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Calls for Olmert to step-down continue -

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Calls for Olmert to step-down continue

Broadcast: 03/05/2007

Reporter: Lisa Millar

Pressure for Israeli President Ehud Olmert to step-down are growing, with Foreign Minister Tzipi
Livini the latest voice to join the chorus.


LISA MILLAR: Israeli president Ehud Olmert is under increasing pressure to stand down over his
handling of last year's war with Lebanon. The embattled leader has vowed to stay on despite growing
calls from within his own party for him to resign. The Foreign Minister, Tzipi Livni, has been
tipped to replace Mr Olmert and is the latest to call for him to quit.

TZIPI LIVNI, ISRAELI FOREIGN MINISTER, TRANSLATION: I told him that resignation would be the right
thing for him to do. It's a decision that he must take. I thought it was the right thing to express
my opinion on this issue and I intend to stay in the government to ensure that improvements are
carried out.

LISA MILLAR: Opinion polls published today show that two thirds of Israelis believe Mr Olmert
should resign and that the right wing Likud Party would win if an election were held.