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Life without parole for man who killed his th -

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VIRGINIA TRIOLI: A Victorian man found guilty of drowning his three sons will spend the rest of his
life in jail. Robert Farquharson has been sentenced to three life terms and will never be released.

His family are standing by him and his lawyers say there will be an appeal. Emma O'Sullivan

EMMA O'SULLIVAN: Robert Farquharson shook his head repeatedly as he was sentenced to life in
prison. As the judge began detailing the murder, he exchanged distressed glances with his sisters
before his family walked out of the court room. They'd arrived wearing badges in support of their
brother. After the sentencing, a statement prepared by Farquharson was read by his brother-in-law.

IAN ROSS, BROTHER-IN-LAW: The court has found me guilty, but I did not murder my children. I
received a life sentence on the night the boys died.

EMMA O'SULLIVAN: Justice Phillip Cummins stated one of the functions of the law is to protect the
weak from the strong. He said that came too late for Jai, Tyler and Bailey.

It was Father's Day when their car swerved off the road into a dam near Winchelsea. The court heard
Farquharson did it to punish his former wife. She wasn't in court but Cindy Gambino also supports
her former husband.

While Farquharson maintains his innocence, his lawyer had previously asked the court to pass
sentence on the basis the murder was an impulsive act. But today the judge said the crime wasn't
spontaneous, but rather something Farquharson had been contemplating for months.

"You had a burning resentment that you were financing your estranged wife's new life," he said,
"She had the better house, better car, the children and now has a new relationship." The defence
team has lodged an appeal.

SIMON NORTHEAST, DEFENCE LAWYER: Robert Farquharson maintains his innocence. He's appealed against
sentencing conviction and we look forward to getting a fair trial.

EMMA O'SULLIVAN: Justice Cummins said while Farquharson regretted the consequences of the crime,
he'd shown no remorse. Emma O'Sullivan, Lateline.