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Call for ban on junk food ads -

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(generated from captions) The Australian Medical Association has declared war on junk food in schools. It says unless something is done about childhood eating habits, half of all Australian children will be obese in 20 years time. Hamish Fitzsimmons reports.

It's a crisis the peak doctors' group says it's desperate to reverse - the rise in childhood obesity due to poor diet and lack of exercise which is causing ill health at a time of life when people should be at their fittest. These issues that we now see in children around blood pressure and diabetes, joint pains from being overweight, early signs of heart disease and there are some links with cancers as well, are becoming that much more prevalent. The AMA says its statement on nutrition is aimed at improving the health of all Australians. Its main focus is childhood obesity and the AMA has declared war on junk food in schools. It wants healthier food served in tuckshops and an end to chocolates and lollies being sold as fundraisers. But its most ambitious target is a ban on junk food TV ads aimed at children. The doctors' groups biggest concern is that a generation is growing up that might not outlive its parents.

That's why were being quite puritanical about this. It's not an easy set of resolutions or responses here. Some of these are pretty hard-hitting, some of them are going to be offensive to the advertising industry, some are going to be offensive to the food industry, but that's the way it has to be. towards healthy eating for children, Parents groups applaud the push do present some problems. but say the recommendations at funding schools better, I think governments have to look there to their school communities so that they don't have to go out and do fundraising. to look at the big issue But, indeed, we've got of our children's health and obesity is a huge problem year by year. and we know it is growing Part of the AMA's push its recommendations is to get government behind and legislate the bans it's seeking. Labor is backing the report. One of the reasons on the health of our children Labor has been focusing to breed a generation of children is we're worried we are now about life expectancies who will have reduced

because of preventable illness. as big as that, When you're facing an issue you've got to look at all options. The Federal Government says of things the AMA is calling for, it's already doing a number nutritional survey including a national more exercise and healthier eating. and funding programs encouraging Hamish Fitzsimmons, Lateline.