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(generated from captions) A shooting rampage in

Afghanistan. A rogue Afghanistan. A rogue American soldier kills 16 soldier kills 16 civilians. We

deplore any attack by a member

of the US armed forces against

innocent civilians and denounce

all violence against civilians. This Program is Captioned

Live. No peace deal for Syria but Kofi Annan remains optimistic. Let me say that the

transformational winds blowing

today cannot be

resisted. Katter's Australia Party refusing to Party refusing to withdraw its antigay TV ad despite an angry

back lash. Melbourne Storm

sends a warning to their rivals

easily beating South Sydney. Good morning. It is 12 March I I'm Michael Rowland. I'm Karina Carvalho.

The top story on ABC News

Breakfast - Barack Obama has

described the killing of 16

Afghan civilians by a

Afghan civilians by a rogue

American soldier as tragic and shocking. The soldier has been

detained after he left the military base early yesterday

and opened fire on at least two

homes in Kandahar province. Nine women and

children are among the dead. Afghan authorities are investigating just what happened. The Minister of interior condemn this. interior condemn this. The job

of the Afghan security forces

and the international community

forces are to protect the Afghan civilians. We are

looking into it very care fli and seriously. High profile of the Interior Ministry have

travelled to the area. Stephanie Kennedy is in

Washington and told us earlier

President Obama has already sent his condolences to the families of those families of those killed. He has just issued a statement

where he says he is deeply

saddened by the killings and

offers his condolences to

families of the victim and

people of Afghanistan. He goes on to say this incident is

shocking and does not shocking and does not represent the character of the US military and the respect military and the respect the people of the United States

holds the Afghan people in. He

said the soldier arrested will be held responsible for the shootings if it turns out he

did indeed do these shootings.

He has taken a hard line at

this stage. Echoing similar statements

statements being made by other US officials closely connected

to what's going on in Afghanistan?

Afghanistan? That's right. Afghanistan? That's right. The

acting ambassador, US ambassador to ambassador to Afghanistan, John

Cunningham was very quick to

make a public statement trying

to quell any fears that there may be

may be further protests in retaliation to this

shooting. We deplore any attack

by a member of the US by a member of the US armed forces against innocent

civilians and denounce all

violence against civilians. We assure the people assure the people of Afghanistan that the individual or individuals responsible for

this terrible act will be identified and brought to justice. John Cunningham there.

Stephanie, do we have any idea at this stage as to what

motivated this US soldier? motivated this US soldier? No,

none at this stage. I am sure investigators will be looking

at that. I think you may recall

that a few weeks ago, there that a few weeks ago, there was

outrage in Afghanistan when

copies of the Koran were burnt

at a NATO base and following

those protests and there were many people killed amongst

those protests, six US soldiers were killed by their Afghan colleagues. There has been a

lot of violence and retaliation over the past few weeks.

Whether this has anything to do

with that, I am sure investigators will be looking

into it, but at this stage

authorities have not revealed what may have

what may have been behind the shootings. It is not going shootings. It is not going to make that transition being

planned at the moment between

US and Afghan authorities for that

that 2014 troop handover easier, is it? It is certainly not. In fact, relationships

between the Afghan and the US

have really been at a very low

point in the past few point in the past few weeks. Only last week did they Only last week did they start to sort of get back on track as

far as that handover goes. This

shooting today, of course, has

been a very major issue here in

Washington and a lot of senior politicians have been talking

about it. One of them, the about it. One of them, the Republican Newt Gingrich who is going for the Republican going for the Republican nomination, he said earlier

today he doesn't think staying

any longer is doable and he

wants US forces out

immediately. Other Republicans

have a different view and

certainly the President, Barack

Obama, is sticking to the timetable of 2014. Stephanie Kennedy from Washington there.

The United Nations envoy Kofi

Annan has left Syria Annan has left Syria without

brokering a peace deal. After a

second day of talk, he gave Syria's President Bashar Al-Assad a set of concrete

proposals aimed at ending the bloodshed. Speaking after the meeting, Mr Annan admitted

resolving the crisis would be

tough but he says he is

optimistic. Let me say that the

transformational winds blowing

today cannot be resisted for long. I have urged the

President to heed the President to heed the African probate which says you cannot

turn the wind so turn the

The realistic response to what we are living through we are living through is to

embrace change and reform. Form

reforms that will create a

solid foundation for a

democratic Syria, a peaceful, stable, pluralistic and

prosperous society based on

respect for rule of law and human

human rights. Kofi Annan

speaking there. The mining magnate Matthew Ryan will be back in court today to try to stop media coverage of her

dispute over a family trust. Ms Reinhart lost a High Court

attempt to have the case heard

behind closed doors. Her lawyers intend to argue documents related to the shouldn't documents related to the case shouldn't be released because

they contain commercially sensitive information. Unions say they don't want another

ugly stoush between Qantas

baggage mant snens staff and

their employer at Brisbane airport. The Electrical Trades

Union says their employer BCS

Infrastructure locked out

workers for seven days. The

union says workers were

considering a strike over considering a strike over pay dispute but the company pre-empted them. The ad

features Greens leader Bob Brown and Campbell Newman

appeared on several TV Networks

last night. The party says its Twitter, email and Facebook Twitter, email and Facebook accounts have been bombarded

and people have made

threatening calls but the ad

will stay on air. Joining us will stay on air. Joining us on

the phone now for more is the

Queensland State political

reporter Chris O'Brien. Good reporter Chris O'Brien. Good

morning to you Chris. Is this

back lash likely to intensify?

Karina, I think it will but I don't Karina, I think it will but I don't think Bob Katter's Australian Party particularly cares about that sort of thing.

I think they are I think they are probably relishing the attention this is

getting. It is an ironic

situation in a couple of ways.

Marriage is a Federal Act so Marriage is a Federal Act so in reality, gay marriage has

nothing to do with the State

election because it can't be affected by anything that happens at the State level .

What happened recently in

Queensland is the State Labor

Government passed an act to set up civil unioning to offer

legal recognition to same-sex unions. Campbell Newman has in

the past expressed support for

gay marriage but his party is

opposed to the legislation opposed to the legislation for civil unions so what Campbell

Newman has been say sg that his

personal opinion doesn't count, his party is against unions. He has his party is against civil unions. He has been bagged by Katter's Australian Party for

supporting gay marriage but supporting gay marriage but he has been bagged by the Labor

Party for not supporting it enough, for not going all enough, for not going all the way and way and supporting civil unions. It is a weird one. Has there been any political

reaction this morning? Have the Greens responded, or Campbell Newman himself? We are seeing Campbell Newman

shortly. It is day 23 of the

State election campaign and we

are heading out on the campaign trail with Mr Newman. It is getting pretty willing, getting pretty willing, Karina,

this election. We are down to inside the last two weeks. It inside the last two weeks. It

is an election which has a very

strange formula heading our way. We have the situation

where the polls are where the polls are predicting

a win for the LNP across the

State but not for Campbell

Newman himself in his own seat.

The stakes are getting The stakes are getting pretty

high. Anna Bligh, at the ALP

State launch yesterday, got

stuck into this issue of

Campbell Newman and will he or

won't he win his seat. The

stakes are getting high now. We

saw some pretty negative ads come on the air come on the air recently, in

fact as last night, from the LNP itself against Labor. I

think you will find if we are

going to get into, I hope not

dirty but more aggressive tactics, this is the time we

will see it. Is this just a distract from Bob Katter's Australian Party Australian Party especially

given the events of last week

and losing the court case to and losing the court case to do with the ballot papers? It is

a strange tactic by them because across the State, the

polls indicate that they might

make a bit of an impact here

and there but it is hard to see them making a big impact,

probably not as big as they

would have hoped. Why they would have chosen this

particular way of getting particular way of getting stuck

into Campbell Newman and the

Greens for that matter Greens for that matter is a bit hard to comprehend. It is a

strange one all around. have even misspelled, would have even misspelled, would you

believe, the name of the

reporter who was quoted reporter who was quoted in the

ad in the "Spoken by' at the

end, there is a misspelling. It is peculiar all around. Thanks

for your time this morning. You are very welcome. Emergency crews and residents have been

sandbagging the town of Barmah

in northern Victoria to try to

stop the rising waters flooding several homes there.

Authorities are continuing to

monitor a levee protecting

Nathalia. There have been minor

leaks but the levee is still holding. They have been used to

rally the troops now the troops

are using them to rally the residents. Bag pipes are making

their way to Nathalia and are

being used by the Defence Force to boost morale.

It was an off the cuff

decision from my superiors that

it might raise morale around

the town if I did a bit of

playing and that. I was doing some practice and they thought it might

it might be an idea to get me

over playing down the main drag

here. I have pretty much been

doing that for the last couple

of days now. # It is a long way #.

(Plays ACDC 'Long way to the


He has never played to AC/DC before. Fantastic. Good to see

the Defence Force using every option

option available to them to

improve the plight of the

people of Nathalia. Well done

folks. The entertainment

industry this morning industry this morning is

mourning the loss of veteran entertainer Ian Turpie who died

of cancer at the weekend. 68-year-olds Turpie

was the first host of the 'New

Price is Right' and in a

50-year career appeared on the 'Graham Kennedy Show', 'Bandstand' and 'Time for

Terry'. Friend and radio host John

John Burgess says Ian Turpie

loved life, loved entertaining and was still performing up

until three weeks ago. Just a

genuine good fellow and a guy

that loved life. He loved his

work and he loved to entertain

people. He was just quite a

character. What you see is what you get with Ian and I think

that's the way that he lived

his life. When was the last

time you spoke to him and how did you hear of the news

yesterday? I spoke to him

about probably two months ago

on the phone. Because I am in

another part of the country and Ian was in Sydney, we didn't get to see each other as get to see each other as much

in the last 12 months or so as we would like to. Karina, this

was no surprise. We knew it was

coming. When things like this

happen, it is always a bit of a

shock. How did he maintain his spirit being treated for

oesophageal cancer for 12

months? Well, you would never

have known. That was him. He

went about his business went about his business as usual. Up until about weeks ago, he was still doing

his trivia quiz nights which he

loved to do. He did a lot of work for work for charitable

organisations. He had a heart

of gold and nothing was too much trouble. Quite a remarkable fellow. He is probably best remembered probably best remembered for hosting the 'New Price is Right' but he started out Right' but he started out in

acting and in music, didn't he?

That's correct, yes. He was into television certainly long

before I ever was with 'The Go

Show' and he was doing all sorts of different act roles.

It was an all h round entertainer, could play the

guitar, could sing. It is

really a very sad love. John

Burgess speaking to us from Perth this morning. The top

stories on ABC News Breakfast -

a rogue American soldier has

been arrested after going on been arrested after going on a shooting spree in Afghanistan. 16 Afghan civilians were

killed. Nine of them were women

and children. The US President

Barack Obama says the incident is tragic United Nations peace

United Nations peace envoy Kofi Annan says he is optimistic a

deal can be done to end the

bloodshed in Syria. Mr Annan

has left Syria's has left Syria's President

Bashar Al-Assad with a set of

concrete proposals to help end

the crisis but he admits

resolving it will be tough. Katter's Australian

Party says it has received hate

mail and threatening phone

calls over an antigay marriage

commercial which aired on Queensland television last

night. Despite that, the Party

says it won't withdraw its ad. The Party chairman Aidan McLindon admits the ad McLindon admits the ad is confronting and it is meant to be.

To finance and China says its

trade deficit worsened last

month to $31 billion largely due to oil imports. Exports

rose by 18% but imports rose 39%. Chinese companies are

struggling to sell to the struggling to sell to the West because of Europe's debt crisis

and the weak economic recovery

in the United States. Analysts

had expected a deficit after

the unusually early Lunar New

Year in January but predict

China will run a trade surplus

for 2012. Thousands of people

have taken to the streets across

across Spain to protest against proposed new labour reforms. The Government has passed measures aimed at slashing the

cost of firing workers and

making it easier to sack employees. Spain's unemployment

stands at 23% but the Prime

Minister admits it will rise

beyond that this year. To the


The Dow Jones on Friday had a

mixed session. The NASDAQ was mixed. We will bring you the

finance figures shortly on ABC

News. It is often daily drizzle

that's legendsry but England is

going through a dry spell, in

fact a long one. A drought has

been declared across much of

the south and east of the

country with some predicting it

could end up being the worst in

a century. Lisa Millar reports from Chesham in

It is an idyllic scene that has inspired writers and artists for centuries. The

rolling hills of the English country side eternally green

but the landscape is but the landscape is under

threat. It is a disaster

really. We are devastated really. We are devastated by

it. Local people have spent

quite a lot of money restoring

the river fairly recently and

to see it without water is an environmental disaster. An hour's drive from lon lon, the

chess River hasn't seen water since last July. The fish,

ducks and birds have gone. All that's left is gravel. Really depressing. This river at this

time of year should be flowing

very strongly and should be

clear water, full of vegetation, full of fish as

well and instead it is well and instead it is a

silted, dried up sort of gravel

path really. This is what it

should look like. Filled with

water so rich in nut recents

they'd come here to bottle in they'd come here to bottle it in days gone by. Chalk streams

are a globally rare habitat. I

like to refer them as our rain

forest. You find more species,

more diversity than in any

other river. The River Chess

Association watched helplessly

as its treasured waterway dried up. The drought takes effect and there is very and there is very mill

physically you can do. We can

rescue a few fish, we can help

in that respect but there is no

tap we can turn on to resolve

this situation. Can you understand why Australians might be slightly mystified

that they think of England as

being a very wet country and

yet to hear that it is in the

grip of a terrible drought is difficult. Absolutely. It must

seem incredibly strange to you

guys. I believe you have floods in Australia during your summer. It must be even more strange under circumstances. Across England's

south, the story is the same.

It might be known for its cold,

damp winters, but not even a deluge

deluge will fix it. This deluge will fix it. This dried

up lake on the grounds of a

historic abby once looked like

this. Two years of little rain

and a massive jump in demand has drained ground water

supplies and left England

battling its worst drought in

more than 30 years. Locals can't remember when the reservoir was so low. We have

seen the water just drop and

drop each week that we come

here. It is sad, really. here. It is sad, really. We

have never been like this

before. Weekend rambler s are dismayed. Each week starting

from last summer, it was getting lower and lower and you

think to yourself "Why don't they do something about it?".

This reservoir feeds the canal

but there is no water coming but there is no water coming in

and they can't replenish

them. The fear now, of course,

is that this is the new norm.

That these parts of England will just have to get used to

living with drought. That's why

they are turning to places like

Australia for help, looking for ideas for drought-resistant

crops. The biggest problem,

though, is demand. They are

using 15% more than they did 25

years ago. In this area, in the

Chilterns area, we have one of the highest water usages the highest water usages per

person per day anywhere in

Europe. So the water usage here

is something like 175 litres

per person per day. That's 20 litres above the national

average. That's 40 litres above

the Government's target for water usage. Has England really

bungled its management of its water supply? It has been ignoring a very serious and developing problem for years. Even Londoners could

soon face water rationing. Bans

on hoses are about to be enforced and shorter showers

encouraged. But trying to

convince the English there is

not an unending supply of water

is proving a hard task. Let's bring you the finance

figures now. The Dow ended last

week slightly higher.

Sport now, good morning to Paul Kennedy. Good morning. A storming storming performance by storming performance by

Melbourne in the rugby league?

Yes, Billy Slater was at

centre of that. The Storm was

able to clean up South Sydney

24-10. It was 10-10 at half time before Storm clicked time before Storm clicked into another gear and Slater scored

two tries.

COMMENTATOR: Quick hands from the Melbourne Storm and

their opening try. Back to the

play maker. Looking to set one up. He has. Billy

Back Sam Burgess. Big Sammy Back Sam Burgess. Big Sammy is over.

A set play here Cronk around

the back. Out to Billy Slater. Oh he is Oh he is good. Cronk, Slater.

It is on. Coming up, goes to Nielsen. Kicks on the inside and Billy Slater secures the

win for the Melbourne Storm. In

other NRL matches, Newcastle's

first win under Wayne Bennett

came at a cost with captain

Kurt Gidley injured in his side's triumph over the Sharks.

The Knights xuded the The Knights xuded the hall marks of the marks of the Bennett-coached outfit. The Sharks were

probably shaking their heads at

the end of the game for missed opportunities. Michael Jennings

scored two tries to help the Penrith Panthers win 18-nil

over the Sydney Roosters. The Panthers turned up an

impressive performance to completely shut out the

opposition in the pink outfits.

Don't they look good. Perth glory capitalised on a rare

goal keeping howler goal keeping howler from Matthew Ryan. Central Coast

with one win in the past 7

outings is two points clear of

Brisbane which drew to Adelaide

United. Let's look at Travis Dodd's goal for Perth.

Let's move to the EPL. A couple of big matches couple of big matches last

night including the Manchester

teams. Swansea has beaten Man

City 1-nil. Manchester United

beat West Brom 2-nil. That is a power shift with the Red Devils

going to the top of the table, first time since October. Let's

look at the goals.

If you love cycling which we

do at News Breakfast, Bradley do at News Breakfast, Bradley Wiggins has won the Paris-Nice

cycling race. It is the last big one without a Tour de

France so he is looking to

knock off Cadel in July. Wait knock off Cadel in July. Wait

to see how he goes. Tiger Woods

has limped off the course in

America, only a month to go to

the Masters. We will have to

wait and see what's wrong with

him but not good news. Not at all. Vanessa O'Hanlon joins us

to check out the weather now. Good morning. Good morning,

thank you Michael. A high is thank you Michael. A high is

bringing fine weather to the

south but still hot in Perth.

After today, cooler weather

will come through as a low

pressure trough pushes into pressure trough pushes into WA.

At the moment the focus is on

the tropics. A monsoonal trough

will drift down the south as it

sits above the country at the

moment. We is two moment. We is two low-pressure

systems that have a chance of

turning into a cyclone this week. Particularly this one

over here. Around the States

for today:

The people of Perth will be

very welcoming of that cool

change. Thanks. That's it for ABC News but the coverage continues

continues throughout the day on

ABC News 24, including coverage

of a speech by Prime Minister

Julia Gillard at about 10:30

launching the centenary of

Canberra. Canberra turns 100 next

next year but Canberra Day in Canberra an appropriate time to

make the speech. We are back tomorrow. Have a great day. Closed Captions by CSI

This Program is Captioned

Live. Good morning. Welcome to

'Business Today' for Australia

Network. I'm Whitney

Fitzsimmons. Coming up on the program - buying time. Eurozone

Finance Minister s set to

release funds for Greece's

second bail-out but will it

really help? Lowered expectations, the latest

expectations, the latest data

out of China shows inflation

and exports falling. Job opportunities, the mining boom

squeezes other sections out of

the work force. Those stories

coming up shortly. First let's

look at the markets. We will

have more on what will happen

in trade today in a moment but on Friday the session was probably higher.