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Straight to our live shot Straight to our live shot as

Avoca Beach north of Sydney

because the ex naval ship Adelaide about to be suntion. any moment, We're expecting it will happen

on the line. What can you on the line. What can you tell

us? I hate to say it's not

going to go in a minute. I'm looking at a gorgeous pod of

dolphins within the zone probably hundred metres from the boat. They're playing and jumping around as dolphins do. is a marine park ship

trying to move them exclusion area, but they're

well and truly

We've just been told it will be delayed. We haven't to find delayed. We haven't been able going to be delayed for. I'm sure you can see the pictures coming tight shot of those dolphins

and we can see them there in

that exclusion zone. How far is that the ship, do you know? I know. It's a or maybe a kilometre right a couple of kilometres around


area of it. All we've told, Joe, as I mentioned,

they're going to wait until the dolphins have weather conditions are

absolutely perfect. As absolutely perfect. As you've

heard before on that ship, not sure if you're picture of the ship,

Joe... Yes, we've got a ship with the huge flotilla in

the background. Heaps of them

have come to see it. That protest group is probably

pretty happy these dolphins are

frustrating these last-minutes have fought pretty hard to stop the scuttling. It is

definitely going ahead. Would you imagine that those protesters who have tried to

stop it are happy that these dolphins have intervened at the last-minute. You can see the sign now of shame written in sign now of shame written

the sky? Okay. We just got

that. Yes. That's twice that's been done and obviously

by the protesters there's a number of choppers in by the protesters and of course

the sky and ultra the sky and ultra light

aircraft, but that's been written twice. It's right

above me which you're not able

it again. The to see they're about to write

be happy. It's still going to

go ahead. They're waiting for

the way. As we're talking, these dolphins to move out of

they're moving closer away to

the ex exclusion area. To the

boundary of that exclusion

area. Yes, to the boundary. Right around, as well as sailing boats and cruisers, there are a number of

people on kayaks that have people on kayaks that have come

out on the beach. We are only is 1.4 kilometres in front of Where we're standing the ship

us. It certainly looks like

it's ready to go down because

it's got I think 16 holes in the hull that have been the cutting charges prepared for the placement of

waterline and as you've heard, this will be a controlled inflow it. People inundate the vessel and sink this and they're expecting Big Bang they're going to be disappointed. What happens is

a slow burn underneath.

fireworks on the deck, as I They've actually got some

a little dramatic for understand it, to make it look

a little dramatic for everyone

gathered there. Yes. I have heard that's going to happen. and more people coming along to the areas right around this

point. People running down thinking they're about to it. There's a very large it. There's a very large sign

on the ship as well which must be explosion, it is like a banner.

I'm assuming they're going to

water. wouldn't want to go into the

come off and everyone left the

ship quite some time Coyle from that organisation who is overseeing the sinking all those holes in the side of the ship are specifically cut there

saying that those can fit about

two divers between them and cuts specifically and have a good look inside. and have a good look around

significant tourism dollars that's going inside. They're expecting that

that's going to bring in some significant tourism dollars the Central Coast of significant tourism dollars for

this morning also when we were

here before dawn, at around

5.30, we could see them cutting

5.30, we could see them cutting those

those holes. You could see

sparks flying out from

metal on ex HMAS Adelaide. They've certainly been

preparing right until the end. I've just turned around spoken to some of I've just turned around and

spoken to some of the # organisers. Everyone is busy

talking to people on the water.

Still no sign when it is going

to go ahead. As soon as they

dolphins move - they don't look

like they've moved very much all. They're going to frustrate like they've moved very much at

the organisers of this and

they're going to frustrate every media organisation

for this to actually happen.

There's going to be... When it does actually happen, the

be a muffled noise when these description is there's going to

chemicals react and shoot a hot copper burst towards the

plates. The expectation plates. The expectation there will be some sort of muffled

noise amongst all the noise amongst all the

fireworks. I've heard that. There'll also be There'll also be smoke rising from that and from the fireworks. It is designed that it sinkses horizontally. It is planned it will sink straight

down 32 metres which is quite a perfect

perfect depth for divers. I

don't know if you've ever been diving but I diving but I have and 32 metres

is a pretty good depth. You

need to be an advanced diver to

get to that. I don't think I'll get to your stage. There's a number of get to your advanced

divers here that have already

come up. They're going to be waiting around

going a bit of a waiting around because there's

going a bit of a competition

and it then bookings are go out in a week. Of course, boat operators will be able to

it is going to be months before

this artificial reef is formed and lots of flock to it straight away. I flock to it straight away. I think those dolphins will be first in. No doubt, that's around for. Saying "we're

going to be first in there to

swim through those holes and take a good luck take a good luck around." Getting Getting back to this No Ship Action Group which they launched some last-minute court

court action Environment Court, but opinion is the Central Coast as to whether

this should take place or not. Even though some

action groom being totally against this, there was some suggestion they happy this group was able get the authorities to clean the it was ensure that at least there less of an environmental

Ship Action Group have said earlier this earlier this week, because as you mentioned on Monday, the NSW Ombudsman Bruce NSW Ombudsman Bruce barber ruled out a last-minute Group spent $70,000 fighting Government and also the

Government and also the new Liberal Government who Liberal Government who have upheld that, the decision in the Land and Environment the Land and Environment Court, and the group had taking another injunction taking another injunction to prevent the scuttling but prevent the scuttling but they had no more money left to do

so. What the spokesman Monday. so. What the spokesman said on

Monday. The concern about this

dangerous lead paint, Joe, the ship was built United States and in 1979 they

chemical in paint known as PCBs and there's the no ship the no ship action were saying obviously there are levels of cheese this paint. It is safe, they've now in fact... The paint on the ship has actually

concern that once it sinks, the

paint will flake off, we're so

close to the shore it will end up onshore in the sand, children will eat it when children will eat it when they

go to the beach, because little

children eat sand, but look, as

far as we know, the Government's obviously Government's obviously claiming that they're the information that the No

Ship Action Group has put out has been misinformed. Can the

cameraman get a shot of these

dolphins? Who do we know dolphins? Who do we know where

the dolphins are now? Do they

seem to be moving along much or

they're still kind of in there amongst it? I guess it is a

bit hard to see exactly bit hard to see exactly where

they are. Maybe where these

boats are running around on the surface. They're still trying

to round them in. It is like

rounding up cattle. You can there just in that northern

area. That's that northern

area that they've been the whole time. Yes. Can you see, Joe, the yellow boat? looks like the coast... It is

out of shot at the moment, but

the been scooting around trying

to get them out of the area.

Yes, there it is. To the left

of that and just behind them,

where there's not as many

boats, the boats all look...

The flotilla look neatly lined

up, they are a not far from the

far end of the exclusion zone which would be hard

see. There's buoys. It looks

like a large shark net really

right around the area. I've just once again asked just once again asked if

they've heard anything. I'm just

just being told when the flare

goes up it's one minute. We're

waiting for that. We're

minutes ago. Yes. We don't want to miss the moment when the muffled explosion and the muffled explosion and the fireworks do

going to get a minute's notice when that

Yes, I am. Joe, earlier this morning I was talking to Leonie

Baldwin and she was part of the group that cot the ship up

here. She's here. She's actually standing here right next to me. I might just ask her just ask her about the what's been interesting about it, there been a long campaign up been a long campaign up here to get an artificial reef

artificial reef? You shouldn't

asked for a ship to be asked for a ship to be sunk offshore, I In actual fact it was a

community organisation known as the Central reef project group that lobbied

government to try to get a reef here and they in fact looking for looking for all sorts of opportunities, trucks at one stage, they wanted get the HMAS Brisbane, eventually went the HMAS Canberra the HMAS Canberra which eventually went eventually, of course, the Adelaide came along. involved quite a process within government. The New South Wales Government

Wales Government had to Wales Government had to accept that... Had to seek from the

Federal Government to

gain the boat and it was actually gifted them to the NSW Government through a deed of gift, quite a complex process T had to go

actually do that. As a result

of that, we thent through quite the ship, first in terms of a demill tar risation process and it was stripped chemicals and fuel and so forth. This has been... Part of

the push has been because tourism. Many local businesses have been supportive what. have been supportive what. Do you think it will do

tourism on the Central Coast?

I think this will be the icon

for the Central Coast. Central Coast will be known as the home

of HMAS Adelaide or ex HMAS Adelaide. It will Adelaide. It will boost tourism enormously. We're

expecting... It's hard to put

if in dollars, but the if in dollars, but the flow-on impacts of this will be

hospitality industry as well hospitality industry as well as

of course the diving of course the diving industry. It means there will It means there will answer a

lot more jobs on the Central

Coast and that's one of the reasons why government supported this, of earlier today I was also...

I've been down around the skillion, the edge of the skillion talking to

people... Just explain to

people who haven't been to that hear what the skillion is. Yes. The skillion is a large look

out. It is the point of the

beach. You've got north Avoca

Beach. If you any rock face on the edge of

the beach, this has a look out. It's a very popular area that

has also been cordoned off where a lot of people aren't up

here. It's here. It's basically where the

media and officials are and

we've got the best spot to be bringing you these bringing you these fantastic pictures. Around the bottom of

the skillion you ask get the skillion you ask get quite a good view of the

that's where a number of people have gathered this morning. Some people have been there,

I've spoken to them, thief come from Sydney at five from Sydney at five o'clock in America and then floated morning. She was built in

here or sailed out here by the

Australian crew. They did all of the actual training in

America and then brought out. Yes, it out. Yes, it was one of the big things when the Australian navy because they were quite

fast, very fast on the take fast, very fast on the take up

because they were very pitch

prop. I think it is a great idea. It will bring tourism

into the area and help the businesses businesses out. It will bring a lot of people wanting to in the area overnight and think it is a think it is a fantastic idea. What about the that the protesters that the protesters had? I think they've well and truly

organising it, organising it, the ship's going to be pretty clean when down. Disglmpblingt down. Disglmpblingt the government went out of government went out of their way to look at the way to look at the concerns,

make sure that make sure that every concern that he had was looked at and

to see if it was still a threat before the ship went down. They've got a lot of independent people into to check for PCBs and those sorts since. Right now good. It really S you good. It really S you should come back. Can you dive? can dive. Okay.

back. I will. I will. He's a diver, he can down. You organised a date up there Bridget. Good see. Might bring you see. Might bring you up Joe

Australian can do your dive certificate as well. Okay. We're waiting on of ex HMAS Adelaide, if you just joined us, ship built around 1980s in US. It was due to happen about 15-minutes

in the side of the ship. Those are for divers to swim are for divers to swim through

once it is on the bottom. There are extra holes in the

bottom that are going to be burnt through by copper burnt through by copper piping. There's chemicals in copper piping that are going to be activate bid an electrical charge and they're going to

burn through the bottom of the boat couple of minutes. It was supposed to happen about 15 minutes ago but a pod dolphins has turned up in the exclusion zone and dolphins out of the

the sinking can take place. the sinking can take place. Brigid Glanville, our reporter, is on day at Avoca Beach. day at Avoca Beach. The ship is about 1.8 kilometres off bottom there about 30 wreck once it is settled

bottom there about 30 metres deep. Apparently, Bridget, as a quite advanced diver has us that's the perfect depth for a dive spot. You were just

talking to one of the ladies there before who has been

involved in bringing the ship involved in bringing the ship

up here to set up a dive spot. She's a bit of a diver She's a bit of a diver herself

too. She is. Intheens work

she has been working on this the last cap couple of years.

I can still see that pod of

dolphins. It doesn't seem dolphins. It doesn't seem to

have gone much further back. There's a big school of baitfish in the exclusion zone,

so I don't know what sort luck so I don't know what sort of

luck they're going to have getting rid of the pod of

dolphins. Maybe the problem is the spectator craft act like

when those sharks are hunting

fish and the baitfish think

they're caught in a circle of

sharks and thets brought the dolphins in. There are a number

of jet skis with water police

on them hooning across.

Exclusion zone obviously trying

to the poor pod of dolphins.

People, there People, there still... There

are still large crowds of

people gathered right across the coastline right around on

the rocks waiting for it all to

happen, which is what we're all

just doing now, waiting for it to happen. Joe, I should tell

you, the ex HMAS Adelaide was a

long-range escort frigate and as I built in the United States and

commissioned in 1980 and it was

decommissioned in 2008 after 27

years in service. I thought that seemed like a short

lifespan but I am told it is

not. The major roles included

the first Gulf War in 19 9 1, peacekeeping operations in East

Timor and deployeded to the Arabian Gulf in 2001 It was involved in the high-profile search and rescue of the solo yachtsman Tony Bullemore from the Southern

Ocean in 19 97. Ocean in 19 97. Just some information from for people who

are long. It has a beam or width

of 14.3 metres and displacement of 14.3 metres and a displacement of 4100 tonnes. That's probably why it is not

going to take very long going to take very long to sink. It is the dive site in NSW, keeping in military dive site to coastline in Australia. Ex

HMAS Swan is an ex HMAS Perth are both sunk ex HMAS Canberra is in Victoria

and the ex HMAS Brisbane is off the coast of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. We might try and

eventually get the protest No Ship Action Group on the line to see if they're the ones who've wrangled these dolphins

to frustrate this place. They're down on the

vogue beach where they have been since last night. been there since last night

where they had a They're not up here in this

area. They're down on the

beach. I was gaining attention

of one of the organisers if they've heard anything else about when it is going to

happen. No, they're all

looking at me with their hands up in the air. dolphins. I think we've got

Bill Gladstone, a marine

scientist on the line. We

might bring him in now. Welcome. Can you believe this

group, this pod of dolphins is causing so many problems? Yes, what a coincidence to happen on a day like today. Yes. Obviously, this is one of the

things that could have happened and it

Those dolphins are the Central Coast area. I've spent a lot of time diving often see these pods and dolphins and dolphins and they move up and down the down the coast as part of their daily movements looking for

food and things. It is just a coincidence, they just happen to be

your perspective as a

scientist about your concerns

in relation to these dolphins

and this scuttling not and this scuttling not going ahead because of the area now. As we understand it, it is a very it, it is a very controlled process with a chemicals

burning a hole in the bottom of the boat and the it is not as if there's a huge

explosion or anything like that. Explain to us why this

would have to be put off. It

looks like these dolphins are

about 200 metres or so from

ship at the moment. Why is it an issue anyway? It is potentially an issue because of

the large amount of boat

traffic and I think you're

right, Joe, that there's no

actual explosions that happen

below the waterline, so there's

no large bangs or anything that might inner fear with the

dolphin's hearing ability. It is is a very controlled burn that

happens underneath the water to

melt the metal. It is good caution that the animals are there so that the dolphins are

out of harm's way. They out of harm's way. They seem to

be a very stubborn pod of

dolphins, this bunch. It looks like the Coastguard boat

circling it at the moment.

That's the best way to try to

get them out of the area. It is. You can safely is. You can safely move dolphins with a boat as long as

you're kept a safe distance

from them. There's probably so from them. There's probably so

many boats around there at the moment it is going to be a think. Are you surprised that

they're actually in the area now with all these boat

traffic? Would you of boats in this area now. They're on this of boats in this area now. They're on this boundary They're on this boundary around the ex HMAS surprised that they haven't

been scared away by all the

boat traffic anyway? common residents around area and there's area and there's lots of boats

that use that waterway all the time. They're probably used to may have been attracted to some extent to see what's going extent to see what's going on with all the got front row seats. Yes. They don't usually have experiences with boats anyway. So they're probably So they're probably unlikely to be dibs on taking a look through

ex HMAS Adelaide once it

the bottom. Yes, the first to dive on it. I was dive on it. I was hoping to be part of that but probably the mentioned you dive in this area a bit, do you? A done marine research in the area for a long been doing some research in preparation for preparation for the sinking of the ship What sort the ship What sort of research? To understand what effect it will have on marine habitats that surround

the scuttling site, we propose

it is going to benefit the stocks of it is going to benefit the fish stocks of the area, we have

been doing baseline surveys for the

document the fish life and other marine life in the other marine life in the area

and then we'll and then we'll be following

that as soon as the ship is scuttled and see how that

years. Could you just hang on for one second. We've Brigid Glanville on the spot at the moment. She the moment. She might have

some news for us. What can

tell us Bridget? Yes. We've just been

to be about 10 minutes. It

takes about five minutes or so to reset the charges. to reset the charges. Then there will be a five minute

flare. It is going to happen in 10 minutes. In in 10 minutes. In the meantime, Joe, I think you need here dives and you don't, Joe. You're not going to be able look at it. I'm look at it. I'm keen on getting

my now. I'll get it organised

at some stage. At 11.05 should happen, 11.04

time, so we should see it go

down then. We may as well hang

on to this. We've been waiting

for this to happen for a while,

if you've just joined us, if you've just joined us, this

is ex HMAS Adelaide about to be

sunk off the Central Coast of

NSW. It was due to minutes going but a pod of

dolphins has been in the area. They've moved them to the perimeter of the exclusion zone, but at last we saw they

were still in the collusion in

the exclusion zone but they're

confident the dolphins will be

safe if it goes ahead. We've

got Bill glat ston Gladstone on

the phone. You're in Noosa at

the moment; is that right?

Yes, I was on hoping to be there for the

scuttling of the ship but we

planned our holidays a while ago. I'm sure you're watching

it on ABC News feel part of it

anyway. Exactly. You've actually been involved in the research of this very research of this very area

before the ship's been sunk. What

What sort of things were What sort of things were you looking at and looking at and how are you going to monitor it in future? Is this because there was concern about environment or are you looking

at it in terms of how it is going to develop as

environment? The latter one, Joe. We're interested in how

the ship' will be colonized by marine life and we're

fish will move on to the ship after it's sunk and how long it will take for that fish

community to develop on the ship. Ultimately over ship. Ultimately over time, how long it will take for fish to build up to such a level on the ship that they'll be able

to move away from that and then

reefs. Just how quickly can you expect we

couple of days. You'd probably

find the first types of fish

would urn up in the first

couple of days, maybe fish that

would be would be roaming around anyway,

what we call the king fish, for example or Macreligion that would be swimming through. They might be the first ones to

take up residence on there. We think over the coming are appearing in the are appearing in the water from the the breeding season, they would

be the next start colonizing. At the same time, would be started to colonized by marine, such as algae and

heard this morning heard this morning in one report we can expect coral develop on it. There was a mention of the warming of the planet. Does that have

anything to do it or is there already coral that exists whole lot of coursal that occurs don't know that

don't know that much about it

and that's likely to form part of the reef that develops on top of top of the ship over time. Bill, if you could stay

on the line I would appreciate it before this...'S Not really an

an explosion, before the

scuttling happens. We've scuttling happens. We've got Michelle Meares from the No

Ship Action Group which has

been fighting this scuttling,

on the phone now, as well. Are you responsible for organising

this pod of dolphins to frustrate process? Look, we can't take

credit for that, no. You must

be pretty happy that they've turned up. Look, I think it is sending a government and governments throughout the world, putting these toxic warships in the ocean is not appreciated by

dolphins and marine dolphins and marine life. You still have serious concerns about the possible

about the possible impact from about the possible impact from

the lead paint on ship. Absolutely. It has 2.3 times of pure lead is about to be dumped at ocean next to our beach. I be dumped at the bottom of the

ocean next to our beach. I heard your ocean next to our heard your previous speaker is considerable debate amongst the scientific community whether whether these artificial reefs

aggregate fish away from reefs.

There is a fishing exclusion There is a aggregate fish away from reefs. zone around the wreck and fish swim and there are two fishing zone around the wreck and fish

flat trms close to the Scullion, people will swim and there are two fishing flat Scullion, people will be has refused to test has refused to test the paint. It is they're continuing with this scuttling the

marine scientist we were just

talking to. I don't know if

you heard Michelle then, you heard Michelle then, but do

you as a marine says tis you as a marine says tis who is

going to monitor this do you have concerns about have concerns about the effects of this lead of this lead paint? The question

was examined thoroughly in the tribunal. You may remember there was a hearing last year to look at the claims raised

to look at the claims raised by the No Ship Action Group and

the Tribunal looked thoroughly

about lead and about lead and they looked that

the detail and concluded the

type of lead that's on the ship and lead paint and lead paint can have other types... Various types of lead compounds within it and compounds within it and the type of lead compound that's type of lead compound that's in this lead paint that's on the ship isn't in a form either readily absorbed within living organisms anyway.

Even though the lead may be there, and it is generally is not bioavailable to living organisms. to living organisms. That's why Tribunal came down with conclusion it didn't pose conclusion it didn't pose any serious harm serious harm to either the environment or to humans. Michelle Meares, after hearing that from a marine scientist, why do you still have What the judge actually said the judgment is the judgment is that lead in the marine environment is not well understood. Hence they've extended the monitoring around