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(generated from captions) HusseyDate dateo Tan Chin Nam Australian surfers Indonesia's tsunami. Hundreds

of locals aren't so lucky. Live. This Program is Captioned

Property developer Ron Medich charged with soliciting the charged with soliciting

murder of Sydney businessman

Michael McGurk. And with lower than expected inflation

figures, the odds shift on a Melbourne Cup day interest rate rise. Live across Australia, this

is ABC News 24. Good evening.

I'm Scott Bevan. In Indonesia, a search and rescue operation

is under way for about 500 villagers reported missing after Monday earthquake-generated tsunami. after Monday ease

More than 100 locals are

already confirmed dead in the Mentawai Islands west of

Sumatra. At Pedang, a group of Australian surfers

bruised and battered but thankful to be alive.Indonesia

correspondent Matt brown saw

them make it safely to

shore. The walking wounded

wobbled ashore. All are traumatised, some still in

shock. A tight knit group of

surfers from the groeld surfers from the groeld Coast they're still absorbing the of their ordeal and counting their blessings. How does it

feel to be back on land? Great. When the tsunami hit, a boat moored nearby

crashed into theirs and made wours burst into flames Basically had

abandon ship which was a very terrifying prospect you stay on

a burning boat or jump into a swirling ocean with the thought

of more wave s coming. After

they were tossed like not system like coconut palms they

sent spentdz a terrifying time sent spentdz

clinging to tall frees their boat explode. When rescue clinging to tall frees watching

came, their ordeal was still

far from over. Their two of their plaits were still

lost. One of the guys was down

in the cabin when the boat

caught on fire. We had no idea

when whether le was out or not.

One of the guy we knew jumped

off the boat but we didn't know

where he was. When another

rescue vessel reported the two had been found, the battered group was just a huge cheer Wendt up. It

was - it was pretty emotional

expected to fly to Jakarta actually. The surfers are

tonight, they will get new passports and

a ticket home. They say more

attention must be focussed on

the flight of the Indonesians

living in the remote Mentawai

Island chain. Every now and

then you climb up a tree and

you can get an SMS message

out. This is one of our staff

been if there for a few years

of destruction and deaths and an she's told us

there's a great need for food,

shelter and medical care. While

the Australians are safe, the

Indonesian relief and rescue

effort is still under way. 109

people are still missing. 2,000 have either fled their people are still missing. And

homes or seen them destroyed by the waves. Indonesia has suffered a second disaster -

Mount Mount Merapi, country's most activist volcano Mount Mount Merapi, the

has erupted killing at people and injuring many has erupted killing at least 25

flee. Rescue workers backed by and forcing thousands to free

the military have begun the

search for survivors on the

mountain slieps sloeps. Homes

close to the rim of the were destroyed. Many of those

killed were hit by killed were hit by deadly

bursts of hot air released by the volcano. Scores have been treat ed in hospital the volcano. Scores of people

for severe burns. Clouds of smoke and ash are obscuring the mountain, making it impossible

to see if lava is coming Just to see if lava is coming out. rate rise appeared inevitable,

there may be a reprieve for those with loans because new

figures show that inflation is

under control. And economists say that say that could convince the

Reserve Bank to keep rates on

hold next week. To most, a

Cup day rate rise had Cup day rate rise had been

firming as a sure bet. But this year the prerace odds are

shifting. This is the lowest

underlying inflation rate in

five years. It's a set numbers weaker than the screen five years. It's a set of

jockeys expected.

0.7% in the September quarter, 2.8% for the within the central bank's 2.8% for the year. Comfortably

target target range. Indicating that

the Reserve Bank has the Reserve Bank has time to

watch, wait and worry and

assess the impact on demand

with further data. But the

benign data does include a few

malignant threat, rising

electricity, child care and

rental costs are fuelling

inflation. So some are still flinching for flinching for a Melbourne Cup

anything day flogging Not look at

but there will be pressures build ing that will mean the

Reserve Bank will have to

act. If it does, the retail

banks will follow. Soaring profits have once again, the NAB's posted a profits have been confirmed

massive $6 - 63% increase, a

profit of 4.2 billion dollars . The raw numbers often are large, there is no questioning

of that. But I think I would

across any industry is what is look as most of our vers look

the return on getting on the investment in our

issue. The banking bonanza Canberra. This is the

reverberated around the chamber

as one side pressed for - And the four major banks now as one side pressed for reform

have more power and more influence in the market than at

any other time. And the other

sent one more waurn against lifting rates beyond sent one more waurn warning

the reserve. No justification the reserve. No

at all and the figures from the

NAB today prove that yet again. In a climate of political pressure and fat

profits, any bank will think very carefully before making a official one next week,

according to financial markets,

has now fallen to just 14%. And the Federal Opposition

Leader is denying suggestions

of Coalition infighting over

banking regulations. He dismissed reports that his Treasury spokesman, Hockey hork, was strongly criticised

in Shadow Cabinet. But Tony Abbott was forced to clarify

his support for Mr Hockey after he failed

he failed three times he failed three times to

endorse the Shadow Treasurer's strategy. Here is chief political correspondent Mark

Simkin. Silence can say a lot. That That was all just a bits of morning with the 946 point plan?- 9-point plan? Um... plan?- 9-point plan? Um... I

have this instability stict to

talk. But he didn't want to talk alleged infighting. Just to clarify. The questions began several hours

earlier. And Tony Abbott was

repootedly asked if he supported Treasurer's plan to increase

bank regulations. I think it's

important that we expose important that we expose the

bluster of this Government. Do you support Mr you support Mr Hockey's 9-point plan. I have dealt with that issue. If Mr issue. If Mr Abbott can't bring himself to support bring himself to support a policy that has policy that has been announced

by his Shadow Treasurer, his

Shadow Treasurer might as well

give the game away. Am not

backing down one iota in my

demand a and the demand a and the Coalition's demand to have more competition in banking in Australia. Mr Abbott

clarify. You know what it's

like in these door stops you a

lot on your mind. As I said I

just want to make it Krisical

clear that I fully support the

9 f-point plan. Speak of support, does a party's elder

statesman think the shadow

Treasurer compares to former

Treasurer Peter Costello? I don't think he is in that league. Of course not. But he

hasn't had a chance at the job. It's not just shoes that It's not just shoes that are

being aimed at the former Prime Minister:

older and deeper division,

Peter Costello fire add broadside, saying there is not a skerrick of evidence John Howard intended to resign as Prime Minister. Mr Costello implicitly accused his former leader of being dis honest and

disen again use.

It's not right to say

they've tried to hog all the glory. There's still some

glory. There's still some glory

to go around. More than a year

after Sydney businessman McGurk

was shot dead, his former business associate, Ron Medich,

has been charged with organising his murder. Police

alleged Mr Medich was the ring leader of the plot. The alleged

motive was business deals that

turned sour. Five people have now been arrested in

now been arrested in connection

with the killing. It's been a with the killing. It's been a

long process but police long process but police now have the man they believe

organised the hit organised the hit on Michael McGurk: What we're alleging is he is the person commissioned it. He is the man

who orchestrated it. And wanted

it done. Ron Medich was

arrested at his lawyer's office

and later charged with solliesit to nurd. Previously

the property developer had

business deeltings with Mr McGurk, who was shot dead on

the knive driveway of his North

Shore home in front of his young son in September last

year. When we put all of the

totality of the totality of the evidence together today, we together today, we believe we

have a particularly strong case

for solliesit to murder. Michael McGurk was described a as

resort and was known to have

had dealings with many

different people. This all made for a painstaking investigation. But a fortnight

ago the first breakthrough came

with four men arrested during series of raids. They face series of raids. They face a

series of charges including murder and accessory to murder.

One of those men was Luck y Gatt Larry and during an application for bail Medich's

barrister said it was he who had organised the had organised the murder. The court heard after that after his arrest Lucky threatened to dump paid $1 million. Police say Ron Medich knew before today he

faced the prospect of faced the prospect of arrest. I think it would be fair to say he's been under

pressure for 13 months. I pressure for 13 months. I think it would be fair to say the drag net over the last few

weeks has intensified. It's

alleged he paid a quarter of a

million dollars for McGurk

grk's murder. Appear ing in

court by video link, Medich scoffed at many of the allegations against him. The magistrate refused bail magistrate refused bail but another application is expected next week. Iraq's highest

court has sentenced to death three members of Saddam Hussein's regime, including the high-profile former Foreign

Minister Tariq Aziz. Aziz has been found guilty of deliberate

murder for his role in the

brutal crackdown against religious opposition parties.

Middle East correspondent Ben

Knight reports. The thick rimmed glasses of Tariq Aziz

are still familiar to those who

watched him threatening the US

and the West before the United

States invasion of Iraq. But it was was a resigned man who accepted the Iraqi court's judgment.

TRANSLATION: The court has sentenced the accused Tariq Aziz to Aziz to death by hanging, according Iraqi criminal law. You may leave. Did you understand the

verdict? Yes. Tariq Aziz was Zeus's Foreign Minister and department - Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein's Foreign Minister and Deputy PM. He was one of the first to one of the first to surrender

after the Americans took

Baghdad in 2000 3. He claimed

he had been unable to stop his

President's excesses. conviction was for his part conviction was for his part in

persecuting and killing member

of a Shi'ite political party who also tried to assassinate

him. That party is now headed by ir rare AOC - Iraq's by ir rare AOC - Iraq's care taker Prime Minister, nourges

and Tariq Aziz lawyer says that

is what is behind this sentence.

TRANSLATION: This judgment

against Mr Tariq Aziz is taken

as a political judgment and

this is the only wie for it to

be considered. He's also accused the Government of

trying to divert attention from

this week's allegations on the WikiLeaks website. In a country where

Hussein regime is considered by

some as the good old day there

was mixed feelings about this verdict. TRANSLATION: I don't think

Tariq Aziz has done any harm to

the Iraqi people. He used to take sword er orders. Tariq Aziz should have been Aziz should have been execute

add long time ago when the

regime fell. Those people destroyed Iraq and the people

of Iraq. Tariq Aziz has days to appeal the decision.

'Animal Kingdom' has made

cinema history, scoring a

record 18 nominations for the Australian Film Institute Awards, including Best movie. The gangland film is

already a winner at the box

office both at home and abroad.

There's even Oscar buzz

surrounding one of

stars. It was smiles all round for those nominated as the pick

of the crop for the last year

of film and television offerings. Actor Jacki learning along the way that the

film she starred in was on a

roll. You've done some bad thing,

thing, sweetie. She plays thing, sweetie. She plays the mother of a crime family mother of a crime family in 'Animal Kingdom',

film of David Michod which had

a record breaking 18

nominations. It's cleaned up at

the box office here and in the States, feeding speculation that Jacki Weaver that Jacki Weaver might s will

be up for an Oscar. Excited be up for an Oscar. Excited and gobsmack and really surprised and overwhelmed actually. Especially at this

stage of my career. 48

year of my career and it year of my career and it wasn't on my ajaend gentleman. The

World War I film beneath Hill

60 also fared well with nominations. The First World War was extraordinary War was extraordinary and

tragic and to be able to devil

into it and find these characters

characters and find this story

was a real gift. The six film s

vying for the top award, Best Film, have been both Film, have been both critical and box and box office successes. They're also very

diverse and challenge old notions of what makes an Australian film. Also in the

race are skyfy teenage flick

'Tomorrow When the War Began',

feel good Aboriginal musical

'Bran Nue Dae', the womensical Australian French so pro 'The Tree' and 'Bright Tree' and 'Bright Star', a romantic portrayial of romantic portrayial of poet John Keats. The winners will be announced at the AFI awards announced at the AFI awards in

Melbourne in December. To sport now with Amanda Shalala.

Australia's newest golden Australia's newest golden girl

is home. She definitely still

first female gymnastics world champion Mitchell has champion Mitchell has returned to Perth and is now setting her

sights on gold at the sights on gold at the 2012 Olympics. The Olympics. The 19-year-old produced

routine to win gold in rotder

dam and she says her best is dam and she says her best is still to come. Wearing more

gold than a touring rap artist, Lauren Mitchell was greeted by

family and mobbed by many young gymnasts, who were given the afternoon off training so afternoon off training so they could greet their hero. I didn't expect this many people

to be here, so many girls out there and hopefully I have inspired if

not all of them hopefully just

one of them. Four golds and a silver at the Commonwealth Games was some achievement but it's the floor of the world

championships that has marked

her as one to watch in the lead-up lead-up to the London Olympics. I have a few

upgrades to put in my routines

and hopefullily be one of the

main competitors. Mitchell's

next event will be a World Cup

in Stuttgart. 35 is the new in Stuttgart. 35 is the new 30, according to Michael Hussey,

who is under a politic little pressure

an ageing Australian line-up. Hussey says the exploits of the 37-year-old Sachin Tendulkar have shown experience can be

invaluable. I've got a lot of inspiration from a lot Steve Waugh played late Steve Waugh played late into his 30s. Brad his 30s. Brad Haddin played well and Justin Langer. With the Ashes looming, Hussey will

be hoping to find form when he

play s a shield game for WA

against SA lather this week. Samantha

Samantha Stosur over come Samantha Stosur over come some

early frustration and feisty French Open champion Francesca

Schiavone in the opening match of the WTA championships. Wow.

That is our damaging that

forehand can be. Trailing 4-0,

Stosur reeled off six straight games to The Australian powered past

Schiavone in the second, to

avenge her loss to the Italian at Roland Garros. That will do

it. Stosur will play world

number one Caroline

in her next match at the in her next match at the elite

end of season tournament.

The owner of So You Think

says the 4-year-old is the kind

of horse that

in a generation. And DAT DAT says

says he's determined the

stallion will get the chance to

prove he can stay the distance in the Melbourne Cup. DAT in the Melbourne Cup. DAT DAT

has already won Melbourne Cups with

with horses Think Big, Saintly

and Viewed. But hinted So You

Think is if the best horse he's owned. I cannot dream of a better horse. And she

determined So You Think will be given every opportunity

given every opportunity to win

the Melbourne Cup. He will the Melbourne Cup. He will run

rain or shine, it happen s one

in 20 years a horse like that must be given a chance. With a

champion trainer, hopefully he

will last the two miles. If he can stay, he will win fairly convincingly. The owner already has a Caulfield Cup, three Cox Plates and four Melbourne Plates and four Melbourne Cups on his mantdzle piece. I have

won so many if he doesn't win I

am not disappointed. But if he

wince of course he will always be

be remembered. With a y rain forecast for Saturday, So You remembered as a mud runner.

There are concerns for the track. If it Republicans on track. If it Republicans on the day and they race on it it and

it does open it up. It will be pretty tough on the track. They have four days' racing. The VRC

has kangaroos giving barrier s

to horse force the Victoria derby. Retrieve drew barrier two and Re Kindled Interest

8. I think Retrieve has

probably done enough to warrant

being favourite. DAT DAT being favourite. DAT DAT is also trying to win the derby with Kudakulari. To with Kudakulari. To Rhine

and the Wallabies say they will attack the All Blacks set piece

in this weekend's fourth

Bledisloe Cup test in Hong Kong. Wallabies second

Dean Mumm says the key to

beating the All Blacks is winning the

winning the ball more often in

scrums an line-outs. The

Aussies have lost their past 10

matches to the Kiwis and will be poping Hoping to break the

drought ahead of next year's World Cup in New Zealand. A

second A-League soccer match

has been affected by the damaged

damaged playing surface in s that m. Sunday's game between

the Jets and

has been moved to Port

Macquarie follow ing damage

from a poetor cross event from a poetor cross event held

at the Newcastle sports ground.

That had already forced the postponement of tonight's game

between the Jets and North

Queensland Fury. Manchester

United has scraped into the

quarterfinals of the league Cup

with a 3-2 win over the

Wolverhampton Wolves. In other

results, West Brom downed

Leicester City, Wigan beat swan

si. But it was man U that stole the lime liability in an side could break the dead lock in the first half with all five

goals coming after the break.

The scoesh was locked at 2-2 until United substitute Hernandez show somd individual

brilliance with the winning

goal in the last minute of normal time. H And in cricket news, NSW open er Simon Katich is out of the Blues Sheffield Shield match against Queensland

this weekend. He has a thumb

injury. That would hurt hitting the pace the pace bowlers But he should be OK for the Ashes. Thanks. While attention has been focussed on America's faltering recovery, Asia has been Asia has been steaming ahead economically. China is the

engine room of the region's

success and even tie land which

is recovering from a political

crisis is boast ing double

digit growth. So why Asia? Why and how is somewhere like Thailand of all Thailand of all places keeping

the world economy going? It's

better known for its beaches but economically tourism is well well down the list. It's not

bars. It's cars that are make ing Thailand

rich. Manufacturing is speeding

up its

hub half an hour from the seaside is dubbed the Detroit

of the east. Forde is spending $500 million - ?500 million

here this year, creating tens

of thousands of jobs, to supply a rapidly growing Asian

market. Asia is where the vast majority of the automotive industry growth is going to take place over

years. And by our plans 70 % of

our company's growth worldwide is going to need to take place

in Asia over the next in Asia over the next eight

years. The Asian economic

crisis began here in the late

1990s. But lessons 1990s. But lessons learned

helped them ride the helped them ride the recent

recession more smoothly. This is why Asia is boom ing -

exports. Goods sold and shipped from here are cheap keeping the global economy afloat. Without them,

them, the economic crisis would

be a lot worse. It's always sold things. But Asia needs to get its own consumers buying

more as well for this growth to continue. And we will become

consume efrs of the world as well. - consumers of the well. - consumers of the world

as well. That must as well. That must be positive. And so does temp

else. The future of global

economic growth is it's powering ever

onwards. Staying with onwards. Staying with matters

economic and Singapore has played down concerns in

Canberra over plans to Canberra over plans to merge its stock exchange with the Australian stock

Australian stock exchange. Monday the Singapore stock

exchange unveiled an $8 million

proposal to merge with the

asex, a move that is worrying

some Federal politician. But

the Foreign Minister has told the deal was an unfolding drama. There will be some

reservations in Australia and

Singapore. I know in Singapore. I know in Singapore

the shares plunged quite a few

percentage points. The takeover

require approval from the Treasurer, Wayne Swan, Parliament and the markets now and the markets now and local shares have been dragged into the red by the red by today's lower than

expenged CPI figures. The All Ordinaries Index Ordinaries Index has fallen

more than 0.75% and so has more than 0.75% and so has the ASX 200. Elsewhere, the Nikkei was fairly was fairly flat and the Hang

Seng is offer off more than

1.5%. Hello, the two-day outlook. There is one big feature on the weather chart feature on the weather chart as

we head to the weekend. Ice front and a trough that is

sitting in through WA. Now,

this is going to be a

widespread rain event that will

produce falls of up to 25mm

across most of SA, Tasmania, Victoria, NSW and Victoria, NSW and also Queensland. And there will Queensland. And there will be

some isolated heavier some isolated heavier falls

about. The systems are xien

combieng as they move into SA. But we're Notting looking at a

begin with. So Thursday will

see light patchy rain, see light patchy rain, showers

and possible thunderstorms

developing through those

western border areas but at this stage Adelaide should remain remain clear. We still have some onshore winds, so plenty of Noyce i moisture across the

tropical areas. A few isolated showers about the North east of NSW about the North east of NSW and south-eastern Queensland. That

where's the weak frontal system

that's moved through

produce much in the way of

rainfall but will help to keep the temperatures cooler through

the south-east ahead of that front 58 system because we have

north ly winds north ly winds strengthening,

so it's drawing the warm air

down into SA and Tasmania.

Sheer that system -

does start to expand as it moves into eastern parts of moves into eastern parts of SA.

Lit push into the Lit push into the western

borders of NSW, Friday, and lit start to seize the rain becoming widespread through Victoria. Now as far as the

forecast goes Warm temperatures

across the south-east but

unsettled with cloud on the

uncrease. Mostly sunny conditions along the NSW coast, and we could even see isolated showers and definitely some

cloud beginning to build cloud beginning to build about the far western and south-western parts of Queensland. In through Queensland. In through WA relative ly clear conditions. Souther linds winds so we will see the temperatures remaining

milder. There is that rain

developing in Adelaide. At this stage Adelaide itself is

looking at falls of up to about

30mm as we head towards the

weekend. Some cynics might say he was the real winner of the soccer World

Octopus with the I the amazing psychic power, psychic power, apparently, has

been found dead in a German

aquarium. Europe correspondent

Phillip Williams looks back at a short but remarkable life. He

started a simple octopus, eight unremarkable legs and unremarkable legs and an indetermine yants indetermine yants personality. But come the World Cup the management at the management at the Oberhausen Sea Life Centre in Germany Sea Life Centre in Germany des covered Paul's pressing powers of prediction. Game after irrelevance, eight games, eight correct results. One for each

sucker studded leg. The sucker studded leg. The world

was transfixed by the peed Bedy

kbriets and a brain that

somehow knew every time and

before type. Much to before type. Much to the

annoyance of the teams he bet again, he made as many enmisas

friends, campaigns to get Paul

got personal, there were death threats, dark mutt errings

aboutical marry salads. But aboutical marry salads. But thu it all Paul prevailed including

pick ing Spain's defeat of the No-one knew exactly how sold

old he was. It's thought about 3. A life lived in the if full fish

fish tank of publicity. His

manage evers declined an ABC request to predict the request to predict the outcome of the Australian election and

how he would have express ed a

hung parliament is anyone's

guess. Now it's Paul in

coalition with a higher being,

his mortal coils have conched,

his suckers sag, his tendrils tanked. Even before tanked. Even before the innic

has dried a successor is

training. But Paul was special.

A controversial life, infinite mystery. The James bopd of the briny is no more.

What a wonderful o

for an ok pus. That is the news

for stay now. Stay with us the the '7:30 Report' can Kerry O'Brien is next. I'm Scott

Bevan. Thanks for your company.

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