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(generated from captions) Tonight - the Prime Minister suspends embattled MP Craig

This Program is Captioned Thomson from the Labor Party.

Live. Australians are entitled

to expect that people in public

life uphold the highest

standards. Julia Gillard also asks Peter

Slipper to stay out of Speaker's chair. Slipper to stay out of the

Speaker's chair. Police

continue the hunt for a gunman

who shot two people in a Gold

Coast shopping centre. And a Coast shopping centre. And

new record and a big win gives

Swans co-captain Adam Goodes a

welcome return from suspension. Live across Australia, this is ABC News 24,

hello, I'm Richard Davies. The

Prime Minister has moved to hello,

dispel what she's called a dark

cloud over the Parliament. For

all the details we can cross

now to Chris Uhlmann in our

Parliament House studio with all the details. The Prime Minister says today's move

against two troubled MP is

about up holding standards.

But it's also about her survival. Julia Gillard's move

to stem the bleeding as the scandals embroiling Craig

Thomson and Peter Slipper add more wounds to her already bloodied government. The

treatment came late and has

again raised questions about the Prime Minister's judgment

and her future. I'm joined by chief political correspondent

Mark Simkin. The politics this were inevitable weren't Mark Simkin. The politics of

they? Chris, this is one of

those surprise announcements

that almost everyone in Parliament thought had to

happen eventually. As one

senior Labor figure told me

this afternoon u something

been's building for months,

something with two words and

party hopes today a turning the first word is cluster. The

point but it is also point but it is also prompted awkward questions about the

Prime Minister's timing and

judgment. By her own

Julia Gillard needs to clear judgment. By her own admission,

the air. I feel keenly that

Australians are looking at this

Parliament and at the moment

they see a dark cloud over

it. Two storms have buffeted this government and the Prime Minister wanted to deal with Minister

both of them. Asserting her

authority by picking up her authority by picking up

phone and putting down her

foot. I do believe a line has

been crossed here and because a line has been crossed, I've acted. Julia Gillard can't say

exactly what that line looks

like or precisely where it

lies. I don't think this is a

chemical formula about one

follow cool plus another molecule gives you an answer. I actually think it is a judgment call. Craig Thomson received the first phone received

call. It is obviously a busy and difficult day and call. It is obviously a very

busy and difficult to the cross-bench where he'll

sit the Parliament's newest independent. I indicated to

Mr Thomson that I had decided

it was appropriate for him to

no longer participate in Labor

Caucus, to be suspended from

the Labor the Labor Party. Craig Thomson

is accused of using union funds to pay for prostitutes to pay for prostitutes and other indulgences. Two reports into his former union are due

to be released in the next few weeks. Can I point out there

are no allegations that have

been substantiated whatsoever. been substantiated

There are no charges me. Crucially for a minority government, Craig Thomson won't

force a by-election and will

vote with the party that spurned him. In relation spurned him. In relation to

myself and my values, I am a

Labor person and that's why on

the cross-benches I will

continue to support the Labor agenda. Which is why Tony

Abbott wants Craig Thomson stand aside from Parliament Abbott wants Craig Thomson to

altogether. The Prime Minister has confirmed Minister has confirmed that

there is a crisis consuming Government, but she hasn't resolved it because while she

has disowned Mr Thomson, she

hasn't disowned his vote. For

months Julia Gillard stood by

Herman. I have complete

confidence in the member for confidence has gone. What Dobell. Suddenly that

does the Prime Minister know

now that has suddenly caused

her to disown Mr Thomson? The

This din owning didn't stop there.

the This morning the speaker got

the call. I have indicated to

him that I believe it is best

that he stand aside from the position of speaker for a

further period of time. Peter

Slipper's accused of rorting his Cabcharge account and

sexually harassing a staffer.

Labor repeatedly maintained he need only spend a short time in

the sin bin. When Parliaments his Cabcharge resumes the Deputy Speaker will take the high chair. There resumes

will avoid a controversial

Parliament. Peter Slipper debate on the floor of the

in a statement: Parliament. Peter Slipper said

Thank you very much. A week

before the budget, dig any

isn't the only imperative. Somehow the tales of two men

have grown to torment an before Parliament. All leaders agree the institution is

damaged. As George Roberts the institution is being

reports the Government's own

fate depends on stopping the

sense of rot that's stubbornly

reports set in on Capital Hill.

chamber has been empty for five

weeks, but it turns chamber doesn't need politicians

sitting here to cause damage to the institution. 43rd

government in shrinking Parliament is led by a

minority, has a speaker who may never take the seat again and is a place where words like government

shame, fraud and prostitute are

elevated in daily debate.

Adding to the sent of crisis the Prime Minister's now

responded to. Since day one

politics this year, Labor's responded to. Since day one of

been running into and away from trouble. Racist. Racist. It

started on Australia and cost the Prime Minister a staffer.

He offered his resignation to

me and I accepted T The next

month the party spent a

month the party spent a week tearing itself apart as Kevin Rudd ept tainted his ambition

to take back power. She won

that one, but last week Government's con crypt to the Speaker's chair was plunged into controversy. Everyone

understands that we all

understood it then, we understand it better now, Peter

Slipper was only thrust into

the speak area chair to marginalise me. Somewhere between Istanbul and Canberra the Prime Minister decided it

was time to act, but if was time to act, but if she hadn't, others would have acted

for her. If at some point in

the future the Government miss handles this handles this badly I would have to seriously consider a motion

of no confidence.


allegations against a speaker

are serious. I think it allegations appropriate he has stepped

aside to allow the issues of appropriate he

resolved. Troubles hung over Craig

Craig Thomson much longer. Well, it's been

unrelenting. For almost four

years. His former unions years. His former unions is falling apart, falling apart, three investigations are still to see

the light of day. And for now, the creation of the Labor

movement is fending for himself

as an independent in an

electorate that seems as ex as

operated as he is. It is operated as he is. It is too much troubles at the much troubles at the moment

with it going on with Craig Thomson and not enough honesty. I think he needs

I think he needs to get out

where he is. We look to our politicians for honesty and

openness and we're not getting it at the moment I'm afraid. The Prime Minister

heard that message. I think she's a sunk boat. She she's

to move away. The tide of she's

public opinion finally public Julia Gillard to act. Whether sidelining a speaker and

shunting a backbencher aside shunting a backbencher aside is

enough to stem the tide isn't known. That's the challenge confronting government when its

members file in here on budget

day. I'm rejoined by chief political political correspondent Mark Simkin. Where does this leave the Government's the

Parliament? In a very painful place, Chris. Labor now needs place, Chris.

to supply a speaker and that plus Craig Thomson's sin

binning reduces its numbers on

the floor of Parliament to 70,

one fewer than the coalition's

71. One the cross-benchers are taken into account, though, it is likely Government will

control 75 votes, the coalition

73, but that assumes Andrew

Wilkie votes with Labor. Were he to decide he

it is 74 all giving Labor's

speaker the deciding vote. It

is unlikely government is is unlikely government is about

to fall because of all this,

but its foundations have

suddenly become a little or a

lot less stable. Mark, lot less

does it mean for the Prime Minister sncialths the leadership chatter has does again, although everyone I spoke to today insists it is

just chatter at this stage at

least. Some of in the party

are asking why Julia Gillard

waited so long to act, waited so long to act, others

wonder what's changed, given

her previous support for the

two men. Even senior figures

loyal to the Prime Minister are

saying things like nothing

significant is happening at significant is happening at the

moment, and we'll just have

limp on with the current

leader, Hartley reassuring. It all makes the Budget crucial

and of course that's what today

was all about, clearing was all about, clearing the

air, clearing the decks for a

Budget the Government hopes will be a game changer. Thanks,

Mark. That's it for now from

Canberra. We return to your Mark. local news bulletins. Police in Queensland have released

pictures of a suspected gunman after yesterday's double in Queensland shooting at a shopping centre

on the Gold Coast. The man

remains on the run despite a massive police operation. Yesterday's suburban violence is still violence is still etched in shopper's minds. I'm

surprised, but, yeah, and shocked, but life goes on, done

it. Shae Arthur was just metres away from the gunman

when he opened fire. I seen

like two guys arguing and like two guys arguing and one pulled out a gun just like leaned overshot the other

guy. He says he saw the gun

being fired. A bullet passed

through a 42-year-old man's arm

and hit a 53-year-old woman who

was an innocent bystander. Had it shouldn't happen in public

places. It was in front of kids,

kids, in front of little kids. Police have

images of the alleged gunman.

He fled the shopping He fled the after the shooting. We've not as yet identified this person

and that aspect is critical to

our investigations. The male

person who was shot who, as we mentioned yesterday,

mentioned association with outlaw

motorcycle gang activity has

not been cooperative with us. The State Government has

announced a $750,000 funding

boost for police and an extra

20 detectives will be deployed to combat the recent outbreak

of violence of violence in South-East Queensland. It is no longer Queensland. It is no longer a Labor Government who are soft

on crime issues. There's an

LNP government that will not allow these things allow these things to happen. The Queensland Cabinet

meets tomorrow and will look at introducing minimum mandatory sentences for people caught

carrying a hand gun. We've got to take these guns off the street and make sure that the perpetrators receive the full to take force of the law. The

force of the law. The incoming

Gold Coast mayor Tom Tate says he supports the State Government's plan to crackdown

on giem, adding yesterday's

shooting was an unsavoury

incident that reflects badly on

the tourist city. I view them

as urban terrorist. The injured

woman is recovering well in hospital,

hospital, while the 42-year-old man is refusing to cooperate with investigators. More than

400 arrests, 667 charges and 12 firearms seized. New South 400 firearms seized. New South Wales Police have hit the

streets across the State in 400 massive operation for targeting organised crime. It's been

hailed a success, but so far

police have only detailed three

arrests linked to outlaw motorcycle gangs. Laetitia

Lemke has more. It was a police crackdown on a scale crackdown on a scale rarely seen. This weekend officers

raided 1400 businesses and

searched more than 1300 people

in an operation to disrupt and dismantle organised crime. It is

is obvious the only thing these

people understand is in your face face policing and that's what

we've provided them. While

hundreds of arrests were made,

police have only pointed to

three linked to motorcycle

gangs, for parole and bail breaches. Authorities breaches. Authorities still say the operation was a

success. We did have a 600 home visits to members of home visits to members of ought law motorcycle gangs law motorcycle gangs and associates as well as a number of tattoo parlours and premises

associated with people from gangs. Those intelligence of gangs. Those intelligence

reports will form the basis of

future operations. A dispute

between motorcycle gangs has been blamed for many of the

shootings and fire bombings in Sydney waste and in the city's nightclub district. As police

hit the ground to stamp out any

turf war, prominent nightclub

owner Sam Ibrahim was also making his presence felt.

Today police wouldn't be drawn

on whether the situation was

out of control. Saying there

has been a spike in shootings they do want they

from the public, but they don't

want panic. We are actually overpolicing and overreporting overpolicing

a lot of these matters. We are

having people that will report

a cracked window, we will send our special people there to investigate it, and we

investigate every single incident. The extra incident. The extra policing and on Operation Spartan wrap up this evening but officers

are convinced the impacts will

be long-term, slowing gun crime

and gang activity across

and gang activity across NSW. Police are continuing to investigate the disappearance of Brisbane woman Allison Baden-Clay.

Baden-Clay. The search for the

missing mother of three

continued at Brookfield and the

surrounding suburbs today. surrounding suburbs today. Mrs Baden-Clay's husband Baden-Clay's husband reported

her missing from their home

last Friday morning. Place

spoke to Gerard Baden-Clay and updated him on the investigation. How are you

Gerard? Excuse me. Investigators continued to

Investigators continued to work with members of the family. The

search will continue tomorrow.

There has been an outcry over revelations that Orica is warehousing thousands of warehousing thousands of tonnes of explosives on a ship off

Newcastle in NSW. The maritime

safety agency says the ammonium nitrate is being stored safely,

but unions say conditions on board the ship are appalling. The Maritime Union

is calling it a ship of shame,

where seafarers are living in

squalid conditions. They're

paid as low as $400 a month.

They're on their some crew member have been on board this

develops for well over 14

months that we know of. The MCP

Copenhagen is carrying 3000

tonnes of ammonium nitrate. Were did the State nitrate. Were did the State Government allow Orica to store

thousands of tonnes of

industrial explosives potentially explosive cargo on

a substandard flag a substandard flag of convenience vessel? On Friday, Orica transferred its excess

ammonium nitrate on to the ship

which is now out at sea but not

that far from Caves Beach near Newcastle. Our immediate

concern is are we safe. Will it

it explode? What's going on

. Maritime Safety Authority

inspectors have been on board

the ship. They found 8 minor

operation deficiency but a dangerous goods inspection dangerous goods inspection was

completed at which all

requirements for safely

carrying ammonium nitrate were

satisfied. A spokeswoman for

Orica says the MCP Copenhagen

is just five years old, has a

five star rating, and meets international transport

Federation standards. She added that if the Australian Maritime Safety Authority had

any serious concerns about the ship,

ship, it would have detained

it. In a statement later

today, the company stressed

claims that there is anything

untoward or that the community untoward

should be concerned about the

shipment of ammonium nitrate on

the MCP Copenhagen are

ill-founded. Orica is one of

the world's largest producers

of industrial explosives. It says it regularly transports ammonium nitrate by road and sea. The Queensland Labor Party has managed to hold on to one

of its few remaining seats with a win in the South a win in the South Brisbane by-election. But the ALP

sinking fortunes have provoked

a dire warning from a party stalwart

stalwart who says Labor is on its

its last legs. Leading a team

of 7 MPs is better than leading

a team of 6. I definitely

welcome the election of Jackie

Trad as the member for South

Brisbane. The result isn't

official with 65% counted. The

LNP's Clem Green is out polling

Jackie Trad on the primary

vote, 38% to 33%, with the

Greens Jo-Anne Bragg on 19%.

But after preferences Jackie

Trad leads 52 to almost 48%. Trad leads 52 to almost 48%.

It is almost certain that the Australian Labor Party has won the seat of South

Brisbane. Labor has suffered

another swing of almost 2% on

top of the 10% last month. Mr

Green last night was still hopeful. It is not over. It is

not over until the fat lady

sings. It is not over. We'll

be counting for the next week.

Not enough at this stage to

get him across the line as a

strong local voice. Labor's

celebrations were measured but the the previous local member was acknowledged. Can I thank acknowledged. Can I thank the

former Labor leader and former former

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh

who is also here tonight.

APPLAUSE. The shrinking margin

in south Brisbane, APPLAUSE.

City Council losses and last month's State Election wipe-out spelt doom and gloom for Labor according to the former according to

Lord Mayor. The 40 year ALP veteran gives a bleak

diagnosis. This is a

diagnosis. This is a crisis

in the Labor Party that has not

existed at any time since its

foundation. The State and

council disasters will be

eclipsed by what will happen in Canberra. We know that Labor

need to rebuild and it's going council to be a team effort. The

retiring councillor prescribes

drastic action. We need major

surgery that starts with amputations right at the

top. This is the time where top. This is the time where the

party needs stability. My

focus is on rebuilding. With a

new member to help. Australian

Senator Nick Xenophon says it is time for the Australian

Government to Speak Out against

Malaysia's human rights abuses.

Mr Xenophon made the comments

after I was caught up in yesterday's anti-government

protests in the capital Kuala

Lumpur. Police broke up the huge demonstration huge demonstration using tear gas and water cannon. It is

estimated up to 25,000 people gathered to call for democratic

reforms. The question needs to

be asked quite legitimately

whether Australia's lack of action, lack of public statements in relation to what's been what's Malaysia in terms of the

election process, in election process, in relation to the treatment of and war-Ibrahim

Leader, whether that's been

influenced in any way by the refugee swap deal the

Australian Government has

entered into with the Malaysian

Government. I would like to think that the Australian Government would not be

Government would not be turning

a blind eye. It's time to check

sport with Danielle Intili.

What a day for Adam Goodes?

Fantastic. He inspired a win

in his record-breaking 304th game. The Swans stamped

themselves as genuine

premiership contenders after

beating the Hawks by 37 points at Launceston. at Launceston. Swans

co-captain Adam Goodes return from suspension to play his

304th AFL match and break 304th AFL match and break the

Swans' games record. But it

was the Hawks off to a flying

start, five first-half goals

from Jarryd Roughead had

Hawthorn leading by 20 points

at the long break. Goodes then inspired a fight back, as

Sydney held the Hawks scoreless

in the third team to seize the

Leijer. Goodes and Josh

Kennedy each booted three goals

to extent the Swans unbeaten

streak to five games while the

Hawks slum top a two three

record. A special day today.

Yes, it was. Hawthorn had Yes, it was. Hawthorn had us

twice last year and 300th last year in

year in the final they stitched us

us up. It's good to return the favour

favour today. It was a favour today. It was a tough contest all day. That's contest all day. That's second half we really played the footy

we wanted to play and got the

result. West Coast remains

undefeat in the AFL after the

Eagles posted a thrilling 10

point win against Richmond point win against Richmond in

Docklands. The 2012 Docklands. The 2012 fairytale has continued with for Cronulla with I 24 point with I 24 point thrashing of the Raiders in Canberra this

afternoon. The Eels woes continue falling just one point short after a remarkable come

back. While the Sharks had

their 6th straight win. The Sharks wasted little time being

crashing the Raiders' left side

defence. Pomeroy ends up with

it after the challenge across

the line. Two tries the line. Two tries to Josh McCrone kept the home side in the hunt early on but the

Sharks held during in his Sharks held during in his own end and used every bit of the

field to punish Canberra. Paul

Gallen continued to show why he's one of the best in the game. Gallen to Smith. With

support. Back on the inside support. Back on the inside to Morris. And former Raiders'

half-back Todd Carney continued

to press for Origin selection

setting up numerous shark

attacks and perhaps it was the camouflage camouflage but the Raiders

defence appeared absent

throughout the match. Coach defence

David Furner unimpressed as the

Sharks scored eight tries to four anyway convincing win in

Canberra. Dropped Parramatta

recruit Chris Sandow watched on

as the last placed Eels season continued

continued to crumble. The Parramatta side were Parramatta side were as

wasteful as the Tigers were brilliant. Puts a kick in.

He's going to get there. West's

scored when a heard to be a meaningless field foal on

halftime to lead 19 nil and the

visitors added to their lead in

the second half to go up 31

nil. In a remarkable turn

around, the Eels clicked into

gear as the Tigers gear as the Tigers switched off. Stepped off his off. Stepped off his right foot. Scores Parramatta

registered a stunning five

tries in the final 13 minutes

to fall short by a to fall short by a solitary point. That field goal from

Benjii Marshall will be the difference. South Sydney's Greg

Inglis continued his incredible

form at fullback last night against the Cowboys. Switching

out. The Rabbitohs raced to a

20 to nil lead in 20 minutes.

The Cowboys shut the door after

that, though, sacrificing their

bodies for the cause. After halftime, North halftime, North Queensland

mounted a challenge. Celebrates

a try. Three second half tries

gave the visitors a late chance

to snatch victory. South

Sydney hung on, though, to move

into the top eight. In Super

Rugby the NSW Waratahs have

lost to their bogey team the

Crusaders but only just. The 7

time champions beat the 'tahs

37-33 in front of a crowd of

almost 31,000 in Sydney this

afternoon. Afternoon rugby

brought out the best in the

Waratahs when they hosted the

Sharks last month. And they

made a confident start against

the Crusaders. Adam Ashley Cooper

Cooper and he's got him. Pakalani pack catches T this time he's going to score. time he's going to score. What a try. The visitors didn't take long to level it up. long to level it up. Robbie

Fruen's pace was as sharp as

his haircut. Under the post. The big mohawk gets stronger

every day. The rampaging Robbie Fruen

Fruen was pruftion more than a

handful for NSW and the New

Zealanders went to the break

with a one point lead. Oh,

brilliant. Absolutely

brilliant. The Waratahs rested

back the advantage through

Wycliff Palu, but the Wycliff Palu, but the Masters

of the running rugby returned

fire with two quick tries, a

familiar face exposing the frayed edges of the NSW defence. Unbelievable. Robbie Fruen. The Fruen. The reinforcements from the bench were also handy.

Welcome back. A converted try

to replacement Sarel Pretorius narrowed the

narrowed the margin to four.

The Crusaders held on to beat

the Waratahs for the 10th time

in succession. The Crusaders have been the party poopers again. The Western Force lost 17 points to 3 to South

Africa's Stormers last night. Away goes Bryan

Habana. The Perth team looked

set to gain a Wallaby half-back

next year with Will Genia next year with Will Genia to move from the Reds to the Force. And Jorge Lorenzo will

start the Spanish GP in pole

position. Casey Stoner position. Casey Stoner will

qualify from fifth. Should be S

should be a good race to watch: Winston Churchill Winston

labelled it the black dog.

Today hundreds of motorbike

riders hit the road to raise

awareness about depression and suicide.

suicide. It is part of a nationwide Black Dog Ride

bringing a message of bringing a message of hope and

solidarity. They're tough men

with a soft side, with a soft side, taking a

fluffy approach to a pretty

hard issue. It is one of those things that has been in

the shadows, if you like, I

think people were a bit embarrassed to talk about it. A

cuddly Mascot has been cuddly Mascot has been strapped

in to help break the ice in to help break the ice when

it comes to talking about

depression. Winston. depression. Winston. They call him Winston, call him Winston, yeah. The

black dog will ride pillion

with one in five Australians at

some stage in their lives. For the Black Dog Ride, he's a friendly companion. Charity

rides like this one are a popular

popular approach for promoting

all sorts of health issues.

But for depression sufferers it

can have instant results. You

get to meet normal people who

have dealt with this. You have dealt with this. You find

out yeah, it can happen to anybody. And anybody can join in. Anything from trail bikes

to Harleys, there's every to Harleys, there's every one year. These kinds of activities are

are exactly what the experts

recommend for people recommend for people dealing

with the black dog. Things like

this get out in the sun, be

with your friends, talk to

people people. The riders made their way from Canberra to the coast riding through small

towns along the route. That's

one of the points of this one of the points of this ride, to get out and talk to people

in the smaller towns because

there's still a lot of stigma

in some places. The message - in some places. The message -

that recovery is possible. that recovery is possible. And

just like a noisy bunch of big

blokes on bikes, this too blokes on bikes, this too shall pass. Siobhan pass. Siobhan Heanue, ABC News, Canberra. Time now to

check what tomorrow's weather

has in store around the

country. There will be some

showers in Brisbane with a top

of 24 degrees, showers also in

Sydney with 21, it will be

cloudy in Canberra, 17, and

fairly cloudy also in fairly cloudy also in Melbourne

19. Sunny in Hobart, though,

17 degrees. Showers in Perth

and it will be fine and sunny

in Darwin as well. That's the

news for now. Don't go away.

I'll be back with an update on

the main headlines in just a

moment. After that, it will be

time for One Plus One and time for One Plus One and don't forget you can up to date on

all the stories we're following

by logging on to our website.

The address is

I'm Richard Davies, enjoy the rest of your evening. Closed Captions by CSI

This Program is Captioned

Live. These are the top stories from ABC News. The Prime

Minister Julia Gillard has suspended MP Craig Thomson suspended MP Craig Thomson from

the Labor Party. The Prime

Minister has previously stood

by Mr Thomson who has by Mr Thomson who has been

plagued by claims of financial mismanagement

mismanagement since his days at head of the Health Services Union. Mr Thomson strenuously

denies the claims but will move

to the cross-benches until they're resolved. Julia

Gillard has also

Gillard has also asked Peter Slipper to stay out of the Speaker's chair for a further

period of time. Mr Slipper has

been accused of misusing taxi vouchers hand sexually

harassing a staff member. He

says while he denies all

allegations against him, he'll

stand aside to maintain the dignity of the Parliament.

Police are continuing to hunt

for a gunman who shot two people anyway Gold Coast

shopping centre. Security

cramps have captured cramps have captured images of

the suspect making his way

through the shopping centre.

Two people, including an

innocent bystander, were injured in what police believe

was bikie related violence.

And in sort, the Sydney Swans

have stamped themselves as

genuine premiership contenders

after beating the Hawks by 37

points in Launceston. Swans

co-captain Adam Goodes returned

from suspension to play his 304th AFL match and break the

Swans' games record. Those are

the latest headlines het lines from ABC News. the This Program is Captioned

Live. On this edition of One

Plus One, do you believe Plus One, do you believe in

miracles? Kathleen Evans say

she's alive because of one. Lawrence Lawrence Krauss explains where

the universe comes from and improving mental health.