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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. hostage Douglas Wood. Renewed hope for Australian demonstrations in Uzbekistan. A rising death toll from

mobile phone towers. Another protest against the AFL premiers. And the Sydney Swans topple Good evening. Joe O'Brien with ABC news. The Australian Muslim cleric release in Iraq says trying to secure Douglas Wood's from the kidnappers tonight. he's hoping for a response has told the ABC Sheik Taj el-Din al-Hilaly he believes Mr Wood is still alive. Backing the sheikh's efforts, to hit the Iraqi airwaves Mr Wood's family is about pleading for his release. with television advertisements

The television message is simple. an elderly Australian. Douglas Wood is He needs urgent medical attention. He is not involved in politics. his family. He is simply working to support is available The Australian envoy in Iraq to meet anyone who can help. Australia's armed presence in Iraq It avoids the issue of a United States resident. and the fact that Mr Woods is

Sheikh Taj el-Din Al Hilaly, The Sydney Muslim cleric,

has told the ABC in Baghdad is alive and well. that he's heard that Mr Wood

working with Sunni scholars The sheikh stressed he was with the kidnappers. and had no direct contact as everybody else, The Government here, remains in the dark. with our people in Baghdad We have checked

verification and we don't have any independent by Sheikh Hilaly. of what has been said I actually hope that it is accurate. special Australian team The sheikh was critical of the Mr Wood. sent to Iraq to help find

including Sheikh Hilaly, Everybody is working hard, to secure Douglas Wood's release, the Australian people but I can't independently tell that we have evidence

indefinitely that the deadline has been extended are going to be set. or that some new conditions on that front today - The sheikh says he expects news the Shura Council of the Mujaheddin. The kidnappers call their group insurgent activity in the west Any specific link with the again can't be confirmed. Geoff Sims, ABC News. that week-long military sweep And US forces have now completed through western Iraq. were killed in the operation The Americans say 125 insurgents in al-Anbar province. The region near the Syrian border for dissident fighters is believed to be a hub

from other countries. who slip in to Iraq In another operation near Baquba, more than 50 suspects Iraqi and American troops arrested and ammunition. and seized weapons GUNSHOTS & SIRENS RESOUND been another suicide bomb attack. Meanwhile in Baghdad, there's

in the explosion At least four people died in the centre of the city. outside a police station It's now feared killed in Uzbekistan hundreds of people may have been on protesters when troops opened fire in the east of the country. The demonstrators say repressive government policies, they were protesting against Islamic separatists but the Uzbek President has blamed

for the violence. It's a dilemma for the US which has depended on Uzbek support in Afghanistan. for its military actions

the country's borders The Uzbek Government has sealed from the troubled eastern region. and expelled journalists up to the border with Kyrgyzstan. But the unrest has spread to right

to leave the country. Thousands of people are trying CLAMOURING & SHOUTING Finding their path was blocked, to government buildings, they set fire a day earlier. a smaller-scale repeat of the riots from Andijan since the violence The first television pictures in control of the streets. seem to show troops But that control has come at a cost.

as the soldiers patrolled. Bodies were still being cleared away

our children?", says this woman. "Why did they shoot but the soldiers fired on them." "They were just out playing rarely made world headlines, Until this week Uzbekistan

could have wide repercussions. but the instability there

It's an ally of the US the 'war on terror'. in what Washington calls in the south of the country A US base American operations in Afghanistan. has been a important part of two other governments in the region, Popular revolutions have toppled

about trouble in its backyard. and Russia is also worried extremists for the violence Islam Karimov blamed Islamic in his country. and former diplomats say Human rights groups where opposition is not tolerated Karimov leads a dictatorship is widespread. and the use of torture

With government troops now accused of their own people, of killing hundreds the US could come under pressure with Kyrgistan. to justify its relationship Jonathan Flynn, ABC News. The Australian Government Indonesian judges has written a letter to the

case, presiding in the Schapelle Corby outlining investigations baggage handlers. into the activities of Australian

and Trade has drafted the letter The Department of Foreign Affairs

legal team. at the request of Schapelle Corby's

It outlines

involving the baggage handlers. drug smuggling allegations

Ms Corby has always maintained

board bag in Bali the marijuana found in her body

Australia. was planted there before she left She's made an emotional plea through Australian newspapers for the PM to help her. But Mr Howard has again stated Indonesian justice system. that he can't interfere with the I feel for the girl. drawn into this. I think the whole country has been

my fervent hope And I can only repeat and right and just. that the verdict is true and fair The letter is expected to be tendered in court tomorrow. verdict later this month. The judges will announce their have locked horns again John Howard and Kim Beazley over tax cuts. The PM says he won't be altering his $20 billion tax package,

despite Opposition demands that he boost tax cuts for the lower paid. The Opposition leader admits higher income earners do deserve tax relief - just not as much as the Government's giving them. John Howard's had it too easy, according to Kim Beazley and he says that's one reason he's so determined to oppose the government's tax cuts. If we've had a fault over the course of the last 10 years,

it's we've not fought them hard enough. We think that these tax cuts that the Treasurer announced are good for the country, and they will go ahead. The opposition leader acknowledges higher income earners do deserve tax relief, just not as much as they'll get from the government. They didn't get the motive wrong, if that was what they were trying to do, to fit the needs of aspirational Australia. They got the numbers wrong. Mr Beazley has conceded the principle, and that is that top marginal rates of tax in this country

cut in at too low a level.

He's conceded that principle. He's arguing at the margin, he's arguing an issue of degree. Well, that is ridiculous. As Labor division reveals, voters may resent Kim Beazley's determination to oppose John Howard's tax package. But with the Coalition in control of the Senate from July 1, any delay could hurt the government too. And the Prime Minister isn't ruling out action

to ensure the tax cuts are delivered on time. Come back and ask me that if and when the Senate blocks. After his recent succession squabble with Peter Costello, Mr Howard's trying to stifle the subject, but he isn't giving his Treasurer any cause for optimism that his demand for a smooth transition will be met. My position now is as it was before the election. And that was that he would remain PM as long as the Liberal party wanted.

Jim Middleton, ABC News, Canberra. There's been more community opposition to mobile phone towers with people from the inner-Sydney suburb of Leichhardt taking to the streets. Around 300 people marched to Town Hall to protest over Telstra's plans to erect six mobile phone towers. Making their way down Leichhardt's Norton Street, locals were joined by members of other communities facing the same dilemma. We know for a fact that our safety are up to 100 times less stringent than safety standards used in Europe, in China and in Russia. We know for a fact that in Hurstone Park, the tower that's been put on my neighbour's roof would not be allowed to go ahead in a country like Russia. Telstra plans to build six towers on top of the Norton Plaza,

arguing that many are necessary to reduce the number of black spots in the area.

But local residents say their reception is just fine and believe other motives are afoot. I think they're also very determined to get an effective base station for 3G technology.

It's a very young demographic around here. Those organising today's rally called for anyone present from Telstra to come forward and put their case. But Telstra's media manager chose to stay silent. He was later asked just where the black spots are. I'm personally not familiar with the sites, but the problem for Telstra is that we have not put enough investment in the Leichhardt area

over the past decade or so and we're now trying to fix that. Federal legislation allows telcos to erect phone towers on private properties, residences or public places, irrespective of owners' objections. But while the law may not be on their side, residents say as long as the jury's still out on the possible health effects, they'll continue to fight. Unless Telstra has a change of heart,

locals argue it represents one of the largest real estate grabs ever conducted by corporate Australia. Jayne-Maree Sedgman, ABC News, Sydney. The Lord Mayor of Sydney has called on the State Health Minister to withdraw an application to build a needle exchange in Redfern - pending community consultation. The application is for a community health facility which would distribute syringes from a building near Redfern station. Many locals are against it and Lord Mayor Clover Moore wants their concerns dealt with.

But she also says such a health facility is needed at Redfern. I'm not against a health facility that is needed in Redfern but I think it can only proceed

with the engagement and approval of the local community. That hasn't occurred. She says the Government should put its plan on hold until after consultation.

While Sydney's historic Kurnell Peninsula has won a reprieve from more sand mining proposals to extract sand from other areas are meeting strong opposition. People living at Somersby on the State's Central Coast are outraged by a plan to mine up to 9 million tonnes of sand near a primary school. WOMAN: If you haven't already signed the petition, would you please do so? Residents packed the Somersby Primary School hall this week to oppose the proposal.

They say their village will be ruined by noise, dust and trucks. There is no area for negotiation. Should this proposal go through there will be sandmines on every street corner in Somersby.

Miners want to turn this site near the F3 freeway into a quarry up to 20m deep. After it's mined, they'll build sporting fields and give the land to the community.

Sydney is facing a critical sand shortage.

The site is appropriately zoned for sand removal and what we are proposing is an operation that will have minimal environmental impact. But parents believe dust from the mine is an unacceptable health risk for their children. Is there anywhere else in the State where there's a public school within 200m of a sandmine? The Department of Education will monitor this. I've been in contact today with the asset management branch and they are concerned about this and how it will impact on students. I have a child in kindie and I have a child in Year 3. If there's a sandmine here I don't want my child to go to this school. It will be minimal. A proposal to mine the site was abandoned four years ago.

A proposal to mine the site was abandoned four years ago. The current proposal is being assessed by the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources. Lauren Martin, ABC News, Somersby. A 66-year-old Spanish woman has been arrested at Sydney airport for allegedly trying to smuggle a kilo of cocaine in her handbag on a flight from Hong Kong. Manuela Tostados-Costamoro

will appear in Sydney's Central Local Court tomorrow.

Australian survivors of the Holocaust have a new focus of remembrance for those who didn't survive the Nazi death camps. The memorial was dedicated in Melbourne today and contains remains from some of the most notorious Holocaust sites. (Man sings in Hebrew)

60 years after the liberation of Jews from Nazi concentration camps,

emotions are still raw among the survivors. Your nearest and your dearest,

the men and the women and the 1.5 million children who perished for one reason and one reason only - because they were Jews. As part of the 60th anniversary commemorations, a 3m-high bronze sculpture at Melbourne's Springvale Cemetery has been dedicated to the six million Jews who died in or on route to concentration camps and ghettos. Such monument when it's established is for future generations and so it's so important as a reminder of what man can do to man. It's always a question to ask, "Really, how advanced is man?"

We're still pretty base and there are lots of terrible activities being perpetrated around the world continually. Enclosed in the tomb are ashes and bones of unknown victims and soil and leaves from graves. Who knows if it's not my mother? I can come here, stay and cry my heart out and put a flower there.

They are all here, the unknown victims of a civilisation gone mad. Melbourne has one of the largest populations of Holocaust survivors. Melissa Brown, ABC News, Melbourne.

The remarkable stories of some of the 1,000 Australian women caught up in the Vietnam War have been brought to life on the stage. The real women portrayed in 'Minefields and Miniskirts' are now middle-aged but their memories of the conflict remain fresh. The play has opened in Sydney at the start of a national tour. (Sing) # ...the carousel of time. # Four of the actors cast in 'Minefields and Miniskirts' represent a cross-section of women caught up in the Vietnam War - an entertainer, a volunteer, a journalist and a nurse.

The fifth, Tracey Mann, plays the wife of a veteran whose life is ruined by wartime trauma. When they come home it takes an awful lot to get back into so-called normal life and some people never make the adjustment. The play is adapted from Siobhan McHugh's book and tells true stories of many Australian women. Some of them came to a rehearsal

to see themselves portrayed on the stage. All those memories come flooding back,

the children, the soldiers that were killed, maimed. Ingrid Hart was a singer and joined the ranks of entertainers in Vietnam there to buoy the soldiers' morale. Although she loved performing for the troops she wasn't prepared for the harsh reality of war. I did a lot of hospital work as well, entertaining the troops

where they were lying in the dormitories, and that is the horror of war. The actors have been challenged by playing and meeting the women whose stories they are telling. For the first few weeks of rehearsal when we started this project,

we would go home quite depressed, very depressed, and it took quite a while to get over that depression

and still have the emotion when you perform, which you need to summon every night. The play brings home the message that the Vets know only too well - that the war doesn't stop when the battle ends. Anne Maria Nicholson, ABC News. The Sharks have retained their share of top position on the NRL ladder after beating the Raiders today in a match worthy of finals football. Last night,

the Broncos won the Queensland derby and the Storm beat the Rabbitohs. Today, the Tigers and Roosters scored wins, while the Sharks held off a frantic fight back from the Raiders. Surprise competition front-runners the Sharks and the Raiders brought finals intensity to round 10. Jason Smith's sleight of hand and a Phil Graham double put the Raiders ahead.

COMMENTATOR:It's a gift for Canberra!

It took the Sharks half an hour to crack the Raiders line and Phil Bailey grabbed their second just before the break. He scores a wonderful try! Three more tries sparked by Brett Kimmorley and Adam Dykes helped the Sharks to what looked a winning lead. That's very good rugby league. The Raiders rallied through a Lincoln Withers try, but determined Sharks defence and a series of late penalties

denied a frustrated Canberra. You just can't win a game

where the penalty count's 13-3 or whatever it was, I mean, our guys did well to be as close as we were at the end. We were penalised out of the game. At Newcastle, former Waratahs Super 12 player Milton Thaiday impressed on debut. He gives it to Thaiday who reached down and got that first try for the Knights. But the Knight's real worry was defence. It has conceded more than 30 points a game this season and Wests Tigers continued the trend.

Anthony Quinn grabbed a Knights double. It wasn't enough, the Tigers scored 6 tries to 3 to break a four game losing streak. On the fringe of the top eight, the Roosters and Warriors were desperate and traded early tries.

Amos Roberts threatened for the Roosters. His run and a handy ref's call helped Iosia Soliola to score. Soliola for the line and plants it. Anthony Minichiello did his best to lift the Roosters.

Anthony Minichiello did his best to lift the Roosters. The Warriors poor handling contributed as well. And Amos Roberts gets a gift 4-pointer. The video referee didn't agree. But the Roosters held on for a 4-point win. Last night, the Broncos won the battle for Queensland pride against the Cowboys, but had a scare, with skipper Darren Lockyer crunched by Matt Sing. I hope it's not part of footy,

I don't want to see a player get knocked out every week, you know, Parker's also got one on him there, so. Lockyer played on and should be fit for next week.

In a virtual Origin selection,

the Broncos scored four second half tries to end a run of nine straight for the Cowboys at home. The Broncos and Sea Eagles share top spot with the Sharks. The Panthers and Bulldogs

are slipping away from the front runners.

The Knights remain in last position.

The ACT Brumbies have finished their Super 12 season on a winning note, but it wasn't enough for them to make the semis.

The defending champions comfortably defeated the Queensland Reds but were effectively eliminated from the competition after the Bulls destroyed the Stormers in South Africa. The Bulls will now play NSW in the semifinals.

Full time last night ended a miserable season for Queensland. The ACT Brumbies, though, still had hopes of progressing

but a few hours later they, too, were contemplating the off season. In terms of the targets we set ourselves it is disappointing, and irrespective of the disruptions we've had to our team this year, we really feel we could have finished higher. The Brumbies needed to win with a bonus point to keep in the semifinal hunt and they started well. George Smith's opening try in the corner was quickly followed by another five pointer to Sam Norton Knight. COMMENTATOR: And the Brumbies are on fire at Suncorp.

In front of their home crowd and with little pressure to perform, the Reds stormed back scoring two tries in five minutes, both set up by Ben Tune. Peter Hynes is gonna run around and score a try! Matt Giteau put the Brumbies ahead again... Ohhh, Giteau! on a mistake just before the break. ...before the Reds pounced And Huxley. He needs the bounce, he gets one. Giteau his second try of the match Some sparkling footwork earned for the visitors. and the bonus point Oh, what a try! Are you any good Matt Giteau? Stirling Mortlock sealed the win A trademark intercept to captain and a nervous wait for the Brumbies. comfortably beat the Bulls They needed the Stormers to but it never looked like happening.

it over the white line! He jacks on the pace and smashes to two The Bulls piled on nine tries of the Stormers. in a 61-point demolition

What a try from JP Nell! The victory lifted the Bulls on the Super 12 ladder. into an unexpected third place

The Brumbies finished five points out of the semis, while the Reds recorded their worst result in Super 12 history with just three wins. Next weekend, the Crusaders will host the Hurricanes on Friday

and NSW will battle the Bulls in Sydney on Saturday night. The Sydney Swans have closed the gap on the AFL top eight Port Adelaide at the SCG. with a strong win over Last night,

upset the Kangaroos the Western Bulldogs and Brisbane defeated Adelaide. Today, Essendon outclassed Fremantle, Richmond beat Collingwood, and Sydney ensured poor start to the season. there was no change in the premier's

defender Chad Cornes Port welcomed back welcoming committee as well. and there was a Swans that trend throughout, Sydney continued hassling Port into error. a low-scoring affair, In what was to become at quarter time the Swans led by eight points a 2-goal lead and scrambled together mid-way though the second term. Under pressure. COMMENTATOR: It's a goal.

rare passages of fluent play Port only offered threatening a goal surge either. but it wasn't like the Swans were of scragging on both sides, While there was lots had a case for the odd free kick. the Sydney fans thought Barry Hall That is a different set of rules. persecution complex grew The on-lookers' moments later. with Stuart Dew's snap Tredrea throws it back to Dew. High kick. No-one in the goal square. that is an unbelievable kick. Port Adelaide - for the Sydney crowd, Conspiracy theories were next

this wasn't out on the full. with the boundary umpire ruling will be in trouble though. There appears no doubt Brendon Lade

That is a real one. SECOND COMMENTATOR: Oh, yeah. on the scoreboard. Amid all this, the Swans held sway the margin to 16 points Barry Hall's goal extending

with a quarter to play. of the afternoon, Can he kick his second the second in this turn? You bet, he can. all the worse Port's pain of defeat was made his knee. with Michael Wilson injuring

After two reconstructions of both knees and shoulders, Wilson is staring at further time on the sidelines. The mercurial former skipper Gavin Wanganeen provided a rare highlight for Port... Snaps... I think he's kicked it. ..but it wasn't going to change the result - the Swans winners by four goals.

to the next stage The Sydney soccer club is through of the World Club challenge Mariners after defeating the Central Coast in today's Australian final.

Sydney dominated the early stages with the game's only goal. and was rewarded in the 17th minute. Scored by midfielder David Carney chances and its hopes faded Central Coast squandered several in the last 10 minutes was sent off after defender Andrew Clark for kicking. later this month Sydney will travel to Tahiti in the Oceania Confederation to play clubs Club finals in Japan. for a place in the lucrative World

for the French Open Roger Federer's readiness should be fully tested tonight when he meets up-and-coming French teenager Richard Gasquet in the final of the Hamburg Masters. Federer's momentum lifted after a sleepy start to his semifinal against Russian Nikolay Davydenko. The 23-year-old Swiss stayed on course for his sixth title of the year, winning 6-3, 6-4. In their only previous clash three weeks ago in Monte Carlo,

three weeks ago in Monte Carlo, In their only previous clash Federer lost to 18-year-old Gasquet. Overnight,

just two games the Frenchman dropped Christophe Rochus. as he thrashed Belgian have today hit full swing The 8th Annual Arafura Games in the NT 20 sports. with competition in more than in Darwin last night The games kicked off from across South-East Asia. with a ceremony to welcome teams

neighbours - But one of Australia's nearest East Timor - didn't make it. lived up to all expectations The opening ceremony for emerging athletes as the biggest sporting showpiece got under way. from South-East Asia and beyond But there was one notable absentee, with close neighbour East Timor making an 11th hour decision to pull its team out of the games. It seems like there hasn't been a government organisation

of their visit here, and that's very disappointing, but they are so short of money that they probably just couldn't afford it. the show did go on, Despite the East Timorese absence with 900 Territory school students and international artists joining local in pre-ceremony entertainment. PERCUSSIVE MUSIC filed on to Marrara Stadium Athletes from 33 nations led by their flag bearers.

lighting of the Arafura Flame, Then it was time for the inaugural done in true Territory style. the official start to the Games celebration went off with a bang. A fireworks display ensured the out of the way, With the opening ceremony today put their best foot forward. athletes in 24 sports for triathletes, It was an early start for female winner but worth the morning rise New South Welsh Sarah Kockshell.

was won by Canberra's Luke Gratton. The men's event

Competition in the unique sport of sepaktakraw also kicked off today, with two of the early medal favourites - Singapore and Brunei - going head-to-head. The kicks were just as high but packed with power at the taekwondo venue, as 38 competitors began their quest for Arafura glory. Guy McLean, ABC News, Darwin.

at the weather. Now let's take a look

That's the news for the moment. with an update. I'll be back just after 8:20pm We leave you for now the 4-legged fundraisers with some of annual million paws walk. taking part today in the RSPCA's

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