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Tonight - premier power

play. Cabinet control and a

donation ban on developers. Not

another cent. Off the boat,

but where to from here? Not

more than four weeks here. Then

after that Australia promise to

take them to Australia.

Climate warnings of flooded coastlines. And losing his

grip. Challenges for the Tiger.

Good evening. Jeremy

Fernandez with ABC News. The

premier has stunned the New

South Wales Labor conference

with a shock grab for power. In

his keynote speech to 1,000

party faithful, Nathan Rees

made the surprise request for

the right to choose his own

Cabinet. It seems the move

against factional warlords and

a last gasp bid to end

leadership tension before the

next election.. He has also

promised a ban on donations

from developers as well as a

host of planning reforms. It's

never plain sailing for a

premier at the Labor Party.

SONG: # Keep our Sydney ferry

... # He did receive the

compulsory rapture ous

reception as he entered the

entertainment centre but it was

protesters who tried to steal

the show. Ladies and gentlemen,

how healthy is our conference?

But just minutes later he

admitted the damage caused by

donations. All the reforms in

the world cannot e race the

taint that comes from political

donations. Then came the

stunning turnaround, developers

banned from donating to

political parties. Not another cent. Caps will be introduced

for everyone else with the next

election run under a public funding model.

The reforms have the support

of the opposition. This man is

a good start but doesn't go far

enough to be effective, not to

be sirk vepted requires a ban

on all corporation donations.

The south west rail link is

also back on track. 11

kilometre Glen gls field to

Leppington line will begin

construction before 2010,

significantly before the next state election. We will be

judged by our action. But the

premier's greatest weakness has

been disunity so without

informing his own MPs, he asked

the Labor membership for a new

rule allowing him to select his

Cabinet. It was passed easily.

Evidence that the party leaders like Matt thistle thait have

had enough. That's a further

blow to the once all powerful

right wing and its chief Joe

Tripodi. 22 asylum seekers on

the 'Oceanic Viking' are now

ashore in Indonesia but it doesn't brought much comfort to

the Federal Government. The

remaining 56 Sri Lankans are

still on board and refusing to

budge. Indonesia says some of

them could be in Australia

within four weeks and that's prompted claims the government's offering the group special treatment that could

encourage more arrivals. Geoff

Thompson is at the detention

centre in Tanjung Pinang. The

moment Kevin Rudd has been

waiting for. 22 Sri Lankan

asylum seekers back on

Indonesian soil and helded for

detention. In a facility built

with Australian help. I think

you can see this detention

centre is the best in the

world. This immigration hotel.

But it's a hotel 56 other Sri

Lankans still aboard the

'Oceanic Viking' remain

reluctant to check into. Even

as the 22 disembarked

yesterday, handwritten notes

thrown into the sea confirmed

continuing concerns from those

left behind about any time

spent in detention. Australia's

guaranteed it won't be long,

says Indonesia. This is part of

our agreement with Australia.

We agree to accept these people

provided they guaranteed that

for those who have refugee

status we are going to

accommodate them here not more

than four weeks. After that, Australia promise to take

them. Once inside here those

Sri Lankans not yet recognised

as refugees have been promised

daily assistance from

Australian officials to prepare

their asylum claims, and if

successful, to be out of Indonesia within three months.

any special deals have been The Prime Minister denies

done with the asylum seekers

from the 'Oceanic Viking'. In

Singapore or the APEC leaders'

summit Mr Rudd has rejected Indonesian claims written guarantees have been given to

those who've come ashore. At

the same time the opposition is

accusing the Prime Minister of

rolling out the red carpet.

Kevin Rudd is looking for an

international solution to his

domestic problem. The 'Oceanic

Viking's moored just 50 kilometres away and it's

casting a shadow over the Prime

Minister's meetings with the

Indonesian President. We'll

methodically through all of work our way calmly and

them. 22 down, 56 to go. Indonesia says the asylum seekers went ashore after Australia vowed to speed up

their resettlement process and

promised some could be living

in Australia within four

weeks. The assumption

underpinning the question is

that there is a special

arrangement here. My advice is there is not. Indonesia insists the Sri Lankans were offered

special arrangements. Is that a

condition that Indonesia put on

Australia? Yes, this is put in

writing and therefore we accept

them. Australia's also

promising the asylum seekers English lessons and free international phone calls to

their families. He has put a

signal up, a message up in

letters a mile high: Australia

is a soft touch. Come on over.

Kevin will fix you up. He has

rolled out the Rudd carpet with

a vengeance. Behind the scenes, Indonesian and Australian

officials are working on a

multimillion-dollar plane to

encourage Jakarta to intercept

more asylum seekers. They hope

to finalise the deal on the

sidelines of this summit but

the negotiations like the ones

on the 'Oceanic Viking' are

proving more difficult than

anticipated. Even without the details of their so-called

Indonesian solution, the two

leaders still have a lot to

discuss and decide when they

meet again tomorrow. The predictions are

catastrophic. A quarter of a

million homes submerged along

with ports, airports and other

essential services. That's the

message from another report on

the crisis facing Australia's

coast as climate change takes

hold. The Federal Government

says it's unavoidable and local

communities must start

preparing now. There have been

warnings before, but this is

the first national mapping of

the impact of climate change on

Australia's coast. It shows

that by the end of the century

an upper-range sea level rise

of 1.1m, coupled with higher

tides and more frequent storm

surges, could be devastating.

Infrastructure such as airport,

bridges, hospitals, schools and

sewage systems would be

inundated, along with major

industrial areas and hundreds

of thousands of houses. The of thousands of houses. The government denies it's being

alarmist. All those people who

are denying the science are

doing is asking our children

and our grandchildren to bear

an unacceptable risk. 60% of

affected homes would be a in New South Wales and Queensland.

For the report identifies

high-risk hears in every

State. More and more places are

being affected right now. And

particularly in our estuaries

and in our coastal lakes, where

the higher water levels are

starting to invade our drains

and covering our roads.

Scientists say sandbagging and

sea walls won't be enough.

There needs to be a rethink of

what development is allowed and

how to reengineer essential

services. At the coalface are local and State

Governments. It's the the adaptation of whether to

defend, whether to retreat or

whether to abandon and

particularly infrastructure. We're talking

about here issues that are 100

years away. That doesn't mean

we don't think about them or

get them right, but it is important that we understand

that we've got time to adapt.

Critics say bigger solutions

are needed faster. It's time

now for the government to stop

its spin above substance and

actually adopt the targets that

will slow down the sea level

rise by slowing down global

warming. Along with the national strategy the

government has announced a new coastal Climate Change Council.

Its job will be to coordinate

adaption strategies across all

levels of government. It will

hold its first forum at the

beginning of next year.

Now returning to our story

on the Labor Party conference.

We're joined by state political reporter Matt Wordsworth there

is more to the premier's move

than just hand picking the

Cabinet, isn't there? What's

his strategy? There is much

more to it. You can look at the

speech and it's like a list of

weaknesses and obstacles to him

getting re-elected at the next

election. Transport, donation,

planning and leadership. Just

on that last one, one member

remarked to me that it was very

surprising, in fact he couldn't

remember when an issue of that

magnitude went through the

conference with barely a murmur

when it was surprisingly

announced at the last minute.

So that spells trouble for

anyone who's been creating

trouble for Nathan Rees

recently. So that's Ian

McDonald, Tony Kelly and you can perhaps count in there Joe

Tripodi. Another senior Labor

figure said to me Nathan Rees

on the issue of whether he's

going to have a reshuffle

wouldn't get a card like that

put in his pocket and not pull

it out. If this reshuffle

happens how soon could it

happen? Well, it's unlikely it

will happen tomorrow. Behind me

here the Acting Prime Minister

is going to deliver a speech

tomorrow morning, so you can

probably rule out tomorrow and

the last time Nathan Rees moved

against the people who are

plotting against him, it was

months after the event. But

Nathan Rees knows on all of

these issues from transport

through donations and this

leadership and he said it

himself today, he won't be

judged on his words but on his actions. Matt Wordsworth,

thanks for joining us. The US

President Barack Obama has said America's commitment to the

security of Asia is unshakeable. Speaking in Tokyo

at the start of an Asian tour,

Mr Obama said the United States

had a direct stake in the

future of the region because of

its importance to the American

economy. He reaffirmed

alliances with partners like

Australia and Japan, and

welcomed China's growing role

in the world. The United States

does not seek to contain China,

nor does a deeper relationship

with China mean a weakening of

our bilateral alliances. On the

contrary. The rise of a strong

and prosperous China can be a

source of strength for the

community of nations. It was

the first major speech of

President Obama's regional

tour. He's also visiting China,

South Korea and Singapore. The

man accused of orchestrating

the September 11 attacks will

be sent from Guantanamo Bay to

New York to stand trial.

Prosecutors planning to seek

the death penalty. The change

of venue has outraged

Republicans and the families of

some victims of the terrorist

attacks. He's described himself

as the mastermind of September

11. And now, Khalid Sheikh

Mohammed will leave Guantanamo

Bay and face trial in a New

York court with four other

detainees. They will be brought

to New York, to New York, to

answer for their alleged

crimes. In a courthouse just

blocks away from where the Twin

Towers once stood. I'm

absolutely convinced that

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will be

subject to the most exacting

demands of justice. In a city still traumatised by the attacks eight years ago,

there's relief. That's where

the event took place. The tragedy. And that's where he

should be tried. I have no

problem with it. But some of

the families of those who died

think it's a mistake. I think

it's a travesty. I think it's

gonna make a mockery of our

judicial system. I think it

will turn into a three-ring

circus. And Republicans say it

will make New York a magnet for

new attacks. I'm absolutely

outraged. This is the most disgraceful decision any President has ever

made. Prosecutors will seek the

death penalty and the

Attorney-General is confident

the case won't be jeopardised

just because Khalid Sheikh

Mohammed was waterboarded 183

times. I will Shea that I have access to information that has

not been publicly released that

gives me great confidence that

he will be successful in the

prosecution of those cases in

Federal Court. Five other de

detainees will be tried before

Military Commissions in the US.

Bringing terrorist suspects to

face trial in the United States

is part of President Barack

Obama's plan to shut down

Guantanamo by January. But even the Attorney-General concedes

keeping that promise is going

to be difficult.

The American space agency

NASA says it's found evidence

that the moon holds a

significant amount of water.

The findings come from an

experiment NASA carried out

last month when it intentionally crashed a

spacecraft into the lunar south

pole. Compared to the computer

simulations the crash itself

was something of an

anti-climax, with no sign of

the impact on video monitors.

But after scientific analysis,

NASA is claiming victory. I can

say today that in the 20 to 30m

crater made, we found maybe a

dozen of these 2 gallon buckets

worth of water. The water was

detected by a second probe which fell through the debris

thrown up by the impact. The

parents at the centre of the

boy in the balloon stunt in the

US have pleaded guilty to

criminal charges and could be

asked to pay compensation.

Richard Heene and his Japanese

wife Mayumi appeared in court

and admitted false reporting to

emergency services. It was

feared the couple's 6-year-old

son Falcon was inside a

home-made helium balloon that

drifted 80 kilometres across

Colorado last month.

Helicopters were scrambled to

follow the balloon but the boy

was found hiding in an attic.

The couple later admitted it

was a hoax aimed at getting

publicity. They will be sentenced next month and may

have to repay the costs of the

rescue operation. A pilot from

Queensland is threatening to

sue the Australian Federal

Police and the federal

prosecutor after his child sex

conviction was quashed in a

Brisbane court. 06-year-old

Frederic Martens was jailed for

5.5 years for having sex with a

14-year-old girl in Port

Moresby. The Court of Appeal

overturned the conviction

finding it was unreally and

couldn't be supported by the evidence. Frederic Martens was

accused of having sex with a 14-year-old girl in Port

Moresby in 2001. Mr Martens was

jailed for 5.5 years in 2006

but released in May this year

after flight records cast doubt

on the case. Well, it would've

been easier for me if I was

convicted of murder, easier

than false charges of child

paedophile. Murder would've

been easier to deal we

specially the years that I

spent in prison. The Court of

Appeal in Brisbane quashed Mr

Martens' conviction, finding:

Mr Martens says he was

framed. I sincerely hope what

unfortunately happened to me

in a clear frame over money and

politics, it could easily

happen to other Australian

citizens. Mr Martens says he

is talking to his lawyers about

compensation, but no amount of

money will replace his 1-year-old daughter who died

while he was fighting his

conviction. She passed away in

New Guinea suffering from

malaria. The AFP wouldn't allow

me to go to her to assist her.

She suffered for three months

with malaria. Mr Martens wants

a Royal Commission into the

Commonwealth Government's

handling of the case.

Two men have had a lucky

escape when a helicopter made an emergency landing in

Melbourne's south-east this

afternoon. The aircraft came

down in the south-east suburb

of Chilton. Around 100m from a

pre-school where children were

attending a party. The tail

rotor snapped off from the body

of the single engine helicopter

as it hit the ground. The two

men inside were on a training

flight when the aircraft got

into difficulty. Extremely

lucky. The damage to the

undercarriage of the aircraft

and the tail being removed,

they were quite lucky to sustain very few injuries at

all. I heard a loud whooshing

sort of noise. A lot louder than helicopters that I

normally hear buzzing by. And

shortly after there was a bang

and I thought, that's crashed.

And I went running round the

corner and looked over to the

oval and there it was. The

cause of the accident is being investigated.

An Indigenous community in Far North Queensland has come

up with a potential solution to

the housing shortage in remote

Australia. They've built an

environmentally friendly 4

bedroom house in just 15 days,

for a third of the price it

usually costs the government.

Aboriginal activist Noel

Pearson calls it the holy

grail. A simultaneous solution

to the drastic housing shortage

in Aboriginal communities. High

rates of unemployment. And


dissatisfaction. Engaging the

families in a sense of

ownership of the homes. And secondly, bringing the

construction price down.

Government Houses in remote

areas can cost $600,000, and

take months to build. This one

cost just $1,000 a square. And

was put up largely by

Aboriginal trainees from

Djarragun College south of

Cairns. The method of

construction allows for maximum

80% Aboriginal employment in

their construction. The houses

are adapted to local climate and lifestyles. They're per

might resistant and cyclone

proof. Using a new ecofriendly

building board made of bamboo

and sugarcane begasse. Best of

all they capitalise on an

underutilised resource, the

local labour force. Build your

skills up. Get into

construction work, yeah. The

houses can be slotted together Meccano-style by workers with minimal training who are

learning as they go. But most

importantly, young men now with

an ambition and a determination

that wasn't there before this

experience. Between them,

they've pulled off something no

State or Federal Government has

been able to do - build cheap,

appropriate houses quickly in

remote communities, giving

local people a job and a say in

the process.

It seems that Tiger Woods'

winning the Australian Masters

is no certainty. He shot an

even par round today at

Kingston Heath and had his

shares of ups and downs. That allowed Australians Greg

Chalmers and James Nitties to

make their move. They share the

top of the leaderboard with the

world No. 1 with 18 holes to

play tomorrow. With a three

shot lead overnight some

betting agencies had

prematurely paid out on a Tiger

Woods win. The massive gallery

again proved a help, not a

hindrance. Woods ironed out the

bump with a birdie on the next

hole, but on the third the

world No. 1 shot just his

second bogey of the tournament.

And Woods' playing partner

Jason Duffner soon drew

level. He is a great chipper!

The American briefly moved to

11 under. It was far from a

classic performance from Tiger

on the front nine and

Australian Greg Chalmers also ensured Kingston Heath wouldn't be dominated by one man. Good-looking putt. Get in!

Oh yes! Woods slipped a

further shot back on the 1 1th.

He was fighting to stay with

the leaders and was clearly

frustrated by his performance.

Victorian James Nitties, who

started the round at 7 under,

also shot into

contention. About time too!

Cameron Percy is another local

within striking distance. Tiger

made up ground, but his part on

the 16th summed up his day.

Oh! Guffner dropped off with

back-to-back bogeys. Chalmers

relinquished his advantage on

the back nine but still had a

chance for the outright lead on the last I didn't take

advantage of what I should've,

but I'm pleased. It was a

similar story for Woods who

never really hit his best. You

know, I had a great shot or hit

one of the worst shots you have

ever seen. Tiger will partner Percy tomorrow.

Three of Australia's high

profile sporting teams are

playing important games this

weekend in Britain and Asia.

The Socceroos face Oman in the

Asian Cup qualifiers, the

Wallabies meet Ireland in

Dublin and tonight the

Australian rugby league team

plays England in the final of

the four nations tournament.

When in England, it's hard not

to be caught up in round-ball

fever. But this is serious

business for Australia's rugby

league team. Taking on a

sizeable England outfit in the

four nations decider in front

of 40,000 fans at Elland Road

is no small task . It's a

massive pack of forwards. Closest to the biggest ever to

play the game. The Wallabies

will play in front of a crowd

twice as large when they meet

the Six Nations champion

Ireland at Croke Park tomorrow

night. Everyone is excited

about it. The Socceroos will

also be greeted by a full house

in Oman tonight and are

expecting an attacking approach

from their Asian Cup opponent. Both teams tomorrow

need 3 points, so there will be

an open game. For the

Kangaroos, it's an opportunity

to regain Australia's

reputation as the world's

leading league nation. We lost

the World Cup last year, which

was pretty disappointing. I

know the boys were pretty

disappointed. Their rugby union counterparts will start thinking about achieving the

Grand Slam of wins over the

British island nations if they follow last week's victory over

England with a win in Ireland.

Although outside centre Digby

Ione is only thinking about his

battle with Brian O'Driscoll. He is an all-rounder. The sock sob want to prove they're the best team

in Asia but haven't qualified

for the Asian Cup finals yet

and that could be a tricky task

if they don't win with their

European stars playing tonight

against Oman.

New Zealand leads by 1-0

midway through the second half

of its second World Cup

qualifier in Wellington. If it

wins the game it will qualify

for the first time since 1982,

when it made its only other

appearance. It was a garage

sale of theatrical proportions.

Thousands of people walked away

with a piece of Australian

theatre history today as the Melbourne Theatre Company

cleared out a warehouse full of

costumes, props and sets. It

was a theatre lover's paradise

A giant garage sale full of old

costumes and props. There is a

refrigerate or they're watching

for me in front. Ball gowns and

an alien thing with feelers.

I'm excited. The line outside

was reminisce sent of a post Christmas sale as the Melbourne

Theatre Company cleared out 35

years of showbiz par fer nail

ya. We just moved into our new

headquarters out of these old

warehouses. It's a fairly

expensive capital project. So

the small amount that this will

contribute to that will be fantastic. Costumes worn by well-known performers went out

the door quickly. This is the

item that Magda Szubanski wore

when she played the Spelling

Bee prodigy in Spelling Bee a

couple of years ago with us.

costumes on before they were While some people had the

even out the door. And of

course, in the world of

theatre, things aren't always

what they seem. Doesn't work.

Some had grand ideas for their

finds. It's more of a tweedy

sort of look but what I'm

hoping to add to it is a little

bit more of a retro technology

look to this. So maybe

something involving gears and a

bit of brass. While others

weren't so sure. It looks

pretty cool, so I mate hang it

up. Wait until Bastille Day, I

don't know. It was more like a

museum for some of the younger

punters. But by the end of the

day more than 2,000 people

walked through the garage door.

While some proved to be harder

to sell than others, organisers

say about $80,000 for raised

for the theatre. Time for a

look at the weather now.

Sydney's maximum today was 24.

Be that's right on the average.

Patchy low cloud over north

eastern New South Wales is

generating isolated showers and

storms. Cloud trailing over

southern Victoria and Tasmania

is causing very little rain. Hort northerly winds will

develop ahead of a trough in

western New South Wales, and

that trough will eventually

move eastwards, and driger a

few storms on the ranges

mid-week. The dominant feature

on tomorrow's rainfall chart is

showers coming from a band of

cloud stretching over WA.

be light. Coastal showers elsewhere will

Now a recap of tonight's

main stories. The premier has

promised to bandeau nations

from the State Labor Party - to

the State Labor Party from developers. Nathan Rees made

the announcement at the New

South Wales Labor Party

conference today. And the

remaining 56 asylum seekers on

the 'Oceanic Viking' are still

refusing to leave. The 22 men

who left the ship yesterday are

now at an Indonesian detention

centre. And before we go a look

at the news and current affairs

line-up tomorrow morning on

ABC1. At 9 o'clock, Insiders

with Barrie Cassidy, his guest

is the Climate Change Minister,

Penny Wong. At 10 o'clock on

Inside Business, Alan Kohler

interviews the head of the

parliamentary inquiry into

financial services, Bernie

Ripoll. Barrie Cassidy returns

at 10.30 with a look at the

week in sport and at 11, Jim Middleton hosts Asia Pacific

Focus. That's the news for now.

We'll leave new the

Netherlands, where a new world

record has been set for

toppling dominoes, nearly 4.5

goodnight. million of them! From us,

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