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This morning - week 2 of the Abbott election campaign and Tony

Abbott tells supporters he will

be the next Prime Minister while Julia Gillard is given a

boost in the polls.

Also today - no relief Also today - no relief for

BP as Tropical Storm Bonnie

closes in on the Gulf of

Mexico. Mines and vines - can

they survive as good neighbours

in one of Australia's famous

wine regions? And just 40 wine regions? And just 40 runs

away - Pakistan on the verge of

victory over Australia.

Good morning. watching ABC News 24. I'm Jane Good morning. You're

Hutcheon. Around the capitals

today - Sydney and Hobart today - Sydney and Hobart can expect showers. Partly expect showers. Partly cloudy

in Adelaide with a top of 14. A

sunny day ahead for Perth and

Darwin. Evening showers are predicted for Melbourne and

fine in Canberra and Brisbane.

And check ing international

markets - the Dow finished the

week up nearly 1%. London's

FTSE was barely flat and Germany's DACCs made modest

gains. As the election campaign enners its second week, Tony

Abbott has raised the stakes

telling supporters he will be the next Prime Minister. However, that confidence could

take a hit this morning with a

new poll showing Labor is likely to win one Western Australian seat and likely to win one marginal

retain another. The Prime

Minister's also struggling to

win support on the front. As Julia Gillard tries win support on the policy

climate change to gain traction with her new

climate change plan, environmental groups say the

only direction the Government's

going is backwards. Nick

reports. The Prime Minister's

plans to combat climate change

got a yesterday. But Julia Gillard's got a heated reception

prevail. confident cool heads will

prevail. She's leaving the issue in the hands of a citizen's assembly. I want to

act when if Australian economy

is ready for it and the

Australian people are ready for it and I am full of confidence. The Opposition's

not. It's accusing the

Government of doing a deal with the Greens on climate change

and keeping the details under

wraps until after the election.

Industry has welcomed the Industry has welcomed the plans

for community dialogue, but

Green groups want a price on

carbon now. The majority of Australians support action, the

time for talk is really

over. We have to bring

Australians with us. And the

reason we need to do that is

because if we don't we have seen what request happen when a

fragile political consensus is

blown apart by a man who is ambitious and that ambitious and that was Tony

Abbott. Tony Abbott is Tony Abbott. Tony Abbott

Abbott is not hiding his

ambition. Yes, I think thatly be the next Prime Minister of

Australia, but I will only be the next Prime Minister of

Australia - Australia will only

have a better government if Ken

Wyatt is the next member for

Hasluck. Mr Abbott may now be

hoping that theory is wrong. A

poll in the 'West Australian'

says the Government will retain

Hasluck and pick up the

marginal Perth seat of Canning. The resources tax has been a

big issue in the West and lit remain high of Tony Abbott's remain high of Tony Abbott's

agenda as he continues his

form, will clobber the industry still, even in its changed campaign in Perth today: It's campaign in Perth

on which this country and this State depends for future. WA is a major stronghold for the Coalition. A resource it can't afford to

lose. For more on the election campaign, political correspondent Melissa Clarke joins

joins us now from Canberra. The political party s will be

pouring over the details of

polls out today. Which party is

likely to be happy with what

they see? Well, the Labor Party

is clearly the winner in these poll s , in particular poll s , in particular the Nielsen poll which was taken

during the start of the week when Tony Abbott was struggling

with the WorkChoices issue. So

it's produced some national it's produced some

result s that the ALP will be

the 2-party preferred vote happy to see. When it comes to

which shows once preferences are distributed how things

would look, it shows a 2

percentage point rise for the

ALP, up out to 54% and the Coalition obviously down

Coalition obviously down to

46%. So that is Labor pushing

out that margin in the first

week of campaigning and that's also reflected in the primary

vote of that poll when the ALP

has picked up three point to a

primary vote of 42%. And it's

also good for Julia Gillard

personally because, if we look

at the approval ratings, the

approval of the performance both Julia Gillard and Tony approval of the performance of

Abbott - for Julia Gillard it's rising, it's up 2% to 56%, and

for Tony Abbott it's just

staying the same at staying the same at 43%. Now, the other interesting element

of this Nielsen poll is it has

a look at how female voters

view the different parties. And

when it comes to the Labor

Party, there is a significant

increase in the number of

female voters compared to male

voters who are willing to back

the ALP. For women it's up to

around 58% whereas when you

look at how male and female

voters compare voting voters compare voting for Coalition, it's about even

there at 50/50. So good news there at 50/50. So good

for the ALP from the Nielsen

poll and from if West poll which is published in poll and from if West poll

Australian' today as we heard which is published in the 'West

in Nick Dole's package

there. The latest West poll

shows the former Labor State

Minister, Alannah MacTiernan

having a strong lead over don

randal in the seat of Kang. It

has also has incumbent Sharryn Jackson hanging nonthe Jackson hanging nonthe pivotal

seat of Hasluck which Labor is

expecting to lose but no doubt

the im prove ments in the

mining tax area have made that

seat safer for Sharryn Jackson in Hasluck. It seems that Tony in

Abbott has got a lot of ground

to make up in WA. What is he

going to get up to in Perth

today? Well, he made some announcements on border security

security yesterday. This

morning he will be address morning he will be address ing

the State conference of the Liberal Party in WA. We Liberal Party in WA. We can

expect to hear him at that

point hammer on the point about

the mining tax. Those mid-tier mining companies still are not satisfied with the deal stra tha was struck when tha was struck when the Federal Government and the Government and the major

miners. In fact, we've had

Andriy Twigg er Forrest from

Fortescue Metals threatened ing

to resurrect the advertising campaign against the

Government. So we can expect

Tony Abbott to use this to

hammer hope the mining tax. But

the ABC has also learnt that the Coalition is considering

another pronged attack from one

of its strong issues, that of border protection. The

Opposition is Opposition is considering

taking a trip to Nauru to talk

to the Nauruan Government to the Nauruan Government about

asylum seeking there. The

Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison spokesman Scott Morrison is

considering take ing a trip

there some time during the

election campaign to further

the talks. This would be a huge

move. In the past, Tony Abbott

and Scott marrison have said

they are limited to what they

can do when it comes to talking

to other countries but Tony Abbott has been urging Julia

Gillard to pick up the phone

and talk to Nauru. Now they're

in care taker mode it seems the Opposition considers that a

window of opportunity and we

may well see Scott Morrison and

Tony Abbott take a trip to

Nauru at some point in this campaign. Where will Julia

Gillard be today? Julia Gillard

is in Brisbane today. She's

been running up and down the east coast of Australia all east coast of Australia all during this first week of

campaigning. Today she will be

in Brisbane, again in this

crucial seat of Queensland, WA

and Queensland being critical

for which ever party wants to have government after have government after polling day. She will be talking more

about climate change following

her policy announcements

yesterday at the University of

Queensland. Clarke cla,,

our political correspondent

there. A tropical storm is heading straight for the site

of the massive oil spill in

of the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, delaying the

effort to fix the leaking well.

Tropical Storm Bonnie has been gathering pace and could gathering pace and could reach the site later today. Drilling

on the relief well has now been

suspended for up to two weeks.

This report now from the BBC. It's another major

setback for BP. If it weren't

for the storm we're probably

within 10 days to two weeks of that happening. So if a storm

comes it just adds a time we're

away, which could be anyway

from a few days to two weeks. Ships working on the damaged damaged oil well have been

ordered the leave the area and drilling of the relief drilling of the relief well has

been halted, with many of the

workers on site also told workers on site also told to go. We have twice daily calls with the national hurricane

centre and with NOAA and we

have what we call trigger times

which say when we have to leave. Tropical Storm leave. Tropical Storm Bonnie has blossomed over the Bahamas

and is due to enter the Gulf of

Mexico by the weekend. Mexico by the weekend. It's

been packing winds of 65km/h

and forecasters are predicting

this year's hurricane season

could be the worst since 2005. Right now it's kind of

rough. We've got five, 6-foot

seas right now. Mother Nature

takes its course. You can't do

nothing about it but take safety measures and hope safety measures and hope that everything everything works out alright and it's not a bad storm. The US Vice-President has travelled

to Alabama to assess BP's efforts. We think that things

are going to hold and that with

the grace of God and the good

will of neighbours as my

grandfather used to say in the

next week 10 day s be able to

do the final job of shot shutting that sucker down. Even

if the storm misses the area, work on the relief tunnel will

be delayed by about a week.

And for more on the situation in the Gulf of Mexico, I asked Washington correspondent Craig McMurtrie

for the latest on the storm's movements. We already know,

Jane, that it's going to disrupt operations in the Gulf of Mexico. Skimmers have

already been ordered to go into safe haven. safe haven. They're saying they're going to pull out some

other vessels and ships at the

damaged well head site. Now the

national incident commander is saying that saying that he expects that

they will be away from the damaged well head site for 48

hours. During that time, they

won't be able to see the sea

floor because the submarine robot s will be pulled out as

well. They're confident that the

the ceiling cap they ohave have over the well will hold, particularly since the latest

reports actually are that reports actually are that the

tropical storm has been

downgraded to a depression. So

it's possibly not going to be

as bad as first thought. BP is saying that it will delay, however, the relief well. They

had to stop drilling the had to stop drilling the relief

well which is seen as the final

solution to this problem. BP is

say it could delay that by 10

to 12 days. Climate change st

making headlines in the US as

well as here in Australia. The

Democrats have abandoned climate change legislation that was supposed to take place this

year. What was the sticking

point? Well, I don't know that

there was one sticking point but essentially the sense of it

is we have the mid- term congressional congressional election coming

up. The Democrats feel they

have some big wins with health care and financial regulation

and there wasn't the mood or

the appetite to have another

big legislative battle on the

hill. They don't have the time for it anyway. Climate change was

was very contentious . There were Conservative Democrats who

were very concerned about it.

President Obama has tried to

link to it the gulf oil spill,

trying to make the case for a new energy future for the

United States, but it really

hasn't gained much traction in

the press. Republicans are

opposed to a cap and trade or

carbon price, so in the end

what is likely to happen is we

will see a modest piece of eggs

legislation that comes out that increases regulations on

offshore drilling and perhaps

provides incentives to have

more energy efficient houses and cars, but certainly not

what was originally envisaged which was a which was a big ticket climate change bill. And the American

Senate is due to hold a Senate is due to hold a hearing late er this month on the

release of the Lockerbie

pommer. What are they hoping to

reveal, given that they can't actually reverse the

decision? No, it's not at all

clear what they intend to

reveal. There's a lot f anger

here about the circumstance s

surrounding the relief of

Al-Megrahi last year. The Al-Megrahi last year. The only person ever convicted in the

Lockerbie bombing disaster.

There's a lot of US anger about

it. Senators demanded to meet David Cameron, the British

Prime Minister, when he was

here. The concern is that BP

had some allegedly some role

behind 2 scenes lobbying for

the relief of the Lockerbie bomber. BP completely denies

this. The Senate foreign relations committee is nonetheless proceedings with a hearing. Although so sphar all the star witnesses they wanted

to talk to are refusing to talk to are refusing to appear. The Scottish Government appear. The Scottish Government

has said thanks very much but

we won't be coming along.

Members of the British Government, Jack Straw, for

example, the former British

Justice Minister has declined

to appear. The senators also

want to talk to BP and it's not

at all clear if any senior BP

Buckingham Palace executives

will show up either. So right

no it's an open question as to what this

what this hearing actually

achieve s. Craig McMurtrie, our Washington correspondent. Let's

look at the stories making news

on the front pages on the front pages of Australia's Saturday papers. As

we've been hearing, Julia Gillard was given a Gillard was given a boost in the polls and the Prime Minister's sister, Alison,

reveals to the 'Age' that she

wouldn't work if she had the

choice. And 'The Daily Telegraph'

Telegraph' is featuring a

report on the 'Master report on the 'Master Chef'

finale and a story which claims sailors sailors patrolling Australia's

borders are preparingtor a surge of boats of asylum seekers to arrive seekers to arrive over the next few weeks. The 'Australian' reports that Julia reports that Julia Gillard is

not getting much support for

her climate change policy from

Green groups. The Adelaide Green groups. The Adelaide

'Advertiser' repreviews the two

big TV evens for tomorrow night

- the 'Master Chef' final and Leaders Debate while also reporting that infrastructure is expected to be stretched to

breaking point if the State

Government's 30-year population

targets are reached. Brisbane's

'Courier Mail' has a special investigation into public

education payouts for

negligence at schools and the 'Northern Territory News'

suggests last night's full moon

was responsible for police being called to 480 jobs being called to 480 jobs in

Darwin, including a naked man

who ran away from a posh

swimming pool. Skill to come

on ABC News 24 - Ernest western the sport. Plus the ARCO

logical dig that's uncovered a 4,5 - 4,5 - 4,5,000-year-old dwelling.

These are the days

These are the days top stories - stories - Opposition

immigration spokesman Scott Morrison

Morrison is considering a trip to Nauru to discuss the

island's offer to reopen island's offer to reopen its immigration detention centre. And efforts to plug

the leaking oil well in the

Gulf of Mexico have been put on

hold ahead of an approaching

storm. Doesenings of ships and

workers - dozens of ships and

workers have been evacuated as

Tropical Storm Bonnie closes

in. And Sydney and Hobart can

expect showers, partly cloudy

in Adelaide, with a top of in Adelaide, with a top of 14.

A sunny day a head for Perth

and Darwin. Evening showers

and Darwin. Evening showers are

predicted for Darwin. Fine for Canberra and Canberra and Brisbane. Australia's been riding on the

back of a mining boom since the

global financial crisis. The

hike in exports particularly to

China was an economic saviour

for Australia but at what cost?

In the Hunter Valley in NSW,

miners have lived side by side

with their rural neighbours for

over a century but now over a century but now there's

a fear the foreign hunger for coal could threaten the reputation

reputation of the Hunter's

world famous wines and the multimillion-dollar

thoroughbred industry.

Stephanie Kennedy reports

from the Upper Hunter. It's

pruning season in the Hunter

Valley where some of the world's most famous grapes

grow. Every year, tourists

travel here to taste the fruits

of the Hunter soil. But now the

industry feels under threat by

the recent coal boom that's led

to the expansion of some coal

mines while new ones are in the pipeline. Over here in this

area from this vineyard up to that

that tree line we have the Spur

Hill mine which is under exploration licence at the moment. That looks like it's

right in front of your property. It is. Bruce bought

this land two decades ago and

he planted says this vines and planted international award

winning vines. Every Kay the

coal trains trundle past his

issue and he is worried his

business is at business is at risk. Logic

would say there is going to be

an impact. Just a few kilometres up the road near

muscle brook, two big coal

mines dominate the landscape. Justin drake's property is stuck between the two mines -

enough to take your breath enough to take your breath away or more importantly horses Thoroughbred has an

intricate airway system which

can be affected by the dust, can be affected by the dust, so any abnormal increases in that

can affect racing potential and

breeding and the health of the

horse to perform. So the feature of your business is under threat? I think so, definitely. Justin definitely. Justin drake moved to the area in the knowledge

there were mines nearby but he

didn't know then that a mining

boom was on the way and their

output would ramp up to neat

sky rocketing demand. In the

the nearby town of Den man

there is also the hunger of coal could affect the

livelihoods of locals. We take people

people through the horse studs, the vineyards and the the vineyards and the olive groves and other agricultural

pursuits. I am worried with my

business and my staff that we won't

won't have a job in the years

to come if we don't those

agricultural pursuits been w

ton Upper Hunter. The wine and thoroughbred industries are not

against mining in the against mining in the huntder.

They're just after balance but they argue that Buckingham

Palace has - balance has tipped in favour of the coal industry. They're calling

They're calling for more environment al environment al assessments. Last week the NSW Government

set up a Cabinet subcommittee

to develop a strategic plan. That plan will assess That plan will assess the cumulative impact cumulative impact of mining in

the region. The head of the NSW

Minerals Council, Dr Nick y

Willem, lives 3km from a plien

in the Hunter. She hopes the Government's more Government's more consultative approach will demystify myths

about mining. I think it's also

incumbent often those who have

quern t s about mining and

those who campaign against mining and they're mining and they're actually different to make sure that they're actually dealing with they're actually dealing with

facts and not simply perpetuating fears. It doesn't

help us, any of us, to move

forward. Beautiful citrus

characters. Convincing the wine

industry won't be easy. industry won't be easy. For

growers the future expansion of

mining in the Upper Hunter is

is a little un palate yavernlt I don't want to be looking at a coal mine from our

vineyard. It's hard for a

tourism industry and a coal mining industry to exist mining industry to exist side

by side. With so much at stage on both sides, the Government

has a high wire balancing act

it can't afford to get wrong. Regulators in the European

Union say a stress test of 91

banks across the EU has banks across the EU has found

that the sector is in that the sector is in good financial health. The study measure ed

to survive a severe recession or another sovereign debt

crisis an all the major crisis an all the major players passed. Seven banks failed passed. Seven banks failed the

test but the European central bank says it proves that the bank says it proves that the EU financial sector is stronger

than many people thought. The

food and grocery Council is

calling on the Government to

consider the impact its climate

change policies could have on

industry. The Prime Minister,

Julia Gillard, has announced

that if re-elected she will set

up a citizen's assembly up a citizen's assembly that would gauge community support

for putting a price on carbon.

The grocery Council says

industry needs to be involved

because a carbon price on food

production could mean local

producers are unable to compete

with foreign supply ers. To the market numbers - Wall Street closed

closed higher on news that the

major European banks passed the

stress tests. Geoff Ernest joins me now

with the weekend sport. Geoff,

pack tan is on the cusp of a historic Test win over Australia. That's right. Despite Ricky Ponting's Despite Ricky Ponting's men amassing a decent total in

their second innings, Pakistan

has been too good at

Headingley, set 180 runs to win, Pakistan reached 140 at

stumps on day 3, needing just 40 runs to win tonight

40 runs to win tonight with

seven wickets in hand. It will

hand a 1 15-year winless hand a 1 15-year winless streak against Australia. Newly

blooded spinner Steve Smith put

in a defiant tail end knock but

his 77 was cut short but Umar

Akmal leave ing the - Umar Gul.

Azhar Ali and Akermanis were

at the crease when time was called and even though

Australia was on the back foot,

Ponting didn't seem happy with the umpire's decision. Maybe

Ricky Ponting is saying he

wants to take the extra half

hour, take them back a bit with

the amount of time we've lost through bad light. Seems a touch ironic to be walking off

in glorious sun shine. I know

he could probably play for another hour. It doesn't

happen en - happen often in the

AFL but Hawthorn and St Kilda

played out a dramatic draw last

night. They traded goals untul

the fient minutes. The Hawke's

Cyril Rioli looked to have the

game wrapped up when he kicked

a goal with three minutes left. But the umpire ruled an interchange infringement and

gave Sts a 50m penalty. gave Sts a 50m penalty. Skipper Nick Reiwoldt missed and a

frantic exchange ensued. The

Saints got the points but by

that time it was too late that time it was too late for

either team to secure the

win. It's a bit disappointing. It was two good

teams having having a crack and

both teams had the opportunity

to score. It was a good tight

game and we know we can match

it with one of the best teams

in the league. I think that

probably lulled a few people

into the false sense of

security at the start of the year with security

they've been really good and

building to some pretty ominous form. Parramatta is again

hitting form at the right time

of the NRL season, powering of the NRL season, powering to

a 16-point win over Canterbury.

It's the Eels' third win in a

row. In last night's other

game, a Mat Rogers field goal

gave cave gave Gold Coast a one-point win over St George.

At Olympic Stadium it only took

two minutes for Jarryd Hayne to

get the Eels on the board. His

second game in the 6th minute

and Parliamenta had and Parliamenta had three within 10 minutes. The Eel s

rampage gave them a 28-4 lead

at half-time. The Bulldogs came

out firing in the ekd and is got to within 12 points but

Hayne's heroics extended to

defence, keeping parmentd a

squarely in the finals race. The Titans found themselves in

the dauntsdsing arena of Kogarah wolve their finals

hopes starting to fade. But the

forward pack left scores square

in the dying minutes. James

Soward missed two field goal

opportunities. But Rogers opportunities. But Rogers was

dead on with his late strike. We put together a couple of 40-minute performance

s and we got together and said

it's pretty much a semifinal

for the next six weeks. There's

only one game we have to worry

across the other side next week

so that will be tough as well.

Jarryd Hayne scored! I think we surprised ourselves. We usually don't start the games too well. So it was good

to start to start well tonight. Britain's sprinting

specialist Mark Cavendish has

won his fourth stage of the

Tour de France. Cavendish sealed

sealed his reputation as the race's most successful sprinter

in decades, bursting out of the

pack to cross the finish line

first. It's his 14th career

success on the Tour. Alberto Contador retained the leader's yellow jersey. He has an

8-second lead over Luxembourg's

Andy Schleck, ahead of torp's

final time trial stage. - tomorrow's final time trial

stage. That le l decide if he

wins the yellow jersey for the

third time. The Wallaby's quest

for some meaningful silver ware begins tonight in Brisbane. They take on They take on the Springboks in

the try nations rugby and the Springboks are under pressure after losing the opening after losing the opening two matches to the All Blacks and

Australia hasn't won a try nations title in nine years. According to the world

ranking, the Wallabies class of 2010 is on the rise. Claude our

way back to number 3 ranking.

And to push on from there you

have to beat the top have to beat the top 2 who are

some distance aheads. They get

their first chance against the

second ranked South Africans

tomorrow. In the third era of

the Deans' era, the waelbys the Deans' era, the waelbys are

under pressure to turn their potential into performance. The

Springboks are under the pump

after back to back losses in

New Zealand. There are two

teams desperate for a result

for different reasons. So my hope is that we get it right

and they get it wrong. But

history is on the Wallabies' side. Australia has won all

five matches played between the teams at Lang Park. The try in the last four. There's try in the last four. There's a

couple of those voodoo fields or venues around the world or venues around the world for

certain teams. Tomorrow we will

have to make have to make sure that Committee change things

around. We've had sot some good

success here but Sunday will be

a better day to say how gig big of an advantage it was for

us. Reports the world champions

are playing the bash the

Wallabies and in particular fly half Quade Cooper have riled

the South

the South African skipper. I

think if it was bashing was the

only strength we had we I don't

think we've achieved what we wanted to. About 45,000 fans are expected to turn out tomorrow night. And Perth

gloery is in impressive form

ahead of the A-League season.

They dephyted Adelaide United 3

lf 1 in ra preseason game - in a preseason game in a preseason game in Adelaide.

And time to check the day's


Cloud is clipping the Cloud is clipping the east

coast in onshore winds, causing

a few showers and patchy cloud

is lingering over Victoria and

SA, trapped under a high but

but it's staying mostly dry. A

broad high is sitting over

southern Australia, keeping

skies mostly clear over the

interior. It's also directing

showers along the Queensland

and NSW coast. In Queensland, there will be isolated showers

about the east coast about the east coast and northern Cape

For more details on the

stories we're following today

and to send us your comments and to send us your comments

and pictures, you can log on to our website.

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I am standing before you

today for my candidacy for the President of United States of today for my candidacy for the

America. We have been told that

we can't generations of

Americans have responded. Yes,

beaten the odds. Hillary we can. Barack Obama has

Clinton and now John McCain. Overwhelming. My body

is shaking. Because of what we

did on this day in this

election at this defining moment, change has come to


The top stories from ABC News

- the Federal Opposition

immigration spokesman, Scott Morrison, is considering a trip to Nauru to discuss the

island's offer to reopen its immigration detention

centre. The Prime Minister,

Julia Gillard, has already indicated she prefers processing centre in East indicated she prefers a

Timor. A new opinion poll indicates Labor holds an

latest Nielsen poll has the election-winning lead. The

Government leading the

2-party preferred basis. It's Opposition 54% to 46 on a

also found the Prime Minister,

Julia Gillard, has a clear lead

over Tony Abbott, as over Tony Abbott, as preferred

this meeting was only held and fostering solidarity. Yet strengthening regional kinships communique emphasised election in 2014. An official work towards. We have an Fiji. We have a road map to change the way we do things in change the way we do things do. Nothing is noing Going to oto what they want to without Fiji. Fiji is Central commitment that they cannot do commitment that they sincere and express ing their representatives. They're quite small er States have sent at Fiji's meeting but a host of ministers or Foreign Ministers 2014. There have been few prime parliamentary democracy in parliamentary democracy initiatives that would lead to to support Fiji in the each other. Our being here is and it's our tradition to help Australia. We are Melanesians to criticise Fiji like democracy but she not prepared says he would like to see booming. Sir Michael Somare Fiji, tourist industry is sustain the development of sustain the development the economic base how can he surviving. He's look looking at country. The country is Headingley. At third day of the second Test at Australia at the end of the winless streak against is close to ending its 15-year out of the area. And Pakistan and workers have been ordered and workers have been Storm Bonnie. Dozens of ships ahead of approaching Tropical Mexico have been put on hold leaking oil well in the Gulf of leaking oil well in leaking leader. Efforts to plug the

because Vanuatu cancelled the larger and more influential

Melanesian spear head meeting Melanesian spear head group meeting because Frank

Bainimarama was to become its chairman. Michael Somare nearly

didn't come at all. He didn't come at all. He admits things have been heated in his

Parliament recently. He was overheard threatening an

opponent. And I told him that

you are dead meat. And I

repeated it again. You are dead

meat. Sir Michael says he said

it in I thinkin and the literal meet meaning is I will meet you

at the polls an you're

gone. The storm front heading

spill straight for the massive oil

spill in the Gulf of Mexico has

hit Florida. Weather officials say Tropical Storm Bonnie is on

track to reach Louisiana in the

northern gulf early tomorrow northern gulf early

morning. The front is currently

moving at 30km/h and packing

winds of 65km. Authorities have

evacuated many workers evacuated many workers from the

oil spill site, but say the

storm could help the clean-up

effort. Sometimes the increased

act vift on the surface can

actually help the

emulsification of the oil and

the distribution of the bio degradation of the oil. On the

other hand the other chance to

have a storm surge drive that

up on the beach or marsh areas.

two opposite So we're mindful that those are

consequences. Labor has been

given a boost in the opinion polls heading into week 2 of

the election campaign. A herald Nielsen poll shows the

Government has increased its

election win ing margin. On a

2-party preferred basis, Labor

leads the Coalition 54 to 46%.

And a West poll And a West poll suggests the Coalition could lose Coalition could lose the Perth

seat of Canning and could fail

to win the marginal seat of

Hasluck. It's nearly a week

since Julia Gillard made the visit to the Governor-General

to ask for an election. Editor Ben Crawford and our team Parliament House have put Ben Crawford and our team at

together this look back at the

first full week of the first full week of the election

campaign. This morning I asked Her

Excellency, the Governor-General, to dissolve the House of Representatives so

that elections can occur for

the House and half of the

Senate on Saturday, August 21. WorkChoices is dead. WorkChoices is dead. I've

said that before. But today, before the Queensland Liberal

National Party, I've not just buried the body but I've

cremated it too. Haven't we

heard all this before?

I will be asking Australians

for their trust. Why should

people trust Julia Gillard when even Kevin Rudd couldn't?

Today, I seek a mandate from the Australian people to the Australian people to move Australia forward. No amount of

moronic repetition of moving

forward - moving forward... I

expect this to be a filthy campaign from the Labor expect this to be a filthy

Party. I expect this to be a close, tough, hard fought campaign.

No kids are safe in an election Chloe. She's shy. election campaign! Hello,

Tony, do you like the cut of

my Speedo s? It could be

better if people attended

campaign events fully clothed.

You can trust the Coalition

with border security. You can't

trust Labor with border


I will act when the

Australian economy is ready and

when the Australian people are


I love elections. I really

get the - they really get the juice s flowing.

I genuinely believe this

election is on a knife edge. Dear I hope you're wide awake

now! It may have faded from

memories in the West, but in

Russia the link up Russia the link up in orbit

between America's apollo space

craft and the Soviet Soyuz 35 years ago is still considered a

major achievement. This week,

the surviving crew members all

in their 70s and 80s reunited ed in Russia to mark the

anniversary of the mission. Moscow Moscow correspondent Norman

Hermant reports. It's easy to

forget now that Russia and America were once fierce space rivals. And rivals. And the prospect of

them coming together in orbit

was unthinkable. But that's

exactly what they did in

men 1975. 3.5 decades later, the

men of that mission are still

getting together. Looking at

the big picture, we were

breaking new ground. They were.

Astronauts and cosmonauts,

training together, learning each other's languages at the each other's languages at the heavyweight of the Cold War.

There were mistake s such as

the greeting given to a NASA senior official at a banquet. I

want to wish you successful

life instead of successful life

I want to wish you sex for

life. After the era of the space shuttle and the International Space International Space Station, apollo Soyuz has faded apollo Soyuz has faded from prominence in the West. Not here.

TRANSLATION: The Soyuz apollo

project is not forgotten, at

least in awe ru sha. That is a

turning point - Russia. That is

a turning point for the

clobiation between Russia United States. Tom Stafford clobiation between Russia and

United States. Tom Stafford was

the commander in America. He

maintains strong shend p shp in Russia and maintains strong shend p shp s

in Russia and even adopted two

Russian sons. That really broke

open the iron curtain that

mission. I think mission. I think people

understand that this was the

begins of all this

international cooperation. Or

in the words of this mid- 1970s

NASA documentary - All the

cooperative space efforts to

come, groundwork has been laid

by apollo Soyuz. And here they are still thankful.

Geoff Ernest with an ABC

sport News update. Pack tan is

on the a cusp of a historic

Test win over Australia, set

180 runs to win in its second

inn, Pakistan reached 140 at

stumps on day 3, needing stumps on day 3, needing just

40 runs to win tonight with seven wickets 40 runs to win tonight with

seven wickets in hand. It seven wickets in hand. It will

end a 15-year winless end a 15-year winless streak

against Australia and tie the

Test series at one game apiece.

In the AFL, Hawthorn and St Kilda fought out a dramatic

87-point draw at Docklands last

night. The Hawks Cyril Rioli

looked to have the game wrapped

up when he kicked a goal with

three minutes left. But the umpire ruled a

umpire ruled a goal infringement and reward add

penalty. Neither team could

find a winner in the time

remaining. Parliamenta is

hitting form at the right siem

time of the season. It's the Eels third Eels third win in a row. Eels third win in a row. And

last night Matt Roger's goal

gave Gold Coast a thrill

tliling one-point win over St George at cog ra. Mark Cavendish has won his fourth stage of the Tour de France.

Cavendish sealed his reputation

as the race's most successful

sprinter in decades, bursting out of the pack to cross out of the pack to cross the finish line first. It's finish line first. It's his 14th career success on 14th career success on the Tour. Many thanks, Tour. Many thanks, Geoff.

You've probably heard of the

mysterious ancient monument

Stonehenge which sits on Stonehenge which sits on an

English hillside. Now

archaeologists in the UK archaeologists in the UK have made a made a dishovery - discovery made a dishovery - discovery at another heng. A house thought

to be 4,500 years old is to be 4,500 years old is being excavated not far from

Stonehenge and archaeologists say the find say the find has exceeded

expectation s. Marden Heng is

said to be one of Britain's

least understood ancient sites. Around marden's 12th century

church, the narrow lanes and tiny cottages reflect a tiny cottages reflect a history

stretching back to saxon times. But villagers have remained un

aware of a more secret distant

past that laid un disturbed

over their garden fences. For the past three weeks archaeologists have been archaeologists have been revealing more of Marden Tseng,

a Dirk lar bang and dish 300m

across. Suddenly barely a foot beneath the grass another site I merged. All around was clear

evidence of stone age human

activity. I am standing on the white deposit, the chalk floor

of a late Neolithic of a late Neolithic building and here we have some final uses of the structure. We uses of the structure. We have

a chalk wall running away from the building and then to the side we have a midden deposit that is full that is full of bone material and pottery. The discoveries

have stirred widespread

interest, unlike Stonehenge,

Mard en heng had lain virtually

unexel ploered These

- Unexploerd: These remains are

so fragile and rare we don't

get them on ARCO logical sites.

This is tnl the second site

we've ever found a we've ever found a floor surface dating surface dating to this period before and it's of international importance. This

is an early impression of what

the ark yol gists are

uncovering. It's now clear

they've only strached the

surface. Marden's best kept

secret is likely to occupy them

for years to come. I will be back with all of the day's back with all of the day's news

at the top of the hour and in

our next hour we will our next hour we will introduce

our weekly news makers segment.

Before, that it's Before, that it's time for the

finance quarter. Closed Captions by CSI