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Live. Tonight - end game.

Israel pushing deeper into

Gaza. Shark alarm - the third

attack in 2 days. She was

screaming. I saw her being

dragged backwards. Australians

stranded in Fiji's deluge. And

the boy from the suburbs

carving up the superstars.

COMMENTATOR: Massive! Still a

dream, I think. I haven't woke

be up yet. Good evening. Lisa

Millar with ABC News. There's

plenty of talk about ending the

conflict but little sign of it

have happening. Israel says

it's close to achieving its

goals in the Gaza offensive.

Army reservists are being

thrown into battle. Troops va

made their deepist advance into

Gaza's most populated area. The

Palestinian death toll grows,

nearing 900. Israeli troops

have been closing in on Gaza

from the land and the sea. (gun

fire) Gun boats patrol the

mediterranean. And the soldiers

have been pushing deeper into

tightly packed territory. The

commander. Operation, major

general says Israel now has a

once in a generation chance to

deal with Hamas. The Prime

Government and the public both Minister, Ehud Olmert says the

still have the will to keep

going. The former made Head of

analysis for Israeli military

intelligence, says the will to

fight is what Israel must

ultimately take from ham as. We

have to continue until the

Hamas understands that it has

to give up its re-armament, it

has to give up the rockets

against civilian targets in

Israelment this has to be

accomplished. More reservist s

and armoured vehicles have been

sent in to join the trooms

already in the field. The more

troops you put in the bigger

the threat is that you have

casualties. And the bigger the

threat is you end up staying

there forever. In Israel, there

are signs of the army's

success. In the towns closest

to Gaza where the classrooms

are fortified the children went

back to school for half a day.

Just a few kilometres away in

Gaza it's a very different

story. 30 UN schools have been

turned into shelters for more

than 26,000 people. Gaza's

population is already

struggling against enormous

hardship in the dead of winter.

(Crying) It's medics already

battereded, are almost broken.

Their own loved ones are amidst

the carnage. When Israel began

its ground invasion the

civilian death toll rose

sharply. Now it's released new

emages to show that rather than

hit a target who I approaches

civilians it has sent its

missiles into open ground.

Israeli public support for the

war is still running strong but

if more soldiers get killed as

they move deeper into Gaza

City, that could well change.

The international community

continues to push for a

ceasefire between Israel and

Hamas in the United States

Barack Obama has vowed to make

Gaza a top foreign policy

priority of his administration.

When you see civilians whether

Palestinian or Israeli, harmed,

undergoing hardship it's heart

breaking and obviously what

that does is it makes me much

more determined to try to break

a deadlock that has gone fon

decades. The Middle East envoy,

Tony Blair, says all countries

need to redouble their efforts

if a long-lasting peace

agreement is to be achieved.

One thing we should be very

clear about, is that there is

no long-term solution to Gaza

that does not involve a unifying of the Palestinian

side. And a reunionfication of

Gaza and the West Bank. Tony

Blair is going to Cairo for

further talks on the

Egyptian-brokered peace

proposal which both Israel and

Hamas have so far rejected.

Three in 2 days - there has

been a spate of shark attacks

off the east coast of

Australia. The most recent

happened this morning at

Windang off the south coast of

New South Wales. It follows an

attack off Fingal Beach on the

State's north coast yesterday.

And another off Binalong Bay

in Tasmania's north east. The

damage to Hannah Mighall's surf

board speaks volumes about the

horror of her ordeal. The

13-year-old was bitten on the

leg by a 5m white pointer off

north east Tasmania yesterday.

These things - this thing was

just enormous. It was mass

iven. Her cousin, Syb Mundy was

surfing with her at the time.

Shevenghts disappeared a few

times, come up screaming, hit

ing it. She backed herself all

the way. Mr Mundy dragged the

teenager to the shore with the

shark following close

behind. It was coming up

underneath us, we just had to

stop and face it to try and

fend it off, but... I think it

just didn't like the taste of

her to tell you the

truth. Hannah Mighall is now in

hospital recovering from surmry

on her leg. Whether she goes

into the water within the next

couple of weeks or... Couple of

months I don't know. That's a

decision she's got to make.

Another surfer is on the mend

after a shark took a massive

chunk out of his thigh.

31-year-old Jonathan Beard was

attacked off the far north cost

of New South Wales. It goes one

way ort other, you either live

or you die and he could've bled

to death in seconds had the

bite damaged an artery or... He

is extremely lucky. A third

victim had a dramatic encounter

while he was snorkeling off the

south coast of New South Wales.

The 24-year-old had to punch a

shark to force it to let go of

his leg. Just turned, started

swinging. And tried me best

anyway. I think I got one on

him. That's probably what got

rid of Im. Experts say the

attacks are nothing more than

an unfortunate swins dense. -

coincidence. In Indonesia,

rescuers have had to

temporarily suspend the search

for survivors after a ferry

sank in a severe storm. Only 22

people have been found aleave

so far. Does interestsed really

tufs wauting to hear about the

fate of nearly 250 or missing

passengers. Officials are now

saying the hope of finding them

alive is dimming. The ferry ran

into the storm off Indonesia's

Sulawesi Island. Hundreds of

Australian tourists remain

stranded by severe fluiding in

- flooding in Fiji. At least 7

locals have been killed,

including a 3-year-old girl. As

thousands of Fijians flee their

homes a State of emergency has

been declared. The flooding has

come at the worst possible time

for Fiji, the peak of the

holdiseason. These New

Zealander were lucky enough it

get out. People were walking

around in chest deep water. It

was just flooding every where.

Homes and lives have been

destroyeded, two teenage girls

were killed in a land slide.

Thousands of Fijians are

sheltering in community centres

and schools. We're being urging

members of the community,

especially parents, guardians

and elders to talk to their

children, to... Refrain from

playing in flooded

areas. Tourists say some

resource are running out of

food and drinking water, some resorts. Brisbane resident Jane

Bullock has been ubp unable to

leave her hotel at Denarou

Island near Nadi. All the rest

have been closed in that

area. They're feeding us in a

mess-style situation in the

conference room. There are a

lot of distressed people here.

In this resort there are

mostly people with small

children. It's very much a

family destination. Australian

golfer Danielle Montgomery

hoped to get married in Fiji

Thursday. The registry Office

is now under water and the

celebrant can't get through.

Apparently, um... the

registrar will come out to us

on the island, but I'm not sure

if he's going to be able to get

out to us, it could all be a

bit of a - we'll just do it for

the cameras and maybe do it

legally back in Australia. This

foot am was taken by nas

tourist - New Zealand

tourist. I heard there is

another cyclone coming. Health

officials say there is a high

risk of typhoid and other

diseases from contaminated

water. Fije's military-led

Government is holding a cabinet

meeting to discuss how to deal

with this disaster. The first

cyclone of the year has hit

Australia with tropical cyclone

Charlotte crossing the

Queensland coast north of

Karumba this morning. The

1220km/h - 120km/h winds have

been described as like a bullet

shooting through the Regen. The

wild weather stretched across

the State to the east coast

with torrential rain lashing

the Cairns region. Falls of

more than 400mm were recorded

around cearns, cutting -

Cairns, cutting major roads and

inundating homes. I've been

here 25 years in this dup Lex,

this is the worst I've seen it.

Not this bad, hasn't happened

like this. The drenching rain

is expected to continue for a a

few more days. As far as king

tides go the state has seen

worse, but scientists say

today's king high tide acts as

a preview of what climate

change will look like in a

hundred years if we don't act

now. Green groups say some of

Sydney's famous beaches could

disappear if not enough is done

to address rising sea levels.

It was no tsunami but today's

king tide did bring in some big

waves and perhaps a glimpse of

climate change. Today is a

window into the future. Where

tides of this height will

become more common. The king

tide quas great for surfers,

was not so great for those

wanting to swim in the

protection of salt water pools.

Icebergs at Bondi Beach took a

pounding. Green groups say the current predictions are dire

for some of Sydney's famous

beaches. They fear Balmoral

Beach could eventually be wiped

out by rising sea levels. We're

hearing that Manly Beach is

going to be lost by about 20m,

other harbour beaches by about

10 to 15 to 40 even. All this

gives a new mean ing to sea

side living. The wall in front

of this Neutral Bay unit block

collapsed last month. We're

seeing sea walls collapse.

Properties are at risk right

now. Meamg which what it will

be like in 20, 40 years? King

tides happen twice a year, once

in winter and once in summer.

Some scientists predict the

coastline could be battered by

king tides for more than a

thirdch every year by the end

of the century. By then sea

levels are predicted to rise by

90km. Even today the king tide

closed some of Australia's most

popular beaches. The experts

say it's a reminder to everyone

to reduce their carbon foot

print. Get out of your car if

you can. If you can't, drive

the smallest car that will

work, car pool. Take public

transport. Scientists say for

every one centimetre the sea

level rises up to 1m of

coastline could be washed away.

They didn't stand a chance -

that's what naval experts have

told a public inquiry into the

wartime sinking of H mid med -

'HMAS Sydney'. A new

computerised reconstruction oft

battle shows the intense joit

of the attack by the German

ship the 'Kormoran'. The Sydney

was hit by 4,000kg of munitions

within 5 minutes and struck by

torp edo. We believe the life

rafts were destroyed either

during the event or were

unlaunchable, so at the best

they had life rings, that was

all they had. So they probably

drowned within less than days.

The severe damage caused

flooding, fires and the release

of toxic fumes. All 645 on

board died. It's official -

Australian tourism is in crisis

and the industry believes

nothing short of $1.5 billion

will save it. The latest

overseas arrivals figures show

a 5% slump in the past year.

The industry says the answer

is clear - pay Australians to

holiday at home. We gonna go

walkabout. A lot is riding on

selling Australia, overseas

visitor numbers continue to

fall to levels not seen since

September 11th and the pilot strike. We've seen arrivals

from Japan decliep by about

22%. Also China and Korea have

declined in the in order of

20%. The figures for the

previously year are terrible

and unfortunately the worst is

yet to come. Tourism makes up

10% of Australia's economy, the

industry says the cost of a

continuing slump will see

200,000 fewer international

tourists this year. That's a

billion dollars in lost

income. What we need now is a

stimulus for Australians to go

out and spend money in their

own country on their own

holiday product that. Will help

us trade our way out of our

problems. And that will be

welcome news to tourism

operators who have already

feeling the pinch. If there's more package deals and some

sort of subsidy the Government

can give to travellers that

will be a great thing for

people coming up The National

Tourism A - Alliance says it's

asking for a raft of tax

rebates boosting holiday pay

bay about $40 or allow people

to salary sacrifice their

holiday if they take it within

Australia. Today the Federal

tourism Minister wasn't

available on the package. One

of the nation's biggest travel

agents was talking up the

availability of the cheapest

domestic fares in almost 2 decades. They're as cheap as

we've seen them for a long

time. Cheap but still not

enough to woo many domestic

travellers in uncertain times.

Tonight's top story - Israel

is calling up reservists and

pushing deeper into Gaza. Still

to come - the big guns in town

for the year's first grand

slam. Australian actor Heath

Ledger has won a posthumous

Golden Globe for his performance in 'The Dark Knight'. He had been widely

acclaimed for his role as the

Joker in the film and took out

the category of Best Supporting

Actor. (Giggles) I don't wanna

kill you! what would I do

without you? Heath Ledger died

of a prescription drug overdose

last January. The movie's

director accepted the the award

on the actor's behalf: All of

us who worked with Heath on

'The Dark Knight' accept this

with an awful mixture of

sadness but incredible pride.

Heath Ledger is now expected

to win an Academy Award for the

same role. She's known the

world over for her

award-winning film roles but

now actor Cate Blanchett has

returned to her roots in the

theatre. She's playing a

Shakespearean king and a lady,

in a Sydney Festival ten-hour

epic, 'The War of the

Roses'. What you will have I'll

give and willingly too. Or do

we must what force will have us

do? Cate Blanchett is back

where she started acting - on

stage. She plays Richard II and

a later lady Anne in

Shakespeare's version of '100

years of turbulent English history". This is the most

demanding and thrilling pieces

of work I've ever done. This

place contains some of the

greatest poetry in this the English language. Benedict Andrews and Tom Wright have

rolled four plays into one

stretching the cast of nine to

the limit. Cate Blanchett may

be the Sydney is Theatre

Company's artistic director but

on stage she's just part of the

ensemble. She's wonderful to

work with, she's one of the

gang. She's gone through the

whole process as we have. Actor

John gaiden is no stranger to

the epic plays only arts

festivals have the resources to

allow. He was a multiple seasons of Tim Winton's

'Cloudstreet', and Barrie

Kosky's 2006 production 'Lost

Echo'. His rash, fierce blaze

of riot can not last. It's

wonderful, yes, because you

couldn't do a thing like this

in a normal subscription

season. It would blow the

season out of the water. 'The

War of the Roses' is one of

several Sydney Festival show

that is are so long they rival

a day at the cricket. While

this one runs 10 hours with

breaks there is strong

competition across town. 'Lypsynch' by the Canadian

director Robert Le Plage is a

move ie-like play that runs 9

hours. Theatre goers here are

proving to have the stamina.

After its Sydney season

audiences in the west will be

tested when 'The War of the

Roses' travels to the Perth's

international arts festival.

Domestic and international

gloom weighed on financial

markets today. New job

advertisement numbers suggested

Australia was heading for a

recession. Adding to the bleak

news on the weekend that

American unemg ploimt was rise

ing at an alarming rate.

Unfortunately it will be one

of this year's major stories,

12 days into 2009 there's

reason to be concerned. I'm

referring to jobs and the

leading indicator, job adds,

fell sharply in dees bye bye

nearly 10% after steep falls in

both Internet and newspaper

ads. December's usually a

strong month for ads, not last

Christmas. To make matters

worse ads have been falling for

8 months.? The monthly falls

have been getting bigger in

recent times. This graph

highlights the deterioration

and goes back to 200,000 when sper net ads were first

included in this data series.

The ANZ says that steep fall

at the end tells us that the

demand for new workers is at

recession levels, suggesting

the economy will go into

recession in the next 9 months.

It also suggests the Reserve

Bank will need to continue

cutting interest rates next

month. With the US reporting

the biggest rise in unemployment since 1945 over

the weekend, investors were

only going to do one thing -

sell. As usual, banks and

miners were the major victims.

Rio also said it was postponing

plans to expandis iron ore mine

in Brazil and Babcock & Brown Infrastructure announced it

would consider selling

Britain's third largest

container port. The bleak

American employment picture saw

oil prices drift lower, the yad

was already weaker because of the global growth implications

of the US employment data, and

today's job add numbers gave it

another knock. The trading well

below US 70c. That's finance.

Rarely has an international

cricket debut caused such an

impact. The Australian team and

its fans are still getting

their heads around how David

Warner devastated the South

African attack in last night's

Twenty20 win against South

Africa at the MCG. The

22-year-old is staying grounded

after tomorrow night's second

match in Brisbane Warner will

return to Sydney grade cricket

instead of lining up in the

green and gold in the 1 day

series. Nast last night David

Warner explodeded on to the

international cricket scene. He

- his 89 coming off 43 balls

all from a man yet to play a

first class game. COMMENTATOR:

That's massive. I... Still a

dream. I haven't woken up

yet. Such a debut immediately

throws a person into the

spotlight. On his arrival in

Brisbane, everyone wanted to

hear how he hits the ball so

far. Yeah, ought to do a

timing, obviously I'm a short

bloke so I try to crunch up

some weight. The Sydney grade

cricketer had the fans at the

MCG captivated. His team-mates

were just as impressed. I don't

think you'll see that much

better. That last one over

Steyn over mid wicket was as

clean a ball as you'll ever see

hit. He is not in the

Australian squad for the

upcoming 1 day series. Time

will tell. I might get a game

this year, I might not. I gotta

go back to grade cricket and

put some runs on board. The

night saw the re-emergence of

one of the most feared pacemen. Shaun Tait's thunderbolts were

back on the international stage

after a self-imposed break. I

was just - scared for them. The

test will be if the South

Australian can back it up in

tomorrow's second Twenty20 game

against South Africa. Former

world No. 1 Roger Federer has

arrived in p Melbourne for the

year's first grand slam. The

three-time Australian Open

champion is looking to bounce

back and has even thrown out a

challenge to Britain's Andy

Murray saying the world No. 4

is yet to prove himself at a

major event. Switzerland's

Roger Federer has an

appointment at Kooyong this

week but his focus is on what

might unfold at the Rod Laver

Arena and surrounding courts in

the next fortnight. The world

No. 2 paints an even list of

contenders in the men's field.

Britain's Andy Murray has

beaten the Swiss in five of

their 7 meetings. Roger

Federer's not convinced of the

Scot's prospects. He's never

won a grand slam yet. He has to

prove himself. He has played

great. So have the other

players like Novak Djokovic in

the Australian Open season last

time and Rafael. It's not gonna

get easier. 27-year-old Federer

is hoping to equal American

Pete Sampras's record of 14

grand slam titles. He is

confident of starting his

campaign better than last year,

when illness set in. In Doha

played OK, flight's been good

too. The women's singles title

is also considered a toss-up. 3

of the leading lights Serbia's

top ranked Jelena Jankovic, her

compatriot world no. 5 Ana

Ivanovic, and American Venus

Williams all took to the

practice courts today. Venus's

younger sister Serena is in

Sydney where she'll meet

Italian Sara Errani in another

leadup event decimated by withdrawals. Italian Sara

Errani thrashed Australia's

last female hope in the event

Dellacqua. Saturday's Brisbane International finalists,

Belarussian Victoria Azarenka

and Bart Bart - Frenchwoman

Maria Bartoli as well as Vera

Zvonarava all pulled out.

Another of the 8 Russians

booked to play in Sydney, 7th

seed Nadia Petrova, bowed out

6-2, 6-4 against another rise

ing French star, 18-year-old

Alize Cornet. Australia's -

Australia's Geoff Ogilvy has

had a six-shot win in the

season opening US golf tour

event in Hawaii. Halfway

through his final round,

Ogilvie's six stroke overnight lead West Australia was down to

one. He finished clear of

Americans Anthony Kim and Davis

Love. 31-year-old Ogilvy

dropped only 1 shot to par in

his first 3 rounds. He had four

bogeys in his first 8 holes

today to slide back to the

field. He re-established his

advantage by going through the

next 7 holes, 7 under par. His

5 under 68 secured him a fifth

US tour championship.

COMMENTATOR: Man. To win a

golf tournament first week,

ah... what do I So say? I've

been traditionally a horrible

starter on the west coast. The

victory earned him over $1.5

million and lifted him to No. 6

in the world rankings. From

action figures to wrist

watches, Washington is awash in

Barack Obama memorabilia.

Retailers are making a fortune

plugging owe bama-themed

merchandise aheed of his historic inauguration next

week. In this special

introducery release you can get

the 24 car at gold for only...

There's more. The souvenirs

are on TV, on the streets and

in the stores. You can buy

everything from Obama water and

Obama chocolate to the Obama

dress-up game and even a Barak

in a box. It's phenomenal.

There is not a single thing

that doesn't have Obama's face

on it or his name on it that

does not sell. Barack Obama is

his own stimulus package.

General retail sales are

plunging, this is one sector of

the economy making big bucks.

Jim sold political merchandise

for 3 decades. His sales are so

hottest' opened a new store

dedicated to Barack

Obama. We've never seen

anything like this and probably

never will again. Now you can

own a piece of history... This

plate could be the biggest

seller. His confident smile

and kind eyes are an

inspiration to us all. The

manufacturer expects to move 1

million plates in 2 months.

There've been lots of

presidents elected in the past,

we've never thought of

marketing any other product to

commemorate the election of a

president. But he was

different, he has become a

celebrity. Because he is

different. HA cube arni is an

American marketing guru. As he

watched TV on election night he

said to himself "There's got to

be something we cancel". A lot

of other people thought the

same thing. Many people have

called us to present Obama

products to us. We've seen all

kinds of things. Ranging from

thongs, plaques, documentaries.

Zoo Thongs as in

underwear? Yes. The Obama-boom

will get even bigger and round

inauguration day, millions of

people are expected to come to

Washington for the event. Many

will want to take home a piece

of history. The retailers will

be ready. Jim plans to hope en

five more Obama stores before

inauguration day. The weather

now - Graham, we're in for some

summer heat? We are,

temperatures going to rise

through the week. That's ahead

of a trough that will introduce

cooler southerly air by Friday.

In Sydney, temperatures range

from 27 in the city up to 30

degrees in the west. Cloud

has increased. We could see a

couple of light showers or

drizzle periods overnight. High

pressure system became the

dominant feature on the weather

today. It produced mostly dry conditions. There were light

showers and thunderstorms about

the northern tablelands. We had

a few showers about the

southern tablelands and south

coast. Temperatures started to

rise over the inland with 39 at

both White Cliffs and

Tibaburra. The eastern half of

the State received widespread

storms from falls - falls from

storms yesterday.

The cloud and rain is a

combination of the active

monsoon trough and ex-tropical

cyclone Charlotte. It will stay

well north of New South Wales.

We're going to see little rain

in the state until that trough

enters south - it's currently

entering South Australia,

arrives later Wednesday. Ahead

of that the high will drive hot

and dry north-west winds across

the State. That's what will

result in increasing

temperatures and also rising

fire dangers. Forecast showers

in the north-east aren't even

registering ob the models so

don't expect to see much if

they do develop. There will be

heavy rainfall between Cairns

and Townsville. There is the

chance of just an isolated

shower about the far north

coast and the nearby ranges.

Mostly sunny for the remainder

of the State, with north-east

to south-east winds near the

coast, keeping the heat at bay.

It will become very hot over

the western inland as winds

turn north-west. We have a

total fire ban for the river

Rina and south-west district.

Mostly sunny in Sydney

tomorrow. Winds will start off

light north-westerly, turn ing

north-east during the morning.

Freshening along the coast in

the afternoon. The sea breeze

will keep the temperatures

milder in the city. Wednesday

reaching the high 30s on the

western suburbs and up to 40

degrees on Thursday. That

cooler air arriving just in

time for the weekend. In news

just in - a search is under way

for 3 men missing off Merimbula

on the State's south coast.

Police say their dinghy

overturned in today's king

tide. That's ABC News for now.

I'll be back with updates

during the evening. The '7.30

Report' is next. Goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI This

Program Is Captioned

Live. Tonight - the toxic pet food scare raising questions

about the safety of a $2

billion industry. When you go

into a supermarket and buy pet

food you don't really know what

you're getting. Once we

understand the clear causal

link we would act swiftly to

recall a product from the

shelf. And nearly 200 years on,

Charles Darwin returns. By the

time he got to Australia he

wasn't really looking to

discover anything new. He was

very tired, he was sea sick and home sick.

home sick. Hello and welcome to

the program. Each year

Australians spend more than $2

billion feeding their cats and

dogs..if the pet food industry

is big business it also has a