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Clarke and Dawe on the carbon tax -

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Bryan Dawe interviews a leading film producer about the premiere of the carbon tax movie.


LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: Time now for John Clarke and Bryan Dawe.

BRIAN DAWE: Thanks for coming in tonight.

JOHN CLARKE: It's a great pleasure to be here and good evening.

BRIAN DAWE: You must have been excited this week?

JOHN CLARKE: We have been a bit excited this week, it has been a big week, yes.

BRIAN DAWE: Carbon Tax: The Movie?

JOHN CLARKE: Yes, the launch was just an enormous success.

BRIAN DAWE: It went well?

JOHN CLARKE: Oh, it went fabulously, nearly everyone was there.

BRIAN DAWE: Everyone was there!

JOHN CLARKE: Well, nearly everyone was there, I mean, um...

BRIAN DAWE: It looked as if they were swinging from the rafters.

JOHN CLARKE: Yes, we're going to have to have a word with a couple of them...

BRIAN DAWE: I mean it seemed very crowded, is what I'm saying.

JOHN CLARKE: I see. Take your point. Yes, well, it was very crowded.

BRIAN DAWE: And it went well though?

JOHN CLARKE: Oh yeah, it was a huge success.

BRIAN DAWE: You said nearly everyone was there. Was somebody missing?

JOHN CLARKE: Well, Sophie Mirabella wasn't there, unfortunately...

BRIAN DAWE: Oh, she plays the headmistress, doesn't she?

JOHN CLARKE: No no no, that's Julie Bishop.

BRIAN DAWE: Oh, that's right, Sophie plays the neighbour with the coal shutters...

JOHN CLARKE: That's right. Who complains about the noise and so on. She's great in the film. Just

BRIAN DAWE: Why wasn't she at the opening?

JOHN CLARKE: Oh, some problem with her foot.

BRIAN DAWE: Her foot?


BRIAN DAWE: How did that happen?

JOHN CLARKE: I don't think they've found the weapon.

BRIAN DAWE: But a firearm of some sort.

JOHN CLARKE: Some small arms fire was apparently heard.

BRIAN DAWE: No appearance, your worship?

JOHN CLARKE: No appearance, your worship.

BRIAN DAWE: I believe in the film version they've upped the romance element, is that right?

JOHN CLARKE: Well, they have slightly. I don't know whether you're familiar with the book?

BRIAN DAWE: Oh, I loved it. Loved it.

JOHN CLARKE: You know the character, uh, Julia in the book?

BRIAN DAWE: Yeah, yeah.

JOHN CLARKE: Well, in the book - I don't know whether you remember - but she's having a fight with
her ex-boss.

BRIAN DAWE: This is the Troy Donahue type?

JOHN CLARKE: The one who looks a bit like Troy... yeah, the character's name is Kevin.


JOHN CLARKE: Kevin. She's having a fight with... well, um...

BRIAN DAWE: Oh, don't tell me they've got back together again.

JOHN CLARKE: They get back together again.


JOHN CLARKE: I kid you not.

BRIAN DAWE: Don't tell me that!

JOHN CLARKE: They get back together. They kiss!

BRIAN DAWE: They don't! Oh, yuck!

JOHN CLARKE: They kiss. In front of everybody. Everybody sees this.

BRIAN DAWE: Oh, my God.

JOHN CLARKE: It's quite fantastic. It's in all the papers.

BRIAN DAWE: This will go platinum.

JOHN CLARKE: It will. It's in all the papers. It's quite a fantastic moment. They get this carbon
tax through, the lights dim, a bit of soft music and whoof! Yeah, yeah, it's brilliant! No, you'll
love it.

BRIAN DAWE: Oh no! And they kiss?

JOHN CLARKE: Yeah, and they kiss.

BRIAN DAWE: Did Tony see this?

JOHN CLARKE: Well, here's the thing, Tony's standing about there. He can hardly miss it. I mean,
they're doing it... it literally happens before his eyes.

BRIAN DAWE: Shut the front door.

JOHN CLARKE: It's going to be bigger than Texas.

BRIAN DAWE: Poor Tony. He must have been devastated.

JOHN CLARKE: You know that sort of overjoyed look he does sometimes?

BRIAN DAWE: Yeah, around the midriff.

JOHN CLARKE: Yeah, none of that.

BRIAN DAWE: What happens next?

JOHN CLARKE: I don't know. I haven't read the next bit. Have you read the next book?


JOHN CLARKE: I have no idea what happens next.

BRIAN DAWE: Maybe we should go and tweet or something.

JOHN CLARKE: Yeah, we better go on Twitter. We'll be back in a minute.