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The Federal Election: The Coalition -

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Good evening. The latest poll shows

the Coalition failing to make much

ground against Labor. An AC Neilsen

survey shows Labor still comfortably

ahead, 54% to 46%. Today Mr Howard

announced more health spending, to

fund two thousand aged care places,

but he also had to fend off claims

rorting. An Auditor General's report but he also had to fend off claims of

appears to back up Labor's claims

that a regional investment fund was

being used to shore up votes in

Coaltion seats. It's been another

of drama in Victoria's unfolding Coaltion seats. It's been another day

police scandal. The Secretary of the

powerful Police Union Paul Mullet

been suspended from the force, after powerful Police Union Paul Mullet has

he admitted discussing his

confidential appearance at a

misconduct hearing. He's denied

part of a chain of leaks that misconduct hearing. He's denied being

compromised an investigation into

alleged police links to a gangland

murder. And the Federal Government

trying to stop an Australian mining murder. And the Federal Government is

company from digging up part of the

Kokoda Track. Frontier Resources

wants to mine for copper and gold on

the trail, which was the scene of

fierce fighting between allied and

Japanese forces in New Guinea during

WWII. The planned mine would force a

diversion for a couple of kilometres

on the track, but the Australian

Government wants the path world

heritage listed. The weather now -

storms in Darwin with showers for

Canberra and Townsville. Warm across

the southern States. More news on

'Lateline' at 10:30. Here is a broadcast by Mark Vaile the 2007 Federal election. for the Nationals for the economy strong This election is about keeping and the nation secure. It's about who is best able to guide our nation through the challenges that lie ahead while helping all Australians

to share in the opportunities that

come from a well-managed economy. That's what the Nationals' Plan for the nation and for its local communities is built on. One of the greatest opportunities who wants to work for every Australian

is to have a job. For the first time in our history, this goal is within our reach Safe hands on the economy as a nation.

in recent years have played a key role in this. Equally important has been the confidence of business-owners to take on more workers. We've seen hundreds of thousands

of new jobs created and unemployment levels drop to 33-year lows under a system that restores the employer/employee relationship without the need for a union heavyweight

standing between them.

of our nation's history. Working together is the essence Where there has been a drift away from this principle to the centralised bureaucratic system favoured by Labor, there has been a corresponding failure to deliver what Australians need. There's no more striking example than the way the State Governments have run their health system. That system has seen local communities sidelined while the city bureaucracy has cut back local hospital services. That's why the Nationals in government will step in to give control of local hospitals back to local boards with guaranteed funding. on getting practical results. The Nationals' Plan is built We will continue investing

record levels of funding in local communities

to improve local roads and upgrade our national highways to make our transport system safer and more efficient. We'll meet challenges like climate change head on. But in doing so, we will ensure that jobs and exports are not put at risk unlike the extreme targets being pushed by Labor and the Greens. in every school We will make sure that every child

is taught the skills they need to get a good job and fit in to community life. Australia cannot afford Labor's risky revolution, experimenting with our children's education

nation's future is clear - The Nationals' Plan for the and their future.

a strong economy kept in safe hands, jobs for everyone who wants to work, a better health system run by local boards with Federal funding tied to local health services,

a safe and efficient national transport network, our children learning the key skills they need to succeed,

and an environment policy which meets the challenges facing our community without damaging jobs and exports. I'm Mark Vaile and that's the Australia that the Nationals are working to achieve.