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Poisoning not ruled out in horse deaths -

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ALI MOORE, PRESENTER: The owner of more than 20 quarter horses which died from a mystery illness on
a property west of the Gold Coast says they may have been deliberately poisoned.

Two more horses fell ill on the Kooralbyn property last night and were euthanased by vets this

Twenty one animals have now died and one of the surviving four horses is showing symptoms of the

A spokesman from the affected property says there are reports someone was seen feeding the animals
at night.

DAVID BARRY, PROPERTY SPOKESMAN: I can't see why someone would deliberately do that. It could also
be done by accident. We don't know what's been handed across the fence.

ALI MOORE: The surviving horses have been moved to a new location.

Biosecurity Queensland is conducting tests on the dead animals and hasn't ruled out poisoning from
paralysis ticks, weeds or water contamination.