errors

are embarrassing. The

Bulldogs made an impressive

start against Manly before

the home team answered with

two of its own and it was

10-all at the break. Sea

Eagles's back has not scored too many better than his

effort early in the 2nd half.

In that game the Sea

Eagles have beaten the

Bulldogs 30 point to 22T

Brumbies have kept their

Super 14 finals hopes

flickering with a last-minute

win over South Africa's

LionsT chiefs are in front

against the Reds. Needing a

win to keep pace with the

Super 14 front-runners the

Brumbies were surprised by an

early enslaukt from the South

Africans. What a start!

frltion Returning from

injury skipper Sterling

Mortlock calmed the Brumbies

with consecutive penalties.

Approaching half-time he put

his side in front Stirling

Mortlock too big, too

strong. This first try put

South Africa back in front.

Another try Rose and the

Lions are on the charge

here. But the match turned

when the prop was sent to the

sin bin, down a man the Lions

could not stop Gerrard from

crossing out wide and when

the fullback landed a penalty

so shot the scores were level

with 10 minute the play. Some

fans could not bear the watch

but they need not have

worried Tasmania home side

saved the best until last.

The win lifts the Brumbies to

fourth ton ladder but they

could slip as low as 7 by the

end of the weekend. In

Hamilton the Chiefs did not take long to show why they

are the competition's hottest

side. The Reds misery

deepened after a yellow card

and the Chiefs quickly

capitalised to take a

21-point lead to the break

but Queensland breathed new

live into the game after

half-time, three tries cuts

the margin to 4 points. The

Chiefs have won that game

against the Reds 32-20.

Sydney University remains on

top of the ladder in the shoot shee.d Adelaide has won away

from home for the first time

this season by defeating

Carlton at the MCG Geelong

had a controversial 1-point

win over Fremantle. Any best

started Carlton on their way.

Adelaide stayed in touch as

Nathan Bock ran the

distance. He has to kick it

now. He is not a bad shot on

goal. Brendan Fevola had no

trouble with the distance for

his first in the afternoon as

Carlton took the lead to 16.

The Crows exploited the loss.

Cameron cloak tried to spark

up his side. Carlton regained the advantage heading into

the main break. Mistakes in

the period period gave the

Crows a window of

opportunity. The game needed

some class and Adelaide had

the player to provide it.

Got a bit of a sniff here

match cloud. Brilliant! Nick

Stevens ended a run of four

Crows goal Tasmania tense

game threatened to ex-plot.

After kicking 16 goals in the

past two weeks Fevola was

having an off day but Burton

wasn't. Chris Judd gave the

Blues a sniff until the Crows

kicked two with win a minute

T second in controversial

fashion. A second kick a

second goal. It broke any

Carlton resistance. Last

night Fremantle came in

centimetres of becoming only

the second team the beat

Geelong in the past 26 games.

The Dockers say the game

finished 9 seconds early and

are expected to lodge an

official complaint with the

AFL. Another Australian swim

meet and more records. Libby

Trickett and Leisel Jones

broke reports in Canberra.

The early finals are practice

for what lies ahead at

Beijing. Bound for Beijing,

10 days before the Games the

swimmers put out a challenge

to the world. Fresh from a

week's training calm at the

institute of sport the

records continue the fall at

the short course series.

Leisel Jones broke her own

record set in 2006. Just

minute later Libby Trickett

set a new world mark in the

100 fly. Her time broke the

record set earlier this month

by Felicity Galvez. I was

definitely hoping to go close

to if not under my PB but to

come up with the world record

is awesome and the way I swam

it is really promising as

well. In a move designed to

get the swimmers ready for

Beijing Olympics t finals

were held in daylight.

Chinese games organisers

forced to turn the schedule

upside down so the main event

are set for US television It

does not worry me but you

have to prepare We have

worked through it, made our

team aware. You are not going

to know what time it is. The

Grand Prix wraps up

tomorrow. The Indian Premier

League has been hit with its

first on field controversy

with the spinner Harbhajan

Singh in trouble again. After

his team Mumbai lost by 66

runs to the Punjabi Kings it

has been reported Harbhajan

slapped opposition player vee

vee. It is believed Sreesanth

said "Hard luck" to Harbhajan

when they shook hands.

Harbhajan later apologised.

Brett Lee took a wicket and

ran out the West Australian

batsman Luke Ronchi. Glen

Boss has become the first

jockey in more than 80 years

to win the Don done three

years in a row. Boss who also

won the Manchester three

years in succession on Makybe

Diva created more history

when the appropriately named

Triple Honour burst clear in

the Don done. Triple Honour

gets tired but wins it.

Triple Honour held onto beat

Casino Prince and Pinnacle

third. Boss was also victorious on the Golden

Slipper on Sebring who

maintained its unbeaten

record by winning the AJC

Sires Produce Stakes and

tinder der for 3-year-olds

the New Zealand horse Nom du

Jeu had a surprise win. It

was pretty good weather for

Doncaster Handicap too. In

Sydney today it got to 25

degrees. That is three above.

The chart shows a strong

two front which will spread a

cold and gusty westerly

change across Nou Camp with scattered showers.

Showers for Sydney,

Melbourne, Canberra, Hobart

and Adelaide. Showers and the

odd thunderstorm for Perth.

Around NSW tomorrow for the north-east The chart shows a strong scattered showers. change across NSW with cold and gusty westerly two front which will spread a

north-east Around NSW tomorrow for the odd thunderstorm for Perth. and Adelaide. Showers and the Melbourne, Canberra, Hobart Showers for Sydney,

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