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(generated from captions) Vanessa O'Hanlon, thank you. Thanks, Joe. The top

industry today - the Australian uranium today - the Australian

into the debate over uranium into the debate over

matter exports to India, saying it's a

Government. matter for the Federal

could be on the verge of Government. The Labor Party

overturning its long-held ban

the Prime Minister trying to on uranium sales to India, with

rally support for the move. An

to Afghanistan fears for his asylum seeker to be sent back asylum seeker to be sent

life. Ismail Mirza Jan he'll be killed if he's returned to Afghanistan. Federal Government plans to returned to Afghanistan. The

deport Mr Jan at the end of the

week. The asylum seeker

arrived in Australia on a false

last year. Turkish passport in February

last year. Syria is facing

increasing isolation from its

Arab neighbours, with its President under mounting pressure to

pressure to step down. Now

Jordan's King Abdullah has Jordan's King Abdullah

become the first Arab leader to

publicly call for Syria's

President Bashar al-Assad to

stand down. The call comes

after the Arab League suspended

Syria's membership for its

violent crackdown on

protesters. The Socceroos preparing protesters. The Socceroos are

preparing for their World Cup

qualifying match against

Thailand in Bangkok tonight. One point is all One

need to progress through to the

next round of the World Cup

qualifiers. When they take to

the field tonight, they'll play without Harry Kewell. The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, has

changed her mind and is now

backing a push to end the ban

on uranium exports to India.

The issue will be debated at next month's ALP next Ms Gillard argues the Ms Gillard argues the move

would strengthen Australia's

relations with India. has been mounting to change the relations with India. Pressure

policy. policy. Resources Minister

Martin Ferguson and Foreign support selling uranium to Minister Kevin Rudd

India. We'll cross live now to political correspondent Melissa Clarke in Canberra. Clarke in Canberra. Melissa,

what's the likely outcome at the ALP national conference the ALP national

next month? Well, it now seems

inevitable there will be a change in Labor Party change in Labor Party policy when it comes to exporting

uranium to India. We have had

over recent years a gradual

when loosening of that ALP policy

when it comes to nuclear

issues. We've seen a change

issues. We've seen a change in

the past with the three dams

policy being expanded. We now

herself, saying that we should including have very influential figures,

be exporting uranium to India.

That seems the most likely

outcome in December, that we outcome in December, that we will

Someone with the will have a change in policy.

word who will know with more

influential certainty than I is an

influential figure in the Labor

Party from Victoria, Senator

now. Thanks very much for now. David Fieny, who's joining me

joining us. Thanks very much,

Melissa. What is the likelihood

now that the Prime Minister has

thrown her weight behind

uranium exports to India, is it be now inevitable that that will

be the outcome? inevitable. I think what the inevitable. I think what

is Prime Minister has clearly said

to be had at ALP national is she wants this conversation

conference. If a change

accomplished there, then the conference. If a change is

policy. The issue is now Government

before the Labor Party and it

will take place with a ram

buntionus conversation and lots

of different view points put.

That's the way it is. We

literally have hundreds of delegates representing

thousands of party thousands of party members

conference coming together at our national

conference early next month.

I'm sure it will be a very important debate there. No doubt it will be a ram bunkus

debate. Is there much possibility of there being an

outcome where the party decides

of the sitting Prime Minister, on a different position to that

that would leave you in an

awkward situation? I hope not. What the Prime Minister said today is a commonsense What the Prime Minister has said

approach, that India is a very

important trading partner for

Australia, it is a stable and

democratic country, it's been democratic country, it's been a

mature nuclear power for many

decades, and it doesn't make

sense for Australia to have a policy

policy of selling uranium to

and not to and the United States or to China

a second-class citizen. So I think the Prime Minister's

proposition is very simple and straightforward, a very straightforward, a very logical

one, one that's good for

Australia. I hope it

backed. Would circumventing the Australia. I hope it gets

nuclear non-proliferation

treaty, though, give it less credence in international

circles? Aren't you undoing

the good work that the

non-proliferation treaty has

done and that Australia has

been heavily involved in

promoting by just working

around it when it doesn't suit

Australia? Well, I think the

non-proliferation treaty you're

talking about has unfortunately been a dead-letter treaty since

at least 2007, since the United States States and India resumed nuclear relations and United States started working with

India on a nuclear So I think the non-proliferation treaty, insofar as India is concerned,

has kind of reached its use-by

date some time ago. The

proposition that Australia

would stand alone in not

selling uranium to India and

its nuclear industry, which, as I say, is I say, is a mature one, would really just start to look

silly. Why should we embark differently to a country like China, for instance? Moving on

to another element that Julia

Gillard has indicated, changed

position on, she's also indicated she'd support a conscience vote when it comes

to same-sex marriage, to same-sex marriage, even

though she herself though she herself doesn't

support a change. I understand initially you were against changes

changes to the Marriage Act, but you've but you've since changed your

mind. Can you tell us your thoughts

thoughts on this issue? Well, thoughts on this issue? Well,

I guess my thoughts on this

issue are that there are very

strongly held views on both

sides of the Labor Party. It's

a controversial issue. We're

dealing with issues including people's religious convictions people's

as well as very strongly held views

views from long-time activists.

It just makes sense for the

Labor Party to consider, Labor Party to consider, when

thinking about how it handle s

itself, to say let's have a

conscience vote, let's have a

situation where Labor Party MPs can consult with their communities and with their own

consciences and make their own

independent decision. Conscience votes have

previously limited to issues of

Is that now no longer Is that now no longer a

restriction? Will that open up the gambit for more conscience votes votes to take place? votes to take place? Perhaps.

I don't think it's true to say

that the Labor Party hasn't

adopted this approach before. In SA, for instance, Premier Don Dunstan used the conscience vote on several occasions.

This is a device the Labor

Party has used on issues like this this in different parts of the

country. It's in the tool kit,

if you will. It makes sense for us to reach for it for us to reach for it on this occasion

occasion and say, "Listen, is an issue where every

individual Labor Party MP can

search their own conscience search their own conscience and make their own decision". I understand you'd like

provisions that would allow churches or sell brants who don't want to conduct same-sex marriages to not be compelled

to. I would ask, if you come

to the conclusion that it's

discriminatory not to allow

same-sex marriage, how can you

then allow an exception then allow an exception which allows that discrimination to continue?

continue? We don't allow continue? We don't allow that

where we recognise other forms

of discrimination? This is where commonsense comes where commonsense comes in

handy, I think. Churches have long enjoyed certain exemptions to discrimination law, because churches obviously have

beliefs. There are church

doctrines where they have a

religious sense of right and wrong and good and bad. wrong and good and bad. It

makes sense for us to respect makes sense for us to respect those churches and those churches and those

institutions and their right to

their own beliefs. We're not

making homosexuality compulsory

here in this bill. We're

obviously talking here obviously talking here about respecting different rights in

different ways across the

community. So I don't see the

contradiction you're

for. Just finally, do you agree

that by allowing a conscience

vote for the ALP, but with the likelihood that the Coalition likelihood that the Coalition

would vote as a block against any moves to allow same-sex

marriage, it's inevitable any

effort in the near term to legislate same-sex marriage would inevitably fall over?

No, I really don't. I think

this is an interesting question

commentators need to asking. commentators need to start asking. Why are you letting

the Liberal Party off the hook

here? The Liberal Party has long maintained, with its hand

on its heart, that Party's caucus system and every Party's caucus system and every member of the Liberal Party free to vote their own conscience. Well, the conscience. Well, the rubber

just hit the road. Let's see how they do. The Labor Party could could force the could force the outcome by

making it its policy, making

MPs toe the party line, working

with cross-benchers? I'm

saying that's a silly way to go.

go. I think it's silly for us

to advance this cause or for anyone to think the cause anyone to think the cause would

be advanced in coercing people

to take a viewpoint. Why can't

you put

you put to Malcolm Turnbull or Senator Brandis or any of the other so-called Liberal moderate s they have

consciences and what are consciences and what are they

doing? I don't agree with you that the Labor Party's decision

to have a conscience vote here

predetermines the result. The

Liberal Party have to come up

with something a bit more with something a bit more nuance than just "no" in order to

to advance the proposition. They

They can't be let off the hook, Melissa. Senator, that's all we have time for. Thanks very

much for joining us No much for joining us No worries,

thanks very much. Joe, you can be assured there will be a ram

bunkus debate, that of course

is what the Prime Minister Julia

Julia Gillard herself has

called for in her reforms to

the ALP. She wants debate and doesn't always want to be a

winner, but I'm sure on winner, but I'm sure on these

two issues she would like to. Be. We'll have extensive

coverage of that. Thanks very

much. It's been confirmed much. It's been confirmed that

South African police were with

cricket commentator Peter

Roebuck when he took his life.

The ABC's Jim Maxwell says police had arrived at Mr Roebuck's Cape Town take him into custody to face a

sexual assault charge made

Zimbabwean man in his 20s. Zimbabwean man in his 20s. Africa correspondent Africa correspondent Ginny

Stein spoke with Jim Maxwell in Johannesburg. I'm sure what happened was triggered by the visit of the police and the

fact that they were going to charge him with a sexual

assault, alleged sexual assault, which meant he was going

going to be detained and would

then have to appear in court on

Monday. This is what I discovered when I went discovered when I went to his room after he made a very agitated, dramatic, despairing

phone call to my room. He was

absolutely on edge and when I arrived, the detective came out and

and filled me in on the detail.

It was then that I asked if I could

could speak to him and he said,

"Well, just for a moment,

because clearly they didn't want their want their case compromised in

some way, I suppose, by what he

may have said to me. So I only

had a few moments he was desperate to get in

touch with all those students

that were in his care. He

didn't have a phone number. He was going on we weren't going very far with

that. Then he wanted a lawyer

and I said, "Look, I'll see what I can

what I can do". Then I made

some reference to the fact that

perhaps I could get in touch

with John Fairfax, his main employer, and he said,

won't have to do that, they'll know." It that the police said "I'm sorry, you'll have to go" You

left the room. It wasn't long

after - how long after - before

he took his life? I'm trying to piece this together, to piece this together, but I'd

say it probably happened fairly

quickly. If it's the case quickly. If it's the case that there was only one policeman in

the room, I'm inclined to the

belief that, sadly, when I left

the room and the detective came out

out with me, because I wanted

to get his mobile phone number

so I could ring him, it may have occurred there and then,

because I then moved down

corridor to speak to one of my

colleagues and I was standing

in the doorway telling him in the doorway telling him what

had occurred and within a matter

matter of a minute I could hear

outside the lift the detective

talking on his mobile phone talking on his mobile phone to

someone about how there had

been a complication and been a complication and trying to make out what he was to make out what he was saying.

It sounded like someone It sounded like someone had

gone out the window and that

person, sadly, was dead. person, sadly, was dead. Then he

he started speaking in

Africaance, so I didn't get the

rest of the conversation It was

a matter of minutes of you walking out that room Absolutely, just like

that, as quick as that. What

was he was he saying to you in the room when he made that phone

call to you? What was he

saying about these charges, or

this charge? He didn't this charge? He didn't say

anything about them. Obviously

it was a matter I would it was a matter I would have

loved to have pursued with him,

but I don't think the police

wanted that talked about. They

really just wanted me to be

able to make some contact it got. Are you concerned about

how he's going to be rernd? I

am a little, but I think it's important

important for people to realise

that he was a remarkably

brilliant person, an brilliant person, an

unbelievably good writer on the

game who could write off game who could write off 1,000

words at the drop of a hat just

on a skerrick of information.

He was also an outstanding

commentator and brought some

diversity of opinion to the ABC's ABC's coverage. As I say, I

think he was a very caring

human being. He really did

have strong motivation for a better world. There was better world. There was a

sense of sense of justice about

everything he did and that's

the sort of world that he was

trying to ensure. So trying to ensure. So that's

how I'm going to remember him, and

and as a friend, unfortunate, I

no longer have. Jim Maxwell

talking there to Ginny Stein in South Africa. South Africa. It's only day one of the one of the new inquiry into

press standards in London and

the scale has already been

revealed of the hacking scandal one of the

at the 'News of the World' and

possibly other papers. possibly other papers. 28 staff at the 'News of the

World' may have been involved

and hundreds of voice mails

intercepted. The inquiry,

chaired by Lord Justice

Leveson, will be looking Leveson, will be looking at

whether the press can be left to

whether the press can be left

to set its own standards. to set its own standards. He warned editors against targeting witnesses at the inquiry. It was the scandal

that began with the 'News of the World', biggest-selling newspaper and one of its brashest,

one of its brashest, the revelation that the paper had

hacked into the murdered

schoolgirl Milly Dowler's voice

mails prompted outrage, mails prompted outrage, the paper's closure and the Leveson inquiry.

inquiry. The parents of

Madeleine McCann, politicians

like Lord Prescott and Tessa like Lord Prescott and Tessa

Jull, along with JK Rowling,

Hugh Grant and see en a Miller,

all alleged victims of

newspaper intrusion, are among

50 core participants who will

give evidence to the inquiry.

Today, in the measured an appeal court judge, Lord

Justice Leveson issued a warning to

warning to newspapers. Concern

has specifically been expressed

that those who speak out might

be targeted adversely by press as a result. I have press as a result. I have

absolutely no wish to stifle

freedom of speech and

expression. But if it appears

that those concerns are that those concerns are made

out, without objective

justification, it might be appropriate to draw the

conclusion that these vital

rights are being the inquiry heard just how much

phone hacking had been done by this

this man, private this man, private detective Glen Mulcaire, originally said to have been working for a

single rogue reporter. Police found the names of staff not

just at 'News of the World' but

at its News International

sister paper 'The Sun' and even the 'Daily Mirror', though Mirror again denied any

involvement today. At all involvement today. At all 28

people, one made alone at 1400 people, one made alone at 1400 requests for information. More and more information keeps coming out that for at one newspaper at least, there was what we might coming

sort of wild west behaviour in

which they more or less thought they could get away with virtually virtually anything. Lord Leveson's inquiry is actually in

in two parts. The first is

looking at the general they

of the press, its relations

with the police and politicians

and whether the present system of newspaper regulation of newspaper regulation is broken and, if broken and, if so, how it

should be fixed. The second is

into the illegal activities into the illegal activities by newspapers which started newspapers which started all

this in the first place, but that

that can't begin until the

police have finished their for many months. The inquiry

admitted today it's putting the

cart before the horse. The

inquiry continues tomorrow. It will will begin hearing evidence

from witnesses who say they

were victims of press intrusion next

next week. The top stories this morning

morning - the Prime Minister is

heading for a showdown with the

Labor left, with a decision to

allow uranium exports to India.

An asylum seeker to be sent back to

his life. Ismail Mirza Jan says he'll be killed if he's returned to Afghanistan. And Syria is Syria is facing Syria is facing increasing isolation from isolation from its Arab neighbours. The king of Jordan

has become the first Arab

leader to publicly call for

Syria's President to Syria's President to accept

down. Taking a quick look at the the weather in the capital

cities around the nation today:

The local share market has fallen on more worries about

the cost of borrowing in Italy.

The Australian dollar is buying

nearly $1.02 US. After a string

of bungles, Russia's space

program is back on track with a

rocket now on its way to the International Space Station.

The Soyuz space craft is carrying three astronauts carrying three astronauts and

the hopes of a nation desperate

to restore its reputation. At a

snow-covered launch pad in blasts off in a crucial step to

restoring faith in restoring faith in Russian

technology. Lift of of the

Soyuz 22 ... they head to the international space international space station,

due for docking on due for docking on Tuesday. On

board, two Russians and one

American. It's the first launch

launch in several months after a series of mishaps forced Russia to suspend its space program. In August, a unmanned rocket carrying cargo

crashed soon after launch. And

in another embarrassing case, a

multimillion dollar satellite

was put off course. The situation has threatened the future of the International

Space Station, a $100 billion

investment by 16 nations.

Since NASA scrapped its shuttle

program earlier this year,

Russia now plays a key role in

shipping supplies. It's a new

era because we're now seeing

the first crew to go to the

space station that won't have

the space shuttle to help. The enormous part of building the space

space station and now we're

seeing a new era where Russians

are really having to be the only only way we can get up there. It will take two days for the astronauts to meet up

with the with the existing crew members

on the space station and when

they do, this is the

spectacular view they can

expect. This time-lapse video

made of photographers from the space station shows the Aurora

Australis south of Australis south of Australia and pulsing electrical and pulsing electrical storms on top of the world.

on top of the world. Not bad

at all. Now here are some at all. Now here are some more

dramatic shots of nature for you. There have been

spectacular scenes in Congo, where a volcano is producing

lava fountains reaching up to 400 metres high. It's Africa's

most active volcano. It's in a remote area of

remote area of the remote area of the Democratic

republic of Congo, close to the town

town of goma, which has a population of half a million

people. There's dramatic increase in seismic activity and the eruptions activity and the eruptions have intensified. intensified. Volume canologists are keeping canologists are keeping a close

eye on it. The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has called for fundamental reforms activity called for fundamental reforms of the European Union during

his annual lord mayor's banquet

speech, but it wasn't all

serious. He also gave serious. He also gave a

light-hearted rendition of our

Prime Minister. Let's take a

listen. I've had a year of

interesting travel myself. One

of the highlights was going to Australia to Heads of Government Meeting and

chairing a meeting of all chairing a meeting of all the

countries who have the Queen as

their head of state, where we

agreed in an historic agreement

that if the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have a little girl,

that girl will be our Queen. that At the end of this meeting At the end of this meeting I turned to the turned to the Australian Prime

Minister and said, "Thank you At

very much, Julia, for allowing

us to have this meeting in

Australia", and she said - I can't quite do the accent, I'll try, "Not a bit, David,

this is good news for sheilas this is good news for sheilas everywhere".

everywhere". Who said international relations wasn't

Julia Gillard's strong point?

The Socceroos will take on

Thailand tonight in a World Cup qualifier

qualifier match in Bangkok. The Australians will have something to prove after a

disappointing loss to Oman disappointing loss to Oman on

Friday, but so will the Thai

players, who have more than

reason to win. reason to win. Here's

Zoe Daniel. The under 10s from

the Bangkok slum of clong toy learnt

learnt their footwork on the

street. Flooding kept their weekend clinic with the Australians

Australians off the grass and

they still impressed the Socceroos with their grit.

Well done. It always Well done. It always amazes

me when you look at kids from very underprivileged

backgrounds how much enjoyment they

they still get out of the

game. Australia lost to Oman

1-0 on Friday. They'll play in Bangkok without Harry Kewell, who's who's been sent due to injury and not a

conflict with the coach. Harry

is still one of the is still one of the best

Australian players and he

definitely figures in my plans. The Socceroos were challenged

Brisbane in September. This

time the ties are coming off a

3-0 loss to Saudi Arabia. It's

not a situation to go for any experiments.

experiments. We still need

points, because we had a

negative result in Oman. So negative result in Oman. So we

still have to go for the

points. It's points. It's a fact. Australia must win automatically to the next round of World Cup qualifiers. of World Cup qualifiers. Some Thai players have flooded homes, their preparation

cancellations and venue

changes. A loss would mean

elimination. But there's hope

that adversity will bring

victory. TRANSLATION: If they play

play as a team, they'll have play as a team, they'll have a

chance to win. As the Socceroos

have found here, Thai players

have skills and with country

still mid flood crisis, this

week they have even more than

usual to play for. Adam Scott

has moved ahead of has moved ahead of fellow Australian golfer Jason Day in Australian golfer Jason Day in

the latest world rankings. The

pair swapped places, with Scott

relegating Day to 8th. relegating Day to 8th. Scott won the PGA tour won the PGA tour invitational

in August and had 7 top in August and had 7 top 10

finishes this season. They

finished equal 4th at the

Australian Open. The US basketball season is in jeopardy after the jeopardy after the NBA's players union rejected the

League's latest offer in a

has scrapped the start of the

season and locked the players

out of team facilities. We've

arrived at the collusion that

the collective bargaining process has completely broken down and, as a result, within

the last hour we served the last hour we served a notice of disclaim er on Commissioner

Commissioner Stern and the

NBA. Both sides want a bigger

slice of the League's $4 billion income. In soccer news, Manchester City striker Manchester City striker Carl yoz Tevez again failed to turn up

up for training overnight. 27-year-old flew to Argentina without permission of the without permission of the club

last week. City instructed its lawyers to take action

following last week's absence and Tevez was meant to for a meeting with the club. The English Premier League front runners last month fined Tevez four Tevez four weeks wages, later

reduced to two, for five

breaches of contract breaches of contract relating

to his behaviour during the

club's 2-0 defeat at Bayern

Munich in September. To

cricket, Sri Lanka has beaten

Pakistan by 25 runs second one-day international in Dubai. Sri Lanka scored 7/235

off their 50 overs before restricting Pakistan to 210.

The win levels the

series at 1-1. Pakistan the series at 1-1. Pakistan won

the first match in Dubai by 8

wickets on Friday. Sri Lanka

is coached by WA's

Marsh. India is in a strong

position at the end of position at the end of the first day of the second Test

against the west indees in

Kolkata. India finished Kolkata. India finished on 5/346. Sachin Tendulkar hit 38,

missing out on making his missing out on making his 100th

international tonne. Let's get

an update now on today's

weather. Here is Vanessa

O'Hanlon. There's lots of cloud over

the north, along with areas of

low pressure, particularly over

the north-west of the country.

It will produce afternoon and

evening thunderstorms. Cloud

to the south of WA is moving

eastwards along with a cold front.

front. At the moment, though, front. At the moment, though, the skies are fairly clear in

the south-east, under the

influence of high-pressure

although later on today that frontal system will bring frontal system will bring a cooler gusty change and thundery

thundery showers. A trough in

the north will trigger storms

from the Kimberley down from the Kimberley down to northern NSW. northern NSW. Unstable

conditions across parts of Queensland's southern interior,

isolated showers and storms, the showers will continue near

the north-west border and about

the tropics. Fine in Brisbane, 31. Fine and 31. Fine and mostly sunny in NSW, apart from the chance of

isolated showers and isolated showers and storms

about the northern tablelands

and adjacent districts. By mid-afternoon in Victoria, cloud will increase west, rain and possible storms.

Warm north-westerly winds ahead

of a south-westerly change. Afternoon showers across Afternoon showers across Tasmania throughout the

afternoon northerly winds

strengthen, ahead of a west to south-westerly change south-westerly change this evening. SA - e? evening. SA - isolated will develop over the southern will develop over the southern agricultural area, showers and storms in the far north-west and northerly winds will

strengthen. Morning drizzle about WA's south-east coastal

district and the district

degrees in Perth. Afternoon

showers and storms across the

north of WA. For the NT,

isolated afternoon and evening

showers and gusty storms. For the middle of the week:

Thank you, Vanessa. Coming

up in the next hour on ABC News 24, acting Opposition Leader,

Julie Bishop, is holding a news

conference in Melbourne on the

uranium export issue. Greens

leader Bob Brown will also

speak to the media on the same

issue. We'll endeavour to

bring you those news

conferences live. We're also

hearing that the Prime

Minister, Julia Gillard, will

be talking around lunchtime.

She's just got back from the

APEC summit and is busily

preparing for Barack Obama's arrival

arrival tomorrow afternoon and heading to Darwin on Thursday. Stay

Stay with us on ABC News 24. I'll I'll be back

This morning, Julia Gillard


should be sold to India. The

Greens are not impressed. You cannot guarantee non-proliferation once you

start sending uranium into a world market. Also

world market. Also today - an

asylum seeker to be sent back to Afghanistan to Afghanistan says he for his life. A significant

increase in pressure on Syria's

leader. The king of Jordan

calls on Bashar al-Assad to

step down. And the Socceroos prepare to get Australia's

World Cup campaign back on track, taking on Thailand in tonight's qualifier. Good

morning. You're watching ABC

News 24. I'm Joe O'Brien. Taking a Taking a quick look at the weather first in the capital