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Clarke, Dawe and the dawning of the Rudd era -

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KERRY O'BRIEN: Time now for John Clarke, Bryan Dawe, and the dawning of the Rudd era.

BRYAN DAWE: Hang on, Kerry, we're not quite ready, we've got a bit of a problem here. Listen, where
is Mr Rudd?

JOHN CLARKE: He'll be along shortly, Bryan. He's not far away now.

BRYAN DAWE: Well, come on, we've got a time problem here.

JOHN CLARKE: He can't be far. Hang on a minute. Where is he? What time do you finish?

BRYAN DAWE: 8 o'clock.

JOHN CLARKE: (on his mobile phone) No, they've got to be finished by 8 o'clock. No, I'm there now.

BRYAN DAWE: What is he doing?

JOHN CLARKE: I'm there now.

BRYAN DAWE: What is he doing?

JOHN CLARKE: What do you mean Phil? Who's Phil?

BRYAN DAWE: What's he doing?

JOHN CLARKE: Kevin Rudd?


JOHN CLARKE: Did you see his victory speech on Saturday night?

BRYAN DAWE: Yes, of course.

JOHN CLARKE: Yeah, he's nearly finished it.

BRYAN DAWE: Sorry? He's nearly finished his victory speech from Saturday night?

JOHN CLARKE: Yes that's right. He's not very far away. You saw the election?

BRYAN DAWE: Of course I saw the election.

JOHN CLARKE: Yeah, well he's nearly finished it. A lot of people to thank Bryan, he's making a
speech. I mean, put yourself in his position.

BRYAN DAWE: He was in here on Tuesday night talking to Kerry O'Brien.

JOHN CLARKE: Yeah, that's right, there've been a couple of interruptions. I think that's slowed him
down, I think that's one of the reasons it's taking him so long.

BRYAN DAWE: What's he up to, what is he doing?

JOHN CLARKE: Where are they up to now, Dave? Pardon? He's going to govern for all Australians,
Bryan. What's he actually saying? Oh, he's thanking the Americans, Bryan.

BRYAN DAWE: The Americans? Thanking the Americans? What for?

JOHN CLARKE: I've got no idea. Sorry? He's thanking the rank and file.

BRYAN DAWE: Come one, What? Individually?

JOHN CLARKE: Individually, Dave? No as a group, Bryan, he can't be far away. No, he's doing that as
a group. Yeah, no, good on him.

BRYAN DAWE: Listen, how long is this victory speech?

JOHN CLARKE: 8 o'clock they've got to finish.

BRYAN DAWE: Can you ask him how long the victory speech is?

JOHN CLARKE: No, 8o'clock today, Dave. How long is the speech, Dave?

BRYAN DAWE: They don't know yet.

JOHN CLARKE: They're not quite sure.

BRYAN DAWE: Why is the victory speech so long?

JOHN CLARKE: He's not far... Bryan, he was voted into power on Saturday night, there are a lot of
people to thank.

BRYAN DAWE: Who told you he was voted into power? Who told you that?

JOHN CLARKE: Kevin Rudd? What bloody planet have you been living on, Bryan, he won the federal
election, he was voted into power on Saturday.

BRYAN DAWE: Excuse me, he didn't get voted into power, the other guy got voted out, there's a

JOHN CLARKE: Dave? Get him to thank the other bloke. Apparently he helped.

BRYAN DAWE: Ask him if he's heard of brevity?

JOHN CLARKE: Who? Kevin? In the speech?

BRYAN DAWE: Yeah, brevity?

JOHN CLARKE: You should have seen it before, Dave, and I trimmed it up a bit. We took a day out of