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Live. Canberra's chemical

inferno, the battle to

extinguish a large chemical

fire goes on. A huge plaiz

blaze in Canberra continues to

rage out of control, closing

roads and schools. The step

mother of Australian girl Zahra

Baker pleads guilty to her

murder. It's a fair murder. It's a fair statement to say we would not have been

at those locations had she not shared information that she had that led us there. A rescue

under way for 4 British miners draped underground by flash flooding in Wales. In sport, a shock move in the AFL. Coach

Ross Lyon abandon s St Kilda and moves to Fremantle. Good

morning, you're watching ABC

News, I'm Virginia Trioli. A large chemical fire continues

to burn out of control in Canberra. Residents in the

north of the city awoke to loud explosions this morning. A

plume of black smoke is spreading right across the city. Authorities have reduced

the 10 kilometre exclusion done

zone back to the suburb of Mitchell advising those residents to stay indoors.

Schools in the city's north

will be closed today and bus

services have been Kan -

cancelled. Our reporter Troy

Cuthbertson is on the scene and

joins us now. When we've spoken

to you throughout this morning

that black plume has stayed in

place the entire time and look,

it's still there. It certainly

is. Although they are now

throwing everything at this fire

fire which has been burning fire which has been burning for

about 9 hours. The blaze first

broke out around midnight last

night and has been basically

blowing smoke and flames ever

since. Earlier this morning for

about 2 hours the place really

wasn't doing all that much and

then at 2am you mentioned those

explosions that awoke part of Canberra and those explosions

then continued for about 4 or 5

hours. In the last couple of hours those explosions have

died down and the fire fighters

seem to have managed to get a

little bit of a handle on it.

The fire is still out of control although they are

throwing everything at it.

Those evacuation zones have,

during the morning, actually been reduced although some

roads again have been closed roads again have been closed as

the wind has slightly picked

up. Speaking of the wind, the weather is actually helping

fire fighters. As the weather

has warmed up this morning what

it's actually doing is helping

the black acrid smoke rise and

is also getting into it is also getting into it the

upper atmosphere and dissipating. While that smoke

actually looks dangerous we're being told that it's not.

There's been ongoing monitoring

throughout the morning and while there was some early

indications of some chemical we

call PCB, what they're telling

us is it's not hazardous and us is it's not hazardous and it

is not harmful to health and therefore that's why residents

are allowed to go about their

business. It's hard to believe

that that smoke isn't toxic that that smoke isn't toxic in

some way. You look at it and

think it can't possibly be good for

for you. As we've been seeing

throughout the morning is even

at a distance we could see those

those high orange flames leaping

leaping into the air. So

clearly the fire itself not

under control? No, not at all

and look, I think if there's

one saving grace today it has been that fire fighters been that fire fighters have

managed to keep this blaze

contained within this chemical

factory itself. As you can

probably see now we're a bit

closer, this is indeed a fairly

dense industrial area here in Mitchell which still remains

cut off and in lockdown but as you can see there are storage

sheds behind me, there are

other light factories, other light factories, medium

sized factories but they've

managed to keep this blaze

contained because this could

have been certainly a lot worse

during the morning if during the morning if this

blaze had indeed broken out into this industrial area. Thanks for that

update. Thank you. Now the

American step mother of

murdered Australian girl Zahra Baker has pleaded guilty to second degree murder and obstruction of justice. Elisa

Baker showed little emotion as

she entered her plea at a court

hearing in North Carolina. She

confessed to murdering the girl

and desecrating and hiding the

girl's body. She faces up to 18

years in jail and a short time

ago Craig McMurtrie said

despite the guilty plea police still aren't any closer to

figuring out just how figuring out just how Zahra Baker died. She didn't say too much.

much. Just simply answered the

judge by saying yes, sir if he

asked her if she agreed where

the guilty pleas on each of the

charges, obstruction of jus, second degree murder, bigamy,

identity fraud and obtaining

possessions, material through

false means. She didn't offer

any explanation and that is the

big question in this case right

now. Even after all these

months, it's been nearly a

year, authorities still don't

know how exactly Zahra Baker died. They took first degree

murder off the table because

they said they needed Elisa

Baker's cooperation to find Zahra Baker's remains but there

doesn't appear to have meant

that Elisa Baker was obliged

then to tell the authorities

exactly Howza - how Zahra Baker died. Blood traces were

found on the walls, floors and ceiling in the 10-year-old girl's bedroom but there is girl's bedroom but there is no satisfactory explanation. The autopsy report says it was an determined homicidal violence but the authorities are saying that they believe it was Elisa Baker and they have effectively exonerated her exonerated her Australian father Adam Baker. The sentence has been other men did manage to get out before hand. Hidden in the trees the small privately owned pit is one of only a handful left in South Wales. They'd

been mining coal here for decades. This morning 7 men who were working underground became trapped. 3 managed to escape and 1 was airlifted and 1 was airlifted to hospital. Rescue teams were scrambled around 9:30. They say they face they face a challenging situation underground. Everybody that needs to be there from the emergency services, including the the mine rescue teams are there. They've got all the support from the other emergency services including the local authority as well. The colliery is a small drift mine bored straight into the ground and running deep under a hill. Won description from a few years ago talks of severe water problems. We severe water problems. We don't know what happened underground today but the 4 miners are trapped behind water in the shaft. A few miles shaft. A few miles away relatives are being looked after at this community centre

where they wait for news. What

the police are telling us is

water caved in and there's 4 people still down there. Where

were you when this happened? I was work ing. You were working

unlds ground? No, no. Friends of yous in

father. Alongside the rescue operation an investigation into what happened is under way. Members of the team working

underground say they won't stop

until they get the 4 miners

out. The BBC Sian Lloyd

reporting there. Police in

London have arrested a

suspected rogue trader who's

accused of losing almost $2

billion from Swiss bank UBS. The 31-year-old man was arrested

arrested at his home and arrested at his home and he's

believed to have worked in believed to have worked in the bank's equity division. UBS

says customer accounts are not

involved in this fraud. A bomb

attack has killed at least 20

people in north-west Pakistan.

The bomb exploded during a

funeral in a village close to

the Afghan border. Police say a

suicide bomber blew himself up

as mourners were gathering for prayers. British Prime prayers. British Prime Minister

David Cameron and French President Nicolas Sarkozy President Nicolas Sarkozy are

in Libya to show their support

in Libya to show their support

for the country's interim government. They're the first

foreign leaders to visit foreign leaders to visit Libya

since the fall of the Gaddafi

regime. Thousands of people

turned out to greet them when they arrived in Benghazi.

Earlier in Tripoli the pair

pledged their ongoing support for the new Government. I'm

delighted to be here to show support for the national transitional council for all

they're doing in Libya. There's

still more work to be done.

There's still a long

There's still a long way to go

but I think to show

international support for the

NTC, for chairman Jalil, and

what they're doing I think it's

important to be here. Britain

played a role, which I'm very

proud of, but in the end this

is what the Lybians did

themselves and I wanted to themselves and I wanted to come

and congradge - congratulate

them and work out how we can

help next. A good day for

you? A very good day for us. We're very proud to

We're very proud to be here.

It's very important. What is the future of Libya? Democracy. Peace. And reconciliation. Nicolas Sarkozy there. Now the United States is

calling for all its citizens to

leave Syria immediately amid

fears the situation there is

about to get worse. Bashar al

Assad's regime has killed

thousands of people in his

attempt to hang on to power. While the US wants to see

While the US wants to see the

Syrian leader gone Russia is determined to keep him in

place. The crowds in place. The crowds in the

street are still protesting and Russia's

Russia's flag, along with

China's, is being burned for

its stubborn support of Syria's regime, despite a government

crackdown that has killed thousands. But thousands. But Russia's

President says Moscow has no plans to back sanctions against

plans to back sanctions against

Syria, a long-time ally. "We

must not idealise must not idealise this

situation. We must approach it

from a balance of strongest

interest," says Dimitry Medvedev. Russia's interest in Syria has everything to do with

arms. It hopes to sell Damascus new fighter jets, missile

systems and artillery. In all about

about $4 billion worth about $4 billion worth of contracts. Moscow is not about

to lose another Middle East

to lose another Middle East customer says this analyst, without a

without a fight. All without a fight. All other

countries, they are not our

kind of clients, they're clients of the United States, France, Britain and if Syria

also will follow we'll lose

almost all our clients in the Middle East. The Arab spring has not been good to Russia.

Its ties to Moammar Gaddafi go

back back decades and Moscow only

reluctantly recognised reluctantly recognised Libya's new

new government. It was the 73rd

country to do so. That may put billions

billions of dollars billions of dollars of construction and oil contracts

at risk. Now many say the same

scenario is playing out

scenario is playing out in

Syria where Russia has billions

invested in a major

base. Russia has a lot to lose

in sir y and - Syria and that

is why Russia wants to find out

is why Russia wants to find out

less steblising way out of this

situation. More than anything

the Kremlin wants to be seen as

standing by Syria. Russia has

already halted missile sales to

Iran and failed to veto UN

Security Council action in

Libya. Many here fear when it

comes to repairing comes to repairing Russia's

reputation as a reliable arms

supplier the damage is already

done. Let's look at the top stories on ABC News

stories on ABC News this

morning. A large chemical fire

is continuing to burn out of control in Canberra. A huge

plume of black smoke plume of black smoke is

drifting across the drifting across the city. Schools in the north will be closed today and closed today and bus services

have been cancelled. Residents

in the suburb of Mitchell have

been told to stay indoors. The

step mother of murdered

Australian girl Zara Baker has admitted to killing the 10-year-old. Elisa Baker pleaded guilty to second

pleaded guilty to second degree

murder and obstructing justice. Under a plea deal Under a plea deal Baker faces

up to 18 years in jail. And rescue workers in Britain are

pumping water out of a flooded

coal mine trying to free 4

trapped miners. The men are stranded 90 metres below the surface

surface in a mine in South

Wales. Three other Wales. Three other miners managed to escape. Optus is heading to the Federal

heading to the Federal Court

today over a copy right dispute

with the country's 2 main

football codes. The AFL and the

NRL are planning to sue Optus for broadcasting their for broadcasting their matches

online with just a 2-minute

delay after they start. The two

football codes say this is

undermining their exclusive

broadcast contracts with

Telstra. Now Optus is seeking a

Federal Court order to stop the code suing. To the United Kingdom where

Kingdom where a suspected rogue

trader has been arrested in London. He's accused of losing

almost $2 billion from Swiss

bank UBS. The bank's shares

fell 8% after it announced it

was investigating rogue trades.

It was supposed to be a thing

of the past. The Swiss

Government had to bail out the massive bank during the global

financial crisis. Tight new

regulations were supposed to

prevent what's alleged to have occurred here

occurred here in London. UBS

trader is accused of running up $2 billion in debts. At 1am

this morning the city of London

police were contacted by UBS

about an allegation of fraud by

one of their employees. one of their employees. At 3:30am detectives from our force arrested the 31-year-old

man on suspicion of fraud by

abuse of position. It's not

just the immediate losses that are likely to hurt,

are likely to hurt, but the damage to the giant's

reputation after so much was

made of reform and

restructures. The problem is restructures. The problem is if you're employing intelligent people and they people and they want to get

around these systems there is a

chance they will find a way.

That is why what's needed is a

moral compass from the top of

the organisation so people know

what's right, know what's wrong

and they don't even think of

doing these sort

doing these sort of things in

the first place. If the losses

are as reported it still

doesn't put this case on doesn't put this case on top of

the rogue traders' league. That

dis honour belongs to a man arrested in 2008 after running

up losses of more than up losses of more than $6 billion while working for

society Societe Generale and

Nick Leeson, the man who broke Barings Bank

Barings Bank back in 1995. That

was supposed to have been

history but it appears bad practice dies hard. Unless you

separate out that wild west

casino operation from the world of banking inhabited by ordinary men and women in the

high street and ordinary

businesses we're in businesses we're in real trouble. The British Government

says it is going to split the

risky investment arms of banks

from their retail sections but

that's years away and in the mean time it's clear

mean time it's clear rogue

traders can still cause chaos.

And cause unnoted chaos for

quite some time. To finance

news now and the head of the International Monetary Fund has

warned that the economic crisis

in developed countries in developed countries has

entered a dangerous new phase.

Christine Lagarde says the

situation has been made worse

by what she describes as feeble

political leadership. And now she's urging she's urging developed countries to take

countries to take bold action

to break the cycle of weak

economic growth and high debt that's threatening the global

economy. But overall growth is continuing to slow down, continuing to slow down, the advanced economies advanced economies in

particular a facing a bumpy

recovery with unacceptably high

levels of unemployment. levels of unemployment. The euro area debt crisis euro area debt crisis has worsened. Financial strains are

rising and again, rising and again, without collective

collective bold action there is

a real risk that the major

economies slip back instead of moving forward. Christine

Lagarde. To the markets now and

the Dow has gone up 186 points:

Perfect weather is expected

for this Sunday's Sydney

running festival. Up to 35,000

runners are expected to take

part in the series of runs that

marathon and a include a marathon, a half

marathon and a few shorter

ones. Glenn McGrath is one of the ambassadors of the event and a short time ago he and a short time ago he spoke

to our reporter Ursula

Malone. Good morning, I'm here

in Sydney with Glenn McGrath who's running in this Sunday's

What are you hoping for this Blackmoore's running festival.

Sunday? This is the 5th year

we've been involved with we've been involved with the

running festival. We've always

done the family 4 k run but we thought we'd

thought we'd test ourselves thought we'd test

bridge run. Looking forward to this year and go for the 9 k

it. We all know your skills on

the cricket pitch, what are you

like with running? Not too bad

as long as it's reasonably as long as it's

flat. I did a lot of running

when I was younger so looking

forward to this Sunday. It's

going to be warm so there's

drink stations for the 9 drink stations for the 9 k,the

half marathon, the marathon,

but for all the guys doing the

family 4 k run make sure you take your

take your drinks. And are there

sort different levels people sort different levels

with compete at? So there's

four different ones. The four different ones. The family

fun run which is 4 ks, all of them go across the Sydney

Harbour Bridge and finish at Harbour Bridge and finish

the Sydney Opera House. the Sydney Opera House. And

there's a 9 k bridge run, half

marathon and the marathon.

We'll see what happens in

future years whether we upgrade

more. And what's the philosophy

competitive behind this run, is it a

behind this run, is it a competitive thing St Or is it more getting out there and

being healthy? It's both. The being healthy? It's both. The

guys who want to guys who want to be competitive, we'll have some of

the best runners in the best runners in the world running here but it's running here but it's about getting out, healthy, getting out, healthy, do

something with the family, to run across the Sydney Harbour Bridge is something do any other day of the year Bridge is something you can't

and you finish at the Sydney

Opera House. So there's a couple of iconic landmarks

involved in it and it's just

about having fun with

family and keeping fit about having fun with the

healthy. OK, we've got you today, we can't let you go healthy. OK, we've got you here without asking you about the cricket. The third Test starts

today what do you see happening there? It should be there? It should be good.

Looking forward to sort of

seeing how the guys go. Ricky Ponting's back after daughter's birth here in Ponting's back after his

Sydney. That's wh what he came

back for. I think Australia's been probably fairly dominant

in the Test series so far so

looking in the Test series so far so

looking forward to them

continuing that. Obviously

Shaun Marsh, the way he started

last Test match. The first one

where he got 100, he's been selected again, so selected again, so we'll see

how he backs up again. Will you be watching

be watching Australia in the rugby World Cup this weekend? Yes, definitely.

Looking forward to the rugby World Cup too. Supporting

Australia 100%. So I think it's

been a big few months with

Australian sport with obviously

Australian sport with obviously

Cadel Evans and Sam Stosur last week so hopefully the rugby

boys and the cricketers can

keep that momentum going. Thank you very much for that. McGrath and he will be running you very much for that. Glenn

this weekend in the Blackmore's running festival in Sydney. Thank you very much with Glenn McGrath who is

extremely tall. Paul Kennedy

joins us with sport or is it that

that Ursula's not that

that Ursula's not that

tall? He's tall. He looks fit

though. It sounds like he's got

a bad case of green and gold

fever. Hard to avoid at the moment. I've got people ringing

me saying can you record this

match and that match and all

I'm thinking is yes, but at

some point I'm going to have 35

men on my couch sitting there

watching the game. Just throw

them a bag of chips. Now let's

talk about the AFL because Ross

lion has headed over to WA this morning after

morning after the bombshell

yesterday. He's no longer with

the Saints. He's going to take

that offer that Fremantle put

to him and there he is talking

with his team on the weekend. I

wonder how the players are

feeling. They will roll with

the punches as players do. the punches as players

They'll get another coach and They'll get another coach

and down wondering what move on. The CEO seen pacing up

and down wondering what was

happening. He might take a

little longer to get over it.

Mark Harvey will have to try to

find a new job. He's been

replaced by Lyon at the Freo

dockers. There's a few other

jobs going so he might land one

of those. He will certainly

take a little while to recover

as well. But let's get back to

the action on the field because

there are two big finals in the

AFL this weekend and Lance

Franklin, let's hope he can

line up for Hawthorn. He looks

like he wants to play after

that knee injury last week.

They take on the Swans and

that's going to be a terrific

that's going to be a terrific

match between one team that was great last week and another

team that finished in the top

4, the Hawks, but faultered at

the first week of the finals.

And of course then Carlton will

take on the Eagles without

Bryce Gibbs which is a big loss

for Carlton. He was terrific in their win against Essendon last week

week and the Eagles may get

back Daniel Kerr. The players back Daniel Kerr. The players

rejected a pay offer from the

AFLa 5-year deal. The

AFLa 5-year deal. The players

want a 3-year deal because they

don't want to get locked in too

coming in they'll much if if their revenue keeps

paid more after that coming in they'll want to get

Let's move to the World Cup, paid more after that deal.

the Wallabies preparing to the Wallabies preparing to take

on Ireland. We heard Glenn McGrath's getting excited about

it. Let's hear from it. Let's hear from a cup of

the main players. Robbie Deans

on the desk preparing for the

match with his young guns. James O'Connor's redemption is

redemption is complete. I'm

stoked. Can't wait to play

against Ireland. He will join

the run on side for Saturday's clash against Ireland as the

surprise. But has the Wallabies' lead goal kicker. No

21-year-old learnt his lesson

about sleeping in? He's less

likely to take that jersey for

granted in the future. The

bench will be bolstered by bench will be bolstered by the

return from injury of winger Drew Mitchell. I'd prefer to

Drew Mitchell. I'd prefer to be

lacing up the boots than the

tie. Off field Quade Cooper

continues to draw publicity.

Apparently for all the wrong

reasons. New Zealanders haven't

forgiven him for his run in

with All Blacks captain Richie

McCaw during the Tri-Nations.

Even Nick far-Jones says Cooper

lacks respect. It could come

back and bite you. It

back and bite you. It won't be just him though, lit be the whole squad that will whole squad that will be

impacted by it. Someone should

tell boof heads like that to

pull their heads in. I don't

have any thoughts on the

matter. It's good to have Quade

with us and he's totally

committed to the best interests

of the team. As for the boof

head tag. Just have a look at

him. But Cooper insists he's feeling

feeling the love. I rather look at the positives and the positives

positives there that people are

backing us to make the final. But before then it's Ireland this Saturday. And

moving to the NRL, a moving to the NRL, a relatively

quiet build up for the finals

this weekend but they will be

having plenty of hot action in

those two matches. The Wests

Can Tigers to take on the Warriors.

Can the Warriors turn it

week by Brisbane in a around? They were belted last

disappointing performance. The

coach said he's not going to

change anything. His team will

just do things better just do things better this week

against the Tigers. I think against the Tigers. I think we

go back to what we did to get

there in the first place. We deserve to be here because deserve to be here because if

you look at that game last week

that's questionable but our

that's questionable but our

form leading up to the finals

was good with good teams and

that's what we've got to focus

on getting back to what got us

here in the first place. Ivan

Cleary there and don't miss the match between St George and

Brisbane on the weekend as Brisbane on the weekend as well

and that comment about boof heads. I like that. Reminds heads. I like that. Reminds me

of a line from Caddy Shack. of a line from Caddy Shack. If

you chuck all the boof heads

out of football what are

out of football what are you

going to have? Bill Murray

said, "Comuz excuse me, sir, if

I kill all the golfers they'll

lock me up and throw away the

key. Michael was getting very

exercised about that boof head

comment the other day and

getting upset and seeing this as

as poor sportsmanship and very

upsetting. I was thinking upsetting. I was thinking isn't

this what they say about each

other. You can't lose all the

boof heads. Very, very boof heads. Very, very quickly,

was the Lyon departure, was it treacherous? I don't think so.

He wants to win a plastic bag

- flag so he's going - flag so he's going to Fremantle. It's not

personal. He could have personal. He could have said goodbye. He could have, yes, but they might have handcuffed

him to his post maybe. I don't

know what he thinks will

happen. He's gone for a lot of money and

money and he's an ambitious money and he's an ambitious guy

and it doesn't surprise me he's

gone somewhere where he can try to lift the to lift the cup up. AFL obsessed places will be talking of nothing else this weekend.

Good to see you. Now Vanessa

with the weather. We've got

tandem tropical storms in the

Pacific at the moment. The main

one of interest is stale one of interest is stale fairly

weak. If the other

weak. If the other storm sl

about 2,000 kilometres south-east of Tokyo and looks

as though it won't have an

impact on the Japanese

mainland. For us today mainland. For us today cloud

associated with cold fronts are causing blustery show erls over WA south-west, Victoria and Tasmania. The band of high

cloud that we have here between

the fronts is connected to a

trough but not causing showers.

The slow-moving high still

keeping the rest of the country

fairly clear as it generated warm, north-west

warm, north-west erkly winds

over the interior. Westerly

winds spreading winds spreading showers about the tropics. Winds the tropics. Winds will strength en over the south-east. south-east. For Queensland today and mostly sunny

conditions, just a few showers

about the north-east tropics..

NSW, also a mostly sunny day

with south-west to north winds.

Victoria, isolated shoufrers extending across most of the

extending across most of the southern and mountain districts

with light to with light to moderate

north-west erkly winds. Tasmania, scattered shower

about the west, they will

extend across the State this morning. Strong westerly winds

in the south, 16 degrees in Hobart. Mostly sunny day for SA with warmer north westerly

winds. Adelaide heading for 24 and 33 degrees at Coober Pedy.

WA, isolated showers south-west of Geraldton

of Geraldton to Israelite Bay.

A sunny day for the north

although a few showers are likely along likely along the Northern

Territory's north coast and a

total fire ban again across the top end.

Now that's a round up of Now that's a round up of the morning

morning news here on ABC morning news here on ABC News.

Up next is Business Today Up next is Business Today but

we're going to keep you posted

right through the morning on

that fire in Canberra that we've been bricking to you right through this morning.

Explosions overnight leading to

a fire that's still completely

out of control according to the

latest from the fire fighters there, there, they believe they've got

a long way to go before getting

this under control. Have a great weekend. Closed Captions

by CSI

This Program is

Captioned Live. Good Business Today for Australian Network. I'm Whitney

Fitzsimmons. Coming up - liquidity boost, central banks agree to

agree to ump US agree to ump US dollars in Europe's banking system to kee

credit flowing. A rogue trader may have cost UBS $2 may have cost UBS $2 million.

And the hurdles and delays to the NBN are the NBN are mounting but will

it pay off. Those stories

coming up shortly but first

let's take a quick let's take a quick look at the

markets and we'll have more on what's happening around markets in a moment: