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(generated from captions) This morning Program is Captioned Live. This that

the Prime Minister's set to shake up her cabinet with a reshuffle. Also today - a deal reshuffle. Also today - a

struck in Durban, but no real

agreement until at least 2015. Brisbane police detain a man over an alleged $16 million

embezzlement. An embezzlement. An Australian man pleads guilting to working

for Hamas as a spy. And the Australian batsmen begin the

chase for victory on day in Hobart. Good morning,

you're watching ABC News 24.

I'm Tony Jones. Joe O'Brien. Taking a quick look at Taking a quick look at the

nation today: capital cities around the

Progress in the Eurozone Progress in the Eurozone has

sparked optimism on the local

market with a reasonable

judgment. The All Ordinaries

is around 1.5% higher. We'll

check the figures shortly. Tasmanian Senator Nick Sherry check the figures shortly. The

has confirm he'll step down from the politics at the His announcement came ahead of an expected His announcement this morning

reshuffle by Julia Gillard some time His

The reshuffle Julia Gillard some time today.

McClelland moved out of the Attorney-General's position and

Chris Evans is slipped to lose the Workplace Relations portfolio. Assistant Treasurer

Bill Shorten could be in line

for promotion, while Ms Gillard

says Kevin Rudd will stay on as

Foreign Affairs Minister. Nick Bill

Sherry said he wasn't pushed to

stand down. There are three interrelated reasons for

on the front bench for a very

long time, some 14 years of my almost 22 years in the Parliament so far. I served three years as three years as a parliamentary

secretary between 1993 and 1996. I've served in a range

of positions in Opposition as a

Shadow Minister for seven years

and I've served the last four

years as a Minister. I've been

around for a long time.

just turned 56 and you do think

about these issues a little

more when you get a touch

older. Thirdly, I have three young children. That was Nick

Sherry speaking earlier this

morning, the Tasmanian Senator.

The reshuffle comes on a day

when the latest Neilsen poll

shows Julia Gillard is losing more ground to Tony Abbott.

The Opposition leader has

gained a 4 percentage point

ease over Julia Gillard as

preferred PM. The poll in Fairfax Newspapers also the coalition has lifted its

two-party lead over Labor by

two points to 57% while Ms

Gillard's approval rating to 35. For the latest on Gillard's approval rating fell

to 35. For the latest on all

we'll cross to Melissa Clarke the figures goofnt's moves

is tipped to be one of the big in Canberra. Tanya Plibersek

winners today. Tanya Plibersek

is expected to take over the

Roxon who is expected to take

over the Attorney-General's

portfolio which would be a big step up. Tanya step up. Tanya Plibersek would be entering the cabinet with person who is expected to be a

big winner is of course Bill

Shorten who is expected to Shorten who is expected to take

Workplace Relations from Chris Evans, although it is expected Chris Evans will stay in Chris

cabinet given that he is the

leader of the Government in the

Senate and still has a

portfolio taking care of tertiary education. Of course,

wherever therefore winners

there are going to be losers.

We see that with Chris Evans potentially potentially losing one of his portfolios. We expect Robert

McClelland will lose that Attorney-General's portfolio to Nicola

that Kim Carr, the Senator from

Victoria, is expected to lose

his portfolio of the industry

we get that announcement from and innovation as well. Until

fill gill, which is expected

later on today. Everyone is

keeping tight-lipped in the meantime, including the the spotlight himself Bill meantime, including the man in

Shorten who arrived at Canberra Airport earlier this morning

and was peppered with by reporters. and was peppered with questions

by reporters. Julia

reshuffle is a matter for the Gillard. Anything to do with a

Prime Minister. Is this the day

that the faceless men This Government's focused on rewarded by Julia Gillard?

getting on with the getting on with the important issues like jobs, disability

you are asking about is a reform, any other matters

matter for the Prime

going to work Minister Is this reshuffle

going to work given today's poor polling for the Prime poor polling for

Minister? Is a reshuffle going to change anything? In terms

of the polls, this is a

Government that's focused with

getting on with business, so

any discussion of the reshuffle

is a matter for the Prime

hounded by reporters, including

our own Andrew Greene there in was this morning, Canberra Airport I think that

it. That's right. That was in was this morning, was

Canberra. There's quite a few

MPs arriving in Canberra and

we get that cabinet reshuffle

later on today, we can expect

them to be pretty quickly sworn them to be pretty quickly

into their new roles in

Chris Evans in the mix government house. You mentioned

I was under the impression government

there was a generally a view

that he was a reasonably strong

performer. What's the general

feeling about - this renewal or rewarding factions. With Chris

Evans in particular there was

some eyebrow s raced during the

Qantas dispute they could have

a stronger supporter. Bill Shorten

Shorten spoke quite vocally

that issue. As a more that issue. As a more general rule, there is some definite

moves towards renewal, clearing moves towards renewal,

out some older faces and making

way for some newer ones, if we

Chris Evans, Robert McClelland do indeed see the likes of

and Kim Carr either demoted or stepped aside or stepped down, they

they are some older faces that have been around for a long time, whilst likes of Bill Shorten, Tanya

Plibersek, who has been rising for some time as well, we

expect mark Arbib may get a

promotion out of any reshuffle, along with along with some other parliamentary secretaries.

That does account for some

element of renewal. There will

always be some speculation,

however, that this is partly however, that this is partly a reward for the factions that helped deliver Julia Gillard

the prime-ministership, because short shorts Bill Shorten was

drucial in that happening as

was Arbib and they're expected to changes. As to how much, it is

a reward of the factions, the

coalition will certainly coalition will certainly be pushing their argument that

this is entirely about're this is entirely about're ing those factions. Tony those factions. Tony Abbott waste nod time, even though we

don't have all the details don't when he arrived at Parliament

House this morning he was very

quick to point out what he says

is behind this reshuffle. On

the reshuffle, which the reshuffle, which we understand is imminent,

basically, the Prime Minister is trying to buy the loyalty of

the faceless men. These are

the people who put her in there

a year or so back. They're obviously thinking of shifting to Mr Rudd. Well, she's trying

to buy some insurance with this

reshuffle. Tony Abbott there speaking at Federal Parliament earlier

earlier this morning. There

were will be no reshuffle for

Tony Abbott's front bench. He's saying he's happy saying he's happy with his personnel and with the policy

and that he doesn't think and that he doesn't think they

need to make any changes. He

has left himself some room. He

says if there's retirements or anyone circumstances change, obviously he would be willing to make changes then. He says Julia

Gillard reshuffling ministry is trying to hide the fact they have poor the fact

Mahmoud Abbas is making the

argument he doesn't need to make any changes. Melissa

Clarke in Canberra, thank you. Police in Brisbane have

detained a 36-year-old man wanted over the embezzlement of

$16 million from Queensland

Health. Joel Barlow was found overnight at an address in the

inner Brisbane suburb of New

Farm. police Farm. He's being questioned by police right now. Barlow police

arrested in the early hours of

this morning as he tried to

enter day flat in the inner

Brisbane suburb of New Farm. Apparently

Apparently police had had a number of addresses under

surveillance and were waiting

to pounce. While he has been arrested, he has not yet been charged.

charged. He has been

questioned by police and a

number of media are gathering outside the Brisbane

watch-house waiting to hear watch-house waiting to hear of

any developments. Joel Barlow

is being questioned in relation

to the disappearance million from the Queensland

Health department which is

where he worked as a finance

officer. Now, Police Minister says this case

is one of the most cases of fraud in Australian

history. He says a substantial

amount of that $16 million has

already been recovered but he's

declined to say exactly how amount of Commission Against Corruption

in NSW has found a former State Labor Government

engaged in corrupt conduct. The ICAC conducted an inquiry earlier this

earlier this year into

allegations surrounding the Government's purchase of the former union former union retreat Currawong

in Sydney north. It was

claimed the head of in and Property Management

Authority, Warwick Watkins, completed the deal without the

proper authority and then tried

to correct the record by getting the

getting the then lands Minister

Tony Kelly to sign a backdated

letter. The ICAC has not to correct

purchasing the land but found

both he and Mr Kelly engaged in corrupt conduct over the

letter. The ICAC recommending the Director of Public Prosecutions consider

taking action against both taking action against both men. We'll hear from We'll hear from the Director of Public Prosecutions over the

next months or so on a decision

relating to that. A

last-minute deal aimed at tackling climate change has been agreed at the been agreed at the UN

conference in South Africa.

Delegates in Durban pledged to would commit all countries, not

just the richer ones, to

legally binding limits on

carbon emissions by 2020. A huddle in the conference huddle in the conference hall.

The key powers very tense.

Mercury sissing joining Mercury sissing joining a climate treaty unless China

does too. China itself wary.

India unwilling to be tied into

a legally binding commitment.

In the end, they got there. In seeing no objection, it is so so decided. 36 hours late,

relief among many with a new agreement. This is how the

deal looks. A new global

treaty by 2020 greenhouse gases. It will

include China, America and India, the three biggest

polluters, and it will have legal force, although that

isn't defined. What we've

done today is actually a done today is actually a great success for European diplomacy.

We've managed to put this on

the map and we've managed to bring the major emitters,

the United States and India and

China, into a road map which

will secure an overarching

global deal. The pressure had

come from the most vulnerable nations, but

come as fast as they'd like. India, with hundreds of

millions still below the

poverty line, worries about

restraining its development.

The United States is in no The United States is in no rush either, climate change is a toxic issue there. But getting

a new treaty on greenhouse gases will involve difficult time it is recognised there is

a gap between pledges to a gap between pledges to reduce emissions and the cuts that

scientist say are needed The

scale of cuts, two should make them and by when, still has to

be decided. Previous promises

of road maps leading to new

agreements, have been delayed

or broken. So they have agreed

a pathway to cutting global

emissions, but there's not much

urgency about it. David Shukman from the BBC there with that

report. I'm getting a few good

tweets on that issue.

read them out around 11.30. We brought you the news of the ICAC finding against the ICAC Labor Government Minister in

NSW, Tony NSW, Tony Kelly before that

piece. We have got mark Tobin on the phone now. First of

all, take us through what the

basis of this story is? First

of all, I suppose it is

important to clarify that this

is Tony Kelly. We've been

hearing store resrecently about another involving a different involving a different Minister, former Minister Ian McDonald,

but taking you back, this but taking you back, this is to do with the purchase of a union property the State Government bought this ahead of the March State Election for State Election for (1) 200-0000

and there was concern that the head of head of the Land and Property

Management Authority acted without Management without authority

purchase. What the ICAC have

found today is that there was a backdated letter that Mr

Watkins, who was the head of this authority, asked the then

Minister, Tony Kelly, to sign to, in effect, give him to, in effect, give him the authority to purchase this

property. As we say, it was

signed after the ICAC have today decided that Mr

Watkins, Mr Kelly and Watkins, Mr Kelly and also another member of another Property Management Authority

acted corruptly in the drawing up and signing of this up and signing of this letter and because of the and because of the backdated letter, they've recommended the

Trio be charged with a Trio be charged with a number

of offences and they've asked the Director of Public Prosecutions to consider laying

those charges. Mark, obviously

this is an ICAC finding and I'm

not sure how much detail can

you go into. What was the

backdating this letter? How was that going to benefit

someone? It was. Mr Watkins

was under investigation acting without authority. In

in effect to cover himself, if

you like, he went to Tony

Kelly, who was a friend of his, and said can you sign this letter

letter for me so that I've got

something to show the investigators

investigators to show that in

fact I did have the authority

of the Minister. It is a

classic case of the classic case of the ICAC

actually found there was

purchased this property, but

what brought him unstuck was trying trying to cover his tracks and

get the Minister to backdate

this letter. He was found to

have acted corruptly and also

the Minister in signing that

letter has also been found to

have acted corruptly as well. What's the situation with

this kur long property. Feel

people in who aren't in NSW and not

not familiar with this story.

It was a Labor Party retreat

area or workers area or workers retreat area, was t in the north of Sydney.

Yes it is. It is a beautiful

property. It is

Sydney's Pittwater, an amazing

place to be. Unions NSW were

trying to sell this to bankroll the your rights at work

campaign ahead of election. There was a number of

of interests from the private

sector, but the State

Government because of its

significance and the State Government decided that they wanted to buy it and keep it in

public hands. That's where

this came undone, Mr Watkins

was authorised to enter into

negotiations but not to

finalise the Sale. He went one

step to far and behalf of the State Government. It was weeks before the

election when they were in

caretaker mode. He went a caretaker mode. He went a step

too far. It was the backdating

of the letter which really of the letter which really has brought him unstuck. Mark, what

did the defence of Tony Kelly

and Mr Watkins been? They were

admitted they had done. This I don't think they were offering

up any defence as to that they

did the wrong thing. They both

realised they'd done the wrong

thing over this. We've got calls in again today to Mr

Kelly to see if he's leader in NSW, John Robertson,

is giving a media conference on

other issues and interestingly,

earlier this week, when Ian

McDonald those allegations came

out about his alleged corrupt conduct, Mr Robertson called

for his suspension from the Labor Party and that Labor Party and that was actually granted and so we'll be

be asking Mr Robertson at

be asking Mr Robertson at this media conference whether he has any plans to call for any plans to call for the suspension or indeed expulsion

of Tony Kelly from the Labor

Party now there's been Party now there's been this corrupt conduct finding made

against him. How far way is that

in an hour and a quarter we'll hear from Mr Robertson.

Finally, it with these ICAC findings it is the case they

make a recommendation to the

Director of Public Prosecutions. It is not the

been convicted of anything at

this stage? No. From past experience, to be honest, we have had quite a bit of

experience with Labor MP and

this corruption body, it does

take quite some time, several

months in fact, maybe even six months, for the Director of

Public Prosecutions to Public Prosecutions to comeback and announce whether in fact

they will be proceeding any charges. Mark Tobin at the

NSW Parliament thank you very

much for that. Thanks, Joe. An Australian has pleaded guilty

to working as a spy for Hamas. The militant organisation runs the Gaza Strip and the Gaza Strip and is

considered a terrorist group by the Israeli Government. Michael Vincent reports. Eyad Rashid Abu Arja was arrested at

tell a Viv Airport in March:

he had been living in Saudi Arabia. While working there

he met some people and learned or understood that one

or two of them were members of

Hamas. The Hamas members asked

Eyad Rashid Abu Arja as an IT

specialist to look for

technology to improve missile targeting. They also wanted

equipment some people and then he learned or understood that one Eyad Rashid Abu Arja as an IT specialist to look for equipment that may determine if a phone is being a phone is being tapped. Eyad Rashid Abu Arja did Rashid Abu Arja did agree to

buy a camera to carry out surveillance, travelling to

Israel with his wife. He told

one of those guys, one friends, that he intends to

visit in Israel and they told

him, all right, great, tell us what you have weapons training with Hamas in

Syria were dropped. His lawyers lawyers says Eyad Rashid Abu

Arja was simply naive. Arja was simply naive. They

pulled his leg. He didn't really understand really understand what it was

all about. It was very

friendly attitude. He couldn't

even dream that he'll find himself on the bench. Eyad Rashid Abu Arja has agreed to a

plea bargain with a sentence of

30 months. If the judge 30 months. If the judge saepd accepts that and with good behaviour, Elle he be behaviour, Elle he be released

by the end of next year and is expected to United States have held a fiery televised debate. The new frontrunner Newt frontrunner Newt Gingrich stood by his earlier by his earlier comments that Palestinians were

people. But all the talk after

the debate centred on Mitt

Romney who issued a $10,000 bet

to fellow contender Rick Perry

over a healthcare commitment. Earlier I spoke with our North America correspondent Lisa Earlier I

Miller. You and I might share a

bet over $20 or even if we're feeling flush, but Mitt

feeling flush, but Mitt Romney decided to bet 1000. decided to bet 1000. Let's listen how it out. I read your first book

and it said in there your mandate in mass cue it came in the reprint of the book. You were saying for individual mandates my friend. You've raised that before, Rick, and It was true and It was true then. No. It is true now. Rick, I'll tell you

what, 10,000 bucks, a $10,000 bet? I'm not in the betting

business. Okay. Oh, it is not

good. Explain for us what the

bet was actually over? The business.

was over the healthcare issue business.

Mitt Romney. In fact, Mitt Romney's team keep saying he would have won the bet. He

would have won the bet. He was

right. That doesn't matter.

What has come out the fact he

was prepared to bet $10,000

this multi millionaire who's

constantly tried to be the

bloke you want to have a beer

with and no-one buys it and that's why they that's why they keep looking for another candidate that they feel

feel more comfortable with, that they feel is one of them,

and Mitt Romney just seems to

put his foot in whenever he

tries to win them over, to woo

them on side. Look, we them on side. Look, we have

got 23 days until the Iowa Caucuses and two-thirds of

voters are already saying they

might change their minds. Newt Gingrich frontrunner, it might

not be the case in three weeks time. Lisa Miller reporting from Washington. Russian President Dmitry he's ordered an investigation into allegations of electoral

fraud during the parliamentary

elections earlier this month. fraud during rallied across Russia over the weekend in the largest anti-government demonstration since the fall of the Soviet

Union: protesting against the alleged fraud. They called for the

Vladimir Putin who will make an effort to return to effort to return to the presidency next year. Mr Medvedev posted a comment on his FaceBook page saying his FaceBook allegations would be

investigated, but he received a

mostly negative response. To Libya, where Libya, where one person has been killed in a gun battle

between the national army and

former rebel who control Tripoli's international highlights the challenges the

new leaders space

new leaders space to stamp their authority on the various groups who helped their authority Muammar Gaddafi. The clashes were the latest in a violent incidents in the violent incidents in the Libyan capital. But tension appears

to have eased on the Airport

road on Sunday. Broke out near

the international Airport on

Saturday between the Saturday between the national

army infantry. A unit headed

by Major General half can. His

office says he escaped an

in the day. The brigade in the day. The brigade says his forces had provoked them by

refusing to stop at a Check

Point. The brigade has built up its numbers before the last

Check Point before the Airport.

They say they won't leave until

an NTC recognised security

force is in place. The brigade

is not officially recognised as

the national army. Questions

are being asked why they're

wanting get involved in Airport

security now. TRANSLATION:

We're in charge of the Airport.

This is official authorised by the NTC. The authorisation is the

here. You can see it. We're not Michelles militias as they

say. If they were you wouldn't

have been working with the government. This latest violence deepens concerns violence deepens concerns about unity amongst the ex the, unity amongst the ex the, many

of whom remain heavily armed

while the police and military struggle to restructure struggle to restructure their forces. TRANSLATION: I


believe the spread of weapons,

especially in Tripoli, especially in Tripoli, caused these problems in the first place. We have always ensured national army and worked to

appoint a Chief of Staff so the spreading of weapons would

stop. All difficulties faced by

Libya's transitional leaders as

they try to persuade

brigades to submit to the new

government a authority. That

report from Al Jazeera English.

Alicia Barry is here now

an update on the markets. The mining mining companies Aston

Resources and bhooit coal are

merging to form Australia's largest largest independent coal

company listed on the

deal is worth $5.1 billion.

Aston shareholders will receive

1.89 Whitehaven shafs for each

Aston share. Whitehaven shareholders will

receive a special dividend of

50 cents per share. The local

sharemarket is stronger as investors take their first

chance to react to the chance to react to the EU's plan to toughen rules. The All

Ordinaries index has come off

its earlier highs but its earlier highs but is still

up 1.2% and the AX S 200 up 1.2% and the AX S 200 index

is up just a little more. On

Wall Street stocks leaders. The Dow Jones

Industrial Average gained 1.5%.

London's footballers FTSI 100

index added point 9%. Spot

gold is heading higher in Asian trade. West Texas crude oil

edged up on optimism about a solution in Europe. And the Australian dollar has been gaining strength as investors

become more willing to take risk.

become more willing to take on risk. Right now it is buying

101.9 US cents. China is

celebrating its 10 year

anniversary of its as anniversary to the World Trade Organisation. Organisation. The country's president, Hu Jintao, says

China ultimate aim is to

China ultimate aim is to have balanced strayed. He says

total imports will ex steed 8 trillion US dollars over the

next five years enormous opportunities to

businesses around the world.

The WTO says the global economy needs China to become more involved on issues like involved on issues like trade regulation. Australia is on

target to win the second target to win the second test

against New Zealand in Hobart. Having resumed on none they've moved swiftly to 2 for 122 with 241 the 122 with 241 the required target. Phillip Hughes failed

to add to his overnight score

of 20 and Dave Warner notched

his test half-century. Both he

and Usman Khawaja have put the Australians in a strong

position to wrap up the series. Usman Khawaja losing his wick

account a short time ago. Warner needed to call on the

physio for what seems a lower

back injury. Sydney FC has

been held to a scoreless draw by

by the last placed Gold Coast

in the A-League soccer clash. win but had to settle for a

point each. Coming off five

losses, Gold Coast adopted a

physical approach from the

opening minute giving an opportunity to Sydney FC's Shannon Cole. To try it and

it is on target as well. The

home team dominated the rest of

the first-half, but had nothing

to show for it. Lets fly and

that's an excellent save from

Liam Reddy. Down low to his right. Lacklustre finishing from Gold Coast was testing the

patience of the coach Miron Bleiberg. Bruno Cazarine's

decision to sit in the Sydney coach's

coach's chair was a gamble. you're stub absoluted. Karol

Kisel should have opened the

scoring for the Sky Blues in

the 65th minute before Gold Coast

Coast went on attack and Sydney had a lucky escape. It is ball to hand. Sydney FC pressed in

the final minutes but had to be content with a

content with a draw. Lovely

back heal for Nick Coast English Premier League, Stoke

City ended Tottenham's 11 game

unbeaten run beating them 2-1 this morning. In this morning. In this

morning's other game,

Sunderland muchd out of the bottom through with a 2-1 win to struggling Blackburn Rovers.

Here's the action. Towards Walter.

Walter. Crouch. Got the shot away. Matthew Etherington.

Stoke get a deserved of lead

here. Crouch. The target.


Walters get on to it. Matthew

Etherington. Gets his second.

Lovely footwork. There's the

tap. Slightly delayed reaction from Lou can moddism. He was topped and he went down. No

problems. Tottenham on the

comeback trail. Here is

footwork. It's nodded in.

Blackburn lead. Who will it

drop to? How about that? Four

goals this season. It's five. Sunderland have surely won What a turn around. The world's number 1 golf number 1 golf player Luke

Donald has become the first player to top money lists player Europe and the United States in

the same season. He did the same season. He did it

with a third placing in the Dubai World Championship

overnight. Birdieing his last

three holes to finish three holes to finish three shots behind the leader Alvaro

Quiros of Spain. Donald only

needed to finish Ninth or

better and hope that Rory McIllroy didn't win. Let's

check the weather. Here is Vanessa O'Hanlon. Today's

satellite image a trough is

causing showers and storms over

the tropics and also about the

north-east. Cloudy around

another trough that's overnear

the West Coast and a cold front

is approach ing Tasmania. With

a low-pressure trough over a low-pressure trough over the

east developing into a east

coast low and intensifying off the NSW Mid North Coast, conditions should become more stable form stable form and rain becomes more isolated to the tropics

and a low in the west will Queensland:

Stay with us on ABC News 24 for continuing coverage of the day's top day's top stories. We'll say

goodbye to viewers on the

Australia network, though. One of of the Prime Minister's key backers, Bill Shorten will be

likely promoted backers, Bill

front bench reshuffle. He'll move from Assistant move

to a cabinet job which is expected to be Workplace

Relations. Meanwhile, Tanya

Plibersek is also expected to

be promoted to cabinet to

become Health Minister.

Climate talks in South Africa have concluded with a last-minute agreement to last-minute agreement to work

towards a legally binding deal by 2020. The Kyoto Protocol

will be extended for five years

to cover the period leading up

to the new agreement but some

have criticised the outcome

saying more decisive action on

climate change should be taken

now. Queensland Police have

apprehended a man wanted over a multi-million

multi-million dollar fraud.

Joel Barlow was arrested in Brisbane

Brisbane this morning. The 36-year-old is being 36-year-old is over allegations he over allegations he embezzled

more than $16 million while working with the Queensland Health department. An

Australian sit sin is facing

jail time of aiding Hamas. Eyad Rashid of

Abu Arja was arrested back in March and originally charged

with belonging to an illegal organisation and taking part activities on its behalf.

According to a plea bargain,

he'll serve a prison term of 30

months with credit for time already served. The Prime

Minister Julia Gillard is

expected later today to

announce the details of a

cabinet reshuffle. Politicians

from both the major parties

touched down in Canberra touched down in Canberra in morning anticipating the shake

up. Here's what a couple of them

them had to say as at Canberra Airport. Even if

they have a reshuffle today, it

is their policies that people

don't want. You'll end up with

the same union leaders and

political staffers, policies are the problem. Are you pleased that Kevin Rudd is staying

staying on against you? You guys seem to be good It does show the Prime Minister

Minister hasn't to the the courage

courage to take on Kevin Rudd

and it also means that he will be emboldened. Her problems

won't go away. Anything to do with

with the reshuffle is a matter

for the Prime Minister. This is the

are rewarded by Julia Gillard?

This Government is focus on

getting on with the important

issues like jobs, disability

reform, any other matters that you're asking about are a matter for matter for the Prime Minister.

This is reshuffle going to work given today's poor polling for the Prime

the Prime Minister? Is a

reshuffle going to change

anything? In terms of the polls, this is a government

that's focused with getting on with business. Any discussion with of the reshuffle is a matter for

for the Prime Minister. Is the

need for the reshuffle an

admission of failure by the ask the questions about

reshuffle 10 different ways.

My answer is going to be it is a a matter for the Prime Minister. Bill Shorten arriving

in Canberra Airport this morning. We haven't got a

definite time on that in announce those cabinet changes. The word is it may The word is it may happened around 1 o'clock Canberra time.

Obviously we'll bring that to you live just as soon as

does get underway. On to does get underway. On to the

climate change issue. It has

been hailed as a major

milestone by some and a milestone by some and a massive

failure by others. After failure by others. After two weeks after marathon negotiations at the UN climate

finally agreement. For the first time the world's biggest emitters, including China and India, have agreed to work towards a global climate deal

and I've asked people on Twitter this morning Twitter this morning to let us

know how they're feeling about

it. Rob Oakeshott, the Federal

MP has tweeted in and said by

not voting for a low targets in

2011 in Australia we would be left exposed to an international price shock in

2015 or 2020. Smart economics,

smart diplomacy. Woolf says we're the

on the S S Titanic. Mark Cohen says it appears that many hundreds of people in exotic resort have resolved

meet again in 12 months in

another exotic resort. These

are some of the comments on Twitter this morning. Let's have a listen to one of the

stories out of Durban before we stories out

go to Frank to have a chat about the implications. There

were fears the Durban talks

would end without agreement. But

But after an extra 36 delegates from more than 190 countries managed to clinch the

unlikely deal. In seeing no objection, it is so decided. Developing nations

agreed to replace the out dated would

Kyoto Protocol and commit Kyoto Protocol and commit to

developing a legally binding pact to slow the pace of global

warming. We've managed to

bring the major emitters, like

the United States and India China, into a road will secure an overarching global deal. The Kyoto

Protocol, which was due Protocol, which was due to expire next year, has been

extended by at least five years. years. In the years. In the meantime, delegates delegates have agreed to start

negotiations on a new treaty by

2015. TRANSLATION: 2015. TRANSLATION: We're supposed to keep these decisions, follow decisions, follow signed agreements, fulfil our promises

and take concrete actions in order to push forward these policies and measures. We policies and measures. We were

not happy with reopening the

text, but in flexibility and accommodation, we have shown our flexibility

and we have agreed to this. The

deal also includes a promise to

set up a Green Climate Fund help the world's help the world's poorest

countries cover the costs of introducing low emission energy

processes. But some environmental activists say the

commitments are not enough. We are disappointed about the

outcome. What outcome. What we expected here was urgent action to address

climate change and certainly

the lack of ambition in terms

of immediate action to reduce

carbon remissions. The new deal

will be legally binding, but won't come into force until

2020. Dr Frank is with the

Australian national university Crawford School of Economics

focusing on climate change and

emissions trading schemes and

was no doubt keeping a very

close eye on what was happening close eye on what was happening

in Durban. He joins us now from

from Canberra. Welcome. How much to have brought other countries

or all countries of the world

into the tent? Certainly a big positive. It is a paradigm

shift. For the last two decades we have been living in this climate change policy

world where there's one basket

for developed countries and

another for developing

countries and developing

countries have been refusing to

take on similar commitment as

developed countries. We now

have an in principle agreement

to move to a situation where both

both groups of countries or in

fact all major countries in the world, will be

kind of legal commitment on climate change. In principle

agreement to move towards something where there's some

kind of - it sounds so vague.

That's right. The That's right. The trade off

then has been the putting off

of action for another five

years. Is that fair enough to

say that action has been put off for another five off for another five years? Joe, my language on this is deliberately vague as well

because I want to convey that

none of this is set in stone. What you have is an in principle agreement to arrive

at an agreement in 2015. Okay?

That's what we've got. The

reason why I see that as a

measure of success is that the

alternative was even no

progress at all. Okay? Just a

simple stalling. Or still, everything still, everything imploding and no-one talking about no-one talking about anything

any more. That was certainly a

possibility for these talks and

I guess the talks have ended up

in a much better situation than

that. Sorry, you

about the delay. I'm not so

pessimistic about that particular thing because all of

the actions that you need to

get greenhouse gas get greenhouse gas emissions down they take a long time to

implement. The main thing that

this agreement will do in many,

many countries now is it will

focus Government's attentions

on the pledges that they

already made two years ago in

climate Copenhagen. The Copenhagen climate targets. It will their climate targets. It will focus their attention how they might

be able to achieve them,

implement them, so that in

2015, they can get to a point where they can have a credible

commitment to have that done by

2015. Scientists say that's all

too late. The world should have been taking action much

earlier than this than earlier than this than now the

world is putting action off again?

again? From the point of view

of science and the risk of drastic climb what the tick

climatic impacts, the world

should have taken much stronger

action much earlier on, but we

are in the situation that we're in and it is not like falling

off a cliff, you know. It is

more like a long slippery slope and not to go down that slippery

slope too far and in that

regard, I think the track that we seem to be on now is better than some other that than some other possibilities

that could have come out of

this. Once you're on

that slippery slope there's no way

of pulling out? Oh, once you're on the slippery slope slippery there are always trees and

bushes you can hold on

to. There might not be trees

and bushes left. It is a serious point about the scientist. We've heard scientists frequently over some years

years say urgent action is needed. When we hear your

language reflecting what the

conclusion of this conference

is, that there will be working towards some sort of towards some sort of agreement,

people come up with things like

they've been Tweeting us this

morning it appears many

hundreds of people in

hundreds of people in one

exotic resort have resolved to

meet again in 12 months in

another exotic resort. You

don't think that's a keep in mind there are two

things here. One is the international negotiations

which are extremely slow which are extremely slow and

tortuous progress, okay? And the other one is what actually

happens on the ground. The atmosphere really only what

happens on the ground. Okay?

It is what countries do rather than what countries say they might do in future what

matters? Okay? China, for instance, has been quite strongly pushing against the

kind of outcome that we now see

from Durban and at the same

really in the vanguard of

implementing policies implementing policies at home

that will increase the share of

renewable energy in the renewable energy in the energy system that will increase

energy efficiency, that will shift the economic structure way from heavy industry and towards services. Their doing towards services. Their doing

a lot already. They're very

uncomfortable entering a legal

commitment over those

actions. Didn't we have news

the other day that emissions

had increased dramatically in

China anyway? It was a rebound from the global financial

crisis. We had a dip in global emissions in 2009, emissions in 2009, which is very unusually then over the time, simply because of time, simply because of the global dip in economic activity

and we had a rebound in 2010. and we

That was more or less expected.

Yes, of course, the emission levels

levels in most developing

countries are increasing over

time and that reflects the fact that there's a lot of who that there's a lot of people

who are moving up the income ladders and leading a materially more comfortable life and a challenge there it is kinds of goods and services

just in the lower energy, lower

carbon fashion so that carbon fashion so that means more energy efficiency, renewable energy, renewable fossil fuels, these kinds of things and many of developing countries are moving in that direction. You're seeing growth opportunities there. However, making a

legally binding international

agreement along those lines at legally agreement along those lines at the same time when the United

States is not in a position to

do so, is a very big ask for

them and that's what we've seen playing itself out at Durban. Finally, where does

this leave initiatives on climate change?

Well, I think it is mild

support really for the

Government going the way they

have gone, putting that have gone, putting that carbon

pricing scheme in place, it prepares prepares Australia for meeting

an emissions reduction at 2020

and that is what, you know,

quite likely to ultimately quite likely to ultimately be asked of Australia. Does it

mean that Australians will be

paying a lot more for climate

next several iers and several

years than any other nation in

the world? No it doesn't mean

that because many other nations are taking quite significant

action on greenhouse gas

emissions. They're just not using efficient policy

instruments for it. For instance, when we hear about

the low-carb prices in the EU,

what we usually don't hear

about is the whole list of

other regulatory measures other regulatory measures and

policies that they've got in place there and that are

costing people much more dearly than an

instrument such as a tax or a

trading scheme will. Ultimately,

Ultimately, you know, I mean,

if we think 8, 9 years down the

track we will have wanted track we will have wanted to reduce the level of our

national emissions rather than

keep going up, then the earlier

we start the lower the bill witness to achieve that. Thanks

so much for talking to us. Thank you, Joe. The first

real crack has appeared in the

British ruling coalition. has condemned David Cameron's

decision to veto EU treaty

changes as bad for Britain.

Dleg Nick Clegg says he's bitterly disappointed by the

outcome of the our pine is up put in Brunswick there was danger the UK would be isolated

and marginalised. On Friday the

coalition leaders appeared coalition leaders appeared to

stand shoulder to shoulder when

David Cameron made it clear David Cameron made it clear he

couldn't sign up to a new

European Union treaty. couldn't

Nick Clegg suggested the gulf

was growing. Bitterly

disappointed by the outcome of

last week's summit precisely

because I think there's a Kingdom will be isolated Kingdom will be isolated and marginalised within the

European Union. I don't think

that's good for jobs in the city or elsewhere, I don't think it think it is growth for families

up and down the country. Last

week the Lib Dem leader said

the Prime Minister's demands in

Brussels had been moderate and

reasonable. But over

reasonable. But over the weekend, he came under huge

pressure from some in his own

party to toughen his chance. I hear this talk about the

bulldog spirit. There's nothing bulldog about Britain hovering somewhere in the mid-Atlantic not standing tall in Europe, not being taken seriously in Washington. But

some LibDems say Nick Clegg

should have been tufrg with the conservative sooner and backed the Business Secretary in

standing up standing up to David Cameron. Vince Cable gave a very serious warning last Monday in the cabinet against elevating these financial regulation points into a make

or break deal. He warned on

that. He didn't get any support. David Cameron has won plaudits from some of his

Euro-sceptics back Benners at

up to a new EU treaty. But Nick Clegg's possible last is

rising in his own ranks because he's criticising the Prime

Minister. While the two men

may fall-out they're

making it very clear privately

they won't allow the coalition

to fall apart over

Europe. Today the Labour leader

tried to deepen the divide

between the Prime Minister ans

it deputy by saying. I agree

with Nick Clegg this is a bad

deal for Britain because deal for Britain because we we're going to have 26 countries going ahead without

us in the room, us in the room, us excluded from key and frankly, David Cameron has miss handled these

miss handled these negotiations

very badly. But the Foreign Secretary said the Prime

Minister had no option but to veto

veto a deal in Brussels.

Across the government we were

agreed on the negotiating

position in advance and that

this was our minimum requirement for agreeing to a

treaty to take part in a new

European treaty. That minimum

requirement was not met and requirement was not met and so, of course, the Prime Minister did the right thing in agreeing to it. The European

Union won't break up as a

result of last week's

negotiations and the coalition

won't either. But the tensions within each are set to increase. To a great little

story about what you can find

in the back shed. An ancient

14th century quadrant used to

tell time is expected to fetch

more than $300,000 when it more than $300,000 when it is auctioned in London next week. Part

Part of its appeal is a very

direct royal connection and a sack of hold pipe fittings on Queensland farm. As Europe correspondent Philip Williams

reports. In the bond ham's

London auction room the tick

and talk of and talk of time-pieces

centuries old await the

But this quadrant sporting the mark of King Richard the Second is stealing the show. It is

the second earliest known

instrument ever made, 13 13

96. There's one earlier instrument known in the whole

of the world. Secondly, it is came from King Richard the second. came from King Richard the second

second but this has his badge

on it. Disglenl the rich on it. Disglenl the rich could

afford an instrument like this

but jets extraordinary history

may remained may remained hidden if not for

its Sydney based owner

Christopher Becker. It is the digital watch

digital watch of its day. It

has those various functions.

Tells the time, tells the date

t has an alarm function in the sense you can track Easter, the

summer stol stis, winner

Solstice. It lay in a bag of old pipe in the family farm in Queensland. As a child Christopher Becker used it as Christopher Becker used it as a

shovel and the family had no

idea what it was. It actually went to the dump times and was saved by sheer

luck. My father literally, you

know, picked it up and sort of

thought do I throw this away or do I keep? He was like no it is a good piece of brass. A very

very good piece as it very good piece as it turns out. After researching its

origins on internet, its incredible history was confirmed by the British

Museum. But its value is

relative. For me it is just a

link to my childhood. It is

not - it's not Richard II's

quadraplegic to me. It is the

obvious cool thing I found in a

bag of pipe fittings whence 7

or 8. Having survived 500 years or

it is relatively short it is relatively short time in

a sack on a Queensland farm is

over. Nits nextdes tip nation

likely a museum or wealthy direct

direct collector. While this worldwide and will undoubtedly

command a very high price, it

is not all about money. This

is a unique piece with is a unique piece with a mace

tearious Australian connection

that may never be soled.

Mysterious Australian

connection that may never be solved. Australia is in solved. Australia is in a

commanding position heading

into lunch on the fourth day of

the second test against New Zealand in Hobart. The

Australians resume on none for

72 and now need under 100 for

the win. But they have lost two wickets this Phillip Hughes couldn't add to his overnight score caught in

slips again, while Dave Warner had a slice of notch when notching his first notching his first 50. Usman Khawaja has hitting the

Khawaja has hitting the ball freely. Although Warner Bandt

did the same feel about it.

Ross Taylor took a super catch to remove Usman Khawaja. Sydney FC has been held to a

scoreless draw by the last

placed Gold Coast in their A-League soccer clash. Both

sides had ample chances to win

but to to settle for a each. Coming off five losses, but

Gold Coast adopted a physical approach from the opening

minute giving an opportunity to

Sydney FC's Shannon Cole. To

try it and it is on target

well. The home team dominated

the rest of the first-half, but

had nothing to show for it.

He lets fly and that's an

excellent save from Liam Reddy.

Down low to his

right. Lacklustre finishing from Gold Coast was testing the

patience of coach Miron

Bleiberg. Bruno Cazarine's

decision to sit in the Sydney

gamble. Karol Kisel should have

opened the scoring for the Sky

Blues in the 65th minute before Gold Coast went on the attack

and Sydney had a lucky escape. It is escape. It is ball to

hand. Sydney FY pressed in the final minutes but had to be confident with a draw. Lovely back heal for Nick Carle. In the English Premier back

Stoke City have had a Stoke City have had a two-one win over Tottenham this

morning. Sunderland scored a

late win at home to Blackburn.

Former spurs player Matthew Etherington was at the Former in the first-half. The in the first-half. The target. Walters get on to it. Matthew Etherington gets his

one back through a penalty, but it wasn't enough and Stoke

moved to 8th on the table. Sunderland moved out of the

bottom three with a two-one win

at home to struggling Blackburn Rovers. Sebastian Larsson got

the winner for the winner for Sunderland in added time. The world's number 1 golf player Luke Donald has 1

become the first player to top

money lists in Europe and the US in

US in the same season. it with a third placing in the Dubai World Championship

overnight. Birdieing his last three holes to finish three shots behind the winner Alvaro

Quiros of Spain. Donald only needed to finish 9th or better in the 7.5 million-dollar

season ending tournament and

hoped that Rory McIllroy didn't

win. He finished 10 shots off

the pace in a share of 11th. The and you men's hockey

team has won the Champions Trophy for a fourth year. Trophy for a fourth successive year. The Kookaburras worked hard to defeat Spain one-nil yesterday's final in Auckland. Australia's mighty hooks victory song was hooks victory song was sung with plenty of feeling after a

nailbiting final. The chances were few and far between for

almost an hour. The only goal came from a penalty corner.

And eventual it is put away And eventual it is put away by Eddie Ockenden. The Spanish players protests fell on deaf

ears but falling a goal behind

didn't end their challenge.

The Australians had to defend grimly. It was the Kookaburras' 12th Champions Trophy victory. And

celebrations at last for Craig

from the winning mount on Dunaden at last month's

Melbourne Cup he powered the

six-year old horse to victory

in the Hong Kong Vase over 2400 metres. The Melbourne Cup done pulse away. It is Dunaden's

first start since the win at Flemington. National Basketball

League leader New Zealand has Coen continued on with its

winning ways. The Breakers

beat the 36ers by 13 in

Adelaide. The Crocs came behind Adelaide. The Crocs came from behind to down Sydney by 11 in Townsville and Perth had

comfortable away win over

Wollongong. Racked up 16 of

his 23 points in the

period alone while Sean redlism

noxd up 23 for the west Australians. Ashleigh Australians. Ashleigh Barty has won a place in the

Australian Open women's singles

tournament with a victory in the wildcard play-off. Earlier this week, the 15-year-old

pulled off an upset win pulled off an upset win against the the top-seeded Casey Dellacqua.

Today she won the final against Olivia Olivia Rogofska. Taking the first set in a tie-break and

the second 6-2. Barty

a Grand Slam against her idols.

I think I'll probably just

keep to myself in the locker room.

hide from every one. hide from every one. We'll see

how it goes. A very down to

earth Ashleigh Barty. Barty won the junior Wimbledon won the junior Wimbledon title

earlier this year. Let's get

an update on today's weather. Here Here is Vanessa O'Hanlon. Today's an update image a trough showers and storms over the

tropics and also about the

north-east. Cloudy north-east. Cloudy tarpd another trough that's over near

the West Coast and a cold front is approaching Tasmania. With a low-pressure trough a low-pressure trough over the

east developing into a an ease

coast low and intensifying off the NSW Mid North Coast conditions should become more

stable tomorrow. A low in the

west will drift south tomorrow.

For Queensland for

Thank you Vanessa. Said knee

ABC Radio presenter Richard Glover and Peter Fitzsimons

have made into it into Glover Guinness Book of World for the longest for the longest radio

interview. The duo spent the past 24 hours talking about Australian characters, the republic issue, ex-girlfriends to break the

previous record of 12 hours.

They doubled it. The rules are set by the Guinness World

Records state no

could be repeated could be repeated and no-one else could be interviewed.

They look pretty tired after 24

hours of nonstop talk. This afternoon, in afternoon, in the next couple

of house, we're expecting the

Prime Minister, Julia Gillard,

is going to hold a is going to hold a media

conference to announce those conference to announce those changes to cabinet. That reshuffle brought on by reshuffle brought on by the announcement this morning of

that Nick Sherry, the Tasmanian

Tendulkar Senator is going to be relinquishing his cabinet

duties. We plan to bring that

you live here on ABC News somewhere in the next couple of hours we're expecting Julia

Gillard is going to hold that

media conference. Stand by for

the very latest from the

markets and more coverage of

the day's top stories right here on ABC News 24. here