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(generated from captions) unfolding Greek tragedy. Program is Captioned Live An

Violent riots erupt Parliament approves new austerity measures.

The Federal Government and

the Greens close to a the Greens close to a carbon

tax deal. We've got through

some of the major hurdles and

we're now looking at sorting

out the detail and so on. I

think we'll get there. A Victorian man disappearance in the South

Australian outback. And

Bernard Tomic out of but not without a fight. Sooner Bernard Tomic out of Wimbledon,

or later I'll play like Novak

or Rafa and have a win. Until

then I've got to improve. Good Anger has turned to violence on morning, you're matching.

the streets of at theps as the Greek Parliament was passing

tough new austerity measures

riots erupted outside. Police

used tear gas and stun grenades

to quell angry demonstrators

who through tones and set a who through tones and set

post office on fire. The post office on fire. The tax

increases will Slash over $38 billion from struggling budgets. Many people

are protesting outside. Some

because they really really are suffering. Others

because they're losing perks

they had become used to.

They're protesting and that's

their democratic right, but the crucial thing is it no no-one,

not any family, not any of us

of the collapse. Earlier this lives through the consequences

morning our Europe correspondent Emma Alberici

told us there were no signs of

the vote there was a lot of talk of MPs crossing the floor,

but actually on both

even those on the conservative side had spoken about aligning themselves to the socialists

and perhaps voting in favour.

In the end it was 155 in favour which is the number of MPs ruling socialist party has in the the Parliament. 155 in favour,

138 against. Yes, a

comfortable victory for the

Government to pass through

quite a raft of strict austerity measures that austerity measures that include

the likes of a 15% cut in

public sector salaries as well as as 150,000 job losses across

the ranks of civil servants.

Also, a hike in the Greek

version of the GST. On certain

areas, like hospitality, for

instance, a cup of coffee here

in Greece will go up when 23% overnight. Some on these people which I guess

explains their reaction here on the streets, which as you can

hear behind me tonight you can hear. Not so comfortable for

the government. They have been

extraordinarily violent. As we

hear, still going on. What is it

it going gone behind you? It

is actually the numbers have dissipated, but the violence

has not. There are still

probably a few thousand in the square, possibly outnumbered by

police now, who are letting off

what are known as stunt grenades. They certainly have

the sound of being very

ferocious, but are nothing more ferocious, but are nothing more

than a scare tactic. They're

certainly scaring me every time

they go off, extremely loud and

designed to frighten the people in the square, but there are

their still a core group digging

square. They don't look like

they're in any hurry to get

oust there soon. Elise Kinsella

is an Australian tourist Breakfast' the police heavy-handed. From what Breakfast' the police have been

police are inciting a lot more very frightened here of the of the violence. People are

protesters, people who aren't police and not other

involved in the protests are

wanting to stay out of the way

of the police here. The of the police here. The person

I'm staying here with saw

police on motorbikes actually hit someone and run their

motorbikes through a cafe. It

is very tense. Obviously the austerity measures are a big part of the anger that's

erupted today, but also people are very angry at how heavy-handed the police have and wrangling over the carbon

close. tax may finally be drawing to a

close. Key players are keeping close. Key players are

their cards very close to their

chests but the Greens deputy leader Christine Milne has told 'ABC News Breakfast' a deal is not far through not far away. We are moving some of the major hurdles through now. We've got through

are looking some of the major hurdles and detail and so on, but I think

negotiating with the Labor we'll get there. We're

Government. We're negotiating

Everybody's views has to with two Independents.

respected. The great thing views do have to be taken into

account. Have to be respected compromises that can move the agenda forward but actually work for them. On that basis,

it is not going to everything the greens would it is not going to be

government or Independents would like, but we'll compromise. Northern beef producers will be meeting in Mt

Isa today to get answers about

the live export ban. Meeting

has been organised by the farm

group AgForce and will include

the Agriculture Minister Joe

Ludwig and representatives from Meat and Livestock Australia.

Our reporter Josh Bavas says producers are still in disbelief about the ban. The registrations have gone through

the roof. bringing people in, some producers from Longreach across the border from the Northern

Territory down from the gulf, so they're saying that this is

really the first time so many

producers will be talking to producers will be

senator Ludwig. It is really a

feeling of they're saying that

they're in shock really. They say they've come off the back

of so many years of drought,

they finally had a good year of rain. I spoke who was crying in front of me. She said she's six months pregnant and

who are in their 60s, have

actually given up the fight.

They say that they can't

continue. It is this battle of the way. They're saying

they just want a quick fix.

None of them said they've approved of what they've seen,

but they're saying it is a big hit to their industry. Josh

Bavas reporting. Police say a

Victorian man policing in south Australian outbreak tried to make one final phone call before vanishing last week. His family hopes he'll make it home but they say experience is very much out of

character. Matthew Smith has

the story. 28-year-old jas

sphon Richards and his dog

haven't Phil Senior since he

left his sister in Darwin left his sister in Darwin a

week after a half ago to drive home to Ballarat. home to Ballarat. His family say Esperance dis appearance is

out of character. He went

bush or something like that he

would have told me or my sister.

us like this. He was really

happy about coming home. He

said to me "I love you Missy. I'll see you I'll see you soon". Richards made contact with his family from Alice Springs and from Alice Springs and then

Coober Pedy a day after leaving Darwin before one unanswered phone call. There was also some phone contact, a

missed message on Tuesday morning, the 21st, signs that

time Jason has not time Jason has not been seen for heard of again. His burnt out out boat was found sparking a fruitless 5 80 search. Is there have been search. Is search. Is there have been 323 calls from search. Is there have been calls from supposed sitings from his calls from the public most of supposed vut. The circumstances of his

disappearance raise concerns for us in regards

disappearance raise concerns for us in regards to his safety and

partner is clinging on to hope. If he... See anything hope. If if you think you may hope. If he... See anything if you think you may have seen him if you think you him please contact him

him and his kids and I can't

wait as the rest of the can't wait for him

can't wait for him to come

home. Police are looking into

his purchase of the boat before

he left Darwin. Police have been patrolling suburbs in Melbourne's north overnight

after a series of drive-by

shooting and a fire bombing

over the past few days. Police

say they're concerned say they're concerned for public safety. Officers public safety. Officers door knocked more than 600 homes yesterday. They say the two families believed to be at

families believed to be at the

centre of violence are not

cooperating. An Australian man

has been arrested in has been arrested in the Philippine city after police

raided a brothel he manages.

About 100 sex workers have About 100 sex workers have been

Reece queued in a series of

raids on the city's clubs.

Police say Terence Smith will be charged with human

trafficking. If conflicted trafficking. If conflicted he

faces life in jail. A militant

attack on a western hotel in

Kabul has raised new questions

about the prospects for a peaceful transition in

taskforce. Bette Dam say Dutch

journalist and author based in

Kabul. She was reporting from the scene of the the scene of the attack

yesterday and this morning she's told 'ABC News Breakfast'

the raid reflected a growing

militant movement working again

the Afghan government. The situation in Afghanistan situation in Afghanistan by several groups who are more and

more groups are becoming

more groups are becoming the

enemy of the Afghan Government

here in Kabul. At first it was

the Taliban and immediately after the shots I heard near the hotel and then later on

another group from the east of

Afghanistan, the network, they claim we have to investigate

what's going on here. This group is a very fundamental

list group, very reluctant to

any negotiations with either

Hamid Karzai or with the

Americans. They are supported

by Pakistan. They by Pakistan. They mostly

operate from the border area in

Pakistan, closely related to Al

Qaeda, and that makes a big difference with the Taliban in

the south who have more... Who

are of course from the... But

some of them are willing to

talk. Also a system that is

corrupt here. The police,

know, it functions but there

are militants inside the police, there are poor

policemen who want to work for

money, so even if you have huge

walls and barbed wire around

the hotel like the Intercontinental, it can still happen by infiltration. That's

Dutch journalist Bette Dam

there. The family and friends

of two French journalists who

have been held hostage in Afghanistan are celebrating the

news of their release. Pair

and their Afghan interpreter

spent 18 months in captivity.

French President Nicolas

Sarkozy says they've been taken

to an army base in the

north-east of the country.

Burma's pro-democracy leader

Aung San Suu Kyi and her party

have been warned to stop all

political activities. State

media is reporting that military backed government military backed government has told her party it is told her party it is breaking

the law by keeping its officers

open as well as holding meetings and issuing

statements. Aung San Suu Kyi

was freed last November after 7

years under house arrest. For

two days protesters have been

back in Cairo's Tahrir Square

angry at the pace of reform in

Egypt. The military council

that took over the country has promised elections and prosecutions, but protesters

say it is not happening fast enough. Our Middle East correspondent Ben correspondent Ben Knight reports. Ever since February,

the fear has been that the

elation of Egypt's revolution

would give way no frustration.

That tension boiled over on

Tuesday night when a memorial

service for the hundreds killed

in the revolution turned ugly.

Thousands of protesters, mostly

young men, broke into buildings on a rampage of destruction in

the centre of Cairo. For the

first time since the fall of

Hosni Mubarak, riot police were deployed against Egyptian citizens, firing tear gas and

rubber bullets against the hail

of rocks. It came out because

I'm not about to abandon the

families of the martyrs who have

have the last thing remain ing to remind us of the revolution. Overnight, 5,000

protesters began bar raiding themselves into Tahrir Square.

It was a highly symbolic move.

The retaking of the heartland

of the Egyptian revolution. For months there has been simmering anger that the revolution won in this square

is turning into just another Middle East dictatorship. The

military council currently

ruling Egypt has promised

elections in September and has already begun prosecuting senior members of the old

regime, including Hosni

Mubarak, trying to diffuse the

tension. As dawn broke in

Cairo the fighting was still

going on as protesters began moving

moving towards the offices of

Egypt's interior Minister near Tahrir Square. But Tahrir Square. But some

Egyptians weren't throwing

stones. Instead, choosing to help the police put down the

protests. TRANSLATION: These aren't

aren't revolution Reece. They

have no clue about have no clue about revolution, politics or anything else. They're here to destroy,

nothing more. Reports say

nearly 50 police officers and

almost 150 civilians have been

hurt in the two days of

rioting. The military council

ruling Egypt has urged people

not to join the protests and risk derailing their own

revolution. But for some

patience is clearly running out. Ben Knight, ABC News. It

is there's than a week until

Thailand's election and opinion

polls fr polls will are winning

to a win for the opposition leader Yingluck Shinawatra.

leader Yingluck Shinawatra. It

is unlikely she'll win a an out

right ma your and will persuade

some of the minority parties it forming in a

government. For most Thais Sunday's election will be their third opportunity to vote in six years. The campaign ing

has been frenetic with both may

err parties promising perks for

voters. Opinion polls suggest

things are going the opposition's way with leading

the Democrats by 1.5% to 34. Kament about pain has been run in in the shadow of the in the shadow of the exiled former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra and his Shinawatra and his younger sister Yingluck Shinawatra the opposition leader has been taking full advantage. Her

reliance on her brother's

popularity could be a double edged sword is Thaksin Shinawatra for

Shinawatra for meanting antiroyal tis sent meants. Of those people prepared to those people prepared to choose

Yingluck Shinawatra only 15%

are backing her. The are backing her. The remaining 85% will vote for her because

of Thaksin Shinawatra. It is of Thaksin Shinawatra. It is a

claim not lost claim not lost on the Government which has labelled

the opposition leader as a

stand in. It is a choice for

the Thai people to decide on

whether they want a government

that works for them or a

government that will have to

work for Thaksin Shinawatra. As head of the Democrat party Abhisit Vejjajiva has led

Thailand for two years. This

will be his first real

electrical contest. Should he

win, then comes the task of

maintaining calm amongst supporters on both

sides. TRANSLATION: After the election there won't be any

violence but it will be about trying to form a government.

After that, if people want reconciliation we have to figure out the role of the army and the role of Thaksin

Shinawatra. S in's little doubt

the difficulty days lie ahead for whichever party forms

Thailand's next government. The

top stories on ABC News this morning, more violence has

erupted in Greece as its Parliament passes controversial

austerity measures. Police have used tear gas and stun grenades to quell angry

protesters who through stones

and set a post office on fire. The Federal Government The Federal Government and

frooens close to signing a deal

on the carbon tax. Senator Christine Milne told 'ABC News

Breakfast' all parties in those negotiations have had negotiations have had to compromise. Police are search

for a Victorian man missing in

the South Australian outback

for nor nan a week. Jason Richards hasn't been heard from

since he left a phone message

for his family more than a

for his family more than a week

ago. To finance news and ago. To finance news and US President Barak Obama has warn the Congress it must seize this moment moment to cut government spending. Talks between

Democrats and Republicans have

stalled as the country faces an August deadline to raise funds

to prevent a default on the $14 trillion national debt.

Earlier this morning Craig

McMurtrie told 'ABC News

Breakfast' that there's no signs of deadlock moving. He

was clearly very frustrated.

It has been three months since

he held a fuel press

conference. Obviously White House reporters badger White

House officials all the time to have access to the President.

This one was called on at

pretty short notice. He walked

out. It was a full room and out. It was a full room and he really let forth. He gave really let forth. He gave the

Republicans a bit of a

rocketing. He was saying that

his daughters do their homework early. In other words, he was questioning Congress's work habits, suggesting that Congress shouldn't be leaving

it until the last-minute. As you just

you just heard, he had a crack

at Republicans over their

refusal to accept any sort of

closing of tax loopholes or tax breaks, saying that this would

benefit millionaires and billionaires in the oil and gas industry and he was saying to

the reporters there that he

believes that there will be a

deal because in the end he doesn't believe the Republican position is sustainable. He

also spoke of a conceptual framework suggesting that there have been talks and those talks

have been success full. The inn congruity of his performance today was that on

the one hand he was saying that there is a possible compromise,

there will be a deal, but on the other hand he was the other hand he was really letting people know how

frustrated he has become.

Republicans have accused him of

being AOL on this issue and lacking leadership

lacking leadership V a listen.

Members of Congress need to understand we're going to start

having to cancel having to cancel things and stay here until we get it done.

They're in one week, they're

out one week, and then they're

saying Obama's got to step in.

You need to be here. I've been

here. I've been doing Afghanistan and Bin Laden and

the Greek crisis and you stay

here. Let's get it done. He's

hitting back at his opponents who say he has wean absent as

you suggested. What is really

happening? Are the happening? Are the Republicans

frustrating to get this deal

done. The problem with done. The problem with this

debt is looming with the IMF saying they're in serious problems. Yes, there's the

IMF warning. Economists have

issued open letters warning

dangers of a US default.

Everyone you talk to on both

sides it isn't really

conceivable the US conceivable the US would

default for the first time.

Some hardliners on the

Republican side are Republican side are questioning whether August 21 a hard

deadline. Barack Obama says it

is certainly a hard deadline. The Republican response to the

President's comments today gave

no sign of any sort of

movement. One Republican

Senator at a press Senator at a press conference afterwards said that afterwards said that the President's played 76 rounds President's played 76 rounds of

golf over the last few months

and hasn't moved a single vote in favour of his budget proposals and the Republican

speaker, John Boehner issued a

statement saying the President sorely mistaken if he believes

a bill to raise the debt

ceiling and taxes would pass

the house. That's you are US correspondent Craig McMurtrie.

Let's go to the market. US

stocks have climbed for the

third consecutive day boosted

by the Greek Parliament to pass

those austerity measures.

checking commodity prices:

The Australian dollar has

firmed this morning. to the

sport headlines now and Paul Kennedy Bernard Tomic couldn't

quite get there, but a gallant defeat nonetheless. Yes, he was

very, very admirable in defeat.

He lost in four sets, the young

Australian, 18 years old and

playing well above those years.

Novak Djokovic, however, had

the experience and the game to

work Tomic out in the end.

Bernard Tomic won Bernard Tomic won the second

set, you can see there it was

the second set point, so it

went one set each, but went one set each, but then

Novak Djokovic won the next two

6-3, 7-5 to no move through to the semifinals. Let's hear

from both competitors. I've

got a lot of work ahead of me. I definitely I think I I definitely I think I belong

with these guys. I'm heading

to America where it is much

shorter, best of three, it is a

bit different, but I think I have the physical strength now to play five sets and get

deeper into tournaments and

sooner or later I'll play like

Novak or Rafa or Roger and I'll

have a win. Until then I have

to improve. I had to work hard

for my points and some periods

of the match I was not feeling

great. Meaning I wasn't moving

well and then, you know, it was

kind of spending a lot of

energy on those rallies. But,

you know, to go through to another semifinal is the important thing and I'm delighted. Novak Djokovic's

record this year is 48 wins and

one loss. There was an you be

set last night Jo-Wilfried

Tsonga beat Roger Federer in

five sets, Federer was two sets

five sets, Federer was two sets

to love up winning 6-3, 7-6, those

those first two sets and he was unbackible from there because

he's never lost from that

position but de last night, 6-4, 6-4, 6-4, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga played gament of his

life. He was able to qualify

for the semifinals. The other

qualifiers are Rafael Nadal who

beat Mardy Fish last night in four

four sets and Andy Murray who beat Feliciano Lopez in three sets. Now it will be Rafael

Nadal versus Murray in Nadal versus Murray in one semifinal and Jo-Wilfried

Tsonga v Novak Djokovic in the

other semifinal. We'll let him

have his day in the sun before

we go to Roger Federer and

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. I remember seeing a

seeing a break point after I'd broken in the first game, but

it was close, you know. I had

my chances and he came up with

good stuff. So it's stuff. I

felt so good on the court. I was quick, I was just perfect

today and I don't know , every

time I was feeling like a dream, you Tsonga there. The Mohammed Ali dream, you know. Jo-Wilfried

look alike. Let's move to the

Matildas, they lost against Brazil one-nil last night in Brazil one-nil last

the first match of their World

Cup. They were just as pleased

as their coach was just as

pleased as the players to come

so close to one of the world's

best teams. Let's have take a look. (Australian anthem

plays). here's an opportunity. The Matildas get forward near

the post. Australia have a

good. another task and are looking

Simon. Draws good. Great ball played in by

Andria. A Simon. Draws the save out of Andria. A slight, she's

coming back fit. Defending. Brazil score. It coming back fit. Defending. Brazil score. It is Brazil score. It is Great disappointment for Australia, I'm sure. That's a I'm sure. shame. It is a very good finish. McCallum zeros in, delivers the corner. It delivers the corner. It is well delivered too. It's

scrambled away by Brazil some

how. Another shot fired in. There it is, full-time. For

Australia it was a great effort

achieved from the players. I think we

achieved a lot out of game

achieved a lot out of game

today. Obviously disappointed

with the result, but I think we showed today the people and have been acknowledged showed today the people here

the people here the quality of football we've tried to play.

We just nearly got something at

the end. Disappointed but He would be very pleased He would be very pleased that

his young players played his young players played so

well, the 16-year-old Caitlin

Foord was one of his stand

fought players. But what about

the Joeys, you may the Joeys, you may ask. What about about the Joeys? They've done

down four-nil to Uzbekistan.

This is the World Cup 17s. They needed a good result here to stay in the

competition. Uzbekistan has

been playing very well indeed

and they scored four goals.

The third one Conor Chapman

back. Here it is here. own-goal there. They'll celebrate representing their

country and look to bright futures those under 17s as they head home from Cup. Vanessa O'Hanlon is here head home from the World

with the weather. Serious

floods hitting the Philippines. These floods have

been devastating. They've

killed at least 25 people and

dozens and houses were away in the south as dozens and houses were swept

overflowing rivers triggered a deluge

deluge that reached as high as

3 metres in some areas. Cloud is over the weekend. Back home.

Cloud is passing over SA. It

is causing a few light showers

mainly near the coast.

Scattered cloud over WA still

causing a few showers as well and low cloud continues to

linger over the Queensland east

coast. The strong high is still dominating the coastline winds on showers on to the Queensland and northern NSW Queensland and northern NSW

coast. It is keeping the rest

of the east fairly dry. Another front

Another front is causing

showers and winds to increase

in WA. For Queensland, strong south easterly winds south easterly winds will

continue with showers along the

coastline. There will be more frequent along

tropical coast. NSW, a mostly sunny day apart from isolated

showers on the north and

Isolated showers in the far Central Coast and ranges.

south-west. Heading a top of 17 degrees, 19 Tasmania cloudy at time in the

north. Sunny coast from the lower Eyre Peninsula and south-east.

north-easterly winds. In WA

says isolated for the shouth

towards Esperance. Could get

around 25mm. A trough is

causing showers in the far western Pilbara otherwise a mostly clear day ahead in the

Katherine north. A top of 30 degrees for

Katherine and Darwin.

Tomorrow, the showers will

increase in Perth, a mostly of 30 and morning frost against

for Canberra, minus 4 overnight for Canberra, minus 4 overnight

but heading for a top of 15 but heading for a top of 15 and sunshine. That's great news

thank you. That's a round-up

of the morning news. Up next

is Business Today. Stay tuned

to ABC News 24. We plan to bring you live the Prime

Minister's scheduled press

conference at 11 o'clock

eastern time this morning. For

me for now. Goodbye. This Program is Captioned Live Wed Fitzsimmons. Buying time,

package Greece passes its austerity

the streets. package as violence escalate on

the International Monetary Fund the streets. Debt showdown,

warns of dire consequences if

the US doesn't ceiling. And trading future -

China and billions in new contracts.

Those stories coming shortly. First let's take a quick look

session will start the day at the markets. The local

in a moment. Yesterday in the

region trade was higher.