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Opposition blame each other for Live. The Government and the

ending offshore processing. So

what Tony Abbott has done is

voted to end offshore

processing. It's not the

Opposition's job to support bad

policy. It's the Opposition's job to support good policy. An

Australian among the survivors

of a plane crash in Papua New Guinea. More flight disruptions, Qantas engineers

to walk off the job in Sydney.

And New Zealand names its side for Sunday's World Cup semifinal against August. The

guys will be a bit quieter than

normal, probably because it's

such a huge game. It's the biggest game such a huge game. It's probably

from played in 10 the biggest game these guys

from played in 10 years. Good

morning, you're watching ABC

nuclears. I'm Virginia Trioli.

The top story - the finger

pointing is continuing this

morning over who's to blame for

the end of offshore processing. The Government says it won't

Amman don its Malaysia deal

despite not having the numbers to get the act through parliament. Julia Gillard says the Opposition is putting the Opposition

politics before the national politics before the

interest but the Opposition

Leader Tony Abbott says Leader Tony Abbott says the

failed Prime Minister has simply

failed on border protection. This has been

brought about because the

Government has lost control of

our borders. It's lost control

of its own policy making

processes, it's lost control of

Government's responsibility. the Parliament. This is the

This matter is entirely of the

Government's own making. The

only reason the Government

no policy is because of the

Prime Minister's stubbornness.

She should have known weeks ago

that the Malaysia people swap

was dead but she has never had

a plan B. This is the Prime

Minister's problem. She's

stubbornly and arrogantly

insisted that it had to be her

way or no way. It was never

going to be her way and she had

no plan B. This is a failure responsibility on behalf of no plan B. This is a failure of

Tony Abbott. Of course I was

working with Tony Abbott to

had direct discussions with deal with this legislation, I

him. The amendments we seek

implement would enable the Government to

implement our arrangement

implement our arrangement with

Malaysia. It would also enable

a future government to

implement arrangements like a processing centre on Nauru. So

what we have here is Tony

Abbott deciding to pursue his

political interest to such extremes that he is determined

to vote down legislation he

would need if he was ever prime

minister to implement the

policy solution he says he

believes in. Prime Minister

Julia Gillard there on radio and Tony Abbott who was Julia Gillard there on ABC

speaking earlier on News

Breakfast. For more Melissa

Clarke joins us from Canberra. Melissa, that's the

Melissa, that's the finger

while pointing. The end result is

while both sides of politics have policies saying that's

what offshore processing that's

not what Australia has

today. And that's the strange situation we've ended up situation we've ended up with.

Two sides of politics both

endorse Dorising offshore processing, disputing about the

location and how you determine the location of offshore

processing, neither side

willing to give ground and in

the end a policy that pleases

some in the Labor left and the

Greens, that is processing. The Government Greens, that is onshore

can't afford to build new

detention centres in Australia

so it's made it clear so it's made it clear that any

new boat arrivals now, and they

do believe there is a real risk

of more boat arrivals, will

fill those detention places and

then once more boats come, if

that capacity is reached people

who are in detention may well

be given the chance to the community through bridging be given the chance to live in

visas or there be an in community-based detention visas or there be an increase

arrangements that are sometimes run in partnership with NGOs.

So ultimately both sides want

the same thing and neither the same thing and neither side

has come away happy. In the

meantime we have an untested system,

system, I guess, when it comes

to just how much more Australia to just how much

or the system can handle when

it comes to community

detention. Michael

detention. Michael Raper from

the Red Cross was speaking to

us about this this morning and neither he admitted could he

say that having onshore

processing he couldn't argue

that it was going to be a very

strong pull factor to Australia

for other people seeking asylum? And there's certainly

that the Government in that recognition in the fact

particular, the Immigration

Minister Chris Bowen has

pointed out one of the very

positive aspects of the

Malaysia solution is in fact

that is a strong deterrent

which although he

that means onshore processing

is a pull factor. If you take

the flip side of the coin that the Malaysia solution was a

deterrent, it must means if the

it certainly increases Malaysia solution is not there

positive aspect for people it certainly increases the

trying to seek asylum and trying to seek asylum and seek refugee status in Australia.

And it causes all sorts of

logistical troubles for the logistical troubles for

Government as well. Even if at

the current rate of boat

arrivals not only is there a

chance that we may see detention centres fill up if it

takes a long time to process

people, you then still have people, you then still have to

find them help resource

facilities when it comes to

community detention as well.

It's not easy from any aspect for the Federal Government at

the moment. And not easy for

the Federal Government either

when it's standing at the

sidelines looking at this

ongoing knock down drag out

between Qantas and the unions, so much so that the so much so that the Government is threatening direct

intervention in this dispute. We've had Martin

Ferguson who is Ferguson who is the Tourism

Minister who is very concerned

about the impact this union

dispute is having on the tourism sector. When you have

the national carrier and the national carrier and in

this case as some unions suggesting buying tickets with

Qantas might not be a great

idea, it's led to Martin Ferguson suggesting the Government might need to use its powers to refer its powers to refer the situation situation to Fair Work Australia. That hasn't happened yet by either of the parties

involved and there is

provisions for provisions for the Federal

Government to do that. And he's also struck out at some of the

unions involved in a way that's surprising for someone who used

to be with the

to be with the ACTU accusing

one of the unions in particular

and one union leader of being un-Australian and saying un-Australian and saying that they're working against the

interests of workers at Qantas

by some of their comments that

they're damaging the Qantas

brand. So Martin Ferguson has certainly taken a very big certainly taken a very big step

here and the Government clearly

is very concerned about the situation if it's got to the

point where it's considering whether or not it needs to

intervene and refer this to Fair Work Australia. We haven't had something like that happen

in a big union dispute for a

while. Good to talk to you,

thanks so much. Also makes news

- an Australian pilot is

believed to be one of only 4 survivors of a plane crash in

Papua New Guinea. Up to 28

people are feared dead in that

crash. The plane was flying

from Lae to Madang when it

crashed late yesterday. Now

it's believed most of the passengers were parents

travelling to their children's

graduation ceremony at a graduation ceremony at a local university. The ABC's PNG

correspondent Liam Fox says the

nation is in shock after the

crash. It was flying from Lae to Madang yesterday afternoon when it crashed about 20

kilometres south of its

destination. Madang - local

residents in Madang said residents in Madang said a

violent storm blew up just

around the time the plane was

devu - due to land in Madang. There was heavy winds and a lot

of rain as well. We've been

told there were several people

in Madang have told me they

believe there were 4 survivors. The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has

close to confirmed that. In close to confirmed that. In a statement they've said airlines

PNG and local authorities have

advised there were 4 survivors.

Among them were the 2 pilots,

one Australian and one New

Zealander. They said early

indications are at this stage that there were no Australians

who were killed on that flight

when it crashed yesterday

afternoon. Liam Fox who spoke

to us earlier. There's no end

in sight to the ongoing stoush

between Qantas and the unions. Engineers are going to walk off

the job for 4 hours in Sydney today. Australians travelling

to New Zealand for the rugby World Cup are facing World Cup are facing long delays. Qantas has cancelled 17

flights and delayed 32 other services. And at Sydney Airport some

some of those passengers

affected by today's strikes

have been speaking to our

reporter Jason Om. Here's what

they had to say. It's kind of disruptive because they had to

cancel a lot of flights. I

don't think it's the best way

to go about it because it will just

just annoy people. It's

annoying. I had a return

flight, my flight on the 30th

was cancelled, they called me

at 4:00 in the morning. I had

to pay $4 1 - 1,400 to get on

the next flight because I had an international flight, I had

to be in Sydney on the 30th. I

so had to spend $1,400 because it was the only it was the only flight

available that day from Perth

to Sydney. So that was a big

inconvenience. Who do you any

is winning the public relations campaign? Well I haven't campaign? Well I haven't really

followed it in that detail followed it in that detail but

I think it's about 50/50, you know. I think they're just playing games. But

unfortunately we, the general public,

public, suffer from their games. A bit disappointing.

Qantas are a good airline, I

trust Qantas. I don't think it

should be necessary they have

industrial action. Do you think

it's time for the Government to

intervene? I think so. I think

the Government should step in

and see if they can help

resolve the issue. I suppose

it's something you've got to do

to keep your job secure these

days. You've got fo to look

after yourself because

everything is going overseas, you want

you want to try to keep the employment here happening, Australia alive, otherwise it will be going all

overseas. They're keeping their frustration in check. Now

French prosecutors have

abandoned their investigation

into an allegation of attempted rape by Dominique Strauss-Khan.

The French writer Tristane

Banon had accused him of trying

to rape her in 2003. The to rape her in 2003. The claim emerged while Strauss-Khan emerged while Strauss-Khan was fighting rape charges in New

York which were later York which were later dropped. Prosecutors have found evidence

of sexual assault in this new

allegation but they say too

much time has elapsed for a successful prosecution. The

dissident schie these Wei Wei

has been named the most

inflenial person in the art

world. His activism reminded the art world of it the art world of it wider

political wol. Wei Wei is an

outspoken critic of Chinese

system. He was held in

detention for 2 months earlier

this year. At least 283 people

have been killed as Thai

authorities battle to keep the country's worse floods in

decades from inundating the capital Bangkok. Unusually

heavy monsoon rains have

wreaked havoc aid cross the

country. Zoe Daniel reports from the

from the flood waters. This

bridge is the last dry bridge is the last dry land.

From here on it's boat only.

This ancient city has been

completely inundated. Water in

some areas is up to 4 to 5

metres deep. Residents say that

in the last big floods in 1995

water was about knee height in

some parts. Now they've had to

swim out of their houses in

water that's above their heads.

Some are still living there

though on the second story.

They're very reluctant to leave

their properties because of the

risk of looting. It's going to

be weeks before this water

flows away and of course it has

to go somewhere. And it to go somewhere. And it seems

like this, that have scared the

living daylights out of

residents of Bangkok which is

sitting between this water and

the ocean. People in Bangkok

are buying up key supplies - water,

water, noodles , batteries, candles, water, noodles , torches,

batteries, candles, thinking

that they're going to see

something akin to this sort of

inundation. For the moment the

Government is pulling out every

tool it has to prevent that

have from happening and it's

trying to divert the trying to divert the water around the north-east of the

city. Eastern parts of Bangkok

inundation and many people are going to see heavy

there are already seeing flooding in their homes. But there are already seeing major

what the Government's trying to

do is to prevent major flooding

in the inner city and it's

saying that Bangkok's 78

kilometre flood wall should be

able to prevent that. The main

test will be this weekend, tonight and tomorrow, tonight and tomorrow, as high

tides prevent this water from

escaping into the ocean. Zoe Daniel there with that report.

Now the US President Barack

Obama is calling for tough

sanctions against Iran over an

alleged plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington. Iranian government officials have denied those accusations

but the US is insisting that Iran's agents were engaged in Iran's agents were

the plotting and Mr Obama is

pushing for greater international sanctions against

that country. With respect to

how we respond, our first how we respond, our first step

is to make sure that prosecute those individuals is to make sure that we

that have been named in the

indictment and I will leave to

the Attorney-General the task

of describing how that will

proceed. The second thing that we're going to continue to do

is to apply the toughest sanctions and continue to mobilise the international

community to make sure that

Iran is further and further

price for this kind of isolated and that there's a

behaviour. US President behaviour. US President Barack Obama. To New Zealand where authorities are authorities are now dealing with a new element to that

maritime emergency that has

been going on there for some time. Nearly 90 shipping containers from the grounded

'Rena' have tumbled into the

ocean. The trouble ship's owner has apologised for the disaster

as debris and oil continues to

fill the Bay of Plenty of.

Smashed apart in rur seas,

these containers are the latest

evidence of disaster in the

once pristine Bay of Plenty.

Tugs are towing what they can Tugs are towing what they

but some cargo has already

washed up along with a potent

layer of oil. I've just moved

to New Zealand and one of the

reasons we chose to lif here

because it's so beautiful. It's

ruined. We're really angry and

really hurt. It brings tears to

my eyes to come down

here. Toxic chemicals too have

spilled into the ocean. spilled into the ocean. The

'Rena' is now leaning at a

20-degree angle. For the first

time in 3 days crews have been time in 3 days crews have

able to board the stricken ship

to inspect the damage and

prepare for more salvage efforts. We're

efforts. We're ready to go

regardless of what the weather

is. The crews will be sitting

there, having everything

prepared to go as soon as they humanly

humanly can. The vessel still

holds about 1,300 tonnes of

oil. It's unclear if the pipes

needed to pump the remaining oil are

oil are still in tact. The use oil are still in tact. The

of a dispersant on the leaking

oil has been abandoned. More

will reach the coastline in coming days. It is our ship that went aground and we apologise without hesitation

comfort for those grimly for what has happened. Cold

watching on. It's our

playground and , you know, sort

of been taken away from us. A

40 kilometre stretch of

coastline is now polluted.

Really heart breaking vision.

We'll take you back to London We'll take you back to

now where 350 Australians have been guests at an Aussie-themed

shindig held at Buckingham Palace. Elle McPherson and Hugh

Jackman were among the star

studded guest list there. It

comes a week before the Queen's

visit to Australia. She was

unwell during the day and cancelled her day unwell during the day and she

cancelled her day time

arrangements because of a cold

but she managed to back up and

turn up and welcome 350

Australians. There you can

Collette din as well as Elle

McPherson who made a pretty

lame joke, I reckon at one

point when she was asked by a

reporter her comments about reporter her comments

being there and she said she

thought the queen would like "Awesome in my undies." Because she's an underwear designer.

One particular no show - and

Jason Donovan you just Jason Donovan you just saw

there. One no show was Kylie

Minogue who couldn't get flight across from Minogue who couldn't get a

flight across from where she

was in Greece, I think, and apparently people surprised by

her absence. I don't know if

we're going to get a look at

but one of the, how shall say, most attention getting but one of the, how shall I

people in this line up was

apparently the Australian apparently the

author Cathy Lett who wore a

bejewelled outfit which was

covered with the decorations of crown-wearing corgies and she

did ask the Queen directly if

the Queen liked her ensemble

and apparently the response was

"Oh yes." And Cathy let remark

that she was terribly pleased

that the corgies impressed the

Queen. The Queen wearing burp

purple and black gloves. The

other people who ascended -

attended - Nick Cave the singer

and Gabriella Cilmi, Matt King,

Jeffrey Robertson and Tim

Cahill and Mark Schwarzer were there as well. The Queen's

travelling to Canberra next

Wednesday, that's for that

10-night Australian tour and

her and Prince Philip are her and Prince Philip are going

to visit Brisbane and Melbourne

heads before opening the Commonwealth

heads of government event in perted, the CHOGM event hasn't been held in perted, the CHOGM event that

for quite some time. They all hasn't been held in Australia

look like they had a very nice

time. Let's take a look at the

Federal Government and the top stories this morning - the

Opposition are continuing to

blame each other for the end of offshore processing. All asylum seekers will now have to seekers will now have to be processed in Australia because

the Government can't get changes to the Government can't get its changes to the Migration Act

through Parliament. An

Australian pilot is believed to

be 1 of only 4 survivors of a

plane crash in Papua New

Guinea. Up to 28 people are feared to have died in crash. This is believed that feared to have died in that

most of the passengers were

parents travelling to their children's graduation ceremony at a local university. And

Qantas passengers are facing more disruptions today.

Engineers are going to strike

for 4 hours this afternoon in

Sydney. That strike is going to

affect Australians who are

wanting to travel to New

Zealand for the rugby World Cup.

More now on our top story

this morning - the Australian

Government has of course, as

you know, been forced to consider onshore processing options

options after failing to have its amendments to the Migration

Act passed in parmts. The Red

Cross director of services

Michael Raper says this is now

a welcome outcome as it means more are going to be processed in community detention in community detention onshore . Community detention is a

bipartisan policy, it's

supported by the Howard Government, it was introduced by the Howard Government and

it's been maintained and

expanded by the current Labor

Government. So given that this

is a policy that has bipartisan

support and a big future, I think, it has the capacity to take a lot of the people that

are currently in immigration

detention for up to 300 days detention for up to 300 days on

average now. It's gone up from

100 days to over 300 days since

2009. So community detention,

we believe, actually is a very

good program that reduces

mental health harm and provides

people with the capacity to

interest enter interest enter society when they're ready so it's a very

welcome outcome. To finance

news now and Slovakia's news now and Slovakia's

parliament has ratified a plan

to increase a Eurozone rescue

fund just 2 days after MPs rejected it. The rejected it. The vote followed an agreement between the Government and the Opposition to hold a snap election next year. All 17 Eurozone countries have now approved the plan to tackle Europe's debt crisis. That plan's going to expand lending capacity of the European financial stability facility to around $600 billion. The fund will also be able to buy Eurozone Government debt and offer credit lines to member States and banks. New figures show that America's trade deficit with the rest of the world narrowed in August. The trade gap was reduced to around $45 billion and that's the smallest it's been in 4 months. The trade deficit with China however has widened to a record high. US imports and exports were both lower because of a weakening global economy. We'll look at the figures now:

There's been so much sport

going on this morning that really

really we've just spent all morning having a chat to

you. It does feel like that

you. It does feel like that but we are edging closer and closer to the sport that is dominating to the sport that is dominating the morning very much. This

weekend, a big semi. It is,

it's going to be a it's going to be a massive semiand New Zealand this

morning have announce #3d changes to the side which beat Argentina in the quarter

finals. Aaron Cruden comes in

for Colin Slade who was filling

in for Dan Carter. Israel Dagg

is in at full-back and

Kahui with Sonny Bill Williams

heading to the bench. I think

the big thing is he's got to

take the track and he's got a

niggly foot and the more

niggly foot and the more we

keep him off it the more chance

he's got of playing 80 minutes

on the weekend. Simple as that

really. He's pretty upbeat and

looking forward to the game and he's frustrated by it,

obviously. He would like to be taking full part but you've

just got to make pragmatic just got to make pragmatic

decisions on that and he's

doing that. Where maybe some

other people might push it and

not play he's not pushing it so he can play. If you're not

focused now you will never be

focused. I think there's a

quiet focus there, quiet

determination. The guys will be

a bit quieter than normal, probably because it's such a

huge game. It's probably the

biggest game these guys biggest game these guys have played in 10 years. It

probably is. Now the Wallabies are still pondering their line

up for Sunday's big game. Coach

Robbie Deans is yet to make a

final call on full-back final call on full-back Kurtley Beale. There's speculation that

Beale may recover from a

hamstring injury in time to face

face the All Blacks. The face the All Blacks. The final

make-up of the team will be decided around lunch time decided around lunch time today

eastern Australia time.

Whatever the line up the

pressure will be very much on

Quade Cooper after his underpar performance against the

Springboks last weekend. Pat

McCabe is expected to take his

place in the side after

recovering from a shoulder injury. To cricket and

Australia has won the Twenty/20 match against South Africa by 5 match against South Africa by 5 wickets this morning in Cape Town. South Africa hit 7/146

from 20 overs. JP Duminy stop

core scoring. Pat Cummins then

took 3/25. Australia got off to a bad

a bad start with David Warner

run out for a duck. But a

half-century from Shane Watson and

and a quick-fire cameos from

Cameron White and David Hussey

got Australia home. So let's here from David here from David Hussey. A little bit tense. We let South

Africa get back in the contest

but full credit to our boys. I

thought our bowling and

fielding was nothing short of sensational. Whether it's

rugby, cricket, soccer,

whatever it is, I think the both teams get the best out of

each other. Hopefully a cracking contest come Sunday. A happy David Hussey after

Australia's win. Cadel Evans

has been rewarded for his stand

out year on the cycling tour by

being awarded the Sport Australia Hall of Fame Don

Award last night. Evans became the first Australian to win the first Australian to win the

tour de-France 3 months ago. His mother Helen Cox His mother Helen Cox accepted

the award in his absence night. Evans fought off strong challenges from Sam Stosur

challenges from Sam Stosur and Casey Stoner to take the prestigious award. Cathy

Freeman who was inducted last

night along with Glenn McGrath

into the haul of into the haul of fame. Bernard

Tomic's run has end ed but math

e ebbton from WA is through to

the last 8. Ebb don more the last 8. Ebb don more than

held his own before the held his own before the third

set went into the tie break. It

took the West Australian 5

match point bus he finally took his

his chance to set up a quarter

final against British defending

champion Andy Murray. Tomic

took the first set but was wall

ped in the second too. Rafael

Nadal is also out of the

tournament. It was a night tournament. It was a night of

some upsets. Sam Stosur also through. But it's going to be

all about the rugby World Cup

this week and the Kangaroos

also playing the Caulfield Cup.

Plenty of sport but I think

it's Sunday night where all the

attention is. I will be

focussing on the gee gees but I

will be turning my attention to

the rugby. Now to the

weather. To Queensland where it

looked more like snow than hail

yesterday when severe storms moved moved through. It was part of a slow-moving severe thunderstorm

cell that dumped nearly 30 mm

of rain in Brisbane airport of rain in Brisbane airport in such a short amount of time.

Now today we can Now today we can expect more of this type of stuff. Cloud over

the Bight though is associated

with a trough and weakening cold front. The cloud that's

moving offshore is part of

yesterday's thunderstorm

activity. Now a broad level

trough over the north and east

will trigger widespread showers and storms and storms especially in Queensland. Queensland. A cold front will

bring cooler change to South

Australia but over in WA we've

got a high pressure system

moving in and this will clear

the skies. Tomorrow the trough

in the east and north will

in the east and north will step

up a notch with the heaviest

rains expected on Saturday. The

front in the south will bring

strong, showery winds to

Tasmania and also the southern parts of Victoria and south

Australia's south-west and into

next week the trough lingering

over the region will be heading over the region will be heading

up towards the tropics.

Queensland - you can expect more thunderstorms to come

through this afternoon, mainly

down in the south-east and

we'll see storms in the tropics later this afternoon as well.

For NSW, a partly cloudy day in

the south-west, showers mainly

over the central and over the central and eastern districts. The highest rainfalls in the rainfalls in the north-east.

Isolated afternoon and evening

showers about Victoria. showers about Victoria. There is the chance of afternoon thunderstorms in the eastern

highlands and a westerly change

reaching the western drickteds later on later on today. Afternoon and evening showers developing over northern Tasmania, otherwise a fine

fine day. For South Australia, and isolated showers and isolated showers and thunderstorms in the south and

east. A cool change moving over

the west with freshening south

to south-westerly winds. Light

showers about southern WA,

clearing to a sunny day and 22

degrees in Perth. degrees in Perth. Mostly sunny

for the north of the State for the north of the State and afternoon and evening storms for the Top End.

Now that's a round up of the

morning news. Up next is

'Business Today'. Have a great

weekend. Closed Captions by CSI

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Good morning, welcome to

Business Today for Australia

Network, I'm Whitney

Fitzsimmons. Coming up - capital concerns,

capital concerns, Europe's banking regulator pushes for a

facility to protect from future losses. Defiant trend, Australia's unemployment rate falls boosting the falls boosting the local currency. And turbulence ahead,

Qantas passengers facing more

disruptions as unions disruptions as unions increase their industrial campaign.

Those stories coming Those stories coming up shortly but first let's take a quick look at the markets quick look at the markets and we'll have more on what will

happen in trade today in a

moment but yesterday around the region trade was in positive