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(generated from captions) breaches a law. The has questioned whether the book

says the says the being investigated. The Federal Government's decision to open Government's decision to

two more detention centres and start releasing aslyum seekers children and their families

into the community

into the community has been met

some refugees support groups with mixed reactions.

Opposition is criticised a have welcomed the move, the

decision to build

decision to build more detention centres. More more Opposition Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison joins

we've heard you take the us now from Canberra. So far

opportunity of this announcement to reiterate announcement to reiterate your criticism of the Government's handling of aslyum seekers policy

policy more generally, and

you've said that this latest proposal will bring more the crunch you won't support does that mean when it comes to

it? Well let's be clear about

one thing. There are no

children being taken from

behind razor wire with this children being taken from

announcement as the announcement as the PM intmated

yesterday. There have been no children behind razor wire since mid 2005. Families have

been held in alternative types

of detention since mid-2005 and

Minister has said yesterday the powers to do what the

have been in the act now for

some time, so there'll be no

bill, no set of regulations,

this is a decision that Government has this is a decision that the

would have developed a family

related facilities on Nauru and

that was our policy, the

Government's chosen to go down

this path. Thauts you in because all you need to is convenient position then

comment on it rather than come

the proposal? We had a specific up with a specific response to

policy to go to the election.

That remains our policy, that

is what we would do if we were

in Government. We are the alternative Government, and

that is our policy. That's for

the Government to be

accountable and responsible for the decisions they take snr. I

children simply shouldn't with agree with the proposition that take it then that you don't

in emfwration detention? Well I think the Government is being a little cute here in terms of

their motivations. This Government with their motivations. This is a make this decision now every Government with the power to

ever since they were ever since they were elected

back in 2007. The reason

they've made this decision is

because the detention network

is full. All the family related

facilities and accommodation

has been exhausted, they are actually putting actually putting several

hundred more beds into the

Darwin airport lodge as part of the extra beds udown in South

Australia. For families. So

family detention arrangements will still be in place. The

reason that they've taken

further steps and announced more beds is because more boats

are coming and they know that,

otherwise they wouldn't have

announced more than 3,000 since

the election which was totally

contrary to every suggestion

they give before the

election. I can understand then been that you might say that there's

been a problem with the policy

all along, but what I don't

understand from that then is

particular proposal given why you would object to this

particular proposal given the

circumstances and the facts on

the ground as are? It's not a matter of objection, it's

objection, it's a matter of is the Coalition has a very

different policy, of how to

deal with this matter. We

believe families can be

appropriate accommodation as accommodated in family

they have been, the

that places like the Asti motel

used in Darwin because of the

failures are not Government's border protection

failures are not appropriate and the Government has run out

of options and so their only

answer now is to open more beds

and what I said yesterday is

opening more beds won't opening more beds won't stop

come as a result of this more boats. How many more

come as a result of this time will tell, but certainly there were no decisions made

yesterday that address in any

way the primary reason why children have been in more than 700 children being detention. You wouldn't have detention. You

detained if more than 7 hin

hospital turned up by boat in

the last two years. You call

that a failure of policy, but

of course the number of children in detention over 800 under the Howard children in detention reached

Government, eunderstand that's the highest number in our history, was that a failure of

policy too What the Coalition

did when we were situation is introduce policies

that absolutely addressed the

arrival of illegal bet os to arrival of illegal bet os

Australia and as a result when

we left office there were only

none of them had arrived by 21 children being detained

boat. So there are two ways you

can stop children being in a detention environment. Within

is to address the actual source

of the problem which is boats

arriving in the first place or arriving in the first place

what the Government has

announced yesterday. I've sad

that this will provide an

incentive for more boats to come by children moved into I guess what we might call what we might call more

comfortable detension, more

is that true when comfortable accommodation. How

half, maybe of the children at the moment half, maybe even sightly more

are unaccompanied are unaccompanied anyway? What

I said was that opening more

beds won't stop more boats.

That's what I said. How boats turn up as a That's what I said. How many

this as I just said, only time boats turn up as a result of

will tell. But there is no

doubt that any perceived

weakening of our border protection arrangements has pull factor for the last two years. The number of asylum

applications in industrialised

countries was 55% higher

between 99 and 2001 than it is

today. This Government has

weakened our border weakened our border protection

policies, and we have seen the

consequences of that in our

roll out with more than 5,000 people in detention a system people in detention a system in crisis, a budget that is

completely blown out at least

by Pauline Hanson 1.1 billion by Pauline Hanson 1.1 billion

so far. It's a much more When temporary protection visa were introduced in 99 for example, the number of boats

that came to Australia actually increased. That's actually not

true. The number of boats in 99

was higher than in 2000 and

2000 was higher than 2001.S

There an increase in 2001 over

2000 of the number of people

because there were some very

large boats that arrived in

2001 and then the Coalition took took action. But the number took action. But the number of

boats and actually the number of people in 2000 fell the introduction of TPVs in

99 You've just said that there

was an increase in 2001 which

suggests that it's just not all

about touch policy action in fact there are ex-term factors to this and factors to this and surely that's something the that's something the Opposition

has to concede in this debate

if we're to progress the if we're to progress the policy debate? There's always been

push factors. They've been around for as long Oz time has been around because there's always been conflicts and

always been people in a position the flee persecution

so nothing's changed dra patically, in fact as

applications is less today than it was back in 2000 and What it was back in 2000 and 2001. What has changeside the nature of how the Government has been

dealing with this matter over

the last two years. What we're

seeing in the decisions

yesterday are the consequences

of taking those decisions that

the Government took when they

came to office after 2007. That's how you get more That's how you get more than 5,000 people in detention. And

until the Government is prepared to acknowledge prepared to acknowledge this, then this problem is not going

away any time soon, the costs will continue to go up. There b more children ultimately more children ultimately coming on boats the there on boats the there no-one is doing anything in this

Government so try and stop that You've mentioned that your policy response would policy response would be to use

ONA roo as a detension facility. Why is it facility. Why is it that

detaining children on Nauru is

any better than detaining them

here, what sort of access to schooling for schooling for instance would

they have there, is this really

going to be a situation that's

better particularly for better particularly for those young children who young children who are being

kept in immigration

detention? On Nauru there is no

razor wire for a start, never was, was, on Nauru the detainees are

free to move around the island. That's a processing centre,

they get to go to school. There

are schools there and we would

have been investing in improving the primary school to

ensure ensure that that was there.

Their parents and they can all

move around, engage with move around, engage with the

community. It is a much more open processing centre than open processing centre than you see on the painland. I was I

was at Curtin last week was at Curtin last week and in

any of these facilities, Nauru

provides I think a very good opportunity

opportunity to get a very good set in place which can be in place which can be very friendly and appropriate to the

way families can be treat and kept together. Not many have been to to Nauru. I've

within there and I know what could have been achieved had we been elected. It been elected. It certainly would have been different would have been different to

the way it was dope previously but detention arrangments are

handled far better, particularly because the immigration department has done

such a good job such a good job of learning from the experience. We'll from the experience. We'll have

to leave it there but thank you for