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Legal hope for 14yo boy arrested in Bali -

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ALI MOORE, PRESENTER: There's some positive news today for the 14-year-old Australian boy being
held on possible drug charges in Bali.

The head of Bali's drug squad has confirmed police will treat the boy as a minor who needs drug

Indonesia correspondent Matt Brown reports from Denpasar.

MATT BROWN, REPORTER: At Bali's police headquarters they're getting ready to celebrate the
anniversary of the construction of their Hindu temple, while upstairs in the Drug Squad, the
14-year-old Australian boy awaits his fate, buoyed by a call from Julia Gillard on the Australian
ambassador's phone yesterday.

MOHAMMAD RIFAN, FAMILY LAWYER: Yeah, a surprise here for the family and the boys because get very
close attention from the Prime Minister like that.

MATT BROWN: However today the ambassador, Greg Moriarty, chose the back door for his diplomacy. The
consul-general in Bali, Brett Farmer, was equally tight-lipped.

BRETT FARMER, CONSUL-GENERAL IN BALI: The ambassador's making all the media comments, thanks.

MATT BROWN: The ambassador spent around 45 minutes with the head of Bali's drug squad reviewing
details of the boy's arrest. The Prime Minister's office says yesterday the ambassador passed his
phone to the boy so Julia Gillard could tell him the Government's doing all it can to help, but
today he wouldn't be drawn on the details.

Ambassador, was the Prime Minister able to reassure the boy?

While the case has top priority in Canberra, Indonesia's police chief hasn't heard the details.
"Just let me check about it first," he says.

Bali's police spokesman has confirmed the boy is being treated as a minor, but his future is still
up in the air.

The head of Bali's drug squad, superintendent Mulyadi, has told the ABC the boy is being dealt with
under the law for minors with a drug problem. But he says the case that he should be released into
rehabilitation instead of being sent to prison still needs to be proven in court.

A resolution to the case is still weeks away.

Matt Brown, Lateline.