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Live This morning - the nation mourns as police continue to

question the man arrested over yesterday's deadly shooting.

Also today - soul singer Amy

Winehouse dead at the Winehouse dead at the age of 27. And Cadel Evans set to sail into Paris as Australian to win the to you sail into Paris as the first

Tour de France. It was Aldo

Sassi who always believed in

me. I often believed in me

more than I did and for him to be here today it would be... Good Kathryn Stolarchuk. A quick watching ABC News 24, I'm

check of today's weather first.

The grim search for victims

of yesterday's devastating twin

attack in the Norwegian capital

Oslo continues today. Norway is struggling to come to grips with with the massacre that's

traumatised the once placid

country. Here's the latest. The death toll The death toll currently stands

at 9 2. Police say he was illegally owned business tal Police say he was carrying

and automatic weapon during

shooting. He has and automatic weapon during the

described as a far right shooting. He has been

Christian extremist who opposed

immigration and Islam. Overnight, a farm reportedly

belonging to rave rave has been

are searched for explosives. There

fertiliser possibly used in the

attacks was purchased in May. Police are still trying to

identify whether a second

gunman may have been involved

in the attack. Europe correspondent Philip Williams

joins us now from Oslo. Thanks

for your time. I can see it is

quite late at night there.

There are still plenty of people attending the memorial site for victims of the attacks. Yes. I was going to speak very quietly because that's the atmosphere. outside Oslo's main Cathedral. As you can see there are

hundreds of people here in total total silence, contemplating,

comforting one another for what

has been a massive shock to the

whole nation and they've come

here and joined together.

There are candles being lit.

There are flowers being laid

constantly. It grows ever

larger in the forecourt by the

side of the church here. This

is how these people here are

coping all over the country.

There are similar sorts activities as people try to

come to terms and at least try

to come together to give each

other some sort of comfort over

what has been an trauma for individuals and for the

the nation as a whole. Phil,

the 32-year old man arrested by police has been described as fundamentalist Christian with police has been described as a

far right political views. Yes,

that's what the police have that's what the police

been saying. If you look his FaceBook, been saying. If you look on

description as a Christian with conservative views. Of that says nothing of what he

was going to do, apparently going to do, but yes, he has

been identified others as

having those views. by definition, he was an extremist and clearly he extremist and clearly he had extreme views and perhaps unbalanced or obviously

unbalanced views. The damage

he's wreaked has been really

community, shocking. I've been up to the

community, small community bit

island today which some of survivors and the parents island today which some of the

families of those that have

died and those are that still their loved ones have survived hoping that perhaps somehow

have gathered at this

particular hotel. Some of the

people that spoke to us there

terrible stories. One for

example that sticks in my mind

one man told me a young man of

22 said that he was hiding in a

cave, there was a shot rang out

just missed him, and then he

could hear someone calling out

and there was a man in a police

uniform saying the okay, I'm

here, we're okay, come out, and

it was him. Some people it

thought the police had come to rescue them and as they came

out, he gunned them down.

Another story of a young woman

16 years old who was swimming out from the island trying to

get away, along with so many

others. Not only had he shot people in the water as aboard the rescue boat, locals swam, but as she clambered

with boats came to help, they too came under fire. Really,

there was no target was left

and clearly, he had about an

hour and a half apparently. We

thought before about an hour, but an hour and a half on island allowed to do whatever but an hour and a half on that

he wanted. Of course, the police in Oslo had had a massive blast right here in the

centre of town. They had what

they'd ever seen and could biggest terrorist attack that they would have assumed was the

they'd ever seen and could not

have guessed at the carnage

that was to follow. In a sense, you could almost look at the bomb blast here as

diversion for what was his

perhaps his real intention was to kill as many people as

possible at that youth camp on the island. Phil, the gunman

has been named by local media

as Anders Behring Breivik, by police are still holding on officially confirming identity. Yes, they are. It is

all but because we've had that name has been splashed about

the media almost within of the attack. It was clear

that something had leaked from

the police and perhaps others

had suspicion s about this

person before. What we do know

is a little bit more about him

that in May he managed to purchase 6 tonnes of fertiliser

which the precursor of nitrate which which the precursor of ammonium nitrate which is used for crude

bombs that can cause so many

carnage which is what happened

here. Two tonnes of that is

still unaccounted about and still unaccounted about and the police are worried there could be other bombs somewhere else. They do say that there are

still unexploded devices within

the city, within the restricted

zone, still now, and also

bodies that haven't been

recovered because the integrity of the buildings is structure, the structural

so poor it is simply too

dangerous to go in and remove

them. It is still far from right in that core centre. In clear exactly what

the outer perimeter, that has

been very much relaxed. You're

seeing very many more people in the streets tonight. the shops are open, some of the

bars are open, people are

attempting to ing to get back

to normal, but it isn't normal of course. This dark cloud is

hanging over everyone. The atmosphere, as you can atmosphere, as you can see

behind me here, is one of quiet

contemplation. That's contemplation. That's no hysteria here, people are quietly going about their own way come together here to seek come together here to seek the

solace of each other and give

some sort of community feel and

some sort of community some sort of community place that they can come together and

grieve together for what has

been a terrible shock to the whole nation. Phil, Norwegian police have also made a police have also made a second

arrest but it is meant to be unrelated. Yes. This is rather

peculiar arrest of a 16 17-year old boy that was

found... Apparently been on the

island carrying a knife. Asked why are you carrying a knife he said because there are many strange people here. You can

be forgiven for saying very

many strange and terrible

events. Goodness know what events. Goodness know what is that would do to anyone's mind.

It certainly traumatised

anybody involved in it. It

does appear that's a completely unrelated incident. There unrelated incident. There has

been a lot of speculation of a second gunman, but really so far no clear indications that

that really is the case. that really is the case. Just

speculation at the moment, but

obviously police still have a

very open mind at this point

now, it does appear this the now, it does appear this the

work of a single deranged mind, somebody that somebody that methodically planned the execution of planned the execution of as

many people as he possibly could. Philip Williams in Oslo thank you very much for speaking to us. Thank you. British singer Amy

Winehouse has been found in her North London home at age

27. The troubled singer had a

long battle with alcohol and drugs which overshadowed her

musical career. Winehouse one widespread acclaim with the age

of 20 with her 2003 debut album

frank. Her 2006 effort 'Back

to Black' made her a staff

around the world and she won

five Grammy five Grammy award. The police

have confirmed that the body of

the 27-year-old woman found in a Camden flat this afternoon is

that of Amy Winehouse. Her

record company, universal, has

already put out a statement saying that the talented saying that the talented singer is certainly is certainly dead, unfortunately. So many people shocked by the news, but not really surprised because this

is the end of a very self destructive, tragic life. She

has had so many ups and downs

and unfortunately, more downs

over the last few years. Do we

know the cause of death? No, that's still you have a look at her

lifestyle over the last few

years, then it's not going to

be hard to guess. She has

battled alcohol and drug addictions. In addictions. In fact, she was

in a rehab just two months ago

where she left after a few

days. So many times her family

and her record company urged her to seek treatment for the addictions that she had that were fuelled not only were fuelled not only by

friends but by ex-husband.

They went on notorious benders that lasted for days. get into scuffles outside

hotels where the tabloid press

would glee fully photograph

them. Her decline was

certainly captured by

in this country and her fans

were hoping that perhaps there was

was a sign that she might grow

out of that addiction and she

might survive this terrible part

part of her life. What has been the reaction from fans?

They're gathering outside her

home now. The road is taped

off by police. Certainly,

FaceBook and suggesting that

they are very sad about this. There's going to be a great deal of competition, I guess, between between those who will want to

talk about the self destructive

part of her life and those who

will want to make sure she's

remembered for the music remembered for the music which let's remember she won let's remember she won five

Grammies for her album Back in

Black which was the second album, the first album was

frank in 2003. Only two

albums, this is what is so

tragic, so much potential

there, she had been there, she had been trying to certainly her music, the record company wanted her to record

again, but unfortunately, it

just never got back to where she wanted to be because of this struggle with the addiction. Of course, unfortunately, she's going to

be remembered for her last

concert which was in Serbia

where she was booed off

statement off people who had

paid more than $100 to see her.

She was absolutely incoherent.

Clearly affected by drugs or alcohol and unfortunately that

is the last time she ever appeared on appeared on stage. Have her

family commented at all? At

this stage, her father is

flying to New York. He's

heading to a music festival

there. He has always been a

champion of trying to get help

for his daughter. He was a

taxi driver in London. Her mother, Janice, just a couple

of years ago said it was like watching train wreck happening

before their eyes, they could sense their daughter was

killing herself. Both parents

desperate to try and save Amy destructive habits. No comment

yet from the family, but again,

like so many of her fans and others in the music industry there's shock about this, but no-one is

surprised. The ABC's Lisa Millar there. Back home, a

hunger strike at a Cape York

detention tension is centre with more detain esjoining the protest. It is believed up to

100 men at the Sherga facility

at Weipa are taking part in the protest that began last

Thursday. This area angry over the time it process their asylum

applications. A teenager has

been shot by police after a car

chase in Victoria's east.

Police investigating the stolen

gun had set up roadblocks in

the town of Maffra near Sale. After half past 12 police

spotted the 17-year suspect and

chased him to a street in the

town where it is alleged he

threaten them with the stolen

gun. Police then shot him

twice in the upper body. He's being flown to being flown to a Melbourne hospital where he's in a

serious but stable condition.

New South Wales Police are investigating a fatal shoot ing overnight. Just before 10

o'clock police were called to a

house at Kanakkale heights

where they found the body of a

55 year old man with

wound to his chest. A woman

also in the house was unharmed

and police say they assisting

them with their inquiries.

Police have asked the public

for help. They say there were several men involved in the

shooting but they don't believe it was a random attack. The opposition says Australians

won't be able to afford high-speed inter-Ned up Dodo has become the second internet service provider to release its proposed release its proposed prices for

the network. Its lowest the network. Its lowest price starts at $40 a month compared

to Internode's lowest cost of $60 a month. Malcolm Turnbull says these prices are more

expensive than some ADSL plans today. He says many household eswon't

eswon't have the money to eswon't have the money to pay

for the upgrade. Overseas,

lightning may have caused a high-speed that's killed at least 3 2

people and injured more than

100. Two high-speed traipse

slammed into each other in the country's east. Two car rims

fell off a bridge after

derailing during the accident

close to Wenzhou Zhejiang.

Details are sketch key but

Chinese media said one of the

trains stopped after being hit

by lightning and was hit by the second train. The Xinhua news

carry more than 100 people.

Former FIFA presidential

candidate Mohamed Bin Hamman

has been banned from football for life after being It made the decision after two-day decision at FIFA

headquarters in Zurich. Bin Hamman was not at the hearing. He was found guilty of attempting to buy votes ahead

of last month's FIFA's presidential election. The 62-year-old Qatari withdrew from the race leaving Sepp Blatter to be Blatter to be re-elected unopposed. Mr Bin Hamman rejects the findings of the

FIFA ethics committee hearing

and maintains his innocence. He will continue to fight his

case threw the legal route that

are open to him. He has gone

on record and he maintains that

the FIFA ethics committee was

going to find against him

whatever the validity of whatever the validity of the

case that he presented to them.

The FIFA ethics committee has

apparently based its decision on so-called circumstantial sports news with Tulsen Tollett. What a night for

Cadel Evans. It has been a long but great long but great night for Australian supporters of the

Cadel Evans and the man himself has made history has made history become the

first Australian to win the

world's most prestigious

cycling race the Tour de

France. He children Ched the event with

overnight-time trial. He leads

by one minute 34 seconds ahead

of Andy Schleck with his

brother Frank third overall. A

gentleman's agreement amongst the riders means whoever the riders means whoever lead the standings heading into the final stage into Paris tour. At the press conference Evans paid tribute to his former coach, the Italian Aldo Sassi, who passed away from a

brain tumour last December. brain tumour last December.

He said to me at one point He said to me at one point last

year, I hope for you I'm sure you

you can win a grand tour. I hope for you it is the Tour de France because that's the

biggest and most prestigious

tour but if you did you'll

become the most complete rider become the most complete rider

of Jorgen racial. For him to

see me now, I'm where some

would be quite something. For

more on this the ABC's James

Bennett is in France following the tour. He joins us on the

phone now. Thanks for joining.

As we heard from Cadel Evans,

it was an emotional it was an emotional moment to take the leader's jersey. take the leader's jersey. One

us through how it unfolded? It

certainly was. Really, quite an amazing day, quite an

amazing event to witness. Cadel

to do at the start of to do at the start of today's

stage. It was a 57 second

effort that he had to Andy

Schleck overnight and essentially that meant that he had

had to better Andy Schleck by around 1.4 seconds for around 1.4 seconds for each of the 42 kilometres of the

time-trial of today's stage and

he did a hell after hi lot he did a hell after hi lot more

than that. He ended up going 2.5 minutes faster than Andy Schleck around the 42 Schleck around the 42 kilometre course. It was a really resounding resounding victory and having held the Schlecks, Andy Schleck

and brother Frank, who are far

better climbers than Cadel,

having held them at having held them at bay in the

mountains, Cadel really came

out and showed them just how

strong he was as a complete

rider by being able to so

dominate the time-trial. In

fact, he came very close to winning the stage itself, within 7 seconds of German Tony

Martin who is quite a

specialist at the discipline. When does this

cycling world? It really cycling world? It really does make him a complete rider, as

you heard Cadel said his coach

Aldo Sassi had referenced. He's someone who has won He's someone who has won a World Championship. It is the

pinnacle of the one day racing. He won events He won events throughout the

year. He'd won the year. He'd won the most prestigious of all cycling events and he's done it through pure pure grit and determination. He's largely had to do that without the aid of without the aid of certainly

the really super strong and super disciplined teams that you've seen Lance Armstrong benefit from in years past and it was it was just an incredibly gritty and gutsy performance from Cadel Evans over these

last three weeks. He really

put a lot of planning and hard

work into this Tour de France and you could really see that

pay off.

always modest, as he has always modest, as he has been,

in saying this is where I need

to be and we're doing well, but

in actual fact, it is really in actual fact, it is really do

to a lot of his hard work he's been able to put himself in

that position. The top of the

mountains or around the

time-trial course the way he

did, that meant a lot of hard

work. For viewers who may not be

be aware, explain what happens now on the final stage

because it is a fait accompli

that Evans retains the jersey

this evening? We certainly

hope so. As you hope so. As you say, there's that gentleman's agreement.

Last stage into Paris is always

a procession, well, not always.

Back in the 80s there was actually a final time-trial

stage in Paris and on that occasion the lead did change

hands, but since then, it has been been a procession, an

opportunity for the riders to

savour the fact completed three weeks of gruelling racing and that they have managed to complete have managed to complete this event which is a event which is a captivating captivating because it is gruelling and is gruelling and is incredibly enduring nature. It is a chance chance for the riders to celebrate that and also a

chance for the... The Glory of

crossing the line on the

Champs-Elysees. They've

suffered there's these

mountains without any of the glory that the overall

chance to do battle and largely any particularly any particularly dramatic

incident that would befall him,

it is a fait accompli and by

this time tomorrow night

Australia will be toasting wits

first ever Tour de France victor in Cadel Evans. James

Bennett in France thanks very

much. We will be hoping to toast that tomorrow evening.

Thank you. The Wallabies have opened

opened their Tri-Nations campaign with wane over South

Africa in the Sydney. They are

classed as second spring

sprongs with a 19 point win.

The Wallabies were keen to atone atone for last week's shock loss to Samoa.

who combined for the first time with Rocky Elsom sending with Rocky Elsom sending Ben

Alexander away. The backs

showed how dangerous they showed how dangerous they are

in broken play. He's got him to

beat. Digby Ioane. No

problem. Try time coming up again for the Wallabies. Digby Ioane. It was 15-6 at halftime and the Wallabies and the Wallabies rampage

continued afterward. James so Connor cleverly Connor cleverly collected Quade Cooper's past Cooper's past and hookers can

put on a step. Ashley Adam Cooper put on his raw place Cooper put on his raw place to

get Australia's fifth try. In

the AFL Collingwood has had an

easy win over the Gold Coast easy win over the Gold Coast at Carrara. The Magpies looked

shaky at the start. North won

over Brisbane. Carlton

winners at the MCG. Moving to

the NRL, movement N top eight

after last night's three games. The Newcastle Knights have

taken 8th spot after crowning Cronulla at Shark Park. Cronulla at Shark Park. Wests

Tigers hang on to 7th after winning over the Sydney

Roosters in Leichhardt Oval. The North Queensland Cowboys

beat the Gold Coast Titans to

go fourth on the ladder. The

Titans tested the Cowboys in

the first-half. William

Zillman double saw them lead by

eight at the break. The Cowboys bombed several opportunities but eventually found their attacking range.

Away. He puts a kick in.

Ashley Graham. He gets it back to Cooper. For the

Sydney, Beau Ryan was on the

end of a perfectly executed Benji Marshal grubber for the

opening try of the night but

the Roosters responded with to

quick tries to pit hit the

front for the halftime lead.

The Tigers went ahead after the

break as Liam Fulton burst through and Blake Ayshford stretched the margin for the Tigers. They go Tigers. They go wide. Beautiful passing. Blake Ayshford scores in Ayshford scores in the corner. Marshall made a 7 point margin to

margin to keep margin to keep the Tigers in the bottom half of the eight. While Newcastle made While Newcastle made it successive loss force the

sharks keeping the home side

scoreless in the process. scoreless in the process. To

motor sport where Mark Webber

has claimed pole position for

tonight's German Formula One

Grand Prix. Webber qualified fastest ahead of England's Lewis Hamilton with German

World Championship leader

Sebastian Vettel third quickest. I think the form has

been getting better in the last

few races and also this track

seems to be not too bad for me

in the past. I must say the session went pretty well. The

race takes place later this

evening. At the world swimming

coin ships in Shanghai Olympic champion Stephanie rice champion Stephanie rice and Alicia Coutts will be in action

later this morning. Looking later this morning. Looking to

the day's weather, cloud over

eastern NSW due to a trough and southerly winds few coastal showers. A cloud

band over south east South

Australia and Victoria is triggering

triggering patchy rain while

cloud building over western WA with a deepening with a deepening trough is

causing showers. Look causing showers. Look around the states now, fine across Queensland with light to moderate south to south-easterly winds, dangerous breech beach

conditions about some of the

east coast beaches. In NSW,

possible showers along the

northern coast. Showers also

over the southern inland during

the afternoon, the afternoon, possibly spreading to the remaining southern

It is looking partly cloudy elsewhere. Victoria will experience some early frost and

fog in the east. There will be

scattered showers extending to

most areas. It will be a cool

and manly cloudy day with light

to mod pretty North winds. Tasmania, isolated Tasmania, isolated showers

about the north-west and king island.

island. It should be fine

elsewhere apart from areas of

morning frost and fog. In SA,

isolated showers about the agricultural areas and south of the pastoral districts. Some thunderstorms about western and about western and southern

coasts. Some patchy cloud over

south-west WA with a weak trough triggering light showers. Skies should be

mostly clear elsewhere. And in

the northern territory, high

cloud will be streaming over

the State's east but that isn't

likely to cause any rain. And

looking ahead to tomorrow's conditions for the capital cities, it is looking mostly

fine for Brisbane, the chance

of showers in Sydney, mostly sunny for cloudy for Perth and there will

be showers elsewhere. I'll be

back in a moment with the

headlines and then The World This Week. You're

watching ABC News 24. Closed Captions by CSI

This Program is Captioned Live Live Norwegians are mourning

the 29 victims of yesterday's

twin attacks. At least 85

people died when a gunman opened fire at a political

youth camp. It came just hours

after a fatal blast in the Government quarter in Oslo. A

32-year old Norwegian man has

been charged over both attacks. Cyclist Cadel history becoming the first

Australian to win the Tour de

France. Evans has secured the yellow jersey in yellow jersey in the penultimate stage, the

individual time-trial. He lead by 1 minute and 34 seconds ahead of Luxembourg's Andy

Schleck in second overall and

his brother Frank Schleck in

third. There's a gentleman

agreements whoever leads the standings heading into the

final stage wins the tour.

British soul singer Amy Winehouse has been found dead