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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - into a Qantas emergency landing. investigations underway and talking Telstra. Barnaby Joyce back in the bush for a suspected murderer. A statewide manhunt in the AFL finals. And Sydney secures the double chance Joe O'Brien with ABC News. Good evening. an emergency landing in Japan today A Qantas plane was forced to make in the cargo hold. when smoke was detected on board, The airbus had 178 passengers

using the evacuation slides. nine of whom were injured to Perth from Tokyo The plane was en-route but was diverted to Osaka where it landed safely.

Shane McLeod reports. From Osaka, North Asia correspondent Qantas flight 70 from Tokyo An early morning emergency for bound for Perth - around 1am, it was shortly into the flight,

in the cargo hold. when a smoke detector went off The plane diverted to Osaka - the control tower reported smoke, and at touchdown evacuation as a precaution. so the pilot ordered an emergency

as they bumped into eachother Some people were injured when they jumped off in a mad rush. in the evacuation, Nine people were injured a fractured pelvis or hip. one woman suffering That's unfortunate, are injured, we always regret when our passengers is intended but the evacuation process as fast as possible to get people off the aircraft and to do so it's a very rapid process.

in the hold There are a series of centres in this sort of situation. designed to pick up smoke a false reading, One of those may have sent at the moment. that's what is being investigated The plane will be kept in Osaka are satisfied until the Japanese authorities

with their investigation. The passengers are expected to Australia later tonight. to complete their journey Shane McLeod, ABC News, Osaka. it's possible The Federal Treasurer says

could go ahead, the full sale of Telstra Nationals senator Barnaby Joyce. without the support of maverick might delay any sale But it seems a weak sharemarket well beyond next year. if market conditions aren't right The government says

in Telstra all of its remaining stake to the Commonwealth future fund. could be transferred The Government hopes remaining 51% stake in Telstra to sell at least some of its late next year, but only if the price is right. If we were to decide to sell even part of our holding, that the time was not right

hold them directly then we could either or we could put all of the shares of the Future Fund. into the management The planned Future Fund at arm's length from government. is designed to operate The Opposition says would corrupt its independence. transferring Telstra shares to it be directing investment strategy This Government will, in effect, of the Future Fund

in that fund. by parking those shares Fund to manage that shareholding. It would be allowing the Future

it's just one option. The Government says The Treasurer's playing it down. if the sale didn't go through, That's what could happen but we are going for a sale. for full privatisation Legislation clearing the way to Parliament early next month. is expected to be introduced The Government has also revealed it used to win over the Nationals the $2 billion bush services fund

not cash. could also be made up of shares, Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce his support for the sale. is yet to confirm it might not be needed, But Peter Costello's indicated prepared to look elsewhere. with the Government want to go down that track. It's possible, but I wouldn't Murray could support the sale Suggestions that Democrat Andrew have been rejected.

don't support the sale of Telstra. The Democrats have clearly said we in the Senate Andrew Murray is on the record about his position on that. is yet to announce his position. Family First Senator Steve Fielding Narda Gilmore, ABC News, Canberra. Meanwhile, all the fuss the senator who's causing

answer on Telstra within a month. says the Government will have his the Queensland constituents Barnaby Joyce is now back among whose interests he's vowing to protect.

in Canberra, After a turbulent fortnight to touching base Barnaby Joyce was looking forward is a little more welcoming. where the reception Daddy!

in his hometown too. But the Telstra debate is raging or whatever for the country people I mean he got the $3 billion forever. and, I mean, he can't hold out

enough I don't think it's going to be and it will be interesting to see for the people whether he keeps plugging settles at that or whether he, sort of, pulled him into line a little bit. 'cause I think they've sort of St George is about 500km west of Brisbane and in the heart of cotton country. It has broadband access covering much of the shire. and a CDMA network the future. But many are worried about City people don't appreciate the vastness of the bush. that are put in out here The communications for the bush people that are supposedly by many city people, are also accessed just as we access their facilities when we go down there. Senator Joyce says a final decision will be made State Management Committee by the National Party's within four weeks. and he'll deliver that to Canberra

at the outside limit. That would probably be

the longest you would expect. That would be You wouldn't expect any longer than that. It's unlikely a formal meeting, the management committee will have have been mass-emailing each other instead the 47 members to accept the $3 billion on offer trying to decide whether or attach further conditions. In the meantime, Senator Joyce will be trying to restore some normality to his life. But it's only brief respite. In two weeks he's due back in Canberra for another round. Matt Wordsworth, ABC News, St George.

The Queensland Premier admits voters have given him 'a bloody nose' in two state by-elections. The formerly safe Labor seats have been snatched by the Liberal Party in an apparent electoral backlash against the Government's health system bungles. As the Liberals gathered this afternoon to toast their by-election victories, their triumphant state leader admitted to an unfamiliar feeling - winning. You can't get any better than what we did yesterday, guys. Earlier, a glum Queensland Premier fronted the media saying the State's health crisis had cost Labor both seats. We've been given a very large bloody nose. While the results only boosted

the Liberals parliamentary ranks to seven

and barely puts a dent in the State Government's massive majority, it's a huge blow for Peter Beattie.

This is probably our most difficult time politically since I have been Premier over the last seven years.

They have a very, very serious problem on their hands.

It's brought about an enormous psychological change because the electorate now can see that this Government is vulnerable. As counting began last night, the Liberals claimed the Brisbane based seat of Chatsworth early... APPLAUSE AND CHEERING Redcliffe falling to the conservatives soon after. CHEERING Now the pressure is on for Queensland's conservative parties to renew coalition talks

and provide a real alternative to Labor. We can work together. We did it, we proved it. And if we proved it yesterday, we can do it again. There are less than 500 votes left to be counted in both seats. Kirrin McKechnie, ABC News, Brisbane. And with the New South Wales government soon to face its own by-election test in three Sydney seats,

a new political party focussing on the hospital system has been launched.

16 organisations representing health professionals and community groups have united to create the "Health Action Party". It's demanding action to fix shortcomings in the hospital system. We come from the community, the community that is sick and tired of the crisis in health in NSW. There is a terrible crisis in health in this State and nobody is doing anything about it.

The party says it'll put up candidates in the by-elections to be held in Macquarie Fields, Maroubra and Marrickville. Across the Tasman and New Zealanders go to the polls in a month's time and today both the Government and the Opposition launched their election campaigns. Helen Clark's Labour Party is hoping for an historic third term but it's facing a serious challenge from a reinvigorated National Party.

New Zealand correspondent Gillian Bradford reports.

He was the country's Reserve Bank governor, but now this softly-spoken economist is selling himself to voters as New Zealand's next prime minister. The good news is that the Clark Labour Government's luck has just run out. The National Party performed poorly at the last election,

but its campaign against special treatment for Maoris and attacks on the government for being too 'politically correct' have given it a fighting chance. I promise you a government of mainstream New Zealanders for mainstream New Zealanders. Political opponents, though, don't come much tougher than Helen Clark. ...because we are prosperous, we're fair, we're inclusive, safe, clean and green and we have a lifestyle which is the envy of the world. A few weeks ago the government won over students with a pledge to abolish interest on their university loans, and is now promising many middle-income families substantial tax relief. The polls have been see-sawing for much of this year, but it's Labour who'll be buoyed by the recent trends - with just four weeks until election day it's got a 6-point lead. The National Party, though, has one big card left to play - it's planning to raid the surplus and promise billions of dollars worth of tax cuts. Gillian Bradford, ABC News, Auckland. Pope Benedict XVI has appealed to Muslims to help combat what he describes as the 'cruel fanaticism' of terrorists.

The Pope made the call during a meeting with Islamic leaders in his native Germany before leading 700,000 pilgrims in an open-air vigil. The Pope received a warm welcome as he drove through the huge crowds gathered in this abandoned open-cast coal mine. It was part of Benedict XVI's first foreign visit as pontiff and the culmination of this year's World Catholic Youth Day celebrations.

Earlier, he met Muslim leaders in Cologne. (Speaks German) We all agree that terrorism of any kind is a perverse and cruel decision which shows contempt for the sacred right to life. In the Pope's first major address to the Islamic community, he urged its leaders to fulfil their duty to help defeat terrorism. Together we can stop the wave of cruel fanaticism that endangers the lives of so many people

and hinders progress towards world peace.

During the four-day visit to his homeland, Benedict has stressed the importance of cross-faith cooperation. Yesterday he prayed at a synagogue. But some Christians wanted to get a different message across to the Pope - these young Catholics were handing out condoms. As important as it is to follow your church and to be behind them all the way, perhaps, sometimes the church should listen to what we have to say. There's little doubt that this first foreign trip by the famously shy Pope has been a success. Australia may soon be on Pope Benedict's travel itinerary - later tonight he'll announce the city to host the 2008 World Catholic Youth Day celebrations. Sydney is considered to be the favourite.

John Thompson, ABC News.

Portugal has asked the European Union for help to fight devastating forest fires which are raging across the country. Thousands of firefighters are battling nearly 50 outbreaks as Portugal suffers its worst recorded drought. The authorities want the EU to send more planes and helicopters to try to control the flames.

There are already 30 aircraft involved but the danger has worsened. At least 13 people have been killed by the fires this year, most of them firefighters. Spain has held a state funeral to farewell its 17 peacekeepers killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan. King Juan-Carlos, and his wife Queen Sofia, joined 200 relatives of the dead soldiers for the funeral service at a Madrid military barracks. The NATO troops were each awarded posthumous medals of merit. They were killed last Tuesday when their helicopter crashed in strong winds near the city of Herat in Western Afghanistan. Three teenage boys are back in their cells tonight after a roof-top protest at the Reiby Juvenile Justice Centre in Sydney's south-west. The boys escaped from inside the building and climbed onto the roof where they taunted police, threw roof tiles and yelled abuse. They also lit a small fire which was later put out. The juveniles will be charged and an investigation is under way. Police have launched a statewide hunt

for a man wanted for the murder of one of his cousins and the disappearance of another. 31-year-old Malcolm John Naden was a cousin to both women. David Spicer reports. Malcolm John Naden has lived in West Dubbo for most of his life,

and in recent years lived at his grandparents' home. He shared that property with relatives, but didn't talk to them. Malcolm Naden, as we know him, is quite a loner. He lived in this room, he accessed the room by the window. His cousin, 24-year-old Kristy Scholes, moved into the home earlier this year. On June 23 her body was discovered in Malcolm Naden's bedroom. Her two children were locked inside the house. Malcolm Naden has not been seen since. Malcolm is wanted on an arrest warrant for the murder of Kristy Scholes. Police also want to speak to him about the disappearance of another of his cousins, 24-year-old Latisha Nolan. She was last seen at the house where Malcolm Naden lived.

Her car was found abandoned a short distance away. We can't find any evidence of her activating bank accounts or using telephones. The loss of both women has devastated the family. They're all of the time looking for Mummy. "When's Mummy coming home? Does Mummy still love me?" And for an adult relative, that's very hard. How do you answer children with those sorts of questions? Police believe Malcolm Naden may be hiding in the bush

as he's known to have advanced survival skills. However, they don't believe he poses a threat to the public. David Spicer, ABC News. The head of Australia's corporate watchdog has revealed it pushed for criminal insider trading charges to be laid against businessman Steve Vizard, but were advised against it. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission was accused of going soft on the businessman by not bringing criminal charges against him for breaching his duty as a director of Telstra. The ASIC chair Jeff Lucy says they energetically pushed for a criminal prosecution but eventually accepted that it wouldn't succeed. An opinion's an opinion, and, yes, we had our opinion which we shared with the DPP but we pushed the envelope very hard as to whether or not there was opportunity, whether or not there were things which might have overlooked

and therefore whether the DPP could have come forward with a different view. Mr Lucy admitted the public explanation of the case

could have been better handled. Injured Australian cyclists Alexi Rhodes and Louise Yaxley have returned home after last month's tragic road accident in Germany. Both cyclists touched down in the country this morning. In Launceston, 24-year-old Yaxley

was accompanied by her mother, sister and partner and seemed to be in good spirits, although a little unsteady on her feet. She's got a long road ahead of her but she's made amazing progress to here. It's just so great to have her back home with her family. Rhodes and Yaxley and four of their team-mates were hit by a car during a training ride in Germany last month. 29-year-old Amy Gillet from Victoria

was killed in the accident. It was a hard-fought loss - but a loss none-the-less for the Wallabies. Last night's 22-19 defeat at the hands of the Springboks was the fourth in a row for Australia and puts more pressure on coach, Eddie Jones, and captain, George Gregan. Adding to the concerns - injury problems for Elton Flatley.

Blurred vision forced Elton Flatley off the field last week against New Zealand. Last night, the problem struck him just 12 minutes before kick-off. Just warming up and I made a few tackles and it was a similar situation to what I had on Saturday night. There's a great concern for his health but we'll give him the best care during the week. It's gut-wrenching. Last night, the Wallabies dominated possession but turnovers, a failure to capitalise on their chances -

and the lightning pace of Springboks winger Bryan Habana proved the difference. South Africa's speedster scored the opening try before the record crowd at Subiaco Oval had settled into its seats. COMMENTATOR: And a breakout try for the Springboks. The Wallabies fought back - Morgan Turinui combined with Clyde Rathbone. There's the try Australia's been searching for! A Mat Rogers' penalty put the Wallabies in front

but as the home side was pressing for the sealer, the Springboks snatched victory in a try eerily reminiscent of the first half, Habana condemning Australia to a fourth consecutive loss - the worst losing streak in three decades. Habana, he's done it again! Habana from his goal-line, a turnover, Australia! WHISTLE BLOWS The injury woes are now to such an extent

that after only three games of Super 12, Adam Ashley-Cooper became the seventh debutante of the year.

George Gregan didn't finish the match but Jones says there won't be major changes to his side when it meets the All Blacks in Auckland. Both the coach and captain are prepared for another fortnight of pressure. We've had another loss and the leaders of the team deserve the closest scrutiny. I get the feeling people are a bit harsh on Australia tonight.

I mean, they really played well. I think they did everything except win. Meantime, South African winger Breyton Paulsen has been suspended for three weeks for kicking Al Baxter. The makeup of the national rugby league Top Eight

remains uncertain with just two rounds to go. faint hopes faded further overnight. The Roosters' and the Raiders' But one of four clubs could take the top spot after the Broncos' loss today at Penrith,

and the Dragons' close win over the second-placed Eels. Billed as a potential 2005 grand final preview, in front of a sell-out crowd at the Dragons' spiritual home, Parramatta and St George Illawarra engaged in an early arm-wrestle. It was tight until Lance Thompson picked on someone not quite his own size. COMMENTATOR: He gets it over the line. Though missing potent attacking players Tahu and Morrison

the Eels threatened on the short side but the Dragons scored two further tries to lead by 18. Try! Try for St George! Parramatta struck back - it was 19-6 at half-time and tries through the forwards in the second half reduced the margin to three. Inside for Cayliss! The video referee try decision for Jason Ryles gave Saints the breathing space for a narrow victory.

In the spirit of "Back to the '70s Week" the Sharks wore similar jerseys to those worn by the club's losing grand final teams against the Sea Eagles sides in 1973 and '78. But the Manly players and fans of that era would have been dumbfounded by today's woeful Eagles' effort.

In behind them.

The thrashing included just the 13th try of Jason Stevens' long career...

Stevens looking for the line. In regular servings of brilliance from the Sharks half-back in what amounted to a Kimmorley carve-up. In behind them - he gets the bounce. The trend continued beyond the break in an often spiteful clash.

The Roosters looked like reviving their finals hopes against Souths

but these Rabbitohs, like their predecessors from the '70s, have become used to winning, and Ben Walker had the accuracy to take the points.

17-16 - good enough for the first win against the local rival

for 11 seasons. The minor premiership with the Eels, Dragon, and Tigers staggering Brisbane. all close behind Mathematically, the Sea Eagles remain vulnerable in eighth place while the wooden spoon is far from decided. The Sydney Swans have secured a top four position and a double-chance in the finals with a 37-point win over the Kangaroos at the SCG. Sydney raced away in the opening quarter. Richmond stormed home against Hawthorn, Essendon thrashed Carlton, Melbourne edged out the Bulldogs, and Port Adelaide kept its finals hopes alive. The Swans butchered Brisbane last week and started the same way today. COMMENTATOR: O'Loughlin kicks the goal! Sydney on the board. Sydney's danger forwards Michael O'Loughlin, Barry Hall

and Nick Davis kicked the first three goals.

Make that 22... The Swans won the early battles until Shannon Grant put the Kangaroos on the board. But Adam Goodes replied and Ryan O'Keefe kicked two in a minute to put Sydney ahead by 37 at the first break. Tucked into the pocket... Sensational! Hall helped himself to his second to close in on Fraser Gehrig as the competition's leading goal kicker.

Davis added another from long-range on the boundary.

No strangers to a comeback, the Kangaroos started to fight. Three goals, including a double to Corey Jones, provided some hope. The Kangaroos showing some spirit. The Swans weren't short on courage or precision up forward, as Davis kicked his fourth and added another to start the third quarter as the Swans' versatile forward line proved too much for the Roos.

We've got, sort of, six guys down there that can play well on any day, and I kicked straight for a change. and it was sort of my turn today, With a top-4 position and a home final up for grabs, the Roos rallied with three goals. But Barry Hall steadied for Sydney. And he finishes the job in style! The Swans sealed the win in the final term - their 13th from their past 15 games. Sydney moves into third position and faces a finals warm-up against Hawthorn next week.

With one round to play Sydney has moved ahead of St Kilda, while Fremantle's match against Port Adelaide next week

will be important. Brisbane, the Western Bulldogs, and Richmond need to win and depend on other results going their way.

The Central Coast Mariners have beaten a depleted Perth Glory line-up 1-0 to win the A-League Pre-Season Cup final. The New South Wales club had several opportunities to open the scoring but was kept at bay by Perth goalkeeper Jason Petkovich. The goal came in the 38th minute after a corner on the left and a goalmouth scramble - the header coming from striker Stewart Petrie. The Glory's best chance in general play came just before half-time when midfielder Nick Ward hit the woodwork. The clubs meet again next week in the A-League's opening round.

Australian batsmen, Matthew Hayden and Michael Clarke have made the most of placid conditions in the two-day Tour match against Northamptonshire. Both scored centuries in a 206 run fourth wicket partnership. Jason Gillespie was left out of the starting lineup, leaving Shaun Tait and Michael Kasprovich to battle for a spot in the fourth Test starting on Thursday. New South Welshman, Shaun Higgerson, has had a comfortable win

in this year's tour of Tasmania cycling event. Today's 40-lap criterium around Launceston marked the end of the 5-day event. Olympic gold medallist Peter Dawson withstood the gruelling weather conditions to take out the final stage, ahead of South Australian rider, Chris Jongewaard. But it was 20-year-old, Higgerson, who was named the overall winner. It's definitely up there,

last year I was racing in Europe, I won a big race over there as a team. But this is probably one of my biggest wins in Australia. The Randwick-Botany club member set the pace from day one, when he won the opening stage.

Lleyton Hewitt's US Open preparation has suffered a setback with a loss to Andy Roddick

in the semifinals of the Cincinnati Masters. Hewitt lost a tight 2-set battle,

while Roger Federer had to work hard against American Robby Ginepri. The unbridled jubilation said it all - Andy Roddick had beaten a player who'd become his nemesis. It was just his second win over Lleyton Hewitt in eight matches.

The Australian had created opportunities, especially in the opening set. COMMENTATOR: Oh, that two-hander does so much damage. But Roddick fed off the parochial crowd

and showed composure on the big points. Oh, what a lovely winner. CROWD APPLAUDS Hewitt's famous court coverage helped him keep pace with Roddick through the second set... That's the trouble. ..until the American served his way to victory in the tie-breaker. It's all over. CROWD CHEERS Roddick will take underdog status into the final against Roger Federer.

The Swiss has beaten Roddick

in 9 of the 10 matches they've played. Australian Stuart Appleby was two shots from the lead when rain stopped play in the World Golf Championships. American Kenny Perry was irresistible, surging to the top of the leader board to be 7-under par with Tiger Woods. COMMENTATOR: Just as you speak, clatters the bin, run downs the flag and no wonder he's tossed the club over his shoulder.

Perry soon got over that disappointment by knocking in the putt. Well, you called it, didn't you? Woods has three holes to play in his third round when the tournament resumes, and is well placed to claim his fifth win of the year. It's a huge putt. Reigning Formula One world champion Michael Schumacher will start from the back of the grid

in the Turkish Grand Prix after spinning out in qualifying. Australian Mark Webber was seventh-fastest

but had to slow down to pass Japanese driver Takuma Sato, whose time was cancelled by officials. Finn Kimi Raikkonen took pole position. Now lets take a look at the weather. In Sydney today - perfect a picnic! 21 degrees, that was 2 above the average. Down to three overnight in Liverpool and Bankstown. Around NSW, several spots in the north-east

including Lismore and Casino shared the top temperature of 23 degrees. There were some very light showers on the central - and southern tablelands and slopes and plains. There was also some snow on the tablelands,

Thredbo had the overnight low of - 4. Narrandera and Tocumwal in the Riverina got less than 1mm of rain. Maximum temperatures were average to slightly below average.

In the 24 hours to 9:00 this morning the top rainfall was 9mm at Orange. In the six hours to 3:00 this afternoon the best was 3mm at Cabramurra on the Snowys. In the capital cities today some rain in Hobart and Adelaide, Canberra and Melbourne were cloudy. Perth mostly sunny. Brisbane and Darwin were sunny. The satellite picture shows the continent is virtually cloud free,

but there's some activity down over Tasmania and there are streaks of high cloud over Victoria. On the synotpic chart that broad ridge of high pressure is why the skies are mostly clear

That cloud down in the south-east came in behind a cold front

there's a mid level trough developing over WA. Rain tomorrow Sou-westerly winds in the wake of the front will scatter light

showers and alpine snow across Victoria and Tasmania Showers should clear from new south wales and South Australia. Brisbane and Perth mostly sunny.

Fine and mostly sunny for the rest of the week. Inland the Riverina may get some isolated morning showers.

Sydney - fine but partly cloudy, 19. That's ABC News for this Sunday evening.

I'll be back with an update in about an hour. For now, goodnight. Captions by Captioning and Subtitling International.