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Welcome to Capital Hill. I'm Lyndal Curtis. It's been a

busy week in Federal politics.

The Prime Minister start the

Commonwealth Heads of week in Perth for the

ended the week in France for Government Meeting and

the G20 meeting. The mining

tax has been introduced into

Parliament although its passage

is not guaranteed, the carbon

tax will go through the

Parliament next Tuesday, and

the government managed to get

the planes back in the during the Qantas dispute the planes back in the air

although it is still having

discuss the week events Richard ramifications. Joining me to

Marles and from the coalition

Michael Keenan. Welcome to you

good week for the both. Marles has this been a

good week for the government? I think it's been a good week very changed attitude towards for the government. We saw a

industrial compared to the industrial compared to

former government. We had a significant dispute significant dispute affecting

the whole country. We acted straight way in relation to

that. A fair work hearing within five hours of the announcement that the Qantas

fleet would be grounded. The fleet was back in the air 48

hours later. You compare that

to the period of the Howard

maritime dispute which went for

months and our wharves were

shut. That was a stark

contrast. In the Parliament itself we've seen the beginning

of the debate around of the debate around the MRRT.

That's a real boost for superannuation throughout

Australia as it is for small

business. Michael, the

coalition will see next week

the carbon tax going through

the Parliament, but the the Parliament, but the mining

tax isn't certain for the

shouldn't go through because it government, is it? No, and it

is a very bad tax. The idea

behind it but it's been implemented terribly. implemented terribly. The Labor Party sat down and did a Labor Party sat down

deal with the reserve three

biggest resource companies in

Australia and they around Swan want and his Australia and they ran ring

officials. They pushed all of

that tax liability on to junior

and mid tier miners particularly in my home state

of WA which is going to be a of WA which is going to be

terrible thing for the mining

industry in the whole of the

country. It is going to drive

a gagger through heart of those

small mining companies in WA.

It is a terrible idea to look

for one particular industry

which is making a good profit which is making a good

at the moment and say we're going to tax it way than other companies around Australia. Wait Government has

gone about it diabolically bad

and in line with the incompetence they show on these issues. One issue both of your portfolios is

asylum issues. We've seen more

boats arrive and the tragedy

off Java where eight lives have

been lost. Both of your sides

of politics agree with question of offshore of politics agree with the


processing. Do you think

there's a very good reason for

the Australian public to say

why can't you both just sit

down and figure it out? I think what we want to see is a

that means stop to the boats coming and

that means we actually have to

have a robust policy in place to provide

sensitive to boats coming and

that's what the Malaysia arrangement represented. It is

very different to Nauru which

simply wouldn't be the

disincentive that the arrangement is. That's 6 disincentive that the Malaysia

course the We understand the opposition a have a different view in relation to that. In order implement either view, we relation to that. In order to

actually need to return the law

in this country to the position

be before the High Court that everyone understood it to

the proposition that we were seeking

seeking to put through the Parliaments. The government would love to see the Parliament act on this issue,

but we actually need to they need to engage in that Opposition come forward and see

process as well. The reason

we've had 251 boats carrying

13,000 people arrive in

Australia illegally is because

the Labor Party abolished offshore processing when they

came to government. They broke

the system of robust protection that they the system of robust border

inherited when protection that they had people changed government in

2007. They broke it and now

apparently they are the ones

who are going to fix it even though they've

though they've had every

from one we know actually policy on this position apart

works. It is very important works. It is very

the Parliament address this is

issue. All it will take is for

the Labor Party to agree to one very minor amendment to the

changes that they're proposing

countries in which they can and which will give them 150

process people offshore just

with one minor safeguard, that

to the those countries are signatories those countries are

Party used to believe was

terribly important but now they terribly important but now

seem to have abandoned in their

rush. To be fair, rush. To be fair, nice line

but a bit ku. One minor amendment of course puts a amendment of course puts a line through the Government's stated policy on dealing with this

issue. There's no sense in

which that represents a

shouldn't say the Opposition meaningful compromise. We

have this new found exitment to

countries that the signatories

to the Refugee Convention. It

remains their policy to tow

is not a signatory. It does boats back to

seem like we won't be able to

sol this now. My hopes have

been dashed. We'll move on.

Not a week has gone by without mention of the Labor leadership. This was a story limited paper 'The Daily this morning in the news -

Telegraph' about it. This was

the response. My view is that

the inquiry we're having into

the media we should widen it to

make sure we have a decent

press in this country. The Murdoch press are an absolute

disgrace. They're a threat to

democracy in this country. We look at them. They are absolutely outrageous. It is no

secret around this building

that Kevin Rudd is trying that Kevin Rudd is trying to make a come back and here

make a come back and here we have Senator Cameron blaming

the Murdoch press for it. I ask you if that is what he

actually believes, he is hugely deluded. Richard Marles, stories in newspapers, stories

in the media will come and go

whatever the merits of them. Do you need to go to the extent

that Doug Cameron suggests of actually formally more deeply into the Murdoch press or do you just brush off

the story? I think the thing to

to say is the story we saw on the first page of the 'Daily Telegraph' this morning was silly. It was completely

baseless. Really, in my view

as a kind of fish and chip

wrapper story. Doug can

explain his own comments. I

don't think we're about to don't think we're about to see any new inquiry into the any new inquiry into the media

in a way we don't need an inquiry to understand the

rubbish that was printed on the

front page of the 'Daily Telegraph' this morning. Michael Keenan, the coalition in the past has had

its own leadership

stories Ike this come and go.

Have you any sympathy for the

Labor Party. No, I don't.

These are problems all of their

own making. There's something

quite centre about Doug Cameron coming out and coming out and saying when the media reporting what everybody

in this building knows,

surelily everybody in Australia

knows, Kevin Rudd is making

another run for the leadership

of the Labor Party and when the media reports on that

speculation from Labor sources

the response of the Labor Party

is to attack the media and say

the Parliament should use all

the resources at its disposal to intimidate not reporting these things will

that everybody knows is happening. I thought that was a

a sinister contribution from Doug Cameron and Labor Doug Cameron and Labor Party

members and Richard well say they don't believe

that's an appropriate response

from the Government from the Government when they're rightly criticise in

the media or the media are

reporting on things we all know

is happening. We're not about

to see any inquiries widened in

relation to the media.

Frankly, what we have seen is a

whole lot of reporting which is based or talking to the Opposition.

When it comes the question of leadership, Julia Gillard is

doing a fabulous job in what are obviously difficult

circumstances in terms of the challenges which are this country today. She's

meeting those challenges. The

carbon price has now passed the House of Representatives. House of Representatives. This

is an important reform for the

country. We've seen the

Minerals Resource Rent Tax engineered the House of Representatives this Representatives this week.

Again, a really difficult issue dealing with the patchwork

economy. We're dealing with

it. She's doing a fantastic job leadership is frankly not on

the agenda within the Labor

Caucus. Michael, there's also

talk about

should get on the front foot more, put out more, put out some positive

policies. Your party room

heard that with week most of

the policy work had been done. Should they start seeing the

light of days? We have done a

lot of policy work and a lot

are already out there. We have policy consistency between what we took to the Australian Party

we took to the Australian Party

last time and what we take this

time. We believe things and those core beliefs don't constantly change. The

probe with the Labor Party she

have no idea what they believe

in. There's no agenda coming

from Julia Gillard and the

Labor Party where they want to take Australia. take Australia. Of course all they are completely obsess who

had they're going to get to be

the next leader. The Prime

Minister can't do any serious governing because all she has

to do is watch her back whilst

the faceless men of the Labor

Party decide whether they want

Kevin Rudd or Stephen to be the

next leader. This morning the leader of the house leader of the house briefed the house on the arrangement for the the visit by Barack Obama.

I'll address the house on 17

November. Christopher Pyne got

up and gave a speech where he talked about the Labor leadership changing before George W Bush came out George W Bush came out here.

Was that an appropriate thing

to bring up in the context of

this visit. There were a few

factual things

pond dispute. I'm not sure why

the Labor Party was so precious

about it. Last time we had a about it. Last time we had a us

S president come and give the Australian Parliament the Australian Parliament the honour of addressing was George

W Bush. At that time, the

Labor Party got up and the then

manager of opposition business Mark Latham and said how and said how outrageous it was

and what a waste of tax pay

areas money the US President

would come and address the

Australian Parliament. We know that lathe had also made very anti-American remarks before

that. I thought it was a few factual comments factual comments from Christopher. I'm not really sure why Labor have precious

about it. Imutterly astounded

that Michael and that Michael and the Liberal

Party are taking a leaf out of

lathe lathe's book when it

comes to the ways in which to deal with the presidential

visit to this country. Doesn't sides will play politics when

they get the chance? ? What it

show social security that they're working from the lathe

play book when it comes dealing

with a visit from the United

States President. I'm not exactly sure why you're

supporting the way in which supporting the way in which he behaved then in the way in

which Christopher Pyne is

behaving today. The thing is

this - our relationship with the units states is unquestionably the most important important bilateral relationship that relationship that this country has. The alliance is has. The alliance is a cornerstone of our cornerstone of our foreign

policy and a visit by United States President to this country is both a rare and above politics. I note that actually the shadow foreign spokesperson, Julie Bishop, I think gave a very dignified speech in the Parliament today, but what Christopher Pyne

but what Christopher Pyne did was utterly outrageous forms was utterly outrageous and it

forms part of a tradition, actually, that we've got on the

part of the Liberal Party criticising Barack Obama. We heard the former Prime Minister John Howard equate a presidential win by Barack Obama as being a win for terrorism That was some time

ago in very different circumstances. The circumstances. The current Leader of the Opposition says

that Barack Obama sounds better than he really is. I think it

is incumbent on the Opposition

to treat this visit to treat this visit with the absolute dignity that it deserves and

deserves and the importance that it has for that it has for this country's foreign policy. What do you think an address like a leader

like the US President does mean?

mean? It is a mean? It is a great affirmation about affirmation about the

relationship that we have relationship that we have with the United States. Of course,

in the coalition parties we don't have any qualms about

that relationship. Nor do

we. In the Labor Party you'll

find a whole diversity of

views. Traditionally, views. Traditionally, they have not supported the relationship

coalition does. It is our most important international

relationship on so many levels and the idea we wouldn't support a visit by the President of the United States is clearly ludicrous. is clearly ludicrous. A few political jibes against the

government hardly represents

the hysterical things that Richard was saying about Richard was saying about it.

Quite frankly, I don't think

that this is a The coalition obviously

supports our relationship with

the United States the United States and we're very pleased very pleased that President

Obama is visiting to reaffirm the importance

the importance of this range crust in Parliament. Any

chance of a bit of chance of

goodwill and bonhomie as we go towards the Christmas

season We're going for a drink after this but we have the most inxet tefnt government in Australia anyone can remember

in living memory. It is not good for this government to be

continuing until 2013. They're making all the wrong decisions. They're completely internally

focused. The best thing focused. The best thing we

could have in Australia is an

election so people can decide whether this experiment in minority government has worked or not. I think or not. I think the resounding

answer will be no. What we've got the part of the Opposition

no to everything and in the

process change their positions

on absolutely anything 180 grease. Climate change

offshore processing, you name

it, they'll do whatever they can to say no to the government. With that I think

the chance of Christmas card

exchange is very limiteded.

Thank you very much for your

time. Thank Lyndal. Thank you

for joining Capital Hill. Please join us at the same time

tomorrow. Closed Captions by CSI