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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. the 2012 Olympic Games The cities vying to host have made their final pitch sporting event. for the world's greatest Did you see it? behind George. It's there on the wall on the Olympics, New York missed out but not because their logo at gunpoint. featured the Statue of Liberty

Their real logo looked like this. Channel Ten fell for a spoof City website. that was published on a New York was stoked. The graphic artist, Neil Epstein, I'm Liz Jackson. Hello and welcome to Media Watch. in contention We think Channel Ten is now for Media Watch's latest award, duped by an Internet spoof. the Jim Ball prize for being after Jim and how to particiapate Details of why it's been named are all on our website. While we're on the Internet, the implications of the digital age, if you're still struggling to master

Morning Herald's Icon section this cover story in the 'Sydney is pitched at you. over two pages. Inside, the story was spread freelance contributor Graeme Philipson is a regular to the Fairfax press. to emphasising His feature is devoted just how important it is digital convergence. that we all understand That's a big call. the changes. Luckily, someone has been charting this major survey by - Graeme goes on about what was the company again?

or CRS. Connection Research Service, Et cetera, et cetera. And who is CRS? that sells market research... Well, they're a new little company Graeme's article says is crucial. And that's exactly what the profile his article gives them. CRS will no doubt be grateful for But it won't be surprised a managing director of CRS. because Graeme Philipson is told his readers Does Graeme think he should have he was boosting his own firm? managing editor But the 'Sydney Morning Herald's Handy, that.

took a different view.

He emailed all staff, started making calls. shortly after Media Watch Got that, Graeme? But he's not the only journo disclosure of conflict of interest. who's falling short on full as Channel Seven's Gadget Guy. Peter Blasina is best known on the 'Sunrise' program Here he is Electronics Show in Las Vegas. reporting on the Consumer Oh, wow, look at that! This is a Phillips mirror TV. Exactly. This is a classic example.

This DVD recorder from LG... system, for example... Take this Phillips wireless music like this plasma from LG... ..not to mention aesthetic features, It has an 18-carat gold rim.

does matter. This is one case where size world's biggest plasma TV. It's Samsung's on the gaming market And LG too is getting in with a couple of hot 3D games. exciting models on offer And there are a couple of really from Samsung. Pete, the 'Sunrise' Gadget Guy. Can I have a look? Oh, how cool is this? Look at that. about the products he features, Pete's always enthusiastic so it's good to get a mention. did well in this segment. And Philips, LG and Samsung was sponsored A tipster told us Pete's trip by two of those three companies, and he confirmed... so we asked the Gadget Guy viewers about this arrangement? Should Peter have told the Not his job, says the Gadget Guy. disclose the sponsorship deal But Channel Seven failed to that made that segment possible. on the 'Sunrise' programme - Gadget Guy's a regular here he is again.

for viewers as well. Now you've got a giveaway

What have got? guy on the cover, If you don't mind the ugly who go to our website the first 100 people of these sent out to them, can just register and have one Guide', the 'Home Entertainment Buyers' this technology. which explains all The new magazine is Peter Blasina's

Guide' 'Home Entertainment Buyers' and it raises some further issues. magazine insert. Let's start with this advertorial Peter Blasina writes this - Inside the insert, how the company works. Peter does know to produce that insert. Philips paid Gadget Guy Media We asked Blasina: Peter's reply is curious: part-owner of Gadget Guy Media. But Peter Blasina is a director and In any event, he goes on to say: you could have fooled us. Well, Peter, Pete's love of gadgets We don't want to rein in or his right to say so. We're just saying - be up-front. has told Media Watch: Finally, we should say Peter Blasina

you checked your own website. Pete, it's time that but one that makes: You're not just a journo,

television, and some people don't. Now, some people want to be on reason to put someone on TV Generally, you need a pretty good without asking them first. a criminal Perhaps if you're exposing or a threat to public safety. not sufficient reason for an ambush. But making a television beat-up is you a couple of questions, Listen, I just want to ask how many kids have you got? Five. How many dads have you got? thanks. Oh, I don't want to do this, No, no, why is this? How many, darling?

How many 'darling'? The woman's name is Maryanne, told us reporter David Richardson and when we contacted her she had never spoken to her before. thinks it's his business. Well, Dave 'Sluggo' Richardson so all of Australia can join in too. And he's got the cameras rolling Can you just answer me, please? Yeah, to four. Four fathers? Yeah. who would think There are some people are alright but not four. that a couple of mistakes that's fine. OK, that's fine. I've made mistakes, Can you please just go? on the system? You don't think that's a burden thank you. No, I'm working as well, that would be the end of it, MaryAnne might have hoped and she didn't hear from 'Today Tonight' again. But a few days later she saw this: Now to one of the stories I'll have for you on Monday night - and Australia's serial single Mum who's had five children to five different men

and pocketed tens of thousands in welfare. But now an angry Dad wants her stopped. How many kids have you got? Five. How many dads have they got? Oh, I don't want to do this. What's she's doing is just wrong. How many fathers are there? Well, I believe five. Australia's serial single Mum? Maryanne rang 'Today Tonight'. We've obscured her baby's face but 'Today Tonight's promo did not. On the day of the show, Maryanne's lawyers faxed 'Today Tonight'

warning them against relying on the word of Maryanne's ex. Malicious intent and personal spite?

As if that would bother 'Today Tonight'. It's the stuff they love. I think she's pulling a huge amount, an absolute fortune from the Government, and she shouldn't be just be on an easy street receiving government benefits while she's sitting at home. Las pays nearly $7,000 a year in child support but since splitting with MaryAnne she's had two more children to two more men and as a single mother, she can take advantage of everything the government has to offer. Reporter 'Sluggo' Richardson has no idea what MaryAnne earns or what she claims. But he does know she's not just sitting at home - they filmed her at her waitressing job. So he bluffs his way through by laying out at length not what MaryAnne does claim, but what he says she COULD earn. She's eligible for family tax benefits parts A & B. On top she can receive parenting payments, rent assistance, even a remote area allowance where applicable. A remote area allowance - what's 'Sluggo' on about? Maryanne doesn't live in a remote area, and she's seething. What also disturbed MaryAnne was seeing footage that made her realise 'Today Tonight' had been stalking her - secretly filming her for nearly two weeks as she went about her daily life. And for what? We asked 'Today Tonight's executive producer, Neil Mooney, to respond. We gave him 24 hours, but he said that wasn't enough. So we offered him 2.5 days to come up with answers. He told us that's unfair. Well, Neil, it's 2.5 days longer than you gave MaryAnne when you ambushed her in the car park. The media treatment has been rather different for Channel 7's soapie star Bec Cartwright. Last week was her celebrity wedding. Around 200 guests had pre-wedding drinks at the Intercontinental Hotel. They were bussed down to the Opera House including 'Home and Away' stars and tennis stars like Lleyton Hewitt. Lleyton Hewitt attended the wedding? Well, we're sure glad to hear it. He was, after all, the groom. Without him, Channel 7 would have to have called in 'Today's Tonight's Sluggo Richardson

to hound another single Mum - Bec does have a baby on the way. Until next week, good night.