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Australian pilot arrested in Fiji over union -

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ALI MOORE, PRESENTER: An Australian pilot and Fiji union official has been arrested and imprisoned
in the Pacific Island nation.

37-year-old Air Pacific pilot Shalend Scott was arrested and imprisoned last week.

Unions say Mr Scott, who is secretary of the Fijian Pilots Association, was arrested as part of a
tough crackdown on unions in the country. They want Qantas, which part-owns Air Pacific, to help
secure his release.

BARRY JACKSON, AUST. AND INTL PILOTS ASSOC.: They'd have a fair amount of sway I'd have thought,
owning 46 per cent of Air Pacific, and we are deeply concerned, as I say, for this sort of
behaviour around the globe with Qantas' expansion plans.

ALI MOORE: The ABC reported a fortnight ago that Air Pacific was being accused of paying for the
anti-union decree to be drafted by lawyers.

The Department of Foreign Affairs says Mr Scott has been charged with unlawful access to documents
and is receiving consular assistance.

While in Australia today, Qantas engineers called off industrial action at the last minute but it
was too late for the airline to get its cancelled flights back in the air.