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Hurricane Wilma Hits Florida -

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(generated from captions) I've been 25 years living in Cancun a hurricane like this. and never, never happened Among those caught in the maelstrom

Thomas Trevethan, was Australian chef who for the last three years in a luxury hotel in Cancun has worked and lived two children, Gizelle and Kieran. with his wife Amanda and their when the hurricane hit. His brother Fergus was visiting Back in Sydney, heard from them in almost a week. their mother Jennifer Wilson hasn't and her emails have gone unanswered. She can't get through on the phone they've sat it out in the hotel. In previous hurricanes, that it's so bad this time, However, I have heard has been evacuated, that that hotel, the Ritz Carlton, they've gone to from that hotel. though I don't know where The two generations of her family trapped by the storm. are among around 50 Australians As Lateline goes to air,

Australian consular officials are

making their way by road to Cancun.

We have a right to expect very

responses from our government. I We have a right to expect very quick

don't know why, if other people

managed to get in already, our don't know why, if other people have government hasn't. The Department says any Australians in the area, it has no serious concerns about Alexander Downer saying with Foreign Minister

responsible for their own safety. Australians had to be partly If you're worried about hurricanes overseas, don't go to hurricane zones. That's the best advice I can give. Don't blame the government. It's a view apparently shared by officials in the minister's department.

He went on to say to me that my

family only had themselves to blame,

and that they were given 24 hours'

notice, and they should've left

Cancun, and of course, I was - I

completely lost my temper, and I

said that it was an outrageous

comment to make to me, that five of

my family are unaccounted for, and

they had no hope of leaving Cancun,

they weren't there as tourists but

as resident, they've been living there for three years. The news was better for another Sydney family. Kate Davies got through to her son, Simon, in Cancun. He's alive and well and coming home.

I feel really tremendous. I haven't

slept for three nights but I'm

running on adrenaline at the moment

but I feel really great. As the Category 2 hurricane closed in on the Florida coast, locals there were dealing with things in their own way. As the Category 2 hurricane closed in on the Florida coast, locals there were dealing with things in their own way. Let's pray together. Let's pray particularly about the storm. Let's seek the Lord together. This is a great time to be in the house of the Lord.

Another tropical storm, named Alpha, has formed in the Caribbean, breaking the record for the most named storms in the Atlantic region in one season. Tom Iggulden, Lateline. France is the latest country to increase the poltical pressure on Syria following the release of the UN report into the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafiq Hariri.

France wants the UN Security Council to demand full cooperation from Damascus in the investigation. That development comes as the first arrest linked to the investigation was reported in Lebanon. Norman Hermant reports.

This is just one indication of how

precarious things are in Lebanon.

precarious things are in Lebanon. As the country begins to act on the UN

report into Rafiq Hariri's

assassination. This, a not unusual

clash between militias outside a

Palestinian refugee camp. The

Lebanese army here looks on, but

doesn't interfere. Security

doesn't interfere. Security services have apparently been more

have apparently been more pro-active when it comes to following up the

when it comes to following up the UN investigation. A member of a