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(generated from captions) The pnt gone tells Gaddafi's

troops to lay Our message troops is simple. Stop Our message to the regime


own people. Stop obeying

Live.. Defence apologises for Live.. Defence Minister

in Afghanistan. This action by a small number of people is appalling. I condemn appalling. I condemn it absolutely. It's all over, Labor faces tomorrow's NSW election. And game

game over - a Ponting century not enough to keep Australia

the World Cup. Good morning, you're you're watching ABC News 24.

I'm Michael Rowland. allies told Colonel troops to and laying down their arms. troops to stop killing people

full NATO has finally agreed to take

international mission in Libya

from early next week.

Overnight a French fighter jet Overnight a French fighter

destroyed a Libyan plane when it landed in the rebel-held

fighting has broken town of Misurata. Fierce town of Misurata.

fighting has broken out again

in Misurata, where they've killed 30 Government fighters.

Colonel Gaddafi's claims of ceasefire are clearly false, Colonel Gaddafi's claims of a

says Ban Ki-moon, and the Gaddafi's problems. When where regime the lives of their own where regime forces threaten

attacked. citizens, they will be

will be attacked, and

will be attacked, and when they attempt to break

they will be stopped. Our

message to the ajym troops is simple: stop killing your own people, stop obeying you defy these continue to hit you defy these demands, we'll more difficult for you to going. So don't attack the people, just cease

abandon your equipment, but if

you threaten

attack the Libyan people, we're

going to take you under attack.

I expect the international

community to exercise full diligence in avoiding civilian

casualties and collateral

damage. Libyan authorities have repeatedly claimed they have instituted have repeatedly claimed that

ceasefire, including they have instituted a

ceasefire, including in to me

by the Prime Minister of Libya

on 19 March. evidence that that is the case. And now a the Security Council at the Security Council at the United Nations in New York.

Let's listen. We have the African looking for political solution.

So we do hope to get political question.

political question. Sorry? (Indistinct question) I contentious meeting. it was a very normal and not

contentious meeting. I think it was normal that countries were raising casualties. I'm not going say. I think we all share same concerns. I

members of the coalition same concerns. I think the

answered members of the coalition have answered that they were doing members of the same concerns. I think the

answered members of the coalition have

their best. To

secondly still there were secondly still there

I guess, confirmed reports or credible reports of casualties. But, again - and there was the second, I to be the second one was of there was the second, I think

course a lot of countries were insisting on the need of a

political solution and insisting that tomorrow the African union

African union meeting could be

in a sense positive into this

direction and further was also hoping not only humanitarian mandate but also the political

mandate could be fulfilled. I think there was a general

feeling - We'll leave the French

Tony Abbott, is holding a media conference in Melbourne. In the electorate of Kooyong

the electorate of Kooyong with

of the Josh fridenberg. Josh is one

younger members of my federal

parliamentary team. Josh is a

sign of the fact that the Victorian division of the

Liberal Party has well managed the renewal process and I think that today's function is testament to Josh's that today's function is a

as a local member. Look, as testament to Josh's capability

for more general issues, I just

want to say that every day I

will stand up for the

Australian families that the Prime Minister has

and that means having a

sensible policy on climate

change. It means more tree,

better and smarter technology.

It doesn't mean a great big new

tax on everyone's standard

tax on everyone's standard of

living, it does not mean making

everyday life more expensive. So, as

So, as I said, my job every day

is to stand up for the Australian families that this Prime Minister has

thoughts on the forgotten. What are your

thoughts on the offensive

comments in Facebook? comments in Facebook? I think

they shouldn't be made and my

understanding is that the

military authorities are

military authorities are taking appropriate action. Just on appropriate action. Just on the

legislation is being NBN, do you believe the

legislation is being held up

and do you have any concerns?

This is a Government which has

of very complex and

far-reaching amendment s, of very complex and

dumped them on the parliament

at the last minute and it can't expect the parliament to expect the parliament to deal with these things in a rush.

We've had no chance to consult

with industry, we've had no chance to give these amendments

the proper consideration that

they deserve. Have you had any

more thought on whether it was

(is din tingt) As I said, my

job is to stand up for

Australian families that the

Prime Minister has forgotten, and they are understandably angry at a Prime Minister who

said before the election there said before the election

will be no carbon tax under the

trying to foist a carbon tax on Government I lead and is now

the Australian people for which

he has no mandate. (Inaudible

question) on Federal Parliament

yesterday where it got so nasty

it saw members of the House,

what do you make of the extent

of that sort of behaviour in reaction?

all of this could be diffused

if the Prime Minister was

prepared to seek a mandate for

the tax that she now thinks is necessary. If the Prime

Minister was not trying to

introduce this bad tax which

she promised no the to

introduce, we wouldn't have

this problem. All of us understand that siems governments change governments change their position,

position, sometimes Prime Ministers change their Ministers change their mind, but when should seek a new mandate, and if the Prime Minister is

unhappy about the response to

her new tax, she should go to

the public, go to the people, seek a new mandate and accept

the result. ... incident involving

involving a number of MPs? I

don't know anything about it,

sorry. What's your response to (inaudible) It

the military authorities are taking appropriate action

against it. What are your thoughts on how sustainable

that is for outside the parliament (inaudible) Look,

Campbell Newman is a very, Campbell Newman is a very, very accomplished politician. He's

been a great leader of

Brisbane. I think that the management of Brisbane City

Council has been a model of cost-effectiveness compared to

a shambolic State Government.

I think that's what people know, that he can actually get

things done in a way that Anna Bligh and the State Government can't. (Inaudible can't. (Inaudible question). I think that Australia is probably about the most tolerant and easy-going society

on earth. That doesn't mean

that occasionally people don't something that they shouldn't,

but Australians are as

easy-going, as jeanal and as

tolerant as any people tolerant as any people on earth. (Inaudible question).

I think that people are

understandably angry at a Prime Minister who has so clearly

broken her word. This is days before the election there

will be no carbon tax under the

Government I lead. She said it

in response to repeated claims

from me and from others from me and from others that, as sure as night follows day,

if this Government is

re-elected, there will be a

carbon tax. Now, she knew that she was in desperate political

trouble in order to try to save

an election that was being

lost, she made this claim.

Now, it turned out to be an utterly deceptive claim. I think people are entitled to

be angry about that. If the Prime

Prime Minister wants to diffuse

this situation, she should say

now there will be no carbon tax

until I have secured a until I have secured a fresh

mandate. If she says that, if

she says that, this situation

will be diffused. Until she

says that, every day I will be

out there standing up for the

Thank you. That's the Opposition

Thank you. That's the

speaking to the media in the

discussing a number of topics, particularly the rowdy behaviour we saw in behaviour we saw in parliament yesterday. We yesterday. We heard Tony Abbott blaming that Abbott blaming that behaviour on what he called the bad tax,

the carbon tax put up by the carbon tax put up by the

Government. He was also asked

to comment on the comments posted by Australian soldiers comments posted by Australian scriedz the comments as scriedz the comments as over the top. Afghanistan counterpart Afghanistan counterpart and apologised made by Australian soldiers serving in the country. He's described the could include bringing some

soldiers home. He stressed does not culture of the Defence Force. This action by a small number

of people is appalling. condemn it absolutely. Everyone should be Everyone should be in no uncertain terms that of army, that army senior

officers in Afghanistan and pursue this to the end, and that includes the possibility

of disciplinary proceedings, it also includes the of people who are associated or involved with this, if they are in in Afghanistan, being returned home. Stephen Smith on News breakfast earlier.

breakfast earlier. The Australian Defence Force investigating those allegation,

but this morning the former

defence of chief said the incident needed to be some perspective. I want to

make the point that those who

have been silly in posting

these sorts of these sorts of really disreputable comments for ordinary Afghans, so I think we have to keep a bit sense of proportion

while telling them, "Hey, be sensible, don't say obnoxious

things like that and put it out in broadcast a slap on the wrist and get on, but remember that these kids are actually, by their deeds, showing that they while mission for which prepared to accept great danger That's Peter Cosgrove.

Early this morning our

Sara Afghanistan correspondent Sally from the Australian Army base

at Tarin Kowt. She said there are fierce the incident has tarnished Australia's reputation in

country. This in way

ways has been the Facebook war,

they email and Facebook, very important. The Defence Force provides computer facilities here and they're important part important part of morale for the the soldiers, but obviously this issue this issue has generated a great deal of great deal of concern to the Australian Defence only about discipline standards within its own ranks, about racism don't play racism don't play well in Afghanistan and can undermine the reputation of Australian soldiers here and also

compromise their position if Afghan civilians and leaders are concerned about their attitudes towards civilians here. It's certainly not here. It's certainly not going

to do much to help the campaign to win hearts At the higher level, certainly these stories Village by village Levels of I will literacy are

very high, very few very high, very few people can read. ways and the danger when they come through second-hand, for people who can't read, who don't can't read, who don't have access to television, radio and internet, those stories actually become bigger and become worse than they already

were. That's the concern for Australian soldiers here in

Afghanistan. So certainly very damaging and concerning incident for the ADF at

heavy spring and summer fighting season. As you at Tarin you were at the Australian base at Tarin Kowt. What's been the much as you've been able to glean Well, the commanders here are

leaving the public comments to

senior defence officials in

are also keeping are also keeping relatively quiet about this issue at this stage. Obviously the soldiers involved, because of punishments talked about range discharged discharged from the army possibly to jail, so this is something that will soldiers here who use soldiers here who use these websites soldiers here who use these websites often in a casual and relaxed not really calculating that and also the level of how inappropriate some of remarks are civilians and also about the civilians Australia. Sally Sara in Afghanistan. political leadership in Australia. Sally Sara in

Afghanistan. Very

be taking a shot there in

where Hillary Clinton where Hillary Clinton will address reporters. address reporters. She's expected to confirm where Hillary Clinton will address reporters. this morning we've been expected to confirm the news this morning we've command of the international mission in Libya will be

transferred from the United

transferred from the United States to

allies sometime over the next about to few days. about to speak and, when she about to speak does, we'll bring you on ABC News 24. Back home

in the mean time, it appears in the mean time, it appears to

be all over for the Labor

Government in NSW. to the polls tomorrow and if the pre-election polls are the pre-election polls are any

indication, their verdict will

be very harsh. News poll be very harsh. News poll puts Labor's primary vote record low of just record low of just 23%, and

it's no better in the Galaxy poll, which is predicting Labor

could be left with just 14

lower House seats. Early this morning our reporter in Sydney, Dina rosen dorf, spoke to

Opposition Leader ball. Mr

O'Farrell told her he wasn't

talking up a win yet. I do not

think the polls will be reflected in That's why we continue the hard work. It's why I continue work. It's why I continue to

remind people that Governments

donth just change. If you want

an end to the lies, the scandals, broken

people can't vote Labor locally

this time. If they want people

to focus on hospital, roads, on greater accountability, on

giving them a greater say, they

need to vote for local liberal

candidates. I'd like to end the division, end the the division, end the divisiveness, end the politicking we've

politicking we've seen from

Labor for 16 years. We need a

Government that will govern for the time, that's prepared to support the whole of the state, including people including people previously rusted on Labor rusted on Labor independent

voters. We need people to sign up to the up to the change NSW requires. Barry O'Farrell and

ABC News 24 will have full

coverage of the broadcast from 6pm eastern 6pm eastern time tomorrow. Let's head back overseas and two workers at

Japan's Fukushima nuclear power plant are in hospital this morning after being exposed to

dangerously high levels of radiation. They were restore reactor 3's cooling system when contaminated water

seeped into their protective

clothing. A third worker was also exposed but not taken to hospital.

hospital. Meanwhile, all three of the C17 aircraft Australia sent to Japan to help in the sent to Japan to help in the

recovery effort will return

home by the weekend. The C17 that we've had there from that we've had there from the first moment which delivered

the search and rescue team is wrapping up its activities

today and will fly back to

Australia in the course

today and tomorrow. And one of the C17s that took the water

brought back with it the brought back with it the kit

from the emergency rescue

So by the weekend all of the C17s will be back from japab. Defence Minister Stephen Smith. 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit Smith. 6.8 earthquake hit the Burma earthquake hit the Burma Thai border Vietnam and Bangkok. South

east Asia correspondent Zoe Daniel sent this Daniel sent this report from east Asia correspondent Daniel sent this the Thai capital. The earthquake local time on the border with Burma in Burma in the very Far North of Thailand. There's no Burma in the very Far North of information about damage in Burma, but it information about damage in Burma, but it is a sparsely

populated area. It was only

10km deep and about 90km where it killed a woman where it killed a woman when a wall where it killed wall collapsed in her where it killed a woman when a wall collapsed in her home. In the major city of Chiang the major city of Chiang Mai, power and phones were power and phones were cut off. Local Local residents reported a number of aftershocks.

residents in the city's centre say their buildings were swaying, some to the that people ran out on to the swaying, some to the extent street. In the centre of the city at chid

nothing, but people as close as Sukamvit 31, only 1 to Sukamvit 31, only 1 to 2km There was instant reassurance the earthquake was too far inland to cause a tsunami. inland to Thai people have been newly

earthquake, after the deadly tsunami be temporarily suspended be temporarily suspended from

office for misconduct. Earlier Michael Somare had consistently failed to properly lodge financial financial returns. The failed to

financial returns. two-week suspension without pay will take effect in two weeks time. As he left the crowded time. As courtroom, Sir Michael joked

that he could take a holiday. The Queen and holiday. The Queen and Prince Philip will visit Australia in October. The visit will be the

16th by the British monarch and

her husband. It will include stories now on ABC News 24 this morning. Pentagon

Colonel Gaddafi's army to stop down their arms. NATO finally reached a deal international days. Overnight, a French fighter jet destroyed a Libyan plane that had

no-fly zone. Defence Minister Stephen Smith has spoken to his

apologised for racist Facebook comments made by soldiers

serving in Afghanistan. promised there will be disciplinary insists the

Force culture. And Labor's

facing a wipeout at NSW election. NSW election. Two pre-election poll s show

vote standing at a record low. party could end up with just 14 seats in the lower House. Best-selling author Jeffrey

Archer has flagged a in publishing. Former British

more than 250 million books,

and he says more and more future sales will be ebooks. I think people will always

hold, but I am told at the moment 7% of my books

are read on some form of ebook

and I'm told time 50% will be. that will do to

that will do to the publisher,

I do not know, but kid ourselves, it's the

beginning of a revolution and authors and publishers will

have to be very much awake alive. Jeffrey Archer and a reminder take you on News 24 to of State, Hillary Clinton, about to address reporters on

the deal that will see transfer of operational control of the Libyan from America

Libyan from America to European says the States will benefit from a mining tax. This morning he told ABC Radio

National opponents of the tax need to get off their need to get off their soap

boxes. Of course we're going to have people jumping up and

down and soap box Bob Brown in

terms of taxation, but we have

to balance. The State is going to do well out of to do well out of this in terms of WA,

companies generally. Resources Minister Martin Ferguson. To

the markets now, and strong

earnings in the tech earnings in the tech sector drove Wall Street

as crude oil surged yet again. Nazdaq up 38, S&P 50011 higher and in London the closed up 84 points.

closed up 84 points. Checking commodity prices: Sport now, Sport now, and Paul Kennedy, some some probably not too

unexpected bad news for

Australia at the cricket That's right, Michael. Australia expected maybe to struggle against India, they

The big news out of the game was that Ricky Ponting made a

century. He made 104, that's

him bringing up the tonne there, Australia made 260.

That was a fantastic knock. That was a fantastic knock. I guess Australia the tournament, India chased

down that target with relative Sachin Tendulkar making a 50. The game The game was a celebration of Ricky Ponting's

as anything. He won't play as anything. He won't play in another World another World Cup. Whether or

not he continues on with cricket in cricket in one-day form too

much longer remains to be seen,

but he did look like a but he did look like a man at

the end who was perhaps saying

goodbye to that stage on which he's been such a star, he's been such a star, of course recently, though, had a best team of 40 Ponting was in that top 11.

There's Yuvraj Singh. He might be the man of the tournament,

hitting the running winds, he

made 57 and was man of the match. To played Richmond, Carlton won by 20 points. The Blues dominated the first half, in mainly, and had a lot more

shots at goal. But they

couldn't really nail the Tigers, who came back in the

third quarter, led by Jack

Riewoldt, who again will be the was the Coleman medallist was the Coleman medallist last year, kicked year, kicked six goals, got Tigers back into it. He is positioning himself, big,

strong and very, very as well on the left foot, but in the end the Blues

and won by 20 points, with some

sure skill in the last quarter. There they are, sealing

basically the victory there. Alberto Contador Alberto Contador is still in trouble really.

by the Spanish officials to

ride on, despite his test to clan test to clan beaut Errol last year, there he of cat lona. The international cycling authority say they'll appeal. There's he might miss Tour De France later in the year. We go from

road to track no you, Jack

Bobridge, the star Bobridge, the star Australian

pursuit rider, won a gold championships this morning,

just a couple of hours ago. Let's watch the that race now. Wonderful right by Jack Bobridge, here he

comes. Very, 4:21.141. Jesse Sergeant outside his world record.

Jack Bobridge. I don't think

that's a massive surprise to

anybody. And the formula 1 race

in Melbourne is warming up now. They'll have practice today on the track. It might be little wet. It's been raining

there will be this morning. Then tomorrow

there will be qualifying and then on Sunday the big race, can Mark Webber win the can Mark Webber win the race in

Melbourne amend his relationship with

interviewed Karrie Webb Sebastien Vettel? The ABC interviewed Karrie Webb this

week for a special

his relationship with the interview and he talked about

German who he shares German who he shares a stable with, but perhaps affect you negatively, do you think, or a bit of both? Well, it's bit of both? Well, it's a

great thing, that's what a competitor is about, you know,

both of us work hard within

team, but I think that if you're

just doesn't lull you into a false sense of security with all the team, working as a team. We'll always have the fine line that

the team is not sort of the team is not sort of pushed down the middle being opened up and not really working always a challenge. always a challenge. That's

obviously not for me to manage,

it's up for the team management

to manage. Obviously we balance was pretty good. Does results last year, so the

socialising, do you ever with him socialising, do you socialise

No. Martin kad hi there just ever with him outside of work?

pressing home the point, and my prediction is prediction is that Mark Webber

will win in Melbourne and him

and Sebastien Vettel will

down to ligon Street in the middle of fans and have a big bowl of pasta and celebrate pasta and celebrate each other's other's company. Webber to win? Who knows, jump on him. there's only two teams that are

ging to be a chance to Ferrari and the Red Bull Ferrari and the Red Bull racing team. So a bunch of team. So a bunch of the other

teams have said they're not fast enough to win. That's interesting concept to go

a race with. Let's look - just to hammer another a race with. Let's look - just

Michael. to hammer another point, celebration of Ricky Ponting's Michael. This really is a

career, this 1 turning deck in India,

quarterfinal, they were Nobody else could make wearing pitch and being way to score runs. There he is way to score runs.

50. That's a reflection of how he's 50. That's a reflection of how

he's thought of in India. And other challenge, the intense

media pressure on Ricky Ponting going into this innings going into this innings with

game possibly being his last as lots of speculation about this

the Australian leader. That's

right. It becomes very, right. It becomes very, very

evident really that Ricky Ponting as a batsman has

Ponting as a batsman has been

dipping in the last year or so. He There's no There's no surprise that Australia's struggling Australia's struggling when

their star batsman is not making runs. They made 260. It wasn't enough. They had no

great spin bowlers there.

Krodgeer wasn't effective on

the pitches. Perhaps that is

where the big gulf lies between Australia and other teams. I

don't think the captain should

be blamed too much for the

result of the World Cup. He's

captained two World Cup

victories and, you know, he's made so many runs that he just

can't keep propping the team up

by himself. He's 36 now. He

played a reverse sweep to out on too. He was trying played a reverse sweep to get

everything. He could afford to by that stage, thanks, Paul. Here's Vanessa O'Hanlon with Here's Vanessa O'Hanlon with a look at the weather. Following

the heavy rains in Tasmania, the levee gates

the levee gates at longford in

the north-east will be closed

as rapidly rising waters move

down the river, 30 roads are still closed in the north of

Tasmania. On the Tasmania. On the satellite,

cloudy and drizzly over the south-east, brisk south-westerly day over the northern tropics, also bringing storms and an

increase of cloud over the

generates storms over the Queensland coast as a trough

Central Coast. It's already

dumped huge amounts at Mackay, around 90mm, and we're

around 90mm, and we're now well around 90mm, and we're now

over the March double of the over the March double of

average. A deep low is also

moving down towards New Zealand

and a high pressure system will

strengthen over the weekend. For Queensland today, ending For Queensland

the week with heavy rain on the

Central Coast and in the

northern tropics, but dryer

weather over the south and also

for the central districts. In

NSW, a mainly sunny day in the west and partly cloudy in the

about the alp s and top of 25

in Sydney.

That's the latest weather.