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(generated from captions) are legislators and senators. "These people you're talking to "Well, now, Florence. And I stood up and I wondered - to change the law. and her lone-handed crusade to put her attacker on trial Her rape, her battle Florence Holway. the story of a remarkable woman, Tonight, from Home Box Office to hear you say it. Well, it's taken 12 years I am sorry. I'm very sorry. you were sorry to me? You haven't said I am sorry." "Yes, I am very remorseful, The only thing I can do is say, face to face with her attacker. After 12 years, in this rape case. I am the victim the survivor of a violent crime. An 87-year-old grandmother, THEME MUSIC

held the back of my head. And the other one went across my mouth. and one of these hands came out of the dark And, uh, these two hands and it's skinnier." "it's got bushy hair And I thought, "This isn't Bill - into my bedroom without knocking." "Because Bill would never come "Bill? No, that can't be Bill. And I thought, on the left side. was coming toward my bed, and this figure And I raised my head up and looked in one corner of my bedroom. There was a disturbance About midnight, I was awakened. and went to...sleep. and climbed into bed and checked on my cats And I brushed my teeth who might come home. because I had a tenant and I put on the porch light at the end of the driveway I put on the light and there various things I do. I started to get to bed, FLORENCE: About 8:30 or so I had my audience. and the legislators laughed. The senators "And that's a lot of nonsense." is inferior to the male. "that the female "There's some kind of myth rampant And I said, "Lets go to town, kid." And I thought, "They have some power."

"Isn't this nice?" And presently he said... He didn't answer. of Penzance' next Thursday night. I was going to be in 'Pirates And I didn't want to die. to kill me, aren't you?" And I said, "You're going how could this have happened to me? "My God, this kind of thing - And I lay there and I thought, before he got in. And he had to try to penetrate a lot and try to penetrate me. and get on top of me and pull up my flannel nightdress and grab me and throw me on the bed His answer was to turn around I am an old woman, almost 76." and I said, "Young man, and walked to the foot of the bed, on the right side, So I got out of bed "And I'm an old woman." "My God, this man is gonna rape me. and I thought, over his head, as he was taking something off And then I...looked at him and we don't want them disturbed. We all have circles he said, "Don't disturb my circles." came in to kill him, uh, when the soldiers And I thought of Archimedes - interested in their projects. And old people really are I've got that I'll never finish. (Sighs) ..think of all the projects And... "This is a heck of a way to go." and those other people. "like Nella and Ginger and Polly a decent burial, "I'm not going to have "Here I am, going to die. And I thought... that this was happening. I was so surprised and choked me. And those hands went around my neck I let out one piercing SCREAM. to talk to an old lady. Which is no way for anybody "Shut your fucking mouth." And this voice says, "Shut up."

hog-tied, tssk. And, uh, there I lay, and tied the ankle to those knots. and bent it up And then he took my poor, right leg in the middle of my back. and tied them together And he took my two hands which I'd just bought. off of a telephone And he had torn the cord I heard a tearing sound. what he wants to with it." "And let him do the bag of bones that's left. "And he can have "Let her watch what is going on. And I thought, I rafted Florence out of the window. And since the window was open, breaking several teeth. And this time he hit me in the face, around the neck again. Because then he grabbed me Mistake! to get him away from me. and I pushed with my feet and he was pushing down at me my feet over his shoulders ..I had my legs... And finally, uh... Good NIGHT. this a new experience." And I thought, "Well, shucks. And then he sodomised me. and threw it on the floor. in four pieces, pulled off my nightdress so that I was on my stomach, turned me around With that, off of me "I ought to come every week." "Isn't this good?"

No car. and then I looked for his car. into the back entry And I got down the steps room, don't stop at the telephone." And I thought, "Go through the next but I didn't latch the door. very quietly I went along to the door don't latch the door." And I thought, "Leave this room, MENACING MUSIC and feel, "Let's get out of this." ..stark naked, be standing by that open window... I suppose it was such a shock to was beside it! when I looked down at it, and, by golly, the right one, So I slid my left foot out of bed take it." "It's the only chance you have - And after a while I thought, But I felt, "Just take it easy." I think I prayed. I waited and waited. "So wait." "without waking him up. other foot off of his body "The trick will be getting your you can get that out of bed." "Your left foot is ambulatory, Let's make a plan. of this situation, Florence." "for you to get out "There may be some way ..I thought to myself, Well... I suppose as a kind of insurance. and laid it across his body, And then he took one of my legs and laid his head on my pillows. He got into bed and undid the knots. Finally he came back

I got it started and drove out of the driveway. And you can see Bill's house from this...this part and I was so afraid he would chase after me. And these people have locked their doors, you see. So I went up on the breezeway step and I rang...rang the bell. And I prayed, "Dear God, don't let him come after me. "Dear God, let somebody hear me. "Dear God, give me a break." And suddenly I heard Squire bark. DOG BARKING I open the door and she says, "I've been raped, I've been raped." over the visor. and I always kept the key So into my own car and get him. He just ran out of the house and grabbed a baseball bat. When he went out that door, I had visions of, oh, he was gonna just kill this man. Shirley wrapped me in a blanket and then she tried to put some warm socks on my feet. So she took off those boots and the three children started coming down the stairs. This was Easter morning. They thought the Easter Bunny had come. I was on patrol and I got a call of an assault, a sexual assault in progress. I was in the middle of town and I knew where the Holway residence was so it was a short response time. BILLY: I told the policeman, "I'll go around and unlock this door." I see there's a lump in the bed. And you just never expect to hear anything like that and, um... And he's still in my bed. Yes, and she didn't tell us that. I mean, we got her into the house and I screamed to Billy who was coming down the hallway anyway. Billy was ready to go out

I opened the door for the police. They both barge in and they push me aside. Right up to the wall. They go right in and they get him. They collar him right in the bed. You know, we'd moved down here to look after Florence. We'd moved down here was there with you, you were OK. My hand is cold as the...devil. Oh, mine is too. Yeah. They're both like ice. I'm not sure what the lump is. It could be anything. And I turn the light on. And sure enough, there was something there. to make sure that...(Sighs) ..the place was maintained and she was looked after and, yeah, I felt... I felt terrible. I felt awfully guilty the fact that, um, I hadn't told her to lock her doors and, uh... Yeah, I felt awful guilty. FLORENCE: Wolfeboro isn't too far away. It's only 13 miles. And presently, I was in the hospital. And here was Doctor Adams, who's been treating my children for years, and he said, "We need evidence. Sign here." And Shirley had slipped into the seat beside my bed where they had me laid out like a piece of meat And she held my hand during the whole...examination. I know you were very uncomfortable with it and I...I just told her this is necessary. And, uh, I think as long as somebody

I think that's probably just one of the things all the kids remember. Christmas or her birthday or whatever, she'd be doing watercolours and she'd just say, "Hold it! "Right there, hold that pose." We always held the pose for a little while. And there's Billy. He was walking then. This was his...his first Christmas. SHIRLEY: Oh, those are very good, Grandma. I cooked in front of that fireplace when we had the hurricane. And they loved it. Probably it was the most dangerous thing in the world. BILLY: I could tell you all kinds of stories. I guess something that's always stuck with me is, uh, "Don't be afraid." After you're raped, you're in trauma. I didn't come out of trauma, you see, for four days. By gosh, I went here and there. And I just did the next thing just as if I was the old Florence. (All sing to piano accompaniment) BILLY: Well, ever since I can remember she said, "Hold that pose." 'Pirates of Penzance' - we started rehearsing in January. And I had rehearsed so much, it never even occurred to me not to keep on with it. And of course, I wanted to sing my little solo. (Sings) # The question is # Had he not been a thing of beauty # Would she be swayed by quite as keen a sense of duty? # LAUGHTER (Mabel sings) # For shame # For shame... # The next day I went to 'Pirates of Penzance'. And the next day I went again. And then, at four o'clock in the morning, I woke up screaming. And I sat up on the side of my bed. The tears were coming from my ankles. And I cried...the dog howled, Shirley came and put an arm around me. I cried more. Billy came and then I really bawled. This went on for four hours and more. I didn't realise what a rape does to a person. You forget your keys, you forget anything you put down or where you've put it. You look over your shoulder constantly because someone's coming round the corner after you. Your life sort of falls apart. You're not the same person you were, that's all there is to it. Well if they don't bring all this stuff in, I guess I better get in the kitchen. I had gotten through my first month after my rape. I had been waiting patiently for a court case, which I thought was going to be the last of July. After my escape from the rapist, when I heard a voice say, "We've got him." I had a feeling of intense relief. The monster would never be able to do to another person, what he had done to me. How naive can you get? I can remember when I went to her house and we sat down at the kitchen table and Bill was there and Shirley was there and Florence was there. And I remember I had to tell her about a plea agreement. Florence says, "So, I don't think you'll have a court case." And I said, "Why not?" "The county attorney wants to have a plea bargain. "And his letter for the plea bargain is in the mail." And I remember she stood up, and she was in a walker at that time and she was so upset. I was indignant. I was mad. The plea bargain offered this man 12 years for admitting that he raped and sodomised me. And if he would admit that he had done these things, burglary and false imprisonment would not be included. And the fact that I was attacked and choked wasn't even mentioned. He should have been sentenced on five counts. BILLY: This guy that has raped my Mum, he really isn't gonna get the full consequences of his actions. We were all flabbergasted. I found out that the county attorney had all this say in the matter of a rape. And I said, "Susan, what can I do?" "Well my advice to you "is to see the County Attorney Fitzgerald, personally, "as soon as possible." Shirley handed me the phone. She said, "Somebody will go with us. Get who you can." And it was then about 10 o'clock. So I called people. I called people until 20 minutes after 2am. And instead of waiting until 6 o'clock for my exercises, I did them at 5 o'clock. And I wrote a petition, I wrote it in pencil. I put it in my typewriter and typed it. And I had it in my hand when I got into Shirley's car at 7:30. BILLY: A lot of the neighbours got involved in it. And we all went right up to the courthouse and made a ruckus. I stood on my two crutches and Mr Fitzgerald said, "Do sit down, Mrs Holway." I said, "I'd rather stand." And I said to him exactly what I had in this petition. My anger and indignation at this, having been done without my knowledge. And of course, why I wanted the court case. Oh, he was slippery as an eel. I'm the daughter of a lawyer, they are slippery people. Since I can remember, she's been telling our school boards and officers and judges and anybody else that told her that, this is the way things are and this is the way things are gonna be. And she would always stand up and say, "Well, that's not right. That's not fair. "That's not the way it should be." And I realised I was up against a stone wall with this man. That county attorney simply said, "A plea bargain is what we'll do because I have no evidence. "There wasn't any semen." I thought everyone knew that rape is not a sex crime. It has nothing to do with sex or semen - it's a case of violence and hatred. You see this man is not up with us, he is somewhere in the far distant ages. The assailant uses his sex organ as a weapon. I was left bleeding and he went into this bathroom and he flushed something down the toilet. Bill found that in the septic tank. But it had been in there too long. Here this was July, so I couldn't prove it was his. REPORTER: While he was raping you, could you tell if he had a condom on? No. Could you tell us why you wouldn't be able to tell? I don't think I've ever been raped with a condom. The county attorney felt that because he didn't have some physical evidence, it would become very difficult for him to find him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. That was the basis for his decision in agreeing to a plea agreement. SHIRLEY: I just had no idea that this was the way things were handled. We thought this would be a great trial, and that's what we were hoping for. I mean, we, no question in our mind that there would even not be a trial. And I thought, "Good Lord, I can't tell a judge "and I can't tell a jury what happened to me. "But I can tell the newspapers." Florence called me at the paper. I was working for a paper called, 'The Wolfeboro Times' I was a college intern, I was 20 years old. She refused to speak to anyone other than me. She had been given my name by someone who knew my family. And I called her, we connected and the next day I went out and spent several hours with her and she was very emotional at that time. She was very nervous about going public, but she felt it was something she needed to do. So we talked about the story, I went back I wrote it. I took it to my editor and the paper was very nervous about running the story. They just didn't feel it was necessarily appropriate material for us because we were a small town, a sort of a family-friendly paper. They did agree to run it, but they buried it inside the paper. Within, I believe, a few days, it got picked up by the AP and there was a lot of media coverage and it started popping up all over the place and other papers. But it became apparent very quickly that it was going to be a big story. And elderly Alton woman is tonight telling her story of rape to the world. 72-year-old Florence Holway is crying out for justice. These two hands came out of the dark. It was just like a horror movie. WOMAN: The alleged rapist is working out a plea bargain. They gave him a few years, and good behaviour and he's out and he's raping again. Florence Holway says she wants the possibility of getting a maximum 45-year sentence. The county attorney says that he's got to do what's practical. We are lessening the probabilities of any lesser sentence being imposed. I thought if there was enough publicity, that the county attorney would change his mind and give me a court case. And you'd be surprised at the number of phone calls he had. He had thousands of phone calls. And everybody was telling him that he was being a jackass. But he would not change his mind. And he held out. When a plea bargain is decided, the victim can speak. And by gosh, you know, I speak. It was a hot day in July, the flies were buzzing in and out. There were no microphones that worked. And I talked about 40 minutes. I used up a tape. My opinion at the time of her was going...was saying, "If this goes to trial, this would be an excellent witness." I was sort of dreading this whole experience and I was just trying to get through it. I knew how it was gonna come out. The judge talked to that man for 15 minutes, asking him if he was sure that he wanted to plead guilty. And what was he going to do in jail all that time. And he was quite friendly with him. He didn't ask me how I was going to get my life back together. I grew up in Belmont, Massachusetts. I didn't want to have anything to do with being married to anybody until I was about 28. And then I thought, "Shucks, I better make up my mind and marry somebody," because I wanted a family. And in a uniform, Mr Holway looked good. And he had a Ford convertible. I was so enthusiastic about all of this. I guess. (Laughs) I just thought that baby was the most thing... most wonderful thing in Creation. And then, one day, Mr Holway decided that he had had enough of marriage. And I had, at that time, three little boys and a girl in the crib. Billy was really a mistake. Best mistake I ever made. REPORTER: Has your relationship with Bill and Shirley changed because of the rape? I don't think so. You see, um, when I got to be 80, I had been having trouble with a...left ankle. This is the same left ankle that this girl has taken care of all these years. And so, I went into a hospital, and got a complete hip, on this side. Um, the next day after I had it, I was up, going back and forth to the bathroom, and walking on my foot, which swelled up to about three times. And then he did a knee. After each of these operations, these people took me into their house, and I knew - I was knitting another sweater for... I wish you'd answer the questions, for God's sake! Cut to the chase, here! They don't want to hear a life story about your operations, has it affected our relationship or not? Yes or no? And how? You won't give me a chance to tell them. 'Cause they're gonna run out of tape before you get to the answer! The guy's falling asleep with his earphones on over there! LAUGHTER You see, that's just the way he was when I went the first time. And he hasn't changed a bit. All you had to do was have some kind of a problem, and he busts up. I'm not busted up! Just answer the poor people's question here! They don't want to stay for dinner! They've bought us lunch! They gotta... he wants to go see his aunt. 10 years he hasn't seen this aunt! It's closing in on dinner time. You're only on the second hip joint, for God's sake! Come on! Move along! He hasn't changed. But we get along fine. (Laughs) And he loves her dearly. Come on! Come on, Florence. He can't stand it. Jesus! I love him. And he loves me. And we get along fine.

It took five and a half months of staying at Bill's house before I could come over here and be comfortable. I took all the paper off the walls. I re-did the ceiling, or Byron, my second son, re-did the ceiling. Oh, I had a locksmith come. I have bolt locks on that door, and that door, and that door, now. We did go down to the firing range, and Florence learned how to load a .38 and shoot a .38. And, actually, was a pretty good shot. I'm not saying that's the right thing to do, to have a gun and, and give it to your mother to protect herself. Um, you know, but I think it's right the thing for us. We live in fear. Not only in fear of attack, but in fear that the justice system will not protect us from attack. I was raped twice. Once by my assailant, and again by an inept justice system. NEWSREADER: 6,266 signatures are now in the hands of this committee. Signatures that support tougher sentences for convicted rapists. The public outcry for change stems from the story of Florence Holway. It was really Florence Holway's case that drew attention to this crime. That made the legislature and the public decide that it was time to do something about it. And the public demanded that something be done about it. I put down 25 minutes. "Florence, you can't have 25 minutes! "There are 30 people going to talk here! "You can't have more than 10 minutes." I said, "Well, I'll just leave it, just in case." And you know what? Senator Frasier called me first to talk. And I stood up, and I wondered, "Well, now, Florence, "these people you're talking to are legislators and senators. "They have some power." And I thought, "Let's go to town, kid." And I said, "There's some kind of myth rampant "that the female is inferior to the male. "And that's a lot of nonsense." The senators and the legislators laughed. I had my audience. This man is a dangerous criminal. And from my point of view, should be in a cage for the rest of his life, to keep him away from society. People that would never have been able to relate to this crime, related to her. And Florence talks in great detail. She was able to talk, which is very unusual for a victim of a violent crime. To be able to sit before someone and talk about something so invasive and so personal. Florence Holway's crusade is far from over. At a victims' vigil, she told an audience, "I wasn't leading him on." For her, the new laws are still not enough. As a result of her courage, and telling her story, we did change the laws. They increased the penalties from 7.5 to 15 years for a first offence, to 10 to 20 years. If you're convicted twice, it's now 20 to 40. And if you're convicted three times, it's mandatory life without parole. Three strikes, you're out. That was huge. The sexual offender registry that was created as a result of Florence's case, will affect John LaForest. And he will have to register for the rest of his life. Now, there is no plea agreement that's done in this county, unless the victim has had some say, is aware of it, and if they don't agree with it, it's not accepted. She brought attention to the issue. Not only did she bring attention, but she brought action. Florence is kind of my hero. To be a woman her age, who's never had to face those kinds of issues, and to come out how she did - fighting, was...she's just ultimately amazing to me. Well, I wish you luck. Thank you. You need luck, and you are good. (Laughs) Thank you. Purify my heart, illumine my powers. I lay all my affairs in Thy hands. Thou art the greatest. I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from God. Are you there? BILLY: Get your ass up and let's get going here. Come on, let's boogie. We'll point ourself in the right direction, and we'll go. Alrighty? Shoes. Yes, shoes. Shirley, do you know where this place is that we're going? SHIRLEY: Got all your notes and everything in your purse? Yeah. You're all set. A second set, too. I would say that's where we're going, right there. Anybody want to put bets on that? Ah, ah! Whoa, what are you gonna do? She doesn't have her leg down. I sure am a lot of trouble. You sure are. I don't know what the hell we can do about that. We're all set. Oh, we're all set? Yep. Thank you. MAN: The premise of the parole board in all of these cases, sex offence cases, generally, is we try never to max anyone, especially sex offenders. Because, to us, that's more dangerous than giving someone parole under very, very strict circumstances. By doing what we do and following the program that we do, we find that the public safety is well-protected under the circumstances, in almost all cases. This man has voluntarily done the sex offender program. It is an intensive program of one year, and they say that he's completed the program in a proper manner. Has he been examined by a psychiatrist? I...That I don't know. I don't think he has YET. We do have very, very intensive supervision when they go out. Our recidivism rate and just keep that in mind, for repeat offences - is 2%, which is really, really, very, very good. Well, I have never heard of any remorse...he might feel. Well, you may not have, and we have not heard YET. But we may. Have you heard everything that she has said? Yes, I have. Alright. you think the Sexual Offender Program did for you? Oh, I...I went beyond that. Well, go ahead. I went to, er... the Summit House program for drugs and alcohol, and I did the Victim Impact, and I saw her on the tape, and I...I mean, I developed a... ..a sense of empathy. I understand what empathy means. I don't see why any of us do it. I-I...I'm talking about everybody in general, because everybody creates victims, and they don't even realise it - from calling names to thinking bad about 'em, or talking bad about 'em behind people's backs. I think that you should try to confine your comments to YOUR experience in the Sexual Offender Program. I'm not interested in what your opinion is on the daily mistakes that people make within the normal bounds of conduct. Right. I'm interested in the rape of a woman in this case. There's a HUGE difference, and I want to understand that you know that difference. Oh, I know that difference. Well, we'd like to hear you speak about it. As...As... It's wrong! It's...It's...downright wrong. I mean, er... I think that the bottom line is that even in your parole write-up, you really don't speak about the victim in this case. Given the seriousness of this offence and what an aberration it was for you, given your history before this, we're... I think we're a little troubled about letting you out again without knowing - as Mrs Holway herself suggested - that a psychiatrist says that that even YOU say you don't have a risk of reoffence, which you haven't said! I'm very remorseful, OK? But me sitting here and telling you that I'm very remorseful... I'm sure that you've heard it all. The only thing that I can do is live as though I'm very remorseful. That's... That's the only thing that I can really do is to SHOW. Well, you shouldn't minimise the value of your words, because we've read an entire sheet of everyone's words about this case, and it's all we have to go on, and we're not that cynical. So your words DO matter, and they do count, and you should use them to express whatever remorse you have. The only thing I can do is just say, yes, I am very remorseful. I'm sorry. You haven't said you were sorry to me! I AM sorry! I'm very sorry. Well, it's taken 12 years to hear you say it. Mr LaForest, had you ever committed any acts like this before this case? Nothing like it? No. Well... Er...As far as... I mean... Yeah. As far as, like, say, if you're... From what I understand, if you want to have sex, and your spouse doesn't wanna have sex, or your girlfriend doesn't wanna have sex, and you kinda woo her into it, that's...that's a, er... Like, a passive/aggressive rape, or something like that, and, er... But this was an EXTREMELY violent and... ..way... You know, way in the outer edges of a sexual offence. Where did this come from? Your comments are not that helpful to us in understanding whether or not YOU understand what you did! Oh, I understand what I did. Have you ever had a polygraph? Yes. Regarding that question as to whether or not you have other victims? Basically, we are not quite satisfied yet with all the information that we have. We're going to request further information, in the form of a polygraph test, in the form of a much more detailed report before WE feel comfortable with making ANY type of decision as to your release. Thank you, dear. We all should have a drink. Yeah! (Chuckles) Oh...We don't need one, now! (Chuckles) Looks different with his hair cut. His hair used to go down to here on him. And he was clean! Evidently they make them take showers. Well, there's two things I'm awfully sorry I lost through that happening - out there repeating and all... I just don't want him just not what people do. That's...That's is murder that jerk. All he'd have to do That's the way things work. Because if he had, HE'D be in jail! but by gosh, I'm glad he didn't! And he's sorry, We were naive. because we didn't know. But we didn't, to kill him when he was here... if he'd only had the sense Yes. 'Cause Billy was saying, before we worry. It just gives us a little more time, Well, they've kept him today. I certainly did. Did you? How did you do it? No, 'cause I unlocked it. Is it locked? But you can't have everything. and the other was my peace of mind. and one was my teeth,

International Pty Ltd Captioning and Subtitling Closed Captions provided by (Chuckles) But I certainly stirred up things! before his maximum time. he was going to be out today. Well, I thought they were gonna give it to him. And somebody asked me, what can you do to be safe? I am no more safe now, in this farmhouse, than I was 12 years ago. I had no control, and I don't. they'll set up, No, he's got another parole hearing the last time I'll have to... I guess this is