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Big Tobacco slammed over ads. -

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LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: The credibility of big tobacco's campaign to stop the introduction of plain
packaging of cigarettes in 2012 has been dealt a fresh blow.

Last week Lateline revealed the existence of the reported $5 million advertising fund set up behind
an alliance of retail groups.

Today the campaign's public face, Sheryle Moon, was replaced after her association of convenience
stores abruptly withdrew support for the alliance.

The collapse of alliance unity did not stop the launch of big tobacco's television advertising
blitz on commercial networks tonight.

TV ADVERTISEMENT (male voiceover): Plain packaging: it won't work, so why do it?

LEIGH SALES: Advocates of plain packaging for cigarettes are taking the ad-makers to task, after
receiving a legal opinion that the media campaign is deceptive.

MIKE DAUBE, PUBLIC HEALTH ASSOCIATION OF AUSTRALIA: And it may well be that the first step is to
take it to the ACCC, and - because if they can make an early determination that'll be good, if not,
then we'll have to see if there are injunctions that are appropriate.

I would hope that the ACCC would be able to take early action on what does appear to be misleading
and deceptive advertising.