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Live. Dousing the flame, a

Florida pastor agrees to Florida pastor agrees to call

the Koran. The imam has agreed off his plan to burn copies of

to move

to move the mosque, we have

agreed to cancel our event.

From a cross bench to front bench, Independent Rob

take up Julia Gillard's offer Oakeshott to decide whether to

of a ministry. As work of a ministry. As work begins

on a damaged levee in northern Victoria, the SES Victoria, the SES urges

residents to leave. And as

finals fever hits, NRL boss David Gallop takes on critics. Rugby league is dogged David Gallop takes on the

by, I believe, a by, I believe, a debilitating

negative culture at times.

News 24, I'm Beverly O'Connor. Hello, you're watching ABC

The Florida pastor who wanted to burn copies of to burn copies of the Koran at

this weekend's anniversary of

September 11 has called the event off. US President Barack Obama had warned the act would

be a recruitment bonanza for Al-Qaeda and cost American lives. Al-Qaeda and cost American Robert Gates

Robert Gates personally called pastor Terry Jones urging him not to proceed. Pastor decided to cancel the event not to proceed. Pastor Jones

because he says plans to a mosque near Ground Zero because he says plans to build

a mosque near Ground Zero have been scrapped. What would have

to happen for us to call our

event off as we prayed about

that in the past we did have

one idea. This idea we put out

in prayer to God that if he would want us to call this off,

if we have if we have accomplished our goal, then our thought goal, then our thought was the

American people do not, as a

whole, want the mosque at the

Ground Zero location. That if they were willing to either

cancel the mosque at

cancel the mosque at the Ground

Zero location or if willing to move that location,

if they were willing to move away from that location, we if they were willing to move it

would consider this a sign from

God. We have, or He has, God. We have, or He has, been

in contact with the imam

York City. I, will the imam

here, I will be flying up

on Saturday to meet with the

imam at the Ground Zero mosque.

He has agreed to move the location. That of

happen overnight but he has

agreed to move

agreed to move that. We felt

that that would be a sign that

God would want us to do it, the

American people do not want the

mosque there and of course

Muslims do not want us to burn

the Koran. The imam has agreed to move the mosque, we have to

agreed to cancel our event on

Saturday and on Saturday I will be flying be flying up there to meet be flying up there to meet with im.

im. And it's im. And it's pastor Terry

Jones. Now we should point out Jones. Now we should point

that the Florida imam has said that there

that there is no firm agreement

as to whether to move that mosque. Join ing us is our

North America correspondent Kim Landers from Washington. Kim, who's telling us the truth here

you there? You could be forgiven if s there any agreement or isn't

you were absolutely bamboozled

by this story because that by this story because that is

certainly very difficult to get

to the bottom of. What we did see today was a couple of things happen. First of all you heard from the US President

Barack Obama who talked

how there was the potential for Barack Obama who talked about

terrorist attacks if this terrorist attacks if this Koran burning went ahead. Then we're

told the US Defence Secretary Robert Gates actually phoned

the pastor in Florida telling the pastor in Florida

him about his grave concerns that

that American troops would be

in danger if this went in danger if this went ahead.

Then you had the Florida pastor emerning

just heard, he's calling it off

because he's got a deal to move that controversial mosque and community centre currently

situate ord blocks from Ground Zero further away and move it site in New York. Then he came away and move it to another

out and said

the case because the out and said that that wasn't

the case because the organisers

of that mosque in New York said

that there's absolutely no such

deal, that they don't deal, that they don't know

anything about it. So the

Florida pastor is saying well

look, this is what I've been

told, I'm still going to go there on Saturday. He told, I'm still going to go up

he says I've been lied to and

now he's trying to work out

exactly who is telling him the truth. As far truth. As far as he's concerned the Koran burning is not going

to go ahead. He's going to New

York on Saturday to see what

deal he can strike. I guess

whatever the truth of the matter is importantly on

September 11, the 9th

anniversary, there is not going

to be any burning of

be any burning of the Koran at this Florida this Florida church which only

had 15 members I should add. There are some planned for New York though There are some demonstrations

because of the controversy over that mosque which is planned that mosque which is planned so close to Ground Zero. It has become such a divisive

issue and I think have to say

think some of the damage has

already been done because

again in Afghanistan today, certainly we've seen protests

somebody just the mere suggestion that

somebody here in the United

States was planning on burning the Koran as a way to mark the anniversary of September 11 has

been enough to send ripples, particularly across the Muslim world. You had world leaders

talking about this, imploring

this pastor not to go ahead,

warning of damaged riling

relations. When you've got the

President of the United States

having to sit there and warn about possible terrorist

attacks on US soil and in

Europe if this went

Europe if this went ahead, I

mean this has already just been so out of control. Some people

are saying that he just got too

much attention, he dn deserve it but the damage has already

been done as far image of the United States

goes. Do you think ironically this could swing public this could swing public support

or public opinion at the very

least in favour of the mosque

now being built? That's really difficult to tell difficult to tell because there's still a majority of there's still a majority of

Americans who think that that mosque needs to be mosque needs to be moved

further away from Ground Zero,

that they're not accepting that

even though it's two blocks from

from where the World Trade

Center twin towers once stood,

for many people that is simply

not good enough. The imam from the New York mosque said look,

cause all of this controversy

he wouldn't have planned it

there in the first place but he

said now that they had planned it there, to give in and to

move it would actually be giving in to extremists and giving in to extremists and he

said that would be sending a really bad message. But whether or not he's going to entertain

this plea from the Florida

pastor to reconsider that decision, well maybe we'll know on Saturday, September 11 here in the United States. Thanks so much for your much for your time. In other

news flood waters are still rising in with a major warning issues for lower Goulburn River in lower Goulburn River in the

State's north. Residents in Echuca are preparing for the

flood peak with more rain

forecast for the weekend. Further east in Wangaratta emergency services have told

households near a damaged levee

that they should evacuate. that they should evacuate. Earlier this morning SES spokesman Alan Barnard told News

News Breakfast that most families had cooperated. Yesterday the

council has organised for the

official contractors to come in

and the expert s to come in and have a look. a plan and we believe that today a plan today they're going to rip into

the work and they've got

materials coming in, the vehicles coming in and they're

going to start work on it

today. The area which has been

identified, we've been telling them that we can't guarantee

their safety and that there is always that always that potential and what

we're saying is we're advising

you to evacuate and to relocate

to another area until we can

actually get from the experts a good understanding of when it's

safe to come back in. A safe to come back in. A large majority of the people in

consultation with us and with

the council have made that decision decision to move. A lot of families have actually taken

out and I've heard of

where the family was concerned about leaving but what they've done

done most of the families have

gone and just one adult has

remained. We're still

that they're there. We can't guarantee

guarantee their safety and we

said that's the best said that's the best thing to do but what we're doing here is

we're maintaining a good, solid watch and we've got emergency

resources which are there to help if something does

happen. He helped decide who to form government, Rob Oakeshott

now has another big decision to make. accept her offer of make. He's expected to tell

accept her offer of a Julia Gillard accept her offer of a ministry.

The Prime Minister has given Mr

Oakeshott the chance to drive

regional reform. One sticking point has been whether le be

allowed to opt out of some

cabinet decisions. NATO chief

and res Rasmussen has expressed

his condollience nos the

families of Australian troops kill and injured in Afghanistan. At the same time he rejected any he rejected any political

settlement with the Taliban

that compromised human rights

and said there there was no alternative to victory. He alternative to victory. He was speaking at speaking at NATO headquarters

in Brussels with Philip

Williams. He's a man with a heavy responsibility as NATO increases the military increases the military pressure

on the Taliban, the casualties

have increased, including

Australians. Let me express Australians. Let me express my deep felt sympathy with all Australian families Australian families who have suffered from casualties in Afghanistan. Mr Rasmussen won't nominate a time when Australian

troops might be able to go home

but he denies that the Americans have been frustrated with the Australian Government holding our troops

back from the fight. No, on the

contrary, I appreciate very much much the strong Australian commitment to our commitment to our operation in Afghanistan. The NATO Secretary General says he won't cut a

deal with the Taliban deal with the Taliban if it

mean astrade off on basic human

rights. But I will give it a

try to let former Taliban

fighters who are willing to put down their weapons down their weapons and cooperate with the Afghan

Government to integrate them in the Afghan society. He the Afghan society. He warns

the continued publishing of

secret military documents on WikiLeaks could result in

people being killed. We have

information that it is a

potential risk. Have you had potential risk. Have you had to

move people or protect people

because of the WikiLeaks? I cannot comment on that. Mr Rasmussen acknowledges significant progress must be demonstrated in Afghanistan demonstrated in Afghanistan if

he's to keep coalition countries like Australia engaged. Will you win in Afghanistan There's no

alternative to success in

Afghanistan. We will

prevail. The challenge for prevail. The challenge for NATO

is not just defeating the

Taliban but also maintaining

public support in far public support in far away countries like Australia that

this is a fight worth dying

for. And you can see that full interview with and res Rasmussen

Rasmussen on ABC News 24's One

Plus One. NSW is set to allow same sex couples the adopt children. Legislation has passed State Parliament after a

compromise which allows people

giving up their children for

adoption to get more

information about information about prospective parents. Investigations continuing into yesterday's

fatele shooting of a police officer in Sydney. Forensic

investigators are back at the

Bankstown flat this morning

trying to piece together what happened. The policeman happened. The policeman was shot during a bungled drug shot during a bungled drug

raid. One man has been charged

with intent to murder, another has been charged with

possessing an unauthorised

weapon. An politics has enned with the Electoral Commissioner calling

time on the career of long-term

MP Wilson Tuckey. Mr Tuckey

held the regional held the regional seat of

O'Connor for 30 years and officially lost it to the National Party yesterday.

Here's Peter Kennedy. The Here's Peter Kennedy. The sign

on Wilson Tuckey's front lawn

said it all. Never one to mince his words the former MP wasn't

about to change his way and there were no gracious words

for the victor, the Nationals

Tony Crook. I don't intend to

be gracious at all to him. I advertising. He was particularly incensed by particularly incensed by this advertisement promoting the

National's royalties for regions policy. Wilson was also critical was also critical of Julia Gillard. One of his fiercest foes got qualified foes got qualified support. I thought Paul Keating wasn't a

very good prime minister, he was actually not a bad treasure. Asked to name the outstanding politician of his

era he opted far state leader. Charlie Court stands above anybody who has been leader in the Federal Parliament. The Premier kind. I think he Parliament. The Premier says

kind. I think he was thrown out of Federal Parliament on quite

a few oo occasions but that's the nature of Wilson. He was a strong advocate for his

that the characters are disappearing from Australian

politics. Like him or loathe

him the departure of Wilson Tuckey means one less character on on the political scene. His

colourful nature I'm sure colourful nature I'm sure is

going to be missed around

Canberra. Let's take a quick

look at the weather around the


Well lots of discussion

around this morning about around this morning about that

calling off of the Koran

building and I'll just read out

a text that I've received just

a recently. "I admire the restraint of

that it appears the imam may have been

have been bullied into moving

the mosque", this is the mosque

in New York, "By a fanat in New York, "By a fanat nal

red neck." We're not sure

that's the case, I'm sure lit become evident during the

course of the day. course of the day. That's the news here's 'Contact Sport'. Hello and welcome to Contact

Sport. I'm Paul Kennedy. The NRL finals are here and year it's been. The cheating

Storm stripped bear, a betting skanding appearing and somehow record attendances and

ratings. A man banished to the

bush to dry up came back and won the competition's greatest

individual honour. If Todd

Carney was American his story

Carney was American his story would become a Hollywood would become a Hollywood film.

I spoke about all of this to

the leader impressively

overseeing the NRL

Gallop. The winner of the 2010 Daly

Daly M award is Todd Carney from the

David Gallop, it's been an

unpredictable year,

congratulations to making it to

finals. Todd Carney's award for his individual performance this

for the NRL's decision

policies? Yeah, look, it's been

a complicated issue over the a complicated issue over the

past 18 months. Certainly not critical of decision that Canberra

Canberra took to terminate his

contract. He then spent some

time playing bush footy and

reassessing where his life reassessing where his life was at. He seems to have at. He seems to have turned the

corner off the field and he's

obviously playing outstanding

footy. So it's a good story for

the game and he has got a bit of a way to go yet but at this of a way to go yet but at this

stage you'd have to say he's turned things around. You

quoted the US journalist HR

Menkin at the Dally M awards

night saying for every complex

problem there's an answer that clear, simple and wrong. Does

that mean throughout this year

you've had a whole lot of unwanted advice from many

different people? I think it's

part and parcel of the industry. You get your industry. You get your fair

share of back seat drivers who

Wen you turn right they want to suggest you should have left. Rugby league is dogged by, I believe, a by, I believe, a debilitating negative culture at times which

is to look for what's wrong in

the game rather than what's

right. As we go into our

series we've been able to highlight some of

highlight some of the things

that are going really well for

us and showing that the game is

in healthy shape. And you think

that that negative culture is

from within and not from say

other codes trying to bring other codes trying to bring you down? It's often from within. You know, passion is very

evident in rugby league as evident in rugby league as it is in can be a great distorter of

logic as well. Now you played a

part back in the Super League

days, I think you were a lawyer

at that stage, is the dark days

of Super League something that drives you forward now and drives you forward now and has done for a decade in your

vision for rugby league? Certainly learn a lot

of lessons in that period and learnt to understand the learnt to understand the sport and the business of the

and the business of the sport. I'm not sure drives me but I certainly

recognise that there were some

lessons to be learned out of

that period. And what then of an an independent commission? I

know it is a complex matter but

could you tell me why it is so important and historically

important for the game to important for the game to have an independent commission? It's essentially a essentially a rationalisation of the administration of the

game. The game's got a number

of governing bodies and of governing bodies and we're looking

looking to bring all under one looking to bring all of under one roof. It will mean

the exiting of newslimited from

their half ownership of the

game. They want to see that

happen and while the game is in

such good shape it's the such good shape it's the right time to make that change. I

think it's going to be a very

worth while change and one that

will lead to greater efficiencies and efficiencies and coordination across the administration of the game

the game but the basic recipes

will stay the same. We want to

run a close competition and we

want our players out and active

in the community so that they practically speaking, what can

an independent commission do

that you haven't been able to diplomatically do by bringing

decisions up people together and making

point? A lot of work goes on on a daily

a daily basis in our game to

keep the harmony across the

various bodies. Funding is far

more centralised than it's been but this new more centralised than it's ever

will allow for a greater been but this new structure

coordination of funding. It will allow for a greater continueity of branding for our

game. We look jealously, I

believe, at sports like the AFL

that are able to

that are able to brand 6 and 7-year-olds wearing the

logo as Chris Judd and Adam Goodes and the Goodes and the absolute

superstars of the game. When

you look at rugby you look at rugby league there's a proliferation of there's a proliferation of log

os and branding and I think lit

be great to see the game under

one banner. Will that help you

grow it from a grass root and

junior level? I think people get confused about which body's in control of which part of

game. We'll still have State

leagues and country rugby

league and bodies that

administer the game in their particular area and that's important as well that

we don't lose that local

identity for the game but a greater coordination of our

grass roots programs has got to

be a better thing. Now the

state of the game report was

released this week with some state of the game report was

pleasing news for you as far as

TV ratings and attendance goes, particularly in Sydney. Is that you believe has changed to there

make the game more to get those extra viewers? We make the game more attractive

seem to have a freakish mixture

of talent on the field at the

moment. We've had a season

where we've had young guys come

where we've had young guys come

through, Josh Duggan, Nathan Gardner, scoring length of the

field tries. At the same time

our fans have enjoyed the our fans have enjoyed the old

war horses in our competition

who are in their early to mid

30s, Matt Roger, Nathan Kay -

Cayless, these guys on the Cayless, these guys

verge of retirement and in

Cayless's case already played

his last game. They've well as his last game. They've played

well as well. So I think we've

got a good mixture of talent on the field. At the end of the day we've got a really

competition. Every game matters competition and a quality

right down to our last game

last Sunday. We didn't know

what our final 8 was going to

quality of competition and be so that closeness and that

contest goes to the core of why

we've been able to build television results. Now if I

television results. Now if I

could just bring you to the

challenges that you've faced this

this year, do you think that the challenges like the Melbourne Storm scandal, your

success has been despite that success has been despite

or because of the way you've handled it and for many brought some integrity back to the

game? If you deal with the off

field issues appropriately, and

the Melbourne I believe that we dealt with

the Melbourne Storm issue 100%

appropriately both in terms of process and the penalties imposed, I think people keep process and the penalties we faith with the game generally.

So it's important that you step

up to those challenges with a

goal of being fair to all as much as possible and I

believe that's what we did with the Melbourne Storm which was a difficult one. the Melbourne Storm situation,

COMMENTATOR: Inglis was a fraction deep. Here's Greg what a player. The enormous. Without these fans, what a player. The crowd's been

there's a slight chance the

club would have folded. If they

didn't stick by us then, you

know, I couldn't thank them

enough. On to the latest challenge that you've got this bet ing issue. Did Micro challenge that you've got and

Exotic Bets worry you, I'd

never heard of them before this

week in fact but I'm not a betting man. Do they worry

you? It is a concern. manipulation of seemingly you? It is a concern. This

fringe issues inside

whether it's no balls in

cricket or the taking of a penalty

penalty goal in a game like

rugby league, it is a big concern. We've got the involved in our involved in our particular

issue and we've also had assistance from the chief of

stewards from NSW racing. So

we're taking the matter very seriously. What can you do

though because surely you have

to do more than just threaten

players with bans and those

players with bans and those

games, these players they're sors of sanctions because if

games, these players they're somebody's sors of sanctions because if

not going to stop at one

particular person or team, are

they? It's certainly difficult.

You do need to warn people that

the risk that they're taking

are very high. It can involve criminal charges, clearly if

the game were in a position where we proved the manipulation of the

manipulation of the contest

then the individuals involved

would have to face a life ban

from the game, I would have

thought. But overall would you

consider teaming up with other consider teaming up with

codes to codes to have a gambling commission? Yes, and we're

looking at that at the moment. We went forward with making our arrangements with the arrangements with the betting

agencies more formal as of sports. We believed it was agencies more formal as a group

important that it was done

collectively. We've got a far

more regulated more regulated approach to

betting than the sports have

ever had and it may well be

appropriate that we look at integrity issues. You've been

in that top job for a while now, if you're a State Premier

you'd be looking for a out. You seem to have a lot of successor or maybe

energy and are looking forward,

how long do you want to stay in

your job for? I don't have a

predhermed - predetermined your job for? I don't have a

idea but I certainly enjoy it.

I think the game's got some

hurdles that it needs to jump

that will set it up even better

for the future and my focus getting through those things, a for the future and my focus is

new broadcasting deal is going to be

to be important. I think by the

middle of next year we will be

seriously looking at whether

expansion is something we want

to do in

mainly I'm enjoying it and

we're reaping the benefits, I

think, of some of the strategies that we've had in

place around running a place around running a close

competition with an evenness

playing talent and making sure

we're really active in the communities that we're in lifting the profile of our

players and making sure the

game's regarded well. Well

congratulations for getting

through this year and being in such a good state as your game is

is heading into the fienls an thanks for your time, David Gallop. Thanks very much. To my highlight of the week there's nothing better in sport than

seeing a young athlete perform

under great pressure like Kurtley Kurtley Beale did last week. Add some passionate commentary

and you've got it and you've got it all.

COMMENTATOR: 7 on the clock

tot. Fasten your seat belt.

Serbia have taken a 3-point lead! Great players make great plays and plays and Milos, despite having

made just one of 7 from 3-point

range today takes the shot range today takes the shot from

way down town that may have just just ended the title defence of

Spain. And he loses it, Serbia have upset the world

have upset the world and

European champions Spain! European champions Spain! Now

watch out this weekend for the

developing big cycling developing big cycling news, Robbie McEwen's signed with an

Australian team for 2011. The

make up of the team is yet to be confirm bud finally we have

a team a team to Barack for in the

tours. Paul Roos and breted

kirks classy Swans. Go the

Roos, go the Closed Captions by CSI