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(generated from captions) across Northern Ireland it's across Northern Ireland it's

been a tonight they're on full alert.

Now the Opposition Leader Tony

Abbott has just been holding a

news conference in Penrith in Sydney's west. Let's listen Sydney's west. Let's listen to

what he's had to say. Obvious

ly it's over to you for some questions if that's questions if that's your

choice. Look, Western Sydney is

very important part of this election campaign. The people

of Western Sydney have been

well and truly dudded by Labor,

Federal first by State Labor, now by

graphically illustrates the Federal Labor. Nothing

rip-off after rip-off that

Labor has perpetrated against

the people of Sydney than the

Parramatta to Epping line. This was first 12 years ago, it's repeatedly line. This was first promised

been promised and cancelled and

now this train to nowhere he embraced by frl now this train to nowhere he be

embraced by frl Labor. I think

that the people of that the people of Western

Sydney are not mugs, they realise that this is school

halls on wheels and they're halls on wheels and they're not

going to be kaurned by yet another empty Labor promise

Labor promise. Tomorrow I'll be

doing a Western Sydney blitz

starting quite early in the

morning and I'm hoping to cover

five marninal seats in Western Sydney in the course of

tomorrow. Tomorrow won't just

be my Western Sydney blitz

though t will also be the Labor campaign launch. This is campaign launch. This is a remarkably late launch with

just five days to go before

polling.uts really quite odd

that the Labor Party has its policies and to launch its it this late to fully declare

campaign and there are still

some huge question marks over

just what Labor stands for. The

Prime Minister opened Prime Minister opened the campaign four weeks ago talking

about the population pressures

in Western Sydney amongst

others, but then she pretend ed

to have a population debate without talking without talking about

immigration. I've had the guts

to set an immigration number,

it involves a cut of more it involves a cut of more than 100,000 on last 100,000 on last year's immigration numbers challenge the Prime Minister to declare exactly what her immigration number will be. Plainly, there's been a Plainly, there's been a secret deal done with Kevin Rudd but in his last press conference as Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said

that there's no way that Labor

would move to the Right on boat

people. Obviously, there has

been some deal done with Kevin

Rudd and I can only assume that Kevin Rudd will unravel the policy

been talking about for an East

centre and I call on the Prime Timorese asylum processing

Minister to come clean about the secret deal with Kevin the secret

Rudd. She said at the start Rudd. She said at the start of the campaign that all of her promises were going to be fully

funded. Well, there has been no

outlined by the Prime Minister serious expenditure reductions

in this campaign and I call on

her to be up frn with going to cut in order to pay

for her promises? We've for her promises? We've been upfront and she should be

equally upfront. Finally, she says there should be a carbon

price. Well, there's only one

way to have a carbon price and

that's to have that's to have an Emissions

Trading Scheme or to have a

carbon tax and sure as night

follows day, if Labor is

reelected there will be a

carbon tax and that means carbon tax and that means your

electricity just keeps going up and up

turn on the lights you'll pay,

every time you open the fridge

you'll pay, every time you get

in the shower you'll pay and I in the shower you'll pay and

call on the Prime Minister to be honest be honest and upfront with the

Australian people about the

coming carbon tax. Stop fudging by talking about this people's

Minister, assembly. She's the Prime

make these decisions, where Minister, the parliament has to

exactly does she stand on this issue? Mr Abbott, there's backwards and forwards about

the people's forum versus the debate, is there any debate, is there any agreement

at this point? I'm hopeful an agreement can

the agreement should be reached

on the basis of the people of Brisbane getting the same Brisbane getting the same deal

as the people of Sydney had.

Now, the people of two hours of unmediated contact Now, the people of Sydney got

with the respective with the respective party

leaders. If it was good for the Prime Minister to agree leaders. If it was good enough

to that in Western

won't she agree to that in Brisbane? inaudible) I want to see the Brisbane? (Question

people people of Brisbane get the same deal as the Prime Minister gave

to the people of Sydney. What

about other Australians, don't they deserve to see you debate the Prime Minister on

the Prime Minister on the

economy and don't they deserve

for you to put forward your economic credentials to

economic credentials to them? I've been putting forward my but you know we've had all economic credentials every day

sorts politicians, we've had all sorts of arguments between

politicians and journalists. What's been largely missing from this campaign, except for last Wednesday night, is discussion between the people,

the public, the voters and the

werive leaders and that's what

I want to see more of. Let two hours of it in Brisbane as I want to see more of. Let have

we had two hours in we had two hours in Sydney.

there (Question inaudible) I will be

there on Wednesday night to

talk to the people of Brisbane

to be there as well. If she and I expect

agrees to this format, the two

hours similar to Sydney, but said she'll agree to it if

economy there's an hour debate on the

economy first, would you

agree? As I said, what needs

to happen is we've got to give

the same deal to the people of

Brisbane as was given to the

people of Sydney. If it was

good enough to do this for the people of Western Sydney, why

isn't it good enough for the people of Brisbane and I don't

know why the Prime running so scared of

Queensland. What is it about

Queenslanders that makes the

Prime Minister want to run from them and not give them the same time that she time that she gave to the people of Western Sydney? You

say Labor need to reveal their

cuts but you also have $30 billion of spending you haven't completely offset yet. When

will you reveal all of will you reveal all of your

cuts? I don't accept the

proposition that you put to me.

We have fully costed and fully funded all of in this campaign. So far

there's $30 billion worth of

spending reductions that we've

been up frn about, there's just

over $29 billion worth of

campaign promises and we've

been very upfront about them.

Now, there will be more to be

revealed in this area in the

next few days but people can next few days but people can be

very confident that under the

Coalition spending will be lower and debt will be significantly lower and

significantly less. Talking

about the people of Western

Sydney and the people of Queensland, what Queensland, what about the

people of Victoria, SA,

Tasmania and WA? Don't they

deserve some of your time and

don't they deserve to see you debate Julia Gillard on debate Julia Gillard on the

economy? I've been giving a

lot of my time in this campaign

in various states but the

opportunity is here for a discussion with the discussion with the people, to

give the people two hours unmediated access to the respective

respective party leaders. I think that the people of

Brisbane deserve this, that's

the offer that's on the table and if and if the Prime Minister had

the guts to face up to the people of Queensland that's exactly what she would accept.

What would you be proposing instead of the Parramatta to Epping rail link? I think that

the people of Sydney are not mugs, they understand

with a $57 billion deficit it's

a lot harder to invest in infrastructure than it is with

a $20 billion surplus. What a $20 billion surplus. What I

want to do is to get the debt

and deficit down because then

the Federal Government will be

in a better position to assist the State Governments to give

the infrastructure that cities

like Sydney need. That's

nothing you're promising the

people of Western Sydney

tomorrow? I am promising the

people of Western Sydney

competent Government, competent Government Government that respects the

taxpayer's dollar and treats

the Australian people with

respect and courtesy above all

else which does not Australian people by making

false promises that are doomed

to disappointment. If you were Prime Minister would you look at

at putting stricter rules or guidelines in place regarding the timing of campaign

launches? Again, look at what

I've done. We had our launch I've done. We had our launch a fortnight before the election,

that's the that's the standard practice

over recent elections and I think that the Australian

public deserve to be treated with reasonable consideration

and respect, that's what I've

tried to do throughout this campaign and that's campaign and that's what I'd continue to do as party leader

in the years to come. Thank