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Live. Offshore and up in the air, the High Court puts asylum seeker detention under

consequences both for if review. There are terrible

taxpayer and the integrity of

our system. It's not as if it opens up necessarily the

options for court shopping. Medical crisis on the Medical crisis on the front line, Australia's Defence Force

doctors. Deadly attack, a struggles with a shortage

massive truck bomb destroys a

police compound in Pakistan.

And a trio of Australian s day 2 of the Melbourne Masters. lead the charge heading into

Good morning, you're watching ABC News 24, I'm

Rowland. The Federal Government ABC News 24, I'm Michael

is being forced to take another look at how it deals with asylum seekers being held

offshore. The High Court has ruled those asylum seekers in

offshore detention can now Australian courts after all. It opens the door for opens the door for possibly

more strain on already hundreds of appeals and puts

overcrowded detention centres.

The Opposition says it's a Immigration Minister insists terrible judgment but the

appeals will be

is a right of appeal under appeals will be limited. This

limited circumstances. Again

the preliminary advice the preliminary advice to me

today, and it is preliminary advice rurks be advice to advice rurks be advice to me

today is that the appeals would

go straight to the hck, wouldn't go through the Magistrates Court, to the

Federal Court, lit go straight

to the High Court, the High Court would be the relevant jurisdiction and then they

could be appealed in some cases to the full bench. to the full bench. But it's not

as if it opens up necessarily

the options for court

consequences both for the shopping. There are terrible

taxpayer, both for integrity of our system, let's taxpayer, both for the

not forget that this judgment didn't

didn't say that these

individuals were bona fide

refugees. Bona fide refugees decision because they get yeses

and what we don't want to see

is ra return to the bad days when people game the is ra return to the bad old

system, where they come and days when people game the

they seek to endlessly in they seek to make appeals

their stay in Australia and sad endlessly in order to protract

to say as a result of this

judgment and without any

Bowen that's what's going to genuine action taken by Chris

immigration spokesesman Scott happen. That's the Coalition 's

Morrison and before him Morrison and before him the

Bowen on 'Lateline' last Immigration Minister Chris

Bowen on 'Lateline' last night.

Now this morning George Roberts

hit the street of Sydney to handled this latest asylum

seeker issue. I think it's very seeker issue. I think it's

important for people to treated fairly and that the important for people to be

rule of law is maintained so I

welcome this decision very

much. It does seem that there

are questions to be answered

about the process up to

date. Do you think this means

that offshore processing might that offshore processing

have to end and everyone has go through the system have to end and everyone has to

mainland? go through the system on the

mainland? It looks that way

but don't have knowledge to but don't have the legal

judgment about that. I think

the Government didn't quite get

the right answer with their

offshore asylum stuff, I must

admit. What do you mean? East

Timor and that was

to fly. That was never a to fly. That was never a good

idea, would be my view. So you

here is probably the best bet, think they should be processed

do you think in Yeah, probably right, yeah, at the end of the day there's not day there's not an awful lot of numbers, it's very political.

Yeah, I think that's the right answer. So do you think this High Court have been done correctly question. I don't know. look, probably it just says question. I don't know. Yeah,

that fairness will eventually happen. Due process, eventually these things work their way out so it's so it's probably the right

answer. Look, I'm a asylum seeker myself from New Zealand.

You guys probably don't want me

here either, so I don't

know. That fellow might be in a

bit of trouble with that. Kerry

Murphy is a lawyer

and he joins us now from

Sydney, Kerry Murphy, thanks for your time this morning. Thanks, Michael. Will

this from the point of view, this from the Opposition's

point of view, from the

Opposition's perspective create

gridlock in the system with

asylum seekers in offshore

detention centres being given

the green light to take their cases to the courts? I think it will create gridlock

as such. It really depends on

how the Department now responds to this decision. The High Court decision, the recommendations

that have been made to the

Minister by the independent

merits review that were

reviewed by the High Court,

those ones have legal errors in them and if the Department takes the view

takes the view that there may

be legal errors across the

board on many of the other decisions, and several decisions, and several that I've looked at I think there

are legal errors in those as

well, then the course would be to have well, then the appropriate

cases reconsidered. How course would be to have those retrospective the retrospective the is this judgment from

view? How many cases could be

caught up in the net here? It's not entirely clear but theoretically if the errors

that have been identified the High Court are generic that have been identified in

across all the processing

that's done in these cases,

then all the cases that have

been assessed as not meeting the criteria possibly would be

likely to benefit from this decision and would need to reviewed and have another look decision and would need to be

at those cases. So it really

depends on a lot of it will

depend on the individual cases but also I think the High Court has identified some has identified some procedural faults in how these things are

done and this must be corrected

to make sure these applicants

receive the benefit of fair

decision making. Does this spell the end of the spell the end of the whole

system, the entire framework system, the entire framework of offshore detention facilities?

No, I don't think it does. What

it does do is bring that system

closer into the traditional system of the rule of law system of the rule of law which many people have felt has been an inadequatecy in the system from the from the start. Will it spark a new wave of asylum seeker

hopping on to hopping on to boatened

attempting to try their luck attempting to try their luck in

Australian courts now? I doubt

Australian courts now? I doubt

it. It won't send that message

out to asylum seekers out to asylum seekers and I

suppose more importantly to

peek smugglers? Australia is peek smugglers? Australia is a very international asylum movement around the world and the numbers of people arriving in Australia in a year are

incredibly small. When you look

at the numbers that arrive in European countries, for example, and in Greece, example, and in Greece, in Italy, in

Italy, in the UK, in France,

Australia is really a very

small player in this and small player in this and I

think we're kidding ourselves

that we think that the people

smugglers are all sitting

around just waiting to come and

send their people off to

Australia. You talked about the

Government response and mopping up some of procedural errors, is there

scope for the Government to legislate more broadly around this judgment to try to

circumvent it from your

circumvent it from your point of view? There always is the possibility of the Government

legislating their way out of legislating their way out of a High Court decision they done like

like and they've done it in the

past but I think really what the High Court is saying here

is that when you're going to

look at these type of cases,

and the essential issue in and the essential issue in this case was whether the detention

was lawful or not and parties claim they accept it was parties claim they accept it was lawful, so if it's was lawful, so if it's lawful you must be going through a certain process. That process

really has to follow the rule of law. It's as If you're going to make assessments on people's cases

then apply the law, apply it

fairly and give people procedural

procedural fairness. It's not

really a very complex decision. In some senses it's quite a

simple decision but it's a very

clear one as

clear one as well. So how

unfair was the system prior or the current system prior to

this High Court judgment? Well

I think the system I think the system was quite arbitrary because a lot depended on what case officer you had, what independent

merits review person you had,

these type of things rather

than look at a system where they're bound by certain

procedures and have to follow procedures and have to follow

certain laws. There was the

ability for people to sort ability for people to sort of

go out on a bit of a limb and go out on a bit of a limb and a bit of a whim, I think, cases and hopefully this will

bring some more order and procedural process that means that

that the rule of law has to apply. You can't just sort of

make up things or just brush

off on a whim on what you want

to do on a case. You have to

follow the law and you have to follow the law and you have to give procedural give procedural fairness. Thank you very much for your you very much for your time this morning. Thanks,

Michael. In other news

Australia's Defence Force is

facing a critical shortage facing a critical shortage of doctors an investigation has found investigation has found low morale is forcing many medical personnel out of the military.

Reservist doctor say medical professionals are badly treated

and poorly paid. The ADF admits

there is a shortage of some health professionals across the health professionals across the services. Reservist doctor

Captain Julian Fidge says Captain Julian Fidge says the situation is compromising international missions. The ADF

is in dire straights with their health personnel and the consequences are that the ADF can probably no longer conduct

operations or fulfil its treaty obligations under NATO and

other treaties other treaties without civilian health contractors or relying on other countries. The health practitioners in the ADF are treated with such disparagement

by their colleagues, by the

other officers and I've other officers and I've been

told by men who are half my told by men who are half my age

with very little of my education or experience that education or experience that my

commission is a gift and I'm commission is a gift and I'm

not really a proper officer and I find that to think that I'm so

undervalued or unvalued by undervalued or unvalued by the

Defence Force. If you talk to the senior the senior leadership within Defence and particularly senior leaders who have been

commanding officers of units

and have worked very closely

with health staff, doctors, with health staff, doctors, nurses

and value those individuals

very highly. We have a good

reputation within the organisation. Do civilian contractors provide a substandard of military medicine? We're very pleased with the level of with the level of service provided by our contractors. They have to meet the

requirements of registration and accreditation that other doctors do have throughout the country and we're very country and we're very pleased with the standards that they provide. That's Major General Paul Alexander talking to Andrew Greene in Canberra. Andrew Greene in Canberra. A powerful truck bomb has

destroyed a police headquaut

ners Karachi killing 18 people

and injuring 100 more. Gunmen

opened fire on the building with automatic weapons before

driving a truck packed with

explosive s to explosive s to its perimeter. Several police are among the dead and injured. After 8

months of bitter negotiations

Iraq finally has a government.

Iraq's parliament has met for

the first time the first time since the election. Under the power sharing deal the Shi'ite's Nouri

Minister, the minority Minister, the minority Kurds hang on the presidency.

The crew apparently had long

stay visas but was arrested and taken to the airport last night. Australian officials are now trying to track down their whereabouts. An Australian man

convicted of murder in Bulgaria is more confident about is more confident about hiss appeal this morning after a witness said he was simply

defending himself defending himself against a gang Jock Palfreeman is appealing

against a 20-year against a 20-year sentence

after he stabbed a man to death

in a street brawl in 2007.

Europe correspondent Emma Alberici report s. Jock Palfreeman knows this corridor

all too well. Can you tell

whaus you're hoping for from

today? And the brutal force of

the Bulgarian justice system.

He wants his original murder

conviction overturned on the

grounds that the legal process was flawed. Andre Monov was killed by Jock Palfreeman's

knife, pulled out, according to witnesses, to defend witnesses, to defend himself

against a group of Bulgarian youths. 5 originally agreed that the youths. 5 witnesses had

Australian had gone to the aid

of a Roma gypsy who was being

attacked. The appeal court was finally allowed to ask one of

the gang members why he had

changed his story during the trial. In his previous very first statements he had said

there had been a fight between

the victim's. And this time he

said there was merely a fuss?

Yes. What does that mean? You

tell me. Jock Palfreeman's

father has travelled to the Bulgarian capital more than 20 times. He feels encouraged by

the police witness whose excuse for changing his story was that

the passage of time had made

him forget. He now says that

Jock Palfreeman was acting in court appears much more

professional and I guess we

just have to be quietly

that this will progress into much better outcome Jock. Can you tell us Jock. Can you tell us something

about your son's state of mind

today and how he was feeling going into this second day of

the appeal? It has been good

for his morale to hear it today

because it's been very hard because it's been very hard on him, not just the fact that

he's been in prison for 3 years

particularly the local media constant barrage of but the fact that he's had

suggesting that he is just a wanton murderer. As 23-year-old Australian makes wanton murderer. As the

his way back to his cell, the hunt resumes for 3 other

witnesses who have gone

missing. It was on this busy street corner in street corner in Sofia 3 years

ago that the lives of families changed for good. One ago that the lives of 2

hopes to get their son back,

the other never will.Can I just get one comment about the case

from you, please? from you, please? Andre Mon original sentence too. They ve's parents are appealing the


want Jock Palfreeman in want Jock Palfreeman in jail for life with no parole. US police investigating the

disappearance of a 10-year-old Australian girl say they've found new evidence. Zara found new evidence. Zara Baker

has been missing for a month

and police believe she's and police believe she's dead. Early this morning our North America correspondent Craig McMurtrie said investigators were

sensitive in North they'd found. This case is very

sensitive in North Carolina,

there's been a massive police

investigation to find this 10-year-old Australian girl.

yesterday they What they are saying is that

that's known locally as gun

powder creek. The search powder creek. The search teams

dug a hole. It's understood

they were acting on information

received. They have removed the

soil from that hole, they found

evidence, they say, in that

hole. Locals are saying it

appeared to be or possibly human remains. Police are not

saying that. They're saying

this time they're not going

sent the soil and the material

they found to a police

laboratory. They're saying in a

statement that the evidence describing it as evidence, could provide - they're

could provide valuable information. They're also saying we understand the concern and interest in this

case by the public but we must

be cautious in prematurely

releasing information so it

will not jeopardise any future

criminal proceedings. So

they're simply not saying. Several kilometres away in

another road the search teams when went back to this other road several kilometres away several kilometres away where

you may recall a fortnight ago

they found the prosthetic leg they found the

that was later matched to 10-year-old Zara Baker. So it

seems they are making heldway

in the case, we just don't know

more at this time. Craig McMurtrie in Washington. The

top stories this morning - the High Court forces the Federal

Government to review offshore detention policy. It's Government to review its offshore

ruled asylum seekers wanting to ruled asylum seekers

appeal against decisions can have access to Australian pressure on already overcrowded courts. It will put even more

detention centres. Defence Force doesn't have detention centres. Australia's

enough doctor. The ABC's been told poor morale is forcing many medical many medical professionals out

of the military. The ADF says it's looking to recruit #00 extra health extra health professionals. And a powerful truck bomb has destroyed a police headquarters

in Pakistan killing 18 people

and injuring more than 100 others. The others. The explosion rocked

the city of Karachi leaving a crater

The G20 summit in Seoul continues today with hopes leaders can reach continues today with hopes that

leaders can reach agreement on financial system. But overhauling the global

Australia's Prime Minister Julia Gillard has kept her

focus on the local economy heavily criticising banks in a speech to business

leaders. Mark Simkin reports

from Seoul. Last night the

world leaders got to work,

meeting for dinner and meeting

as a group for the first time. Julia Gillard had some of them one on one, the Canadian leader, the Russian

leader, she had talks with them

yesterday, but this was a first

chance for her to meet some of

the others including Barack Obama. Now while the G20 Obama. Now while the G20 is talking international finance,

Julia Gillard is still talking,

at least in part, the domestic

variety. She used her speech to

business leaders to launch another attack on banks. Our domestic debate, another attack on Australia's

however, at the concern and anxiety about overshadowed by community

mortgage rate increases and as

a result the Government is moving to increase competition

in our banking sector. Now

Julia Gillard's written speech

was pretty strongly worded. She

accused the banks in it, for

example, of ripping off

consumers, but when she came to

deliver that speech she pulled

her punches . We want to her punches . We want to better

from empower consumers to move away

from banchs when they unhappy with their banking arrangements and believe they

are being ripped off. Mike

Smith, the CEO of the ANZ Bank

and the man who approve ed that above-the-odds rate rise

earlier in the week, he was a guest at that lunch and guest at that lunch and hoe defended his actions. I

actually feel the customers in Australia get good value for

the services they. Have I think

what we haven't done really well is explain ourselves and should have been. So late eer

today the G20 meeting will wrap

up and the leaders will have to

see if they can actually agree on some of the reforms they've been talking about, whether

the so-called currency they can call a ceasefire in

for example that, have the so-called currency wars,

straining relations between for example that, have been

Washington and Beijing and then

many of the leaders, including

Barack Obama and Julia Gillard,

will hop on a plane and head to Yokohama Japan for the APEC meeting. In finance in Ireland's latest financial

crisis as the bond market crisis as the bond market hits new highs. Irish bonds are

trading at just under 9%,

that's 6.5% above the German benchmark. The European

Commission is keeping a close

eye on the situation and has a

$1 billion bail out facility $1 billion bail out facility at the ready. Irish officials say

the government has another h

another reserves for now. OPEC as lifted its estimate for world oil demand until the end of 2011. It believes an of 2011. It believes an extra 1.32 million barrel asday will

be needed for the rest of this

year and year and next year demand will

go up another 1.17 million

barrels a day. The increase follows cautious optimism about the global economic the global economic outloot Look. To the markets now Look. To the markets now and

Wall Street stocks fell

overnight after a disappointing

company report rattled the

technology sector. Now here's headlines. Thanks, Michael. Now here's Amy with the sport

We'll head to We'll head to Victoria Golf

Club in a moment. For the

latest with Australia's Adam

Gaunt who is now the outright

leader. First to the rugby. Wal

become hooker Stephen Moore is

fit to face England in week at

Twickenham. It's a boost for

Australia as they try to avenge

their 21-20 defeat last June in Sydney. It's the only change to Sydney. It's the only change to

the run on side the run on side that beat Wales

last weekend. A win to Gael

Monfils at the Paris Masters has finalised the qualification battle for next battle for next week's ATP

world tour finals. The Frenchman saved 2 match points

to bet Fernando Verdasco. Andy Roddick, Tomas Berdych and

David Ferreira claimed David Ferreira claimed the

remain #3g places for the

season ending ATP finals in London and to the quarter finals of Paris Masters. Paris Masters. Souflt Australia resumes at 0/26 in

reply to England's 8/288

declared on day 2 of the tour

match in Adelaide. South

Australian paceman Peter George

has kept his name in has kept his name in front of

the national selectors taking

3/65 yesterday. England's Paul

Collingwood and Ian Bell rescued the tour is after a shaky Masters now and Daniel Masters now and Daniel Gaunt

has taken the outright lead

early on day 2 early on day 2 of the tournament. He's at 7 under. He's one stroke ahead Alistair Presnell and Adam

Bland who play this afternoon.

Defending champion Tiger Woods finished day finished day one at 2 under.

Earlier today I spoke to the

ABC's Steve Pearce. The weather

here is starting to get up a

bit. The weather bureau

predicting gusts of around

60km/h today and some of that

worst will be in the earlier

of Daniel Gaunt he's out in

this and seems to be score Og

Kay today. But he's really got to try and hold this together.

He's come from an enormous low He's come from an enormous low in his golfing career. on the second on the second tier of European events just about 8 months or

so ago and has managed to so ago and has managed to win

his way through to European

full card status and a local

player from here he grew up

playing his golf at the Victoria Club. He put together a wonderful round yesterday. Alistair Presnell and Adam Bland will

to be doing by then it's a bit

hard to know. It's one of those

strange days in Melbourne strange days in Melbourne but they've got a lot to live up to from yesterday. They're

expecting some serious weather to come through around 5:00 or 6:00, 6:00, so hopefully the flayers

will be in by then. It's going

to be a tough ask in windy

conditions on a difficult golf course for some of the lesser

known Australians staying up

there into the weekend.

There's plenty of fans and arm

chair critics out this morning.

They spoke to our reporter Nichols. It was a bit busy

around Tiger yesterday. I was

right by him when he put the

one in the trees one in the trees so I had a

good view of that. What did you make of his temperament, it didn't go all his way

yesterday? No, but he's come

out, he seems to be pretty

happy on interview this

morning. So I hope he does

alright. To me it's everything.

Absolutely everything. Tiger Woods, everything, you've just

got to love the golf today. I

think he will be right on the money eventually. He's got to

get used to our greens. He get used to our greens. He will

be up there but I don't think

he will win it. The youngster,

the young Aussies are doing

very well. Looking forward

watching a few of them

today. It was a good start

for those 3 Aussies but it's 4

days of golf, isn't it, so they

need to sustain that? Yes, exactly

exactly and it's a tough course

but I guess that makes the top

players so great. It's 4 good

days of golf. And do you think

those top players will hear Tiger's foot steps

over the next 3 days? I think

he's determined to win he's determined to win this one. It's his last tournament

that he actually holds so it's

a year since all the news

so I think it's quite so I think it's quite important

to him. My first day, so I'm

excited. What are you hoping to excited. What are you hoping to

see out there today? Some

better shots that I play.

Indeed. And plenty of arm chair critic out in chair critic out in force and

we do hope that the

we do hope that the Australian

continue their success.. We do

indeed. Thanks, Amy. Vanessa he's here with the he's here with the wert. Thank, Michael. Let's take a look at

the satellite image. Firstly cloudy over Queensland in a

trough and also very cloudy

over the south-east. That's

ahead of a broad traf drawing

the thunder y weather down from

the north. This humid air will

connect with a front that's moving through the Southern

Ocean, the fourth time this has

happened this spring and will

create a low pressure system

expected to deepen over central terrible tomorrow. part of Victoria and NSW are expected to be the hardest hit

with up to 100 mm in with up to 100 mm in some

areas. The frof will move further east taken further east taken the rain to

northern Victoria northern Victoria and southern NSW. Flood warnings have

already been issued for the regions. By in regions. By in Queensland a

severe thunderstorm severe thunderstorm warning for

flash flooding in the Herbert

and lower and lower Burdekin district. Most of the storms will affect most of the State and most of the State and warm

northerly winds over northerly winds over the western interior. winds in NSW, isolated showers an thunderstorms develop

developing over the west and showers

showers about the north. In

Victoria humid with strong

northerly winds, scattered

showers and thunderstorms

becoming heavier in the west this afternoon. A top of 32 degrees in Melbourne. Tasmania,

patchy rain in the north and

west will increase about the

west this afternoon. Gusty

northerly winds ahead of a late

south-westerly change. Thundery rain is falling over rain is falling over South Australia. So far there's been no real significant falls.

We've seen around 1 mm to 2 mm We've seen around 1 mm to 2 mm at the most. Moderate northerly winds shifting to cooler south-westerly west. Patchy rain increasing over the Flinders an pastoral

districts as well. In districts as well. In WA, top

of 25 degrees in Bunbury. It's cooler with shoud showers an a band of

rain coming down from the north along the Northern

along the Northern Territory border and that will also cause

storms throughout - a long the storms throughout - a long the border of Western Australia as well. 38 degrees expected in

Kununurra. We'll see a lot of storm activity winds ahead of a south-westerly change. Tomorrow:

I've got the umbrella ready. Briefly Briefly to Hollywood where Briefly to Hollywood where film producer Dino de Laurentiis died, he was 91. He produced over 500 'Flash Gordon' and 'Dune'. He

was nominated for an Oscar 38

times an won for la strad 'La Strada'. Stay tuned to ABC News 24 and

24 and ABC online but from me

for now goodbye and thanks for

your company. Closed Captions by CSI


Good morning, welcome to

Business Today for Australian

Business Today for Australian Network, I'm Simon Palan.

Coming up on the program - on message, Julia Gillard

criticises the banks for hiking

rates above the Reserve's official rise. Brand damage,

how much of quantity - Qantas's

troubles hurt the airline troubles hurt the airline and Rolls-Royce. Mixed Rolls-Royce. Mixed signals Optus rings up a good result but profits are down at its parent Singtel. First let's

look at the markets. In look at the markets. In about

30 minutes markets around the

region will begin to