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Indian student's killer charged -

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A teenager has been charged with the stabbing murder of Indian national Nitin Garg.


TONY JONES, PRESENTER: A teenager has been charged with the stabbing murder of Indian national,
Nitin Garg. The 21-year-old's death in January was one of a string of attacks on Indians in
Melbourne and Sydney. It was met by widespread condemnation in India. Police in Victoria still
insist that the murder wasn't racially motivated.

Lisa Maksimovic has more.

LISA MAKSIMOVIC, POLICE REPORTER: Nitin Garg was described as fun, outgoing and talented. The
21-year-old Indian National had graduated with an accounting degree and loved living in Australia.

But his life met a violent end as he walked through a park in Melbourne's west on his way to work
at Hungry Jacks on the 3rd of January.

More than six months later, a 15-year-old boy has been charged. Police took the unusual step of
addressing the media to make this point.

DETECTIVE INSPECTOR BERNIE EDWARDS, VICTORIAN POLICE: We don't believe it was racially motivated.

LISA MAKSIMOVIC: Nitin Garg's death triggered outrage in India over the safety of students in
Australia. Today's developments again made headlines.

INDIAN NEWSREADER: And with news coming in, a teenage boy has been arrested over the murder of
Indian accountancy graduate, Nitin Garg.

LISA MAKSIMOVIC: Mr Garg's family has told the ABC they're greatly relieved.

RAJ KUMAR, FAMILY SPOKESMAN: We are satisfied with the Australian police and Australian Government.
They initiated the help taken. We appreciate that. We are satisfied with their efforts.

DETECTIVE INSPECTOR BERNIE EDWARDS: We were extremely pleased for Nitin Garg's family and the
community here in Australia and all the Indian students.

LISA MAKSIMOVIC: The accused schoolboy sat in the dock gazing at his parents. His mother wept
uncontrollably. The teenager was not able to apply for bail today but is likely to do so when he
faces court again next month. He'll spend his 16th birthday in jail this weekend.

Detectives haven't ruled out laying charges against others.

Lisa Maksimovic, Lateline.