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This program is captioned live. Tonight from Afghanistan - of her country. the woman picking up the pieces in this area. The Taliban destroyed everything She's a very intelligent woman. She's got a vision. and tribal greybeards Amongst the warlords a difference. this governor is making

power and corruption - And in South Africa - sex, his country apart. the man who could split what is Zuma's future? President or prisoner - with the end of the Taliban era. and women are back on the streets this country is rebuilding again, From the brink of self-destruction

like never before. Now they're not just seen but heard are turning this country around. This is the tale of two women who in the province of Bamiyan My journey to meet them begins in the mountains west of here. PIPE MUSIC but strikingly beautiful, In a land stark, the descendants of Mongol invaders in a hostile environment. forge a living been conquered and conquered again. The Hazara people have themselves with the remnants Their land is littered of the 1980s. of the Soviet occupation are filled And now their cemeteries with hundreds of men and boys through here eight years ago. massacred when the Taliban swept Along with the rest of Afghanistan, foreign occupation Bamiyan is still under that democracy should prevail. by an alliance of nations determined where, roughly, This is one part of Afghanistan things are going right

administration for the Western-backed of President Hamid Karzai. The warlords are at bay. The Taliban have long gone. of a new governor, And Bamiyan is under the control someone so extraordinarily different have ever, ever had before. to any leader these people Her name is Habiba Surabi and only woman governor. and she's Afghanistan's first greybeards have always dominated In a nation where the tribal recognition for a female leader. this is rare public respect and deprived for a long time. Women in Afghanistan have been to work. This depression gave me the power We have to have the self-confidence during the history because for a long time

from the gender perspective for women. men killed the self-confidence Surabi's mission to educate girls One year into the job, Governor has had spectacular results. This school is without building are interested in education. but we can see how much the children

banished to the home In Taliban times, they were along with their mothers, of the school population. now girls make up just under half than a third of people In a country where fewer their own names can read and write is the governor's priority. the education of every young person

and she wants development, And she's educated they are united and the people there and they follow her what she says. with every province. It is not the case The Governor tours her province by something else. knowing that it's distinguished

in Afghanistan This is one of few places of opium poppy. where you won't find crops 60% of its income As a nation, Afghanistan derives from the illicit drug. But here in Bamiyan by their governor poor farmers have been persuaded

goats instead to grow wheat and keep sheep and a subsistence lifestyle. and maintain in this area The Taliban destroyed everything is also a problem here and the geographical problem and the weather is very cold. on handouts from aid groups Many villages here rely

for their very existence. new stock with a fingerprint in ink. The men here take receipt of their

can yield little But although the soil Bamiyan on the map. the landscapes here have put of two giant Buddhas, In the cliffs, the sorry remains constructed 1,500 years ago. they were destroyed by the Taliban Condemned as icons, for being un-Islamic. This is how they looked before, overland hippy trail in the 1970s. an essential stopover on the Asian about the day Shopkeeper Ali told me attraction was wiped off the map. Afghanistan's biggest tourist are now cataloguing Archaeologists and restorers piece of rubble every significant the Buddhas can ever be rebuilt. but no one seriously thinks most conspicuous asset Undeterred that Bamiyan's has been obliterated, up a tourist-led recovery. the governor is still talking

income for the people, Tourism development can be a good is a historical place not only that Bamiyan but because of the landscape, beauty that Bamiyan has. because of the beauty, the natural grace holiday brochures Afghanistan will probably not for some time

in the country with instability elsewhere is peaceful and reasonably secure. but Bamiyan at least is in training, A new Afghan police force tutored by some New Zealanders. Squeeze the trigger.

Don't pull it. Just gently squeeze the trigger. It might not be grown in Bamiyan, smuggled through the province. but the opium is nevertheless of stemming the drug trade. The recruits will have the job

I mean they're here to learn.

we give them instruction They listen to us, via the Afghan instructors very, very good. and overall we've found them The Kiwis are here in force.

from the New Zealand military. There's also a reconstruction team On the football field for the nimble Afghan opposition. its troops are hardly a match too peaceful and laid back. Bamiyan's problem is that it's just of Afghanistan While the lawless south gets most of the money

and aid organisations and attention of foreign governments this place has been forgotten. Where is the peace dividend for Bamiyan? for the rest of Afghanistan Bamiyan should be held up as a model and development could happen as to what reconstruction and stable environment. if you had a peaceful secure On the road once more in her sprawling province, Governor Habiba Surabi has overturned yet another most conservative tradition. The village feast is usually an all-male affair

to welcome a male leader. This new governor has brought the senior women of the village to the gathering. I think they re encouraged now. Because I'm here they're persuaded to come here to participate in such a gathering, lunch together with us. The governor's influence doesn't stop with the matriarchs of the village. Some of the girls and younger women here have a new ambition in life - they too want to be governor one day. So do they see you as a mother figure as well as a governor? Yes, most of the time, when they come to my office, they share this issue that you are like a mother or you are like an elder sister. She's a very intelligent woman. She's got a vision for the province of Bamiyan and she' s working hard to get there. I would suggest that

perhaps she's not getting the kind of support she requires from the central government to progress the Bamiyan province. This is another face of democracy at work in Afghanistan. I'm driving with this country's most recognisable woman but she dares not to be seen on the streets of Kabul. Malalai Joya is 28 years old and under armed guard because of the constant threat of being murdered. Today she'll confront her enemies. My life also should be an example. And I' m not sure after one hour I will be alive or not, after one day I will be alive or not, but because of my people I accept these risks. The people who want to kill her, she claims, are her fellow parliamentarians. Life changed for Malalai Joya when she became a member of the Afghan National Assembly and denounced her colleagues in the house. Criminals like Taliban, criminals like jihadi people that they did lots of crimes under the name of Jihad and Islam. These are the people she's talking about - the elected leaders of Afghanistan. A quota means that one third of them are women. Many of the men are former commanders of the Mujahadeen, warriors who fought against Soviet invaders and then turned on each other and in doing so tore their country apart. Once supported by the Americans with arms, now they've been dignified with a seat in parliament. When the government is owned when the parliament is owned by the warlords,

it is not easy to talk against them. Is dangerous, it is dangerous, anyone of them if they want to terrorise some persons, men or women, they can do it. Malalai Joya was in trouble from her very first speech in parliament. That was the day she called for colleagues to be tried for war crimes. This is one of the men in her sights. Haji Almos fought with the Americans against the Taliban. But in his former life as a Mujahadeen commander, human rights organisations claim he led fighters who shelled civilians, abducted them and ransacked their villages.

The Taliban have been driven from Kabul, but life is still a struggle for most people here. They still don't have dependable electricity or water and crime is rampant. The Hamid Karzai government might claim to have introduced democracy but that hasn't guaranteed prosperity. Many citizens are still living under canvas or in rubble. I will bring to justice the warlords and the criminals of war, he did do nothing about these things. In parliament, Malalai Joya has a rare chance to attack the so-called war lords she eyeballs each day but the opportunity was never going to last.

So they chopped you off again at the microphone? For Malalai Joya, it's been another frustrating day's work in a place touted by some as one of the world's newest democracies. What makes it worse for her is that it's too dangerous to visit her electorate in western Afghanistan. Lawlessness outside of Kabul means that dozens of MPs never get to go to the place they represent. Even Kabul itself is getting risky for Malalai Joya. So you keep changing houses do you? Changing houses, yes, because of security I am changing houses. For two days, three days and like this. Then I'm going with a bag of my books and a bag of my clothes to another house. So different house every few days? Yes a different house, supporters house. Isolated in this new democracy, Malalai's supporters must come to her. In many ways, Hamid Karzai's new Afghanistan is still a man's world. The military strongmen who helped the West defeat the Taliban

have now become businessmen and entrepeneurs. And those who stand in their way, as ever, face every kind of peril. I'm Zoe Daniel in Kwa Zulu Natal. Tonight - the man who's divided South Africa. Former deputy president Jacob Zuma has been acquitted of rape.

He's now facing corruption charges. Yet he's the most popular man in the land,

and if he clears his name, he's likely to become president.

(Crowd chants) May 2006. Johannesburg High Court. Tens of thousands turn out in support of Jacob Zuma. When he is acquitted of rape the scenes of celebration are extraordinary. (All chant) Zuma, Zuma, Zuma. He's not guilty! He is not guilty!

Not guilty of rape, but he is still facing court, this time to answer charges of corruption Jacob Zuma is South Africa's most controversial personality. And we've been given rare access to the man at the centre as he fends off his critics. Their problem is that they don't know that the people know me better

than they do. They can't succeed because people know me. That's the problem of the media and whoever else is behind the media. His court appearances are like campaign rallies. And he's even adopted an ANC struggle anthem as his theme song. It loosely translates to 'bring me my machine gun'.

Tell me about that song - machinawa, machinawa. And its relevant to you now then? Absolutely its very relevant. Absolutely. The rape case was ugly - Zuma was accused of forcing himself on the 31-year-old daughter of an old friend while she was visiting the family home. Zuma, he never raped anybody, they raped Zuma! The plaintive comments from the women's lobby were hardly heard Well, if he's free what are we going to do, because men rape because they always get away with it - we are not going to stop it. The women must speak out. Rape is always a crime. It won't change. And the allegation has fed theories that a faceless force is targeting Jacob Zuma. Do you believe that the allegations that have been made against you are part of some sort of conspiracy to stop you from becoming president? Absolutely I do. I do because of the manner in which they've been handled, they've been conducted, they've arisen, I certainly do.

Jacob Zuma is a Zulu. He grew up in rural Kwa Zulu Natal herding cattle

on the lands where the Zulu King Shaka and his Impi soldiers

had battled the white colonials. Early on he too developed a fighting spirit. Besides my growing up in a natural way as a head boy looking after cattle and goat and walking up these mountains playing and doing all things I was nourished by the stories of resistance and how colonialism had damaged our people Jacob Zuma maintains a private compound in his home town of Nkandla,

in one of the most isolated parts of Zululand. It's become a rallying point for his supporters

who won't even consider the possibility that he may be guilty. To them, Jacob Zuma is an untouchable hero of the struggle against white rule. His family is understandably leading his cheer squad. He is a people's person and not just a people's person because he talks to people but because he helps people. I think that is what sets him aside from most people who love people theoretically but do not act on people's plight. Did it ever occur to you that perhaps he did something wrong? Both the corruption and the rape trial, it's just unlike Jacob. Jacob is a simple man. He hardly owns buildings and shops and things like that. It was just unlike Jacob, I just never believed it. As a young man, Jacob Zuma joined the African National Congress to fight apartheid. Like Nelson Mandela, he spent years in prison on Robben Island for his ANC military activities and then 15 years co-ordinating ANC guerrilla fighters from exile. In 1990, he was one of the first ANC leaders to return to South Africa, and for that he was eventually rewarded with the deputy presidency.

It's that history that explains his popularity today. I think they see the qualities that I actually believe I have. I have the love for the people. I dedicated my life to liberate them and myself. I dedicated my life to fight for freedom so that we are free. Having been so discredited, Jacob Zuma is fighting to regain both his reputation and his position. The not guilty verdict in the rape trial helps but he still stands accused of corruption for accepting bribes as part of a multimillion-dollar foreign arms deal.

A conviction could see him jailed for more than 10 years - an acquittal would boost his chance of becoming president in 2009 Last year we all know JZ was nominated news maker of the year, no surprises there, he was sacked... Zuma accuses journalists like Redi Direko of prejudging his case and being part of the conspiracy to unseat him. If he's found not guilty in the corruption trial, for me it doesn't address my fundamental concerns - we saw his bank statements, bouncing cheques, debts, unpaid accounts, that is a fact, that was not fabricated, so for me a man who can't handle his personal accounts, I don't see him handling the country's finances and the economy. I am not a bookkeeper. I'm not a bookkeeper. I know that the media has said how could he run a country if he can't count? Are you bad with money? You don't, you don't, you don't ... if you were to run a country, you don't take a test whether you are a good book keeper, I don't know what is it. That is merely propaganda to say this man can't run his finances, what else can you do? There is no president in the world who runs his money,

who counts his pennies. Its not done. That's propaganda, my dear. I wish to state categorically that I erred. Jacob Zuma is accused of poor judgement in more than just financial matters. Once the head of the moral regeneration campaign in South Africa, Zuma's rape trial exposed his personal morals. The ANC will decide after all of this whether it thinks it can give me the duties or not. When a politician who could possibly become the next president of the republic says that if you walk away from an aroused woman it is akin to rape, that makes my blood boil. That shocks me because it means you don't understand what rape is. You have been found innocent. To compound the case, Zuma admitted that he'd had sex with a woman who was HIV positive. And that to try to reduce his chance of infection

he'd had a post coital shower. Some people suggested what other measures could be taken. Given that South Africa has the highest rate of HIV infection

in the world, Zuma's conduct and ignorance were astonishing. Now those comments coming from someone of his calibre and stature, those are deadly, those are deadly. Should you become president, how could you represent South Africa internationally on the issue of HIV? I would definitely do so. having slept with someone knowingly without protection? I would definitely absolutely do so. Yes but shouldn't you know better? I know better and that's the reason why I acted the way I did I apologised to the nation. and that's the reason why because you had to, But you only apologized because it came out in court? Of course that's what you do, things have come out. you apologise because on what they do in their bedrooms? How many people don't apologise been a politically divided province. Kwa Zulu Natal has traditionally of South Africa It's one of the few parts by the ANC. that hasn't been dominated of Jacob Zuma But such is the popularity bigger than the party. that he's fast becoming In a major shift, and political lines, people are abandoning tribal of the country, both here and in other parts to follow him as an individual. a Zulu president would represent In Zululand there is a sense that a great victory for a proud people.

are fighting for. A victory that local chiefs principal challenge... We know that we've got a main tribe in South Africa Zulus are the biggest and strongest and they want to run the country. deputy president Zuma So when President Thabo Mbeki sacked 15 months ago, to keep them down. some Zulus saw it as a plot Our strength lies in our unity...

successor a Zulu woman Mbeki has been promoting as his from his own Xhosa tribe but she's married to the very man against Zuma in the first place. who brought the charges for power is not tribal. Yet Zuma insists that the battle a Zulu, Zuluness. It has nothing to do with

the issue of tribalism, That's not the issue, but you know you know it's an the issue of ethnicity, their own agendas in whatever way. issue that politicians often use for in fact it is not just ethnicity, Wars are fought on ethnicity when that are involved. it is other interests even beyond Zululand, Everywhere that he goes, he attracts crowds. across South Africa, In small communities reputation as the man of the people. Zuma is building his the presidency. He says that he's never coveted he is conducting a campaign, But there's no doubt

life. and fighting for his political well, he's made mistakes, Do you think people might say, how can he run a country? he can't run his own life, How can I not run my life, up to now. I've been running my own life irresponsible, with poor judgement, Sure but you've been described as responsibility little sense of personal and little self control. Those are views of people. Those are views of people. Are any of those true? survived even the struggle, Not at all true, I wouldn't have if I'd always wrong judgement, or arrested first time. I'm sure I would have been killed I agree with those who believe that prosecute him and get a conviction if the state doesn't manage to president of South Africa, then he will become the next that's what I think. that's what I think, And emphatically for me, need at this point in our history. it isn't the kind of person that we Jacob Zuma has many names. after his father. Most know him as JZ, or Msholozi that's rarely used. But he has an African name Gedleyehlekisa That's what my father gave me, What does it mean? and laughs? It means the one who jokes The one who jokes and laughs, one who laughs with you not at all, in one sense, it means, whilst endangering you, literally, endangering you. the one who laughs with you whilst Should I be scared now? would never endanger you. No, do not feel scared at all, I

It's just a name. Does it fit you? No, it doesn't. but not everything, I think one part of it might, but I am not dangerous to anyone, because I laugh and I love laughing not a danger at all.

in court. Tomorrow, Jacob Zuma will be back The prosecutors seeking delay,

charges are thrown out. the defence demanding that the singing too loudly Jacob Zuma's supporters are still to hear his critics. And that's program for this week. I'm Eric Campbell in Paraguay. extraordinary Australian diaspora - Next week I'll be reporting on an century bush socialists the descendants of 19th to find Utopia who came to South America hard cases and hard workers. They were straight old birds, in northern Thailand. Hello, I'm Philippa McDonald the little buddhas Next week on Foreign Correspondent of the Golden Horse Monastery these hill tribe orphans This former Thai fighter is teaching and in the boxing ring. how to hold their own on a horse in northern Greece Hello, I'm Emma Griffiths celebrating the life of its saviour. where this tiny village is Byzantine tower was the home For decades this 14th century of Joice Loch - humanitarian an Australian woman, an author, on a grand scale and, as she once put it, a do-gooder Correspondent, Tuesday at 9.20. That's next on week on Foreign

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But, er, hell, I mean, Antarctica. so I'm very happy. And now I've got my little heater, Hello, Rosy, how are you doing? That's not so far. I'm only 6,000 miles away. The Australian-Antarctic Division like myself here. occasionally takes down oddballs I'm an artist. Painting and drawing. on bandages, Some strands, er, sewn things oil paintings and some more traditional on salvage wood.

Er, today it's minus one or zero, during summer and it floats around that down here at Davis Base. Yeah, it's a special place. The whole idea of spending time in a place where there's 24-hour daylight for six weeks is odd. But very, very pretty. We've crossed over the Polar Circle. A delicious day in Antarctica. It's minus two. Geographically we're... directly due south of the southern tip of India. 68 degrees south.

Antarctica's basically a huge ice-making factory, a huge berg factory. A delicious tabular berg.