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Shot twins suicide pact -

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Police in Colorado have revealed that two sisters involved in a bizarre shooting incident were
carrying out a suicide pact.


SCOTT BEVAN, PRESENTER: Police in Colorado have confirmed that Australian twin sisters involved in
a mysterious shooting incident at a firing range were carrying out a suicide pact.

One of the 29-year-old women died at the scene. The other is in a serious condition in hospital
with a head wound.

Police say the surviving twin was angry and upset but agreed to be interviewed.

CAPTAIN LOUIE PEREA, ARAPHOE COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE: She did confirm that she and her sister had
planned on committing suicide, in fact. They did in fact shoot themselves.

SCOTT BEVAN: The women, from Victoria, were at the shooting range, practising with small calibre

Their parents are expected to arrive in Colorado tomorrow.