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(generated from captions) Norway reels from two which killed more than 90

people, including many at a

youth camp. Norway is a small country and we are all very

close, especially at times like this. This Program is Captioned Live.. Leader as

broad and at home condemn the

slayings and offer support to

the Norwegian people. I've

taken steps to convey to the Prime Minister of Norway the sadness and concern of

Australians as we watch these

events unfold. In other news,

an Australian soldier seriously

injured in

in North Queensland. And

Australia's Cadel Evans sits

less than a minute off the lead in the Tour de France with one time trial to go. in the Tour de France with just

one time trial to go. Hello. in

with ABC News 24. It's 10 I'm Jeremy Fernandez. You're

o'clock in the morning in Oslo

and Norway is waking up it a

spiraling death toll from spiraling death toll from twin

attacks from the capital and an

island. At least 84 of the

victims were at a policeman opened fire spraying camp-the-gunman dressed as a

the crowd with bullets.

Earlier, the Minister's office is believed the target of a car bomb that ripped through the building. A 32-year-old man has ripped through the government

been arrest ed in relation to the attacks. The Norwegian

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg

has spoken during a news conference. He said he will wait for the police investigation to be done before

speculating about the motives behind the attack. I think it's

too early to comment on the motives and what's the reasons

behind the attacks, both in

Oslo and at the Labour youth camp. It's very important camp. It's very important for

us to be very clear, when "it"

comes to the responsibility of

responsibility of the police and the political

responsibility of the

government, and the police has just started the investigations. One man is

arrested and I wait until we have seen more results of the investigations

before we are going to comment

on the motives, the ideology, or the

motives for such attacks. The

investigation is a success when

we have - when we are able to tell who is behind tell who is behind this cruel

act of violence, and the police

has already arrested one person, and that gives them at

least a good basis for continuing the investigations, and of course, it and of course, it is very important that those who are

behind this, one or several persons r sentenced according

to the Norwegian law and Norwegian system of justice. I to the Norwegian law and the

think the responsibility of me

as Prime Minister and the as Prime Minister and the rest of the Government is to present, of the Government is to be nor we January people the present, is to convey to the

solidarity, the very strong human feelings we all feel.

Norway is a small country, but

we are a proud country, and we are a proud country, and we

are all very close, especially

in times like this, and I think

all Norwegians feel very close

to those who are victims of the

violence in Oslo and the youth

camp of the Labour Party. To

add a little bit, it's crucial

for the society and the police

to find all the facts about what's happening in the centre

of Oslo, but also at the youth

camp, of course. It's crucial

for the criminal investigation

to get all the information

about these happenings, and I

want to underline one want to underline one important aspect of this. It is the aspect of this. It

police responsibility to do

this work, but as a politician, we have no reasons today to

make any conclusions about what sort of facts are behind these happenings. It

who is arrested, but I want to underline that we have not drawn any conclusion. If there

are more people involved

is, and therefore we want to

give the police an opportunity

now to do this work as speedy

as they can, and with enough

Storberget, the Justice resources. That's Knut

Minister of Norway, and ABC correspondent Philip Williams

is on the ground in Oslo. He

joined us via broadband early

yes. He said people are now in

shock waking up to the news

reached over 90 Here in the

centre of town, you can see

behind me, you can't go past -

they've got troops, heavily

armed troops on the streets

around the blast zone, so this

is as close as we can get. But

even here there is scattered

glass. They've been clearing it

Australian overnight, but this

morning of course people are

waking to this terrible news.

bed at all, They went to bed f they went to

bed at all, if the figure at

about 17, and now we're over

90, so tragic news,

here are just in a state terrible slaughter, and people particularly from the island,

here are just in a state of utter shock. They cannot believe that their little nation here has believe that their quiet,

attracted such a terrible event, that the event, that the world's media has descended on them for all

the wrong reasons, and they're just trying to come to terms with something that really no-one could possibly have

predicted. But people are wandering through the city now in almost a dazed state, trying to comprehend what's happened

to their city. It's not a

the size of Canberra, and this

is the last thing they is the last thing they would

have expected. Of course, now

all eyes of course are on who

may have perpetrated this.

There is that 32-year-old man

in custody T does appear at

first glance that he quite

possibly did act alone. If

possibly did act alone. If so,

it was incredibly well planned, vicious attack, and clearly

sequenced in a way to cause maximum damage, first here in

the city, and you

result behind me, and then of

course even much, much more

tragically in human terms tragically in human terms on

point the island itself. A simple

point here that all

here that has beset the centre

of the city will all be cleared

up. It will be business

usual within perhaps a few

weeks, but for those who have

lost loved ones, it's something

they can never get over. Philip Williams reporting from centre of Oslo near Williams reporting from the of that attack. The Prime

Minister Julia Minister Julia Gillard is in

low Bart. She has passed Norway and says Australia Norway and says Australia has offered to help in any way it can. Australia and Norway are

countries which are good friends. I've convey to the Prime Minister of

Norway the sadness and concern of Australians as we watch these events unfold. The family

and friends of those who have been killed and injured have our most sincere sympathies, and of course Australia stands by, prepared to help in any that it can. We are not that it can. We are not advised that any Australians that any Australians were

involved in these incidents. Clearly anyone who is Clearly anyone who is concerned

about a family member about a family member who may

be travelling in Norway should contact the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Foreign Affairs and Trade, but at this

at this time we've got no advice suggesting any

Australians were caught up in

these brutal acts of evil. So

our thoughts today are with the

people of Norway. As their

Prime Minister has are a very strong democracy,

they are a resilient country,

but this is a very, very tough

time for them, living through these acts these acts of evil and trying

to now come to grips with the

number of people who number of people who have died and been injured in and been injured in these events. The Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Julia Gillard. Now, we have spoken to a number of people on

the ground in Norway, including

Adrian Pracon. He was shot by

the gunman on Utoya Island. He

was hit in the left shoulder

and gave us a remarkable

account of the hospital. I got shot while

laying down and trying

laying down and trying to avoid

the shoot er. So the bullet hit me and made a mark for

approximately 10 or 15 cm. approximately 10 or 15 cm. Now,

there are - were, sorry, were

700 people at this island and

like you maybe heard, there has

also been a terrorist attack on

the government in Oslo. So,

many of the young people that

were on the island were also in

touch with people from there

and had family there, so we gathered them to a meeting to

inform how they were doing and

everything, and this man

along and said he were from the

police and told us that he

would help us and make sure

that everyone were OK, and that's when started because

dressed as a police officer. We

told us that he was help - that

he had been sent from the government to help us as

emergency team, but he weren't.

I was on my way to the I was on my way to the top of

the island because there was

this steep hill upwards, and on

the top there was a you could buy chocolate and

be nice if I could buy this

place it in a room where place it in a room where people

could talk and relax and could talk and relax and maybe

share their emotions together

over what happened in Oslo, and while doing that, people started running up the hill and

I heard a shot and also

friends and other people just falling and getting killed because of this man. because of this man. The whole

island ran to the shore, to the

water, and started swimming

over. I forgot to take off my

boots and my pants so it was

too heavy for me to swim. So at first I had to return to the

island, and that was just

fortunate I did, because all the people that started

swimming over , they

from the gunman when he saw

them. There were maybe 20 dead

people just around me. people just around me. Either

they got killed while running

or were I were hide ing - or

where I were hiding from where I were hiding from this

man. He was armed with a gun

and he were shooting people at

close range and starting to shoot at us who are moving further and further away, but

when I saw him nearby, he first 10m from me when I saw him nearby, he stood

first 10m from me and shooting

at people in the water. He had

machine-gun. He weren't an M16 - it did look like a

or to make panic, he shooting for crazy or to warn shooting for crazy or to

shooting to kill people, with or to make panic, he were

single bullet. He were dressed

he had something red on him, in a police uniform. I thought

and to be honest with you, when

I saw him from the side yelling

that he was about to kill us,

he looked like he were taken

from a Nazi movie or something.

He had hair backward and it was something about him that something about him that said

so. He said firstly on the side

started shooting when I turned back and he when I turned back and

were trying to swim over to the

shore, he yelled that he would kill us all and everyone shall

die. When I got back to the die. When I got

shore, he went to the other

side of the island so I could

lay down for a few minutes and

maybe try to breathe and maybe try to breathe and relax

and maybe find out what's

and maybe find out

happening. So I text some of my

friends and they said that many

people are dead and they don't

know what's happening. I

to call the police and so did

maybe 200 others, so the system

were down, and suddenly like

10, 20 people 10, 20 people approached me and

we talked, we tried to find out what to do and he started shooting at these people. So I

lay down and acted as if I were

dead. He approached. He stood

maybe 2m away from me - I could hear

hear him breathe, I could feel the warmth from the

machine-gun. I felt it very, the warmth from the

very near. I heard it go boom

and for a second I and for a second I couldn't

hear anything on my left ear

because I didn't

thought I was shot because it

felt like something just hit me

and peeled off, but it turned out I was shot very

has survived that shooting on

Utoya Island in Norway. Well,

as we've been reporting , Norwegian police say more 90 people have been killed Norwegian police say more than

90 people have been killed in

those twin attacks in and near the capital, Oslo. Just recapping what we know so A bomb went off in the centre recapping what we know so far:

of Oslo killing 7 people. A

short time later a man opened fire on young people at government camp on an fire on young people at a

government camp on an island

north-west of the capital.

Police have confirmed the death toll has risen to at least 91

with many more hurt. 84 of

those were killed on Utoya Norwegian Prime Minister said Island, 38km from the city. The

the situation is the worst country has seen. A 32-year-old

Norwegian man has been arrested

by police. Prime Minister Julia Gillard says Australia stands

by Norway and will help in any

way possible. Opposition Leader

Tony Abbott has also condemned

the attacks. We'll return to the We'll return to the situation

in Norway a little later.

First, let's bring you up to

date on some of the day's other

news. An Australian soldier has

been seriously injured during a

Central Queensland coast. The

Defence Department says Defence Department says the accident happened during Exercise Talisman Sabre at

Shoalwater Bay near Rockhampton overnight. It's believed an

rolled armoured personnel carrier

rolled down an embankment and landed on its turret. Nine

at the time of the Defence personnel were inside

at the time of the accident.

One soldier has been taken to One soldier has been taken to a

Brisbane hospital with serious injuries. Members were evacuated to Rockhampton Hospital. Subsequently 8

members have been released and

they will be returning to their units. One ADF member has units. One ADF member has been

moved to the Brisbane Hospital for further specialist

care. Still in Queensland,

police are investigating a

shooting at Kelvin Grove in

Brisbane. It's understood there

was some kind of altercation

between two men about 2 o'clock

in the morning. Police were

called and they found one in a suburban street with a called and they found one man


The man who is aged in 20s s now in Royal Brisbane Hospital in a stable Police have set up a crime Hospital in a stable condition.

scene in the street and scene in the street and are

asking the public for any information they may have. Police have retrieved the

bodies of two men who were

killed in a helicopter crash on

Sydney's North Shore yesterday. The helicopter crashed in

bushland in South Turramurra

with the 65-year-old owner and

35-year-old pilot on board. The

bodies will now be take tone a

morgue for autopsy. The crash which happened in heavy Bureau is investigating the

rain. Police have been asked to investigate James Murdoch after

two of his former executives suggested he

phone hacking claims three

years ago, but the boss of News International's Europe operation says he is standing

by his testimony that he had been let down by his staff. This was the editor of it was shut down. Colin Myler the 'News of the World' until

and the company's formal challenged their former boss manager Tom Crohn have openly

about what he knew and when. I think this is the most significant moment in two years of the hacking scandal. James

Murdoch signed a cheque for Murdoch signed

?700,000 for a victim of phone

hacking in 2008. An hacking in 2008. An email shows

the transcript of the hacking

was sent it a reporter called

Neville, a sign the Neville, a sign the legal practice may have been more

widespread than one rogue

reporter. Did you see or were you made Neville email, the transcript

of the hacked voice mail

message? No, I was not aware of that at the time. Tom

and James and Colin Myler say

James Murdoch is mistaken If

James Murdoch was aware of this

in 2008 it means the entire

evidence given to the initial inquiry was not just misleading

but completely factually

inaccurate. Tom Watson have

asked police to investigate he says it raises questions

about the Murdoch defence that

they didn't know what was going

on around them and were let

down by those around them Clearly James Murdoch questions to answer in

Parliament and I'm sure he will

do that and

do that and clearly News

International has big issues to

deal with and a big mess to

clear up. Scotland Yard is

considering its next step, considering its next step, but the pressure is already mounting on the heir mounting on the heir apparent

to the Murdoch empire. Time for sport now with

Amanda Shalala. Amanda, it has

been an all-Queensland derby in the NRL Yes, the NRL Yes, the last-placed Gold Coast Titans have a Gold Coast Titans have a 12-6 lead over the North Queensland

Cowboys in their Round 20 NRL

match at Robina Stadium. Here

is a look at the first-half


Last night, the Bulldogs

hand the Parramatta Eels their

second golden-point loss in a row. The top 4 side slugged it

out in the first half and it

was 6-6 at the break, but the

Storm showed in its Storm showed in its clinical

best to dismantle the best to dismantle the Broncos for an 8th straight win. COMMENTATOR: Melbourne, competition competition leaders. Make them

premiership favourites. The

wet conditions made scoring

difficult in Sydney. It was

6-all until late in the game.

Then Jarryd Hayne edged the

Eels in front with goal, but Trent Hodkinson saved

the day for the Dogs, first to

send the game to golden point,

then to clinch the win for the

Dogs. What a kick. What a kick from Trent Hodkinson. The keeps from Trent Hodkinson. The win keeps the Bulldogs within reach of the #. Retiring Western Bulldogs forward Barry Hall has had a disappointing start had a disappointing start to

his farewell tour with a loss

to his former side Sydney in

the AFL. At Docklands:

Goals were hard to come by in the first quarter with the

sides kicking just two apiece.

But they found their rhythm in the

the second with Hall shining.

The Swans were up by 7 at the

main break and kept the Dogs

very quiet after that to regain

their spot in the top 8.

COMMENTATOR: Or do they win COMMENTATOR: Or do they win by

39? Yes, they do. It's a big afternoon at the SCG red-and-white, and they're pretty happy about it. In Melbourne, it was a similar story with the Kangaroos

holding a holding a 5-point lead at half-time. They powered away

with it in the second half to remain in finals contention. Last night, contention. Last night, the

Saints thrashed Adelaide by 103 points in what lowest ever score, and there

was never any doubt of a Saints victory. Stephen Milne was the

chief destroyer with 8

chief destroyer with 8 goals. That's his bread and butter. It's the win in 9 games to continue their late charge towards the finals. Tonight Cadel Evans

will attempt to become the first Australian winner of the

Tour de France. He is in position, 50 seconds - 57

seconds behind the leader Luxembourg's Andy Schleck

heading into the individual time trial. Evans is well

placed after fighting back

during last night's gruelling stage. Twice the bridesmaid at the Tour de France. Could this

be the year when Cadel Evans takes centre spot on podium, or will Andy Schleck

write his name into the history write his name into the history books? The Australian's campaign appeared to be campaign appeared to be fall ago part early in last night's stage. Something wrong with machine there. Within 90

seconds the BMC Team leader was

off his bike three times Losing valuable, valuable time here.

When they're going pretty

fantastic and you have to stop

three times, the chances of getting back are pretty

Voeckler lost his grip on the

yellow jersey Just has been too much for Thomas Voeckler. Evans

found some willing allies and

rejoined the willing bunch with just under 25km to go. found ascent to huz huz, Alberto Contador. Approached Contador. Approached again.

Evans couldn't shake the

Schlecks, Andy and Frank. This

is one Schleck sandwich that

will give him Indy jeks. Contador's run came to

the end. As the crowds cheer. Evans finish add longside

longside the Schlecks with Andy

taking the overall lead by 53 seconds from his brother, with

Evans a further 4 seconds Evans a further 4 seconds back. Tonight will be the final competitive stage of the

Tour. 57 seconds , it's quite a

good gap. I'm confident. My

shape is there and I'm not

scared of going into a time trial tomorrow. The trial tomorrow. The 34-year-old Australian won't be

one of his strengths, and his

recipe is simple. Start as fast

as possible, finish as fast as

possible, hope it's fast

enough. Having lost the Tour in

2008 by 57 seconds and only 23

seconds the year previous,

Evans will be hoping time is on his side as his side

the clock. The Wallabies say

they're not worrieded about the downpour in the match tonight. The

Wallabies are desperate to hit

back with a win after back with a win after last

week's surprise loss to Samoa,

and they're ready for the wet conditions. I think that the

opportunity gets narrowed a

little bit in these conditions,

but they do a pretty good job

at what they do nearly all the

time, so we've got a bit of

scsh we've seen a fair bit that

scsh we've seen a fair bit that have in the past. Kevin

Pietersen has prd dused some

breathtaking cricket to leave England on top. He struck a commanding double century as

England declared its first innings innings at 7/474. innings at 7/474. Pietersen

passed 200 for the third time in his Test career in an impressive all-round display.

impressive all-round display. COMMENTATOR:, well, there is no doubt about that one. He just needed 2, he got 4. Double century for Kevin Pietersen. India's 0/17 in

reply in the 100th Test match between the top two countries in the world. And agent

athletics isn't exactly for its post-race punch-ups but

that's exactly what happened at the Diamond League in Monaco

last fight. Two viral French runners had just runners had just finished the 1500m final. Instead of 1500m final. Instead of the

hand shags, they opted to trade

blows. Usain Bolt put the blows. Usain Bolt put the focus

back on the track, winning in

his best time of the season. In

the hurdles, Australian the hurdles, Australian Sally Pearson

Pearson continued her good form

with a win. The Olympic medallist is firming with strong contender for gold next

year in London. Taking a look at Taking a look at the weather now, and the satellite picture shows cloud over eastern New

South Wales moving around a distant Tasman low, generating

scattered showers and gusty

winds. Cloud over distant Tasman and South Australia are triggering isolated showers.

Skies are mostly clear

elsewhere. Looking ahead elsewhere. Looking ahead to tomorrow, winds will ease over South-East isolated showers developing.

Some cloud will linger about

the far south-east, the far south-east, possibly producing afternoon showers. In

New South Wales, there will be

morning frost about morning frost about the ranges and western slopes. and western slopes. Isolated rain along


chance of showers over the south-west inland. In Victoria,

rain about the north-west and

King Island and areas of

morning frost and fog. In Tasmania, morning the northern half of the east

coast. They should clear by the

evening. The chance of rain

about the Bass Strait islands as well. In South Australia,

rain for lower Eyre Peninsula,

Kangaroo Island and far south-west of Yorke Peninsula. Coastal showers Peninsula. Coastal showers for Western Australia extending

inland throughout the day. Showers extending to coastal

parts in the evening. In parts in the evening. In the Northern Territory, partly

cloudy about the north-east

coast but dry and sunny

elsewhere. Around the capitals

for Monday: Now, for more details on the day's

day's top stories and to send

us your comments and pictures,

just visit us just visit us at You're with

ABC News 24. Back in a moment.


Today's top stories, police have confirmed that the death

have confirmed that the death toll following the twin attacks

in Norway has risen to at least 91. A bomb blast in central

Oslo was followed by a mass

shooting at a political youth

camp on a nearby

gunman dressed as a policeman opened

opened fire, spraying the crowd

with bullets. Police have

charged a 32-year-old Norwegian man over man over both attacks. Australian Prime

Minister Julia Gillard says

Australia stands by to help

Norway in any way it can and has described the attacks as brutal acts of evil. brutal acts of evil. The Opposition Leader Tony Opposition Leader Tony Abbott

has also condemned the twin attacks. No Australians have been reported as

injured. Police have retrieved

the bodies of two men killed in a helicopter crash on Sydney's North

North Shore yesterday. The

near South Turramurra with the 65-year-old owner and

35-year-old pilot on board. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau is investigating the

crash which happened in heavy rain. And Australia's Cadel Evans has been installed as Evans has been installed as the bookies' favourite to win the Tour de France with two stages remaining. Is he 57 seconds

behind new leader Andy Schleck

heading into tonight's

individual time trial.