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Live. This evening, a massive profit slashing profit slashing Australian jobs, now the ANZ announces it

is pushing up interest rates again. is pushing up interest rates

The Greens new leaders ponder

party life after Bob Brown.

Four bombs explode in Colombia

as the US President begins his

tour of the troubled nation. And remembering a And remembering a fallen

friend, lifesavers honour a lost teenager.

Hello, you're watching NBC

NBC, I'm Simon Palin. Let's

check the weather in the

News capital cities first... - ANZ

The ANZ bank has paved the

way for other major banks raise lending rates by being way for other major banks to

the first to move since the


Reserve Bank left the official

cash rate unchanged last week.

From next Friday the bank will #4ri69 its standard #4ri69 its standard variable

mortgage and business interest

rates by 6 basis points. It is

the second time this year the independently bank has raised rates

independently of the RBA and it blames tougher competition for

customer deposits and customer deposits and rising

off shore funding costs. The

Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan

has slammed the decision saying

the rise comes after the ANZ

recently announced massive

profits and staff sackings. He says

says the decision flies in the face of recent Reserve statements which shows that the face of recent Reserve Bank

cost for banks have eased. The small The small business minister

Ben da O'Connor says the Ben da O'Connor says the ANZ's

decision will hurt the millions

of small companies which are

the engine room of Australia's

disappointing economy. This is particularly

disappointing in light of the

fact that the ANZ Bank recently announced massive profits and

indeed announced job cuts. This

is also a particularly

surprising decision given that

the Reserve Bank recently

announced that funding costs to banks was easing. This decision

by the ANZ Bank will have small

business customers of that bank

question the bank's loyalty. It

is the really difficult decision to comprehend in decision to comprehend in light

of some of the real challenges

that small businesses that small businesses are

confront ing in this country.

Particularly in some sectors Particularly in some sectors of

our economy. Primarily because

of the high Australian dollar.

That is Brendan O'Connor, the

small business minister. Meantime the new

leader of the Greens Christine

Milne says taking over from Bob

Brown will be a daunting task. minister. Meantime

Mr Brown resigned as the party's leader yesterday party's leader yesterday and announced

announced he will leave

politics. Ms Milne has been

elected leader with lower house MP Adam Bandt as her deputy.

She says for many voters She says for many voters Bob

Brown is the Greens but she's

confident she can continue confident she can continue to

people grow the party. Of course

people are going to say Bob is

a charismatic figure and you're

not as charismatic as Bob. But

if people look back at my leadership over a long period

of time, it takes a while to

build peoples' confidence. I

secured a 20% vote in the

Senate election in Tasmania.

People know what I can do. At

to the global level, I was elected

to be the global Vice President

of the international union for

the conservation of nature. That

That is a very That is a very prestigious

position to have achieved and I think that really demonstrates

what I can do. I am probably the only non-Government politician ever the only Australian


to have addressed a plenary at

I the United Nations. I know that

I have got a challenge. Of

course I am different from Bob.

But I think I bring different

strengths. We are now a very

well established broad-based

party with a very supportive

membership. I am confident we

will grow from here and I am confident about it because this is exactly what happened in

Tasmania, when Bob left, the

at same things were said and look

at the Greens now, two mirts in a cabinet. Christine a cabinet. Christine Milne. The

navy has intercepted a suspected asylum seeker boat

Christmas Island. Meanwhile carrying 19 people north of

Indonesian authorities have

located a boat with about 60

asylum seekers on board that

they feared had capsized. Authorities in the country have been searching for around 60

Afghan asylum seekers at sea

who made a distress call to Australia on Thursday afternoon. The Immigration Minister

Minister Chris Bowen says the

Indonesian authorities informed him the boat was found this

morning and has returned to Lombok. US President Barack

Obama's visit to Colombia been overshadowed by explosions Obama's visit to Colombia has

and prostitutes. Who small

bombs exploded in the city of

Cartagena shortly after his arrival following similar explosions near the US embassy

in the capital in the capital Bogota. Meanwhile the US secret service

protecting has sent a number of agents

protecting the President home.

The organisation is refusing to

comment on speculation that the

prostitutes. agents were caught using

prostitutes. The US President

is in the country to take part

in an America in an America summit. The

British PM David Cameron and Burmese Opposition Leader Aung

San Suu Kyi say it is time for

sanctions imposed on Burma to be suspended. Mr be

visited her at her house in

Rangoon. Both leaders agree

that the democratic reforms made by the ruling party should

be acknowledged. I think it is

right to suspend the sanctions that there are against Burma.

To suspend them, not to lift

include the arms them and obviously not to

include the arms embargo. It

will also make it clear to

those who are against reform

obstruct the way of the that should they try and

reformers reformers then sanctions could

come back. Mr Cameron

come back. Mr Cameron has invited Aung San Suu Kyi to

visit Britain. She says she would

would consider the would consider the invitation if the Burmese Opposition Leader

Leader visits the UK it will Leader visits the UK it will be

a breakthrough. She hasn't left the country for more than 20 years for fear of not years for fear of not being return. International

condemnation after North Korea

launched a long range rocket

yesterday amid claims it was a cover for missing technology testing. It

testing. It was supposed to be

a moment of national pride for

one of the most secretive

regimes in the world turned

into a national embarrassment

when it exploded shortly after

blast off and fell into the

sea. His swagger is that of a

man bred for power. Kim Jong-un

is 29 years old. Today anointed supreme leader. The third

generation of the Kim dynasty. His father and grandfather ruled before him. North

Koreans are taught to Koreans are taught to revere

them like Gods. The young Kim's

elevation was meant to be

accompanied by news North Korea has successfully put a satellite into space. The

achievement would help such a

young man reinforce his right

to the mantle of power. There was no mention here of the rocket

rocket blowing up a minute into

flight, just a brief statement

earlier in the day, things had not gone to plan. North not gone to plan. North Korea's leadership placed huge importance

importance on the satellite

launch. Its failure is

embarrassing. The question is

what sort of affect will it have

have on the regime and the

young Kim Jong-un. Toiling by

hand, gangs of workers lined the boulevards of Pyongyang.

The rocket was meant to be The rocket was meant to be a

way of showing North Koreans

that this socialist state the Kims have created is

technologically advanced.

Though America and the north's

neighbour said the launch was a

disguise to test an inter con tin ennatural missile. Strength

and self reliance, they are virtues taught to all North

Koreans. Now this country's

neighbours fear that its young leader... Who has suffered a

blow to his prestige, may be

tempted to respond with a new show of power. Perhaps by testing a nuclear bomb. show

Middle East Syria's cease fire

is coming under pressure with

five people killed in protests and

and clashes. Thousands of

demonstrators took to demonstrators took to the

streets after Friday prayers.

In some areas security forces

stood back while protesters

chanted ant regime slogans but

activists have uploaded video which

which apparently shows deadly

clashes with soldiers elsewhere

in the country. Another video purportedly

purportedly shows the aftermath

of a shooting where an army

commander was killed. The UN is preparing for the next stage of

the peace plan sending monitors

into Syria to maintain the

cease fire. Soldiers have taken

control of Bissau's capital control of Bissau's capital and

are holding the PM and interim

President as the world condemns

their power grab. The country's PM Carlos Gomes Junior was

seized in a military assault on

his home using rocket propelled

grenades yesterday. Heavily

armed soldiers have seized the

ruling party headquarters and

the state radio the state radio station. Soldiers clustered at Soldiers clustered at the finance and justice finance and justice ministries

and the headquarters of the ruling African party for the

independence of Guinea-Bissau

and Cape Verde. A shadowy military command military command insisted in the statement it wasn't

interested in power and says interested in power and says it acted because of an alleged

secret deal with Angola which

has 200 troops in the country

to help reform the military. A

powerful storm front swept

across the US State of Oklahoma causing damage to properties.

Local immediate Yass was

reporting that a tornado reporting that a tornado may

have also touched down. At one

point a massive front dumping a

wall of water moved across the

country side. Buildings lost

roofs and power lines were

damaged. A hospital treated 10

people for minor injuries

immediately after the storm.

While the Australian

government prepares to do legal battle with cigarette companies

over plain packaging, over plain packaging, the British Government is about to

follow the same path. The UK health secretary has announced

the first steps in tightened

laws on tobacco branding and

display and the move has

triggered many of the same

arguments seen in Australia.

Philip Williams reports.

Doctors in all parts of Doctors in all parts of the country were asked country were asked what

cigarette do you spoke? The

days where smoking was seen as glamourous glamourous are long gone. Now in the shops and in the shops and supermarkets

brands must be hidden away. The

health secretary Andrew Lansley

is quoted as saying attractive

packaging helps recruit smokers

and tobacco companies have and tobacco companies have no business in this business in this country. To

reinforce that message a consultation process has consultation process has begun

that could lead to laws

mandating plain

packaging. While anti-smoking

groups are applauding the

British government for this new

initiative, many give credit to the Australian government for

leading the way. To the strength that the Australian

government is showing in

response to the tobacco

industry, legal action and the

bullying and so on has helped us. Outside the cancer

us. Outside the cancer research UK's London headquarters, there

were plenty of smokers and

opinions over plain

packaging. They stand out. I

look straight at them if you

understand what I'm saying. If

you didn't see those on would

you not buy any? The ton ak yo manufacturers is a sewsation says... Not so according to

antitobacco organisations like

Ash. With plain standardised

packaging they will no longer

be proud to take that pack out

of their pocket. Accord to go branding experts, even

mandating plain packaging won't stop tobacco stop tobacco companies promoting

promoting their products. Through products. Through email campaigns and viral marketing, through product placement.

There is a lot of other options

for them besides point of sale. The pressure on tobacco

companies and customers is

intensifying. Australia's legal battles may seem a long way

from here, yet governments and corporations are watching from afar. In Russia, afar. In Russia, as the

prospects for nation-wide protests against the rule protests against the rule of

Vladimir Putin fade, more and

more opposition activists are

thinking locally. They now hope

to take on the ruling party to take on the ruling party by

winning regional elections and

they have been encouraged by

the victory of a new maror in a

city north of Moscow who swamped the pro-Kremlin

candidate. Not many Russian mayor's have a mayor's have a first day on the job like this one. No end to the hand shakes and

photographs. Then few mayors

have done what Yevgeny Urlashov

has. He took on Yaroslavl's

incumbent from the pro Kremlin

united Russia party that united Russia party that backs

Vladimir Putin and trounced him

winning 70% of the vote. TRANSLATION: It means

that the people can no longer accept the accept the power that ignores

the people. Yaroslavl is a city

of more than half a million four hours of more than half a million and

four hours drive from Moscow.

It is known for the tragic jet

crash last year that killed

almost all of the city's ice

hockey team. Anger over that

crash and other local issues no

doubt influenced the vote. Many hearsay so too did the mass opposition protest that followed disputed parliamentary and

and presidential elections. TRANSLATION: The

protests might have triggered that because many people that because many people saw the national elections were conducted unfairly, sometimes

very unfairly. Yaroslavl is

only one city and there are multiple reasons why the vote

against the pro Kremlin united Russia candidate was so Russia candidate was so large.

There is no denying the There is no denying the result

here has given Russia's opposition hope. opposition hope. With supported demonstrations flagging opposition leaders hope this is the next step,

challenging the ruling party at

the regional level. Symbolically, Yaroslavl is

is of extreme importance.

However, the real test is whether this administration

will be successful or not. In

other words it is one thing for opposition candidates to show

they can win, the next step is showing they can

showing they can make things


Two people remain in a

critical condition in hospital

after a fatal trail bike

accident at Koo Wee Rup, south-east

south-east of

yesterday. A 15-year-old girl died instantly when two bikes collided near the South collided Gippsland Highway. A 14-year-old 14-year-old girl and a

22-year-old man were taken to Melbourne hospitals were life-threatening injuries.

Police are continuing to

investigate the crash and they are urging anyone with

information to come forward.

A 67-year-old man has died

after a large unit fire in south-west Sydney overnight.

Emergency services were

Emergency services were called

to the unit block in Penshurst just

just after midnight. They

arrived to find the whole

ground level of the ground level of the three-storey block consumed by

fire. More than 20 people were

evacuated from the

evacuated from the building while firefighters extinguished

the blaze. The man was taken to hospital suffering smoke

inhalation but he later died.

Authorities are at the Authorities are at the scene

trying to find out what caused

the blaze. Two people have

escaped with only minor

injuries after an ultra light

plane crash in Mildura in Victoria's north-west. Victoria's north-west. The accident happened shortly accident happened shortly after

the plane took off from Mildura

airport just before 8 this

morning. The aircraft is

thought to have been caught in a

a cross wind which caused its

engine to fail. The pilot, engine to fail. The pilot, a flying instructor, was forced to

to attempt a landing in a

nearby paddock where the

aircraft flipped as it touched

down. The instructor and his

student were taken to Mildura

hospital as a precaution. Police are under increasing

pressure to address gun pressure to address gun crime

following a series of shootings

across the country. Since the start of the year the cities of

Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney

in particular have been

affected by gun crime, some

shooting victims refused to

cooperate with the police. This

week, two fatal shootings in

Brisbane while in NSW police discovered half a million

dollars worth of rifle parts

and an assembly plant on the

mid-north coast. Police mid-north coast. Police say

they're making every effort to get guns off the street. We take every incident of gun

crime extremely seriously and

invest gate it thoroughly to

the maximum point of hopefully

prosecution. As I said, whilst they're dropping the perception

is they are increasing. We will

take any steps to try and get the

the guns off the streets Sydney. the guns off the streets of

Sydney. That is a priority. The

evidence over the last several

months has shown

months has shown that. Dave hud

so son from NSW police. An

ocean swim has been held in

honour of Saxon Bird, the

19-year-old who died while

competing in the national surf life saving championships two

years ago. The event at

Sydney's Queenscliffe Beach came weeks after another teenager died in the same competition competition on the Gold Coast.

Today was the second annual

swim for Saxon. The race is

held in honour of Saxon Bird, held in honour of Saxon Bird, a

19-year-old who died while

competing at the national surf

life saving championships on

the Gold Coast in QLD. This

year's event had additional

point antsy given there was another death, that of Matthew Barclay Barclay at this year's

championships. Today's championships. Today's event was organised by Ariel Bird,

Saxon's sister. 400 swimmers

turned out to join in. turned out to join in. Some is

famous names amongst them,

Shane Gould and the Shane Gould and the local

member and Opposition leader Shane

Tony Abbott. The overall winner

was a 19-year-old. His name was a 19-year-old. His name is Trent Klousal from the nearly

Manly club. The female winner

was a 15-year-old call Jessica

from Caboolture in QLD. To sport with Meredith Sheehan. What is the

What is the latest in the AFL?

Two results we have today from

the five matches. The first

result is Richmond secured a

thumping 59-point win over Melbourne in the first Melbourne in the first AFL

match today. The Tigers kept a

steady lead and broke away in

the final term to wrap up the

win. The Sydney Swans won their

match against Port Adelaide.

The Swans streaked out to an

early lead but the Power fought

back in the third quarter. Port couldn't

couldn't contain the Swans as

they sunk 16 majors in the final quarter. final quarter. COMMENTATOR:

Jedda gets there first and

beats him. Runs away. Good

night! Richmond, the Tigers

pounced from the outset and

after sinking 13 majors in the third, the Demons had little

chance of catching the Tigers.

The ball goes bang!

Richmond backed that up with

20 majors in the final quarter. Last night Carlton was

playing in a class of their own against Collingwood at the against Collingwood at the MCG.

The Blues managed a massive

60-point win over their rivals 60-point win over their rivals

in their match. Carlton took

the early lead with seven

majors and a 23-point lead majors and a 23-point lead in

the first quarter. The Pies did fight back in the second.

COMMENTATOR: Works it back. A

goal. The Magpies showing a lot

of grit right here. But it

wasn't enough as Carlton

continued to extend its lead in

the final term to register its

third straight win.

third straight win. The

A-League prelim final has just

kicked off with Perth Glory kicked off with Perth Glory up against the Central Coast in

Gosford. It is only around 10

minutes into the match and both teams yet to score. The Glory

goes into the match as the

goes into Coast Mariners finished on top

of the ladder and won two of

the last three clashes with the Glory this season. The

Glory this season. The first of today's NRL matches will

shortly get under way with the Melbourne storm taking on Melbourne storm taking on the Bulldogs. Tonight the Sydney

Roosters are home to the north

QLD Cowboys and Manly host QLD Cowboys and Manly host the Gold Coast Titans. Last night,

the Brisbane Broncos were too

strong for the Raiders and the St George Illawarra Dragons

sealed a win over the Newcastle Knights. Newcastle started Knights. Newcastle started in good form at Akuila Uate

charged over the line to get

first points on the board. The

home side crossed twice to take

the lead at half-time. COMMENTATOR: Soward with an

outside inside. Morris got the ball

ball away and Nightingale

scored. A lovely passage of

play. A much tighter contest

after the break with both sides

failing to score. In Brisbane

the Broncos fielded a the Broncos fielded a team

without Ben Te'o and the

injured Peter Wallace. injured Peter Wallace. Their absence was barely absence was barely noticed as

the Broncos outclassed their

opponents. The ball to Hodges. He finds a winning

method and they score through

Norman. A magnificent pass.

To make matters worse for Canberra, skipper Terry Campese left the field with suspected medial ligament damage. Norman. A

is two games in the super rugby tonight. The Crusaders face tonight. The Crusaders face the Stormers

Stormers and the Brumbies clash

with the Rebels. Last night the

Waratahs scraped through with a

win over the Western Force win over the Western Force and the Sharks too strong for the Sharks too strong for the blurs in Auckland. The Waratahs survived

survived a second half come

back from the Western Force to

post a 23-18 win. At one stage

the Tas were leading 17-3 until the

the Force filed on 15 unanswered points in 20 minutes. Two late minutes. Two late penalties from fly-half Berrick Barnes

got the visitors the win. Earlier the Sharks scored two

tries from intercepts in the

first half to break out to a 15-0 lead. They continued to pile on the points in the

second half to secure the win. Horse trainer Gai Waterhouse

has labelled her colt Pierro

the best of its generation

after its dominant win after its dominant win at Randwick. It followed up last

week's win in the golden

slipper. The result made it

five wins from five starts for

the horse and took its earnings

past $2.6 million. I will be

back with more sport in back with more sport in the next hour. Thanks

Meredith. Here is Meredith. Here is a sports story of sorts. Formula One

bosses say the Bahrain Grand Prix Prix will go ahead, that is

despite calls from pro

democracy protesters in the

country for it to be cancelled.

Last year's event was cancelled

after a crackdown by the Bahraini authorities and widespread violence. A Friday

funeral turned violent today for a man shot dead two weeks

ago during one of Bahrain's

near daily ant government protest. Hardly the best backdrop for a Grand

backdrop for a Grand Prix. The

racetrack is some way away in

the dessert. The police the dessert. The police say they will ensure team safety

and the decision to go ahead rests

rests with formula one bosses. We heard something from

the FIA this morning the FIA this morning about Bahrain. What is being discussed discussed about it? Nothing. We are going to Bahrain?

Yes, of course. The row over Bahrain's Grand Prix goes Bahrain's Grand Prix goes well

beyond sport. It is worth an estimated ?25 million to

formula one and it takes place

on a circuit which cost on a circuit which cost ?95

million to build. The Bahraini

royal family owns around 50% of

Formula One team McLaren. There

is a lot at stake if the race

is cancelled. Now it is going

ahead the question is will ahead the question is will it

aggravate or diffuse the highly

charged atmosphere in Bahrain's charged atmosphere in Bahrain's

troubled villages. The

fundamental conflict is between

those who support the sunny ruling elite and those ruling elite and those who oppose them. Second oppose them. Second tarn divisions are growing. Today

the CCTV video emerged of a

sunny mob luting a Shia owned supermarket. The police appear to be colluding with to be colluding with looters,

apparently warning them of the

cameras. Tonight Bahrain

announced a full investigation has been has been launched. Bahrain's

civil unrest won't go away, as protests continue, Amnesty International says the human

rights crisis there is not

over. The Opposition fears the government will exploit the government will

Grand Prix to delay Grand Prix to delay reform.

They might abuse it not to

move ahead because they will

fear they have more space now

because they have communicated

to the anti-national community everything is

everything is normal in Bahrain

and unfortunately this is and unfortunately this is the mentality of the

dictatorship. Bahrain's police are coming increasingly under

attack. On the night this was filmed

filmed this week a pipe bomb sent seven officers to hospital, many want to see hospital, many want to see the

government take a tougher line

with rioters. The last Bahrain

Grand Prix was two years ago.

The racetrack may soon be full The racetrack may soon be full

once more but it will mask some

deep and dangerous divisions.

Taking a look at the

satellite image. A

satellite image. A high pressure system directing

showers onto the northern NSW

and QLD coast. Keeping and QLD coast. Keeping the south-east of Australia clear. Warm northerly Warm northerly winds flowing into the eastern parts of WA

and SA ahead of a trough. and SA ahead of a trough. The

trough is also drawing cooler

winds into the south of WA.

Looking ahead to tomorrow...

Finally, Europe's tallest and

most active volcano Mount Etna

has erupted for the sixth time

this year. The Sicilian volcano

has erupted three times in the

past month at regular 12-day intervals. The intervals. The eruption

yesterday occurred in the

south-eastern crater close to

the village of Zafferana-Etnea

and despite the scale of the event local authorities haven't event local authorities haven't

issued any danger warnings. I

will be back with an update of

the headlines in a moment, then

stay with us for One Plus One. I am Simon Palin. I am Simon Palin. You're

watching abs News 24. Good night. Closed Captions by


This Program is Captioned

Live. The top stories Live. The top stories from ABC

News. The Gillard Government is

shaming the ANZ Bank over its

decision to raise interest

rates. Several ministers have

come out saying the move will

hurt business, they have hurt business, they have urged the ANZ customers to vote with their feet. The their feet. The bank is lifting its standard variable mortgage

and business interest rates by

6 basis points. The new leader

of the Greens, Christine Milne

says she will continue to grow

the party. Its long-time leader Bob Brown has resigned and Bob Brown has resigned and will

leave politics. Ms Milne has

been elected leader with lower

house MP Adam Bandt has house MP Adam Bandt has her deputy. US deputy. US President Barack

Obama's visit to Colombia has not been

not been without drama with two

small bombs exploding in the

city of Cartagena shortly after

his arrival. There were similar

explosions near the US embassy