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Backbenchers want changes to anti-terror laws -

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(generated from captions) tougher new counter-terrorism laws - For John Howard, that also means the sooner, the better. are attracting plenty of critisism But the planned changes

published the draft legislation after the ACT Chief Minister on his website. is engaging in I guess Mr Stanhope Labor Party politics a bit of internal because some of his own people in this area, don't like any legislation let alone this legislation. Far from backing away, to release Jon Stanhope has promised as well. any further drafts of the Bill I have a Caucus, I have a Cabinet

that has a right to know and I also have a community that I make on their behalf. the basis of decisions

Is it a good thing to discuss these laws? that the public has an opportunity Well, obviously. We live in a democracy. to discuss these laws. We need an opportunity State Labor colleagues disagree. But some of Mr Stanhope's I wouldn't have done that. the sovereignty of Cabinet. I think it's important to respect I would have done. It's not something

been made to the legislation. Some minor changes have already The Prime Minister says from the states. he's yet to hear any complaints in touch with me - not one. Not one of them has been and putting into legislation We will be supporting what we agreed to at COAG. a fight with the Prime Minister. We're not interested in having the Prime Minister. We will work with is less convincing. The ACT Chief Minister but I'm not at all relaxed about it. I've agreed to the package, the Prime Minister's own back bench It seems some of

share that sentiment. the proposed new laws A Coalition committee examining has already had six hours of talks Philip Ruddock. with the Attorney-General, and discussions will continue. They've requested some changes John Howard denies suggestions been watered down. the laws have already in that legislation What is going to be and the states agreed to - is what I announced no more, no less. are also unhappy Some Liberal backbenchers into the legislation that a Senate inquiry to just one day of hearings. has been limited

Narda Gilmore, Lateline. After a month of wrangling, has a new government. New Zealand finally has put together Prime Minister Helen Clark a minority Labour Government the controversial MP Winston Peters in a deal which will also see of Foreign Affairs Minister. take on the role Gillian Bradford reports. New Zealand correspondent It was never going to be easy New Zealand government, forming the next would end up doing a deal but few picked that Labour with an old enemy. become Minister of Foreign Affairs, Right Honourable Winston Peters will Minister of Racing, of Senior Citizens. and Associate Minister the level of Asian immigration Winston Peters has long criticised in New Zealand a militant underbelly of Muslims and has also claimed there's

operating in the country. has granted his wish Now Helen Clark on the world stage. to represent New Zealand I considered it, portfolios that I could take but I considered it the only compromise New Zealand First. and not - how shall I put it? -